Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! My visit with beloved Drew!

Hi Blog readers!

Had to remove last two post. Gosh. What was I thinking?  I promise to blog better in the New Year.  Every now and again a post will be "raw'" but mostly I want to write  meaniful post that  push CAJD closer to the goal of getting the prosectuor to resign.

Just came from seeing beloved Drew. Yep that's how I started off my NY's eve.  I visited Andrew along with his Dad and my cousin TNT.  22 years and I'm still hanging strong with Andrew's papa.  We absolutely love that boy. Andrew should not be in prison!  He's got two fking loving parents.  Darn it.

I'm not going to any fancy parties tonight. I actually think I'm going to pop my head at my church for the breakfast and the service of course.  I love being in church on NY.

Finally, Happy New Year folks. Don't do anything that I wouldn't do....and that means you're free to do whatever you like.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Raise a thousand dollars worth of hell in the New Year--and answer some questions!

Typing this from my Christmas blackberry and with great difficulty. Forgive any and all typos. This screen is so tiny.

OK I had to jump of that tiny "suck" blackberry.  Anyway, there are a lot of positive things that  I plan to do in the New Year.
The biggest thing that  I want to do is to live my life more purposefully. I never forgot that the man upstairs has a purpose and plan for each of our lives. I don't understand it totally, but the bank robbery was His plan for Andrew's life.  That one still hurts. It really does.

I made a pact with my friend, an attorney, to up the stakes and we both agreed that in 2010 we were going to raise a boat load of hell!That's not a contradiction of living your life with a deliberate purpose, I don't think, because sometimes to get your voice heard you have to give em' hell. 
Giving them hell does not mean that you do anything stupid or illegal (can you believe those protesters actually tripped the runner at the Olympic trials--that was whacked and mean), it means that if you have to come out with creative ways to let your voice be heard--than by any means necessary. 

Happy New Year Blog Readers.   Some questions to ponder:

What was the highlight of your year?  Why was it so significant to you?

The highlight of my year was seeing my cousin graduate from college. Positive, young black man.

What was the biggest challenge you overcame this year?  In what ways are you stronger because of it?  Who did you call to help you through it.?

The biggest challenge that I overcame this year was writing my book. Oh, and producing the Halloween play "Murder on Thick wit-it hill" In about 45 days I came up with a concept for a play, pulled my younger cousin TNT in to help me write and co-produce, and the play was not God awful. Obviously it had flaws, but it wasn't God awful and we received great feedback.  I'm stronger because of that play because often I let lack of perfection hold me back. As an example I knew my book or that play was not perfect. But it was perfectly-completed. I completed two projects. That's a good thing because I sometimes don't complete my projects.

What brought you joy this year?  How could you incorporate more of it into your life in the New Year?

I’m pretty pleased that my younger son is on track to graduate. That has brought me joy. He’s not an academic star, but he’s on the field.  He’s well-mannered and easy going, and he’s a joy.  How can I get more joy in my life?  I guess if I continue to allow myself to form friendships. I’ve met some cool friends this year.

What are you most grateful for in 2009? Why?

The book.  My book.  I wrote that little imperfect thang. And I’m proud of it.

Humbly, Sincerely,

FBK CAJD- my little imperfect-perfect blog.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Hey Blog Readers--

Happy Holidays and many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turkey in the oven.

Baked my cookies.

Later will wrap my little humble gifts.

Best, Humbly,


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Proud Mama (Cousin) University of Toledo Graduate

****pictures have been removed July 26, 2013***
December 19, 2009.

Above is a picture of AB's older cousin and best friend. He's 23, one year older.
In fact he's the reason that AB went to the University of Toledo.

Shawn graduated on Saturday December 19th with two Bachelor degrees.

I was glad to attend the graduation and certainly it was bitter-sweet.  I wish my grandmother, my beloved Grandmother could have attended (although she watched from heaven), and I wish AB was there with him graduating.

I'm so damn proud of my cousin.  You won't read about him on the evening news.  Young and black, handsome and talented.

Kudo's Shawn.  What's next?  He's possibly starting an internship with a local sports team (one degree is in marketing), if that does not work out he's considering grad school in Seattle.  Yep, rainy Seattle.  Or, and I hope this never becomes his option--joining the army!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

President Obama Chris Henry needed you!

Dear President Obama

Dear President Obama

From Washington I know that you can’t see Cincinnati. After all it’s not Russia. But we need you. I don’t think that my forthcoming request is silly, after all some people criticize whatever you do, and of course they’ll criticize you if you consider my “silly” request.

Chris Henry. Professional athlete. Father. Engaged to be married. He’d made some mistakes, haven’t we all? Memo to God. Why him?

Now that I’ve acknowledged that his actions led to his death which seems to be a prerequisite for some in America to show compassion for people that look like Chris Henry. Will you help him? Well, not Chris Henry, he’s dead. But those that look like him. Your forgotten base. You remember them, right? Baggy jeans. Saggy jeans. Clown sized un-official Barack Obama t-shirts. Juveniles that turned 18 in the youth jail that were allowed to vote for the very first time The ones that the Acorn volunteers registered. Adult ex-felons. Unemployed and can’t get a job even if some company, any company was hiring.

Damn. Why do young, black men have to go out like that? No sympathy points for them from people that think like our prosecutor. Never mind that the prosecutor types show sympathy for the white young men that drag race, on a mattress, and have fatal accidents. May they R.I.P with Chris Henry. Black, white, or other. Young and foolish.

My request to you Mr. President, being that you are the most powerful man in the United States, perhaps even the world, perhaps. Will you help those that need your help, perhaps the most? Young and black and foolish. When others are in need, we help them, you help them (foreign countries, wall street). Who is the black, young man’s daddy? Whose Wall street’s daddy? They get help and some never question if the source of their problems are self-inflicted.

Random unedited thoughts…..

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Relax Tiger.Whoring is as American as Apple pie

Relex Tiger.  Whoring is as American as apple pie.

Really. The only thing that shocked me about Tiger’s infidelities is that I mistook Tiger as the quiet straight laced type. Mr. Charity-do gooder. That other side of Tiger has taken me, and I think a lot of American’s by surprise. I’m not sure if we should be surprised, it’s the quiet ones, the ones that pretend to be holier than thou that sleep with hookers in the back seat of cars in cities like Cleveland. I think when celebrities or public figures have flamboyant personalities it’s easy to assume that they live a risqué lifestyle.

Anyway, even though Tiger won’t claim his black side, even after being shown the door back to it-- I wish him and his family well.

Meaniful post on the holidays coming soon.

Virtual protest coming  in February.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Lincoln Ware’s advice to me--Let it go!

Today 11 December Friday 2009 I called into 1230 am the Buzz--The Lincoln Ware talk show for the segment called Mad as Hell Friday. During that segment Lincoln allows callers to phone in and tell why they are mad as hell. People call in angry with everything from getting charged a late fee for late renewal of license plates, overtime wages paid to police officers, and unsolved homicides in the black community.

Today I called in because I'm mad that the Chief Legal Representative of Hamilton County, Joe Deters, has never been prosecuted for having sex with the prostitute in the car in Cleveland (allegedly). That’s when Lincoln Ware told me to let it go. Essentially he was telling me to release my frustration with the prosecutor, which I promised to do in my book. I did release. But I also suffer from relapses. Yes, like an addict it’s possible to relapse and have certain behaviors or feelings that you are trying to kick.

It’s hard to let go of my feelings of anger and frustration and pain. Not just about my son. But for all people that are over prosecuted, sentenced, convicted in the criminal just-us system. Mostly people of color. Black people. There is not one person in America that can read or see that will deny that there is flat out racism in the criminal justice systems. Facts support this.

