Friday, September 18, 2009

Dallas Cowboys stadium tax...and my Kanye moment....

This morning I caught a few seconds of the Today show. On that show I saw Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys being interviewed by Matt Lauer. In the interview Jones was trying to convince the American people, Dallas Cowboys tax paying citizens, to pay taxes on 115 billion dollar stadium. Hmmmm where have we heard that before? I like Matt Lauer, like the way that he asks questions, he’s smoooooth. He asked Jerry Jones-- do you think in this economy you should be asking the citizens to pay more taxes for your stadium. He asked him something like that. Jones gave a very charismatic answer something like this is going to be the people’s stadium, the best in the world, blah, blah, blah. Ah, yeah, Jerry, you’re a millionaire ten times over (nothing wrong with that) and the elderly couple that owns the house down the block from the stadium can’t afford to have any more taxes put on their home.

Which almost brings me to my Kanye moment. When a person or a group comes before my community, our communities asking for money for their whatever (funding for pet project, their “great” program on their entertainment venue) they should be prepared to “bring it.” Meaning tell my community specifically how we will benefit. As in our community, my community, is the last one hired, first one fired…least likely to be given a second chance…and the list goes on….

Last night at a meeting I had a Kanye moment. You know a moment is which you are so passionate about what you believe in that you would rather speak out instead of taking the risk that you will burst into pieces if you don’t speak out, about something that you so strongly believe. I guess I had a few of those moments. I guess my moment wasn’t exactly like Kanye. I spoke out. But only when I was called on after raising my hand. I didn’t jump up in the meeting and speak out of turn. No of that town hall meeting BS.  Still, it was a Kanye moment because what I had to say, had to be said (well, not said, but opposed), at least that’s what I believed at the time. What I said may have shocked some, and caused some to agree with me. Agree-ers help you believe that what you did was the right thing to do. However, at the end of the day all that matters is that your guts didn’t bust because you didn’t hold your tongue.

For the record. Kanye was wrong. But not as wrong as Joe Wilson. Kanye and Taylor are young entertainers. End of story and President Obama is well….you get the picture.

I definitely wouldn’t ever disrespect the man with the highest position in the land--President Obama. Didn't do it when Bush was President either. Yep, made comments behind closed doors, we all do, or most do.

OK this is one of my early morning rambling post that has nothing to do with Joe Deters…  I'll get back in Dealth Penalty Deters' ass this afternoon.