Monday, August 31, 2015

DETERS: Justice for Judge Tracie Hunter - Facts you should know

Hello faithful blog readers.  

7 years later and this blog continues to rank as a top search term for Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters.  The readership numbers continue to be through the roof.  

I've struggled about what to do with this blog, as my desire to blog more responsibly has led me to creating and writing on other sites.

I promise my faithful readers that the book I promised you months ago is still coming.

However, the "Deters" book was bumped for this one here.

Hey, I gotta heal right?????

I love the community with my entire heart and soul, and it is for that reason that I will continue to blog about Just-Us issues.  

My heart bleeds because of the injustice being done to Dear Sista Pastor Judge Tracie Hunter.  Please take the time to read the fact sheet below.  If you'd like a copy of it emailed to you simply drop me an email.  

Each night we are having Tweet-Ups at 9pm.   Please jump on twitter at that time using the #justiceforjudgehunter

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Speaker: The Honorable Judge Tracie Hunter
Sunday Sept 6, 2015      time:  3 - 4:30 pm
Location:  Tried Stone New Beginnings Church
5550 Reading Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio  45237

I'm so proud of the sistas in the struggle who are working incredibly hard to provide a different perspective to the Judge Hunter sage.   Read here  and here.

Sunday, August 2, 2015