There are those that will argue that Deters or any person isn’t responsible for young, black men who rob and kill each other. I agree. As a community advocate I work for solutions to that problem. However on this blog, mostly, I deal with issues of injustice in our criminal just-us system.


By the way Lincoln also commented to me that he was Mad As Hell that Deters now refused to come on his show, because he allowed me to come on his show. Had I been thinking, I would have asked Lincoln what it says about Deterss character in that he pouts like a bitch , refuses to have dialogue with the black community.  After all, I did not attack Deters when I came on Lincoln’s show.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Day! Does the Nobel man deserve the Nobel prize?


Some food for thought.

Does the Nobel man deserve the Nobel prize?  Consider our young men of color.  Is it his fault? Absolutely not!  Is he in a position to to help those who have their sleeves rolled up to help him?  Yes!

Less than Nobel man-- Det...

I won't go there with this post.

Best, Humbly

Monday, December 7, 2009

Drew come home for X-mas (Charles Brown lyrics)

Bells will be ringing the glad glad news.

Oh, what a Christmas to have the blues.

My Drew's  gone. I have some friends

To wish me greetings once again.

Choirs will be singing Silent Night.

Christmas carols by candlelight.

Please come home for Christmas.

Please come home for Christmas.

If not for Christmas, by New Year's Night.

Friends and relations send salutations

Sure as the stars shine above,

Because it's Christmastime, my dear.

The time of year to be with the one you love.

Drew, won't you tell me you'll never go wrong.

Christmas and New Year's will find you home.

There'll be no more sorrow, no grief and no pain,

'Cause I'll be happy, happy once again.

Mmmmm, no more sorrow, no grief and no pain,

'Cause I'll be happy Christmas once again.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Deters is part-time to save money, but hires another full time staffer

Read the link below. It makes no sense. Deters the p-t prosecutor, full time black people persecutor, went to part time to save money in his office. Yet he hires a staffer to the tune of 100,000 grand. I will follow-up with this later blog readers. Out of time today.  But I will send public requests to Deters' office.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tiger--I will wear you out!

Tiger -- I will wear you out!

Damn Tiger. Every woman, at some point, I think, wants to hear those words.

However, we never want to hear it as a mistress, do we ladies?

Or as the whore? Speaking of whores….what do you (yes you reader)  think Deters whispered in that whore’s ear when he knocked her off  had sex with her in that car in Cleveland?

Do you think Deters uttered those words? I will wear you out. Nah, doubt it. The only time Deters knows how to put it down screw a person,is  when he’s throwing young, black men in jail. Well not throwing them in jail, they make the choice, Deters performs the lynching.

Virtual protest info coming soon-- promise

no eeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddddddddiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggg

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

If Tiger can do it why can't Joe?

Tiger admitted his trangressions.
Does not excuse it, but some, perhaps his wife, will be able to move forward.
Admission is the 1st step towards forgiveness.

Perhaps Deters will never confess to the hooker in the car in Cleveland.  But some of us know things about Deters that he does not want any one to know.

Be sure your sins will find you out.

No one is perfect. We all have sinned and fallen short of Obama's  God's glory.  Heck,  tricking prostitution is the oldest profession on the books, so they say, but we must confess our sins......

Monday, November 23, 2009

Citizens Against Attorney Tom Heekin--Coke up nose?!

Deters has always wondered why CAJD never had a problem with Andrew's paid "criminal" criminal attorney.  We do. I do. Heekin admitted that he could have caught a couple of felonies back in college. Coke up the nose? 

Crimianl attorney has confessed his sins, some of them--He did not "represent" my beloved Drew as he should have.

Deters has never admitted that he pays for sex.  He does according to my sources. Why would a man pay for sex when they have a wife and a mother-in-law? 

And I know this isnt exactly what I should be blogging about.  Pain makes you blog about things you are not proud of.

Whore humpers and and druggies???

One of those days folks...meaninful post.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tom Joyner has got it "twisted" about President Obama.

I'm interested in hearing from folks on this one.  Below is an email between CAJD and Tom Joyner.  What's your position folks?  Is President Obama doing enough for people of color?  Are we his base?  What about locally?  Are we Mayor Mallory's base?  Is Black folk their base. Should we demand that our issues be put on the front burner. Feedback.......

Am I wrong or is Tom wrong?  Or are we both kinda right?

Email =

Message = What happens to a Dream Deferred?

Dream Deferred--

He robbed a bank for college tuition. That's what my son Andrew, a 19-year old

college student told the judge when he was sentenced to 20 years in prison--more

years in prison than he'd been alive.


I wish our honorable President would do more to help our young, black, men not

become extinct. Don't you?

What up, (none of your)!

I'm so sorry to hear about your son's situation, but with all due respect, it's

not President Obama's job to keep things like this from happening. The

president is a great role model and is working hard to improve our economy,

reform health care, keep folks from losing their homes, and don't forget the

wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Obama administration has so many obligations,

and the president has already said that he will do everything he can to make

financial aid for college students across the country more readily available.

I'm not passing judgement on your son, but it sounds like he was in a desperate

situation and he made a choice. I'm sorry this is the choice he made, and I'm

keeping your family in my prayers.

God bless!



We are the President's base. Poor black folk. Some of us gave our last dollar. We volunteered. We supported Acorn, ex-felons rights to vote. We supported juveniles that turned 18 while incarcerated--their right to vote. We took people to vote on the buses. We are the President's base. With all due respect Mr. Joyner, we don't want the President in Asia, Afghanst--we want him in our back yards. My sleeves are rollled up to help our country and our President. Yet, I don't feel much love, lately, from Mr. President.

I personally donated, volunteered, I've fought tea baggers, haters--back up off our President. Palin is in our town today (Cincinnati). And her base it there lining up to purchase her books. Her base, love them or hate, rough around the edges, most. Now it appears that President's base, or so he believes, is affluent blacks, that's fine. Love that. However, I am his base. Struggling--College educated. Two jobs. Community volunteer. Ex-offender. Son incarcerated--am I not worthy--is my community not worthy to have their specific needs addrressed?

I admire you TJ. I admire the President. But I will speak and let my voice be heard.

Keep me laughing.
Forgotten base--NO LAUGHING MATTER

too lazy to edit.

Palin takes care of her base!

Does President Obama take care of his base? 
Is there room for improvement with people like Dirty Deters running around?

Below is a letter from the President

From: The White House - Presidential Correspondence

Subject: Thank you for your message
Date: Thursday, November 19, 2009, 7:23 PM

Dear Friend:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me on criminal
justice. I appreciate hearing from you.

As we work to improve security on our streets and in our
neighborhoods, we will also lead the fight to build a more fair and
balanced criminal justice system. All Americans deserve to be
treated equitably as they enter this system, and have opportunities
after they pay their debt to society.

That is why I support the efforts of Federal, state, and local
law enforcement authorities to prohibit racial profiling--a practice
that has targeted too many Americans. I also support funding for
drug courts, which give first-time, non-violent offenders a chance
to serve their sentence, if appropriate, in drug rehabilitation
programs that have often been proven to work better than prison.
In addition, my Administration is committed to working with
Congress to correct the vast sentencing disparities faced by those
convicted of possession of crack cocaine as compared to powder
cocaine. If you break the law, consequences should follow, but our
Nation must ensure that sentencing fits the crime.

Just as we ensure fairness within the criminal justice
system, we must also create opportunities for those who want to
turn their lives around. My 2010 Budget commits $175 million to
programs proven to help formerly-incarcerated people reenter
society. These programs provide job training, work incentives,
transitional assistance, and substance abuse and mental health
treatment--all verified methods of reducing the likelihood that a
person will return to prison.

