Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bad Poems, Really bad poems for council members and Deters too!

Poems for Council members and Deters too!

Mayor Mallory the people have spoken
200 million choo choo train and you it can't be broken.

Winburn, Winburn he’s our man!
Can he really be trusted-- a black Republican?
Yes he can! Yes he can!

Bortz, Bortz, gets his choo choo train
If he doesn’t get federal dollars who will he blame?

Quall, Quall, came in 1st place
When Cecil looked up, she’d already won the race.

Cecil Thomas