Please join me online to learn more about my agenda for
criminal justice reform at:

Thank you again for writing.

Barack Obama

To be a part of our agenda for change, join us at

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Deters does not blame Colerain township man for WEED deaths. Parents of firefighters sue

How could any of us forget the tragedy--two of Cincinnati's finest firefighters plummeted to their deaths because Matthew Combs of Colerain Township grew weed in his house and the house caught on fire. Of course Deters (p-t prosecutor, f-t black people prosecutor persecutor) asserts that the weed had nothing to do with the fire. That’s not what the parents of Broxterman believe.

Justice for Broxterman. Read the article on wcop's website below. If you are unable to click on link, cut and paste it in your url browser.

Equal and Exact Justice (Deters' Penis)

I was in downtown Cincinnati today, the day of my beloved son- Andrew's birthday, November 18, taking care of some business for my son. As I walked past the just-us center my attention was directed to look up at a person or group of people, that were beating on the window at me or at somebody. I’ve been told that the inmates can see people that pass by and beat on the window to get their attention. As I looked away from the just-us center my eyes focused on the court house where I was headed, sporting my Citizens Against Joe Deters t-shirt.

For the first time ever I noticed the words on that building. They read:

Equal and exact justice to all men whatever state or persuasion religious political. It seems it would be commas in between those words and there might have been--perhaps I didn’t notice. I was taken aback by the words. Equal and exact justice…definitely not what’s going on in Cincinnati or in America. Some are never brought to justice for their crimes. And that bothers me. It really does. All that break the law need to be brought to justice, but no one deserves to be the victim of injustice.

Is paying someone to put your penis in their mouth a crime? What about their ass? What about if the offense happened in Cleveland?

One of those days readers. One of those days.

Look for me to post info on virtual protest in the next couple of days.

Happy Birthday - Beloved Drew

It's been a tough week.

The fight continues.

The struggle goes on.

Beloved Drew you are paying your debt to society...and soon
Deters  will too!

Joe must Go!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ft. Hood - My hood

I woke upthis morning, really early, like 3 am, and saw the caskets of the Ft. Hood soldiers going home. My heart truly bleeds for the families of the soldiers. Why? What if…..?? And so many other questions surrounding that tragedy bounce in my head.

On another note-- my hood. Everyday there’s a tragedy! And no one seems to care.

Our honorable President-- I went on the White House website and below are the issues listed. What about his promise to eliminate sentence disparities? Over prosecution/sentencing? I write the President every month (sometimes more). I keep the generic correspondences that I receive. I appreciate the President and will continue to support him. But I’ll also continue to fight for my hood.

Civil Rights
Energy & Environment
Fiscal Responsibility
Foreign Policy
Health Care
Homeland Security
Seniors & Social Security
Urban Policy
Additional Issues (nothing about sentence disparity, etc.)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Deters should follow Dobbs lead.......

Dear Citizens Against Joe Deters,

Thank you.

Last night was Lou Dobbs' last show on CNN. Dobbs' sudden departure is a powerful reminder of what we are capable of when we work together. For years, Dobbs used his prominent platform on CNN as a perch to spread hate, misinformation, and wild conspiracy theories. Thanks in no small part to your continued dedication and activism, starting today, Dobbs no longer has that platform.

Watch a video highlighting our efforts against Dobbs:

In July, Dobbs followed up years of trafficking in fact-free, racially charged conspiracy theories by promoting "birther" paranoia about President Obama's birth certificate on CNN's airwaves. In response, thousands of you signed our petition and sent emails calling on CNN president Jon Klein to address CNN's Lou Dobbs problem. In August, after CNN tried to sweep the issue under the rug, your generosity helped us raise enough money to air an ad calling on the network to credibly address the issue. After CNN rejected the ad, it aired on MSNBC.

In September, in partnership with NDN, America's Voice, the National Council of La Raza, LULAC, and more than a dozen other prominent progressive, Hispanic, and civil rights groups, we launched, which placed new focus on Dobbs' ongoing hate speech and misinformation. After CNN still refused to address its Dobbs problem, you once again generously helped us raise enough money to air an ad made with our friends at America's Voice. Yet again, CNN refused to air the ad, but the message we sent was clear:The American people had had enough of Dobbs' hate speech, and we weren't going to drop the issue.

Today, thanks to your efforts and the work of our partners, Dobbs can no longer use CNN as a platform to pursue his dangerous, one-sided, and often conspiracy-tinged crusade against immigrants. This is a happy day for those who care about our nation of immigrants and believe in the power of media to elevate the political discourse.

Yet, while this is a great day for our efforts, our work to hold the media accountable is by no means over. Earlier this week we launched a petition calling on Rupert Murdoch to apologize for agreeing with Fox News demagogue Glenn Beck's outrageous claim that President Obama is "a racist." As usual, you responded to our call to action with fervor. Nearly 10,000 people have signed the petition in less than 48 hours. On Tuesday night, a News Corp. spokesman told the Politico that Murdoch "does not at all, for a minute, think the president is a racist." Clearly, this statement does not square with Murdoch's own words from the interview. If you haven't had a chance to sign the petition calling on Murdoch to apologize, please take a moment to do so now:

Thank you for your continued help in holding the media accountable. As today powerfully demonstrates, when we work together, we can create real, lasting change.

Eric Burns
Media Matters for America

P.S. -- Don't forget to watch the video highlighting our efforts against Dobbs here: Please consider donating to help us keep up the fight against conservative misinformation:

FAMM ( A Great org. needs your help) Stop Deters and people like him


On Wednesday, Mary Price, vice president of FAMM, called for the elimination of mandatory minimums. I'm sure you're thinking, "That's nothing new. It's what she does every day." But Wednesday was different: Mary's message was carried by the Wall Street Journal to millions across the country. Click here to read the article.

Join her. Raise your voice. Make change happen.

Take a minute to write your federal senators in support of S. 1789, the Senate bill to equalize crack and powder cocaine mandatory minimums. Even if your loved one is serving time under another mandatory sentencing law, your support of this bill is crucial to changing all rigid sentences.

Spending just two minutes (one for each senator) on FAMM's action center is all it takes to make a difference. It will give you your senators' names, email addresses and a sample message. All you have to do is click "send." It is that easy! Click here to write your senators.

Mary was able to take the message outside of Washington. That is important, but not as important as what you can do with your voice as a constituent. Write your senators and make change happen.

Sincerely yours,


Jennifer Seltzer Stitt
Federal Legislative Affairs Director

Sentences that fit. Justice that works.

Out of Prison. Out of luck.

Below is an article that touches on a topic that CAJD will discuss when we have our virtual protest (coming soon!). Because at the end of the day we can challenge the crooked prosecutor to the max, but we must also work at solutions.


Please click on link below.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Something Meaniful Mayor Mallory/President Obama (Do you care?)

Black Males Endangered But Do We Really Care? 

Young Black males are principal players in the unholy drama of wanton violence in our inner cities. The recent surge in such violence was propelled into sharp focus by the senseless killing of 16-year-old Derrion Albert in Chicago, but similar atrocities abound nationally. The underlying causes are known but systematically minimized or overlooked. While assessments and remedies seem as varied as the causes, some are hugely misleading, well-intentioned or not.

Dr. Bill Cosby regularly castigates "disgraceful'' young Black males from his elitist perch. Sadly, many Black adults share Cosby's predilection and maintain a safe distance (literally and figuratively) from despised and "disrespectful" young "gangsters. Middle class Blacks, especially, skirt the self-defeating implications of abandoning their less fortunate brethren- a huge mistake since racism trumps class (especially Black classism), and they know it.

Yes, the statistics are scary and even the most cynical pundits are alarmed by the worsening plight of Black males in America. The economic meltdown, notwithstanding, an overall improved economy and some new public policy in recent years helped other groups, including Black women, but not African American men.

Studies ad nauseam, show that a large pool of poorly educated Black men are becoming much more disconnected and disenfranchised from the mainstream than comparable whites or Latinos. Most troubling, however, is the apparent indifference of Blacks themselves to this phenomenon. As alluded to earlier, the middle class tends to look askance at the plight of poorer Blacks and are increasingly absent in the continuing struggle for success and survival.

Confirming what most Blacks know all too well, recent studies show that for Black males, finishing high school is becoming the exception, especially in the inner cities. There, decent jobs are harder to find than ever and incarceration rates for Blacks often surpass high school graduation rates- even though overall crime rates in urban areas have declined. Harry J. Holzer, Georgetown University: "If you look at the numbers, the 1990s was a bad decade for young Black men, even though it had the best labor market in 30 years."

In response to the worsening situation for young Black men, a growing number of programs are placing as much importance on teaching life skills-like parenting, conflict resolution and character building-as job skills. The share of young Black men without jobs has climbed relentlessly: In 2000, 65% of Black male high school dropouts in their twenties were jobless; by 2004 the share had grown to 72%, compared with 34% of whites. Overall, most Black men in their twenties were jobless and incarceration rates climbed to historic highs in the past few years. By 2004, 21% of Black men in their twenties were incarcerated an in 2007 the rate increased precipitously. Poverty, failing schools, uninvolved parents, a decline in blue-collar jobs, a subculture that glorifies swagger over work, and the on-going effect of racism, all contribute to the deepening plight of Black youth.

By their mid-thirties, 30% of Black men with no more than a high school education have served time in prison, as have 60% of dropouts. About half of all Black men in their late twenties and early thirties who did not go to college are non-custodial fathers; the kind of work most of them find does not lead to advancement or provide adequate insurance or security for them or their families. This country spent billions of dollars in efforts that produced the start of a turnaround for poor women, but according to current reports, is only beginning to think about Black males with comparable priority.

A seminal question remains: What is actually being done to reverse the downward spiral of Black males? Clearly, public policy changes that benefit Blacks are sorely needed. African American leaders together with concerned others must work together to create sustained pressure on public officials and other high- level decision makers to improve conditions that significantly affect Black life. The rhetoric of accountability rings hollow as young Black males sink ignominiously into oblivion while the rest of us mutter distant eulogies.

Blacks must become sufficiently dissatisfied to actually do something other than complain about the problem of Black males-Black youth especially. There are no revelations in the stockpile of studies on their plight and collectively, we all contribute to the problem and must be accountable for sustainable solutions.

written by   Larry Aubry     Los Angeles Sentinal


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bad Poems, Really bad poems for council members and Deters too!

Poems for Council members and Deters too!

Mayor Mallory the people have spoken
200 million choo choo train and you it can't be broken.

Winburn, Winburn he’s our man!
Can he really be trusted-- a black Republican?
Yes he can! Yes he can!

Bortz, Bortz, gets his choo choo train
If he doesn’t get federal dollars who will he blame?

Quall, Quall, came in 1st place
When Cecil looked up, she’d already won the race.

Cecil Thomas likable guy!
But he’ll throw you in jail for a joint
And wish the people had said goodbye.

Cole, Cole
Damn girl you came in last…
Don’t you wish now you’d beat Leslie Ghiz ass?
Did she really tell you to shut up?
Run down ass Rethuglican always on Bill Cunningham’s nuts.

Monzel, Monzel looks like he eats macaroni
Frowned at me because I opposed his crony (Deters)

Berding, Berding, he’s got some cute kids
That bad stadium deal is still raising eye lids.

Quinlivin, Laura got in on her first try
Kinda sad that Greg Harris had to say goodbye.

Ghiz, Ghiz, what a nasty twittering witch
Why don’t you join forces with Palin, two stupid______

(OK I’m working on the Ghiz poem)

Deters, Deters that prosecuting prick
Have you been back to Cleveland lately-- to see that trick?

(Yes, this blog has been reduced to this....soon I'll turn it back into something meaniful...)

Mayor is wrong if he gives VM position to Quinlivin

It seems clear Quinlivin will make an darn good council person... But she hasn't earned her stripes.  Time to hop off coat tail and earn the stripes.

And Winburn's got the "it" factor.  I love Charlie.  But the Mayor won't give it to Charlie.

Thomas is a likable guy, but soooooooo wrong for Cincinnati.  Still pissed he let Officer Tase-her get away with hurting his daughter...and why doesn't he demand that fox Deters prosecute the cop. Ohhh, I get it....

Cole  will go on to bigger and better things...

Qualls has been there and done that.....

Jeff "cute kids" Berding, Ghiz, Bortz, Monzel.....DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.......

My vote for vm is Watson. That's right when Cole goes on to her new position, she could appoint Watson to her seat and Watson could be VM


(too lazy to edit)

Happy Saturday! 7 November

Greetigs Blog readers!

Get out and enjoy the beautiful day!

LOL!     Live out Loud!

Oh and yes....Laugh out Loud too!

Will post info on Deters' virtual protest next week.


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Get out to Vote! (Ward, Haap, Fischer, Baggett, Brockman) Yes on 8 and 9!

City Council ---  Charlie Winburn...   Tony Fischer....Anitra Brockman.....LaMarque Ward

CPS school board -- Ceair Baggett....Jason Haap...

Yes on 9!

Yes on 8!

My 18 year old son will be voting today for the 1st time.  I'm so excited!  After he votes I'm going to kick his 6ft tall behind (anybody else got a senior in the house getting on their bleepin nerves??????)

Also, today I visit Drew, my beloved Drew and the inspiration for this blog!  Long post later.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sue! Charlie sue! (Winburn for Council) No weapon formed against you...

Despite Charlie Winburn receiving a campaign donation for that part-time Prosecutor, black people’s persecutor, Joe Deters-- I like Charlie Winburn!

In fact let me go on the record and state that CAJD endorses Charlie Winburn. Depending on who you talk to that could be a good or bad thing.

Charlie is all things to all people. Run, Charlie run!

(The paper of record should be ashamed!  Sue, Charlie, sue!  5 billion....Wow!)
And the next time Tim Burke "disses" you. Tell him that he should be the one to talk considering he inked the deal with the Rethugs (not you), not to run anyone against the man that humped the woman in the car in Cleveland.   Citizens Against Joe Deters


Charlie don't let Joe pay you to shut me up!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Deters' Dong

Deters’ Dong







It’s Friday, and it’s raining, and I’m tired, very tired. I have a lot of stuff to do, but I’m tired, so I’ll sit here and blog about a Dick-- Deters’ penis. The one that humped the woman in Cleveland, in a car.

I feel sick , like I’m getting the flu. Did anyone see all of those people standing in line waiting to get that H1N1 shot? Did anyone notice that there was not one black person in that line. I swear every black person that I’ve talked to refuses to get that shot. I’m certainly not getting it. We black folks, some of us, we don’t trust shit like getting shots at a fair ground. Fuck that.

I’m sorry guys, it’s Friday. and this is a really bad post.

Better post later. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Publicity Whores (Deters and Thomas)

A tragedy for sure. 
But where is (name removed) when young black men who look like him are being murdered?

Deters the part-time prosecutor and full-time black people's persecutor made an appearence to highlight "voter fraud". However, what's his real intention?  Highlight nonsense, keep the whore a secret.

Tired, frustrated and signing off.

(post has been revised, name and link removed_

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Citizens Against Joe Deters Virtual Protest

Last year CAJD held a Halloween Protest outside of the persecutor’s office. We dressed in costumes and handed out candy. We did not give free Halloween candy to wealthy, well-connected, white people. Only poor white people and poor minorities received candy.

Unfair? That was the point.

We peacefully protested the double-standard sentences dished out by Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters. Clearly, there are two criminal justice systems in Hamilton County.

Cut to 2009: Citizens Against Joe Deters is holding a Virtual Protest against Joe Deters. The specific details and date are still being worked out. Check this blog often for updates. We decided to cancel the Halloween protest this year. As in-- been there, done that. We want to take our protest into cyberspace and give people an opportunity to participate (protest) in anonymity, or with as much anonymity as possible, from their computers.

A little birdie tells us that Joe Deters is going to run for Governor of Ohio. We will stop him. We will not have the poor and black people persecutor, move on up. Especially since he has already been sent back down, from Columbus, with his tail between his legs, for engaging in pay-to-play politics. We are going to put Deters “record” on the world wide web.

Signing off 1:27 am.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The stuff rich, white young men complain about (Joe Deters’ son)

Early today my phone begin to ring constantly. The Reason: Lincoln Ware mentioned over the airwaves (1230 am the Buzz) that the Chief Legal Representative for Hamilton County had refused to come on his show again. The Reason: His family, and especially his son, has been traumatized by what I write on this blog. I believe Joe Deters has four sons, three of them grown, and the youngest is a senior in high school. I could be wrong about this because unlike Joe Deters, I can’t use public resources to spy on private citizens. I’m assuming Joe Deters is referring to his youngest son as being traumatized by this blog. CAJDs’ blog does not exist to mess with “people’s people.” We believe that the black people’s persecutor, Deters’--his family is off limits. A confession: In the past I have written about Deters’ alleged affair with his mother-in-law. Still, none of them should be punished for the sins of their father-- Joe and the hoes  prostitute (allegedly).

If Joe Deters’ son does not like what I write about his father on this blog, than he shouldn’t be reading it! If this little ole’ blog causes him pain, then one can only imagine what the sensitive young man would do if he ever got that Deters’ black people's style of injustice. You know the type of injustice when Deters’ bounds you  over at the age of 15 and you’re tried as an adult. 15 year’s old and you gotta go to prison for snatching a purse. The crime (purse snatching) is not right, but neither is the punishment. Or what about when he calls black people animals and lynches them in the newspaper before they are ever convicted in the court of law. What about when he makes statements in the newspaper like he wishes someone would put black, young men in a cage and let them shoot themselves, huh? Or what about when he gives a third year college student, with no prior, 20 years in prison with no chance of parole. It’s a flat sentence. Shamefully, some people only get 9 years for murders. But, hey, who cares if a black person, kills another black person. Just, don’t ever use a gun to rob a bank in Reading, Ohio. Population: white people. Young, black men if robbery is your crime of choice, rob your own people. Only rob people that look like you. That is, if you want a slap on the wrist, or a light sentence. Don’t ever commit a crime against the  Joe Deters type of white person. Good Ole’ boy white racism at its finest. Death penalty Deters. You know the type of Joe Deters’ racist that accuse you of being un-American, not born in America, less than American/human.  
Young black, men just stay out of trouble. Stop committing crimes. Oh, if only it were that easy.  Aren't you the hate, that hate produced?  Some in America hate you. They want you to fail. Some people pray, that young, black men fail.

Somebody told me that Joe Deters’ is the most powerful Republican in Hamilton County. He’s got money. He’s got power. (White, Wealthy, and Well-connected or Rich and un-elected). I don’t understand why the most powerful Republican in Hamilton County would give a rat’s ass about this blog. I’m a single mother of two. I’ve got two jobs, two college degrees, 1 book, 1 blog, 1 piece of paper that indicates that Joe Deters made a back door deal, with my son’s case, and left out the front door.

I don’t understand why Deters feels the need to punish the entire black community and not come on black radio and dialogue with the listeners to help solve real issues that plague all of our communities. Everybody that I know wants to live in safe neighborhoods, we want the crime in our community to stop. We want a full-time Prosecutor, not a part-time newspaper persecutor.

Deters goes down the dial, often, and hams it up with that radio host.  Is his audience more deserving of a conversation with the prosecutor, than Lincoln's audience?

I thank Lincoln Ware for having a pair and allowing me to come on his radio and TV show to share my book that I self-published. I put up my money, and did the best that I could to write a book that not only shares my son’s story in the hope of helping other youth, but that also attempts to offer solutions to crime, and to give ALL young men the audacity to hope. One  chapter in the book is about Deters’. I tried my best to present facts and not attack Deters in that chapter.

If Joe Deters does not like what I have written in my book, or what I write on this blog, if this blog or my book gets his panties, or his son’s panties in a bunch gets his family upset, then keep the deal you promised  my son Deters. You’re the most powerful republican in Hamilton county. You had your HDIC charge threaten to sue me, but you won’t sue me….because then Hamilton County and Cincinnati will have to hear about your laundry lists of Dirty Deeds.

The book can be purchased at Roshow awards and graphics across the street from Woodward Technical High school (in Jordan’s crossing).

Help me to understand this folks. Deters takes issue with my blog, but not his boy's blog--Jim Schfrin of the online ragsheet the Whistleblower.

Joe Deters can't be trusted!


And Alex Triantafilou needs to be ashamed of himself.

FROM THE BOARD OF ELECTIONS (Guess whose the chairman?)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

CPS SCHOOL BOARD -- The Good, the Bad, and the BATES

I posted this a while back.  But think it's worth reposting.
Melanie Bates

I’m always too tired to write a blog post and too lazy to edit. Still I always feel it’s my duty  to post.  So, I’m up at 5am writing a post.

I attended the CPS candidate forum last night moderated by Michelle Hopkins of WLWT channel 5.  Great job, Mrs. Hopkins

Here are a few of my thoughts.  First impressions
The Good, The Bad, and the McDowell

1.  Vanessa White - What most impressed me about Vanessa White is that she has 5 school children in the CPS schools. She is an active volunteer at Rockdale academy. She stated that many people question why she volunteers because they believe that  the parents don’t care. She stated that nothing could be further from the truth. She stated that she has yet to encounter a parent that does not want their child to succeed.  Mrs. White recognizes that more parents need to become engaged and that’s why she helped establish the  Parent Leadership Institute. Kudos to  Vanessa White.

2.   Ceair Baggett - What an awesome young man with some truly innovative and fresh ideas. As an example he talked about 21st century learning to accommodate the various types of learners.  Ceair stated that  one should incorporate various teaching methods into the classroom to capitalize on each individual student’s strengths.  Ceair also believes that disciplinary actions should be across the board. Punish Woodward and Walnut Hills students the same. Ceair is Taft high school graduate(class of 2005--he graduated with my son--and don't even make me cry). He's 22, a homeowner, pursuing his Master's degree, working in Mgmt--not the type of positive role model that the locals news will show you. Why don't we ever see people like Ceair on the evening news?  Ms. Hopkins, story on Ceair?????

3.      Jason Haap   - An educator/blogger and a man that knows how to get things done.  He’s not even on the board (yet) and he’s already lobbied the board to adopt more inclusive anti-harassment policies.  Haap would make an excellent school board member because he’s not afraid to asks tough questions, introduce innovative ideas (think outside the box).  Nor is he afraid to investigate those that don’t operate under complete transparency. Haap believes school board members should focus on solutions, not biographies.

Haap is needed on that  board. HAAP on Board.


4.      John Banner - He does not support the school levy. Nor does he support a prevailing wage.  On the panel Banner made two comments (something about his ex wife, and something about Flannery) that some found offensive.  Banner has a car bumper sticker that reads ‘DON’T BREED ‘EM IF, YOU CAN’T FEED ‘EM’ and apparently he’s against feeding impoverished children school lunches.

5.        Lisa Schare -     She didn’t really jump out as front and center candidate--that is as the candidate that could implement the much needed change on the CPS school board. Still, she has a child  in CPS schools, and she believes it’s important to keep art in our schools (I agree). She talked about a fresh approach to learning. She mentioned a book,  A New Mind by John Pink.  (I think that was the book. I think that’s the author’s name)
She used the term at-risk youth.  I like to think of our youth as being at-promise.  Over all she appeared to be a solid candidate.

6.       Curtis Wells - Mr. Wells was a no show. I don’t think he called to cancel because they still had his bottle of water and name card out in front of his empty seat. I heard one of the host mumble that Wells (AKA Rebel Rouser) was a no show, as she covered his name card. As much "smack" that Wells talks on radio, I would have liked to see/meet him. He's seems highly educated. 

7.       Mary Welsch Schlueter -  At first hearing her on the stage, I thought her opening remarks sounded sort of gimmicky. I wasn’t surprised to later find out that she is a marketing exec.  As the evening got going Welsch Schleter  answered questions precisely and offered up real solutions. I believed she mentioned the success of a school/program called Decca.  She appeared seasoned, and very knowledgeable.  My guess is that she’d make a solid school board member. Hey, she talked about virtual backpacks.

8.       Melanie Bates - She really scared me as a current school board incumbent.  She made comments like don’t bring the streets in our schools, and the answer to solve discipline problems in our schools is more police. Whereas some of the other candidates took the approach that educators should nurture and build trusting relationships with students, her approach appeared to set CPS schools up for failure.  I am very sensitive to her what she’s been through in her life, so maybe that has played a part in why she now sees the jar as half-empty as it pertains to our children.  Perhaps it’s time for her to move on.
Some on the school board don't understand that when our black children are in the fourth grade, some like Deters and Bates make notes on how much jail space, they'll need for our kids.  What they don't understand is that the price of freedom (equality, justice, opportunities) is, well, Malcolm X says it best...

9.      Catherine D. Ingram -  As an incumbent it appeared that she had all the answers, or at least thought she did.  At times she did appear to have many solid answers for the questions asked.  She passionately supports a prevailing wage and made an excellent case for others to support it. Still perhaps, it’s time for her to move on from the school board.

10.      Eileen Cooper Reed - I’ve heard her speak at other events and it’s clear that she’s really cares about our communities and students. Still, lately, she’s appeared a little tired. Last night she stated that she wants back on school board because she has some unfinished business on the board. I think, perhaps, if the business ain’t finished by now...

11.      Joyce F. Hooks -  She has such a pleasant speaking voice. And she’s a really pleasant person to talk to.   I like that her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren attended or attend CPS.  I think the fact that she’s a retired educator is a plus and minus.  A plus because she should have plenty of time to devote to the board, but a minus because I’m afraid she’s out of touch with technology and how to reach today‘s youth.  I could be wrong on this and hope that all will give her a fair shake. 

12.    Chris McDowell -  Wow!  He does not support the school levy, does not support a prevailing wage, and none of his 3 children attend CPS public schools.  He stated and get this folks, if his daughter became really good at playing the violin, he might consider sending her to the School of the Creative and Performing arts.    McDowell is an attorney and it appeared that he only wants on the board to meddle in constructions contracts. His behavior at the meeting last night was downright crude (cell phone kept going off, and reading while other panelist were speaking--hey folks we watch this stuff in the audience)  He spoke really loud and spewed the regurgitated Republican talking points.  I served in army….I'm in the army now.
Diversity in thought. Are you kidding me?  Sounded good as talking points.


I have included candidates email addresses. I hope that the community will email the candidates with your thoughts, suggestion.   Our children are the future! Let them know that!

I was thankful that many members of a board that I serve on attended the event.  We were there watching, listening. Our education chair was present and our eyes and ears were open WIDE!


FBK is a unapologetic eBook writer.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Hey All

I'm off to that meeting at Woodward Career Technical High School.  Woodward is the oldest public high school still in operation in the United States.   I graduated from Woodward. Back then it was just Woodward. When I attended the high school, Joe Deters'  (HDIC) was the school's resource officer. Back then ole' Brown would give a kid a break.  Lord knows I needed every break he gave me.  But things are different these days between Brown and I.  Brown is on Deters' payroll, and Deters is the most dangerous prosecutor in Hamilton County history.

Well I'm off to the school board meeting.  I'm pulling for Ceair Baggett and Haap to do well at the forum.  I'll give my reasons later.  Also, I'll let you know which person soared and which person sunk.

(Did I just write a blog or a tweet?  It's a blog, I don't tweet)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jane Prendergasts' Fat Ass-- and the 21 council candidates

Hey Jane it takes one to know one. But considering that you write such negative stories, and considering that your tiny little black shoes can't sustain the weight of your fat ass in those black capri pants, I think it's OK to have a little fun at your expense. Hey, mostly everthing you write is negative.

I attended the 21 council candidate forum tonight at the Cintas center. I'm really too tired to write a blog post, but I must.

The Good, the Bad, and the Terrible

My observations are based solely on what went on at tonight's meeting.  Awards go to the following people.

Lazy award - It's a tie between Jeff Berding and Brad Wenstrup.  Berding read from a paper and Wenstrup attitude was so ho-hum. Do you want to be mayor or what Wenstrup? In fairness to Berding, he stated that he was sick. Yep, sick cause the Dems threw him out on his ass.  Noooooo, he really looked sick.

Sweet award - It's a tie between  Greg Harris and Anitra Brockman. Anitra Brockman is an awesome person. She actually has a great idea to form a youth city council. I'm confident that when she gets on coucil her honesty, experience as a single mother, and as a college professor, will make her a refreshing candidate. However, on that panel amongst the sharks, Brockman and Harris,  we're sweeter than cotton candy.

Best Person who "brought it" it award  - goes to Winburn.  Charlie. First name Charlie. Last name Winburn.  Say his name. Say his name. Charlie will get back on council. Especially since he "checked" Cecil last night.

Best idea award - goes to LarMarque Ward for his fresh ideas on how to work with the youth. He not only wants to retain young professionals in Cincinanti, he wants to grow young people into young professionals.   What a man, what a man,what a man. Strong black man.

Best Streetcar  award -  Cecil (removed)

Best video award/best dressed award - Quinlivan. Or Laurie as Qualls refers to her.   If she When she gets on council she stated that she wouldn't rely on what she is told from the city manager's office, instead she would investigate and fact check everything. Must be the former reporter in her.  Considering that she followed the mayor to China and Portland, and appeared to be his biggest supporter at the forum last night, I also have to give her the best award for riding the Mayor's coat tail.  She's on the mayor's coat tail and Driehaus is on Obama's.  Remember people, coat tails can only take you so far.

Best suprise of the night award-  Cole. She brought it. She gets a bad rap from the extreme  lunatic righters that accuse her of having the inability to speak, yet she spoke great last night.  She told the audience to ask not what your council can do for you, ask what you can do for your city. This response came after a question on one of the forum cards from the audience.  She also gave a list of specific things that she is doing to help her constituents.  On a side note:  She's got great legs. They look really strong. Like should could easily kick Leslie Ghiz's ass. 

Best I'm here, let me soar award - Goes to Flynn.  Can't remember his first name. He came up with a great plan--Make the city manager do his damn job. His words not mine. He had a lot of other great stuff to say as well.  Kudos to him for working strongly with his neighborhood coucil.

Best speaking voice award - Nicolas Hollan. Boy can he speak. At first his speaking  appeared over the top, but I got used to it, you could really hear the passion in his voice.  He's got some fantastic
ideas about how to help ex-offenders help themselves. He could be a great motivational speaker. Maybe he's full of shit, but he rocked on stage last night.
choo-choo train route.
Best Funny award-  Chris Bortz. Bortz  is a damn fool. He had the audience in stitches.

 Best "worst" idea award - Chris Monzel. Monzel suggested that privitazing the jail might eliminate jail overcrowding. It appears Monzel wants to put people back in slavery.  The only thing worst than priviatizing a jail, is privatizing our water.  Are you fucking kidding me Monzel? Can anybody say Joe Deters?

Best Little Miss perfect award-  Amy Murray.  She's too damn perfect. Little Miss Hyde Park perfect. Still, she was pretty good.

Best "vision" award-  goes to Bernadette Watson. Although she dodged the tea partier question,  her vision for the city appears that it will take the city far.  Go B, Go B, Go B.

Best polite award - goes to Ms. Qualls. She was so damn polite.  Despite her actions of lately (people should'nt petition their Government), I've always been a huge fan of Qualls.  She does not appear to play politics, she's the real thing.

Best tea partier award-  Mr. Zamarchy(spelling) - It's good to hear that he supports the arts (Know theatre) and the Tea party.  Glad to hear he likes a lot of drama.  Even though he was quite tame on stage.

Best denoucemnet of the tea party award - Goes to Mr. Young. Wendall. Nothing like a big black man, who ain't afraid to denouce something.

Best tacky award - Ghiz.  She wore that nice green suit again tonight. It was cute the 1st time she wore it.  More police, more police, more police. Geez Ghiz is anybody else important?

Best charismatic award - Mayor Mallory. He told the audience that they can't believe everything that they read in the paper.  He was totally charming. Totally funny.  YES on issue 9!

Best reformed award - Tony Fischer. Every since he rode Berding's coat tail into hot water with the Dem party, and begged harder than James Brown not to  be thrown out of the party, he's been tame. He gave safe, nice answers last night. Wonder does he still want to close our health centers and pools?

Best persecutor award - Joe Deters. Joe does not like black people. He humps whores (allegedly) and the list goes on....

If I've forgotten any candidate, charge it to my mind and not my heart.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sweet deal for white murderers! RIP Precious 11-day old baby.

White Americans getting light sentences is as American as apple pie

The sooner that I’m able to face that fact, the faster I’ll be able to release Joe Deters. There are times when it does not appear to be a race thing. Although, isn’t everything in America about race? America unscrambled--I Am Race.

The couple below murdered their baby. I don’t know the details. Don’t know if the woman had a mental problem, if the guy was on drugs, if she was molested as a child, if he was molested as a child, what I know is that a baby is dead!

Their back story--I don’t give a rat’s behind about their back story. Well, I do, but I shouldn't. For sure people like Joe Deters types, don’t a give rat’s behind about black people's back story. You know the back story or the  reason that explains why we run over 14 year old boys and keep going.  Nobody cares why the black girl dit it, if she did it.   Here’s the thing-- if you’re white, wealthy and well-connected (WWW) you're entitled to one get out of jail free card. You don’t get the Deters Death Penalty. You must fit at least 2 of the 3 to qualify. To be exempt. If you’re a minority or a poor person. Blacks or poor whites need not apply.

Let some in America tell it, and we're to believe that  blacks have got everything that’s bad in America wrong with them.  We are more likely to (fill in the blanks with everything negative), less likely to (fill in the blanks with everything positive). If I really believed the false information that the race baiters put out there, I’d jump off a bridge. Luckily, I don’t believe the hype.

To my good friend LD, stop tellling me to edit this blog.  I rarely, if ever, edit this  blog. I'm too lazy. Readers of this blog are aware that no editing, or little editing,  happens. Or at least they should be aware of that fact.  I try to clean it up the post that I write so that it at least makes sense. I will fix something if someone, LD, points it out to me. But other than that,  If I post, that's damn good. I can't work, write on the side, and edit a blog about the black people's persecutor.

RIP dead baby! Whatever the back story, you didn’t deserve to die.

The Coldest night ever. Voting starts today!

Freedom ain’t cheap.

It ain’t easy either.

So many, too many,  died for the right to vote.

To many got the "Joe Deters dogs and water hose" turned on them!  "He's an animal."  "Put them in a cage and let them shoot themselves."

It takes a real  CaringCommunityMan to sleep outside on the coldest night ever (eva) to remind Cincinnatians to vote early. Kudos to CaringCommunityMan

My son turned 18 in May. It’s going to be his 1st time voting. I’m very excited.

Yes on issue 8!

Yes on issue 9!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Joe Deters does not like ACORN

Despite what some say (Joe Deters) ACORN is not a bad organziation.   Whhhhhhooooooo ACORN  IS not the boogie man.  I remember earlier this year when the prosecutor, black folks  persecutor, engaged in a little voter suppression/voter intimidation to stop folks from voting for President Obama. 

There has  been lots of  negative publicity about ACORN in the news lately. However, tonight on the Rachel Maddow show her guest exposed the blatant lies being told about ACORN.

Text Rachel and thank her for telling the truth!

Protest Friday October 30, 2009 12 noon

.Check out Rachel's  website. Check out that story.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Joe Deters' Penis Problem and other stuff that I have to complain about

Before I get to the problem with Joe Deters’ penis. I have to complain about the $104.00 ticket that I received today from the Terrace Park police. I’m driving in my car listening to the Lincoln Ware show, Lincoln is “talking up” the police. Yes, some of us really believe that certain conversations discussed in the community can make certain things happen to certain people. I believe the energy Lincoln put out over the airwaves this morning is the reason why I received a ticket. Anyway, the police pulled me over. He claimed that I ran a red light. I didn’t. I didn’t run a red light I know many people that get tickets, proclaim their innocence, but I’m really innocent. The only thing that I’m guilty of is driving around with expired tags. What Had Happened was…What happened is my birthday was last month. I turned 40. I had a birthday party and a book “unleash” party. It was a busy month. I totally forgot to get new tags. So the cop gives me a choice, to get a moving violation for running the red light, or to get a ticket for an expired tag. Both tickets are the same amount, one cost you a couple of points on your license. It was a no brainer. I told the cop to kiss my ass. No I opted for the expired tag ticket. After the cop sent me on my way --I ended up being late for my meeting. Long story short I’m not going to pay the ticket because I didn’t run the light. I’m going to fight it in court. I'm fighting because I was pulled over with the bogus claim that I ran the red light.   I'm thankful that Terrace Park has evening court for their wealthy and well-connected residents (aka Rob Portman).  I think I'll call my Congresswoman Jean Schmidt and complain about my ticket.

The Department (or Bureau) of Motor vehicles. The lady, the old busy body behind the desk, reminded me VERY LOUDLY that next year I would be charged a 20.00 late fee if I didn’t renew my tags on time. I told her that I was sick of government raising the cost of everything. I felt bad after I said it because I didn’t want to act like one of those people that attend town hall meetings. The lady told me that they (DMV or BMV) had not raised the prices in 6 years. As she handed me my sticker she reminded me not to be late next year. I responded, Have a nice day.

Joe Deters penis problem. I talk about Deters’ penis a lot on this blog because it is my belief based on information provided to me by the attorneys that Deters, let’s see how can I put this and move beyond the harsh curse words. Hmmmmm. Let’s see. Allegedly Deters paid for intimacy from a woman that charges for sexual favors. That bothers me because Deters prosecutes and persecutes people. Especially minorities and poor people. Yet, I know based on information provided to me that he has never been brought to justice for his indiscretion. Yes, I know that God will punish Death penalty Deters because he has a penis problem.

Oh, well, good night. Send one up for Deters.

Man gets 9 years for murder. Read the story below.

Monday, September 21, 2009



After reading the below story in City Beat on Deters views on the death penalty…

I couldn’t help but be reminded of a story that appeared in City Beat, some months ago, about a black man that Deters gave the death penalty for 10 bucks.  Why is it that Deters can always justify the most severe punishment for people who don't fit his preferred template (White, Wealthy, and Well-connected or Rich and Elected) Poor whites or minorities have to fight to hold Deters, the Chief Legal Representative of Hamilton County accountable, and fight to stop him from dishing out his double-standard of injustice in the just-us system.

Quite possibly--Deters is the most dangerous prosecutor in Hamilton County History.

Peaceful (Halloween)  protest planned on Friday October 30, 2009 at 12 noon in front of Joe Deters' office. Protestors are being asked to dress in costumes  and be prepared to hand out candy to people who aren't  White, Wealthy, and Well-connected or Rich and Elected. The purpose of the peaceful protest is to show that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, MLK.

Joe Must Go!
More info on CAJD Halloween protest in front of Joe Deters office coming soon.
Execute Justice.  Not people.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

114 days. 114 lies. Ryan Widmer/Joe Deters you lie!

Yep watched that Ryan Widmer thing on dateline tonight.

During the trial I can remember being conflicted, is Ryan guilty? Did he really do it? I kinda thought he didn’t do it during the trial.

After the trial I thought he was guilty. I just did. Even if the jury practiced drowning techniques--what does that matter, if he really did it? Why is Widmer free?

Free Ryan Widmer. No fuck Ryan Widmer. Ryan Widmer was convicted of murder. He gets 15 to life which means he can parole out. My son robs a bank, nobody’s dead. Nobody’s wet dead-head has been crushed into a bathroom floor. RIP Sarah Widmer. Ryan killed you.

Hutzels got a pair. She’s the head Prosecutor up in Warren County. I like that she has prosecutorial integrity. She prosecutes everybody, even teens. White teens. None of the Joe Deters “shady” BS. If you did it, you should go to jail regardless of color.

Widmer’s mom, what a lady! I cry every time I see that woman on TV. She does what we mother’s are supposed to do. Stand by our sons till death do us part. Not condone the crime--but hold our sons down. Not hold their head in a bathtub for them to drown, but hold them down. That means love and support them. Give every penny that you have to fight for you son to have the best defense. Rally his friends, your co-workers, your church members--anybody that will listen you tell your son’s story. When they ask half-heartedly , is there anything I can do…? Tell them, hell yeah, you can write a letter, wear a t-shirt (Free Ryan Widmer), join my fight. Hell yes, there’s something you can do.

I’m signing off. I know Ryan did it. I know Bill Cunningham’s lies are catching up with him, because he’s got permanent bitter-beer face frown lines on his face.

City Beat this Joe Deters! You support the Death Penalty...

Welcome New readers:

The group Citizens Against Joe Deters along with the companion blog was created for a specific reason, our mission is simple--pressure Joe Deters to resign from his position as Hamilton County Prosecutor. Joe Deters is a dangerous prosecutor, the most dangerous prosecutor in the history of Hamilton County. Thus a good many post on this blog will focus on our mission. One can find out more about our mission in the About Me section of this blog, and from reading blog archives. However, some blog post will cover various topics including, but not unlimited to: unfair treatment of minorities and poor people in the just-us system, local politics, current topics in the news, entertainment and fun, and other topics.
We advertised this blog so that we can spread our message to a wide range of individuals. We thank City Beat for their courage in allowing us to advertise this blog in their newspaper. We contacted a billboard company to advertise our blog. They declined to let us advertise. The reason: They are not willing to risk their relationship with City Government aka Joe Deters. City Beat may not agree with most, or any, postings on this blog. But at least they respect our opinions to write whatever we please.
This blog does it’s best not to subscribe to labels. However, the viewpoints on this blog more likely than not, are more liberal than not. Our definition of a person that has a viewpoint that leans more to the left is that they are open-minded. Nothing is etched in stoned. We are willing to consider all things, all people (black, white, Hispanic, gay, straight, poor, rich, etc) on a case-by-case basis.
We try to use reason when forming an opinion on all subject matters.
Citizens Against Joe Deters the group and this companion blog was founded by me, FBK. I write most of the post on this blog. The biggest support for CAJD comes from family members and friends. We don’t have a formal membership. We consider many people informal members. Informal members usually send us a tip, give advice, or some type of support through our email or snail mail, or other anonymous forms of communication. Some informal members have showed up at our various protest around town against Joe Deters.

Next Joe-must-go protest Oct 30, 2009 at 12 noon in front of Joe’s Deters office. More details will be forthcoming.

Welcome to our blog. Become a friend of this blog. Please take the time to acquaint yourself with this blog. Check back on this blog often. There’s a local political race heating up in this town and we will give you an earful.
Best, Humbly, Unapologetically

Dallas Cowboys stadium tax...and my Kanye moment....

This morning I caught a few seconds of the Today show. On that show I saw Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys being interviewed by Matt Lauer. In the interview Jones was trying to convince the American people, Dallas Cowboys tax paying citizens, to pay taxes on 115 billion dollar stadium. Hmmmm where have we heard that before? I like Matt Lauer, like the way that he asks questions, he’s smoooooth. He asked Jerry Jones-- do you think in this economy you should be asking the citizens to pay more taxes for your stadium. He asked him something like that. Jones gave a very charismatic answer something like this is going to be the people’s stadium, the best in the world, blah, blah, blah. Ah, yeah, Jerry, you’re a millionaire ten times over (nothing wrong with that) and the elderly couple that owns the house down the block from the stadium can’t afford to have any more taxes put on their home.

Which almost brings me to my Kanye moment. When a person or a group comes before my community, our communities asking for money for their whatever (funding for pet project, their “great” program on their entertainment venue) they should be prepared to “bring it.” Meaning tell my community specifically how we will benefit. As in our community, my community, is the last one hired, first one fired…least likely to be given a second chance…and the list goes on….

Last night at a meeting I had a Kanye moment. You know a moment is which you are so passionate about what you believe in that you would rather speak out instead of taking the risk that you will burst into pieces if you don’t speak out, about something that you so strongly believe. I guess I had a few of those moments. I guess my moment wasn’t exactly like Kanye. I spoke out. But only when I was called on after raising my hand. I didn’t jump up in the meeting and speak out of turn. No of that town hall meeting BS.  Still, it was a Kanye moment because what I had to say, had to be said (well, not said, but opposed), at least that’s what I believed at the time. What I said may have shocked some, and caused some to agree with me. Agree-ers help you believe that what you did was the right thing to do. However, at the end of the day all that matters is that your guts didn’t bust because you didn’t hold your tongue.

For the record. Kanye was wrong. But not as wrong as Joe Wilson. Kanye and Taylor are young entertainers. End of story and President Obama is well….you get the picture.

I definitely wouldn’t ever disrespect the man with the highest position in the land--President Obama. Didn't do it when Bush was President either. Yep, made comments behind closed doors, we all do, or most do.

OK this is one of my early morning rambling post that has nothing to do with Joe Deters…  I'll get back in Dealth Penalty Deters' ass this afternoon.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Death Penalty Deters--Another Black man dies


After reading the below story in City Beat on Deters views on the death penalty…

I couldn’t help but be reminded of a story that appeared in City Beat, some months ago, about a black man that Deters gave the death penalty for 10 bucks.

Quite possibly--Deters is the most dangerous prosecutor in Hamilton County History.

Joe Must Go!
More info on CAJD Halloween protest in front of Joe Deters office coming soon.
Execute Justice.  Not people.

Book may be purchased at RoSho Awards and Graphics on Reading Rd across from
Woodward High school.
email for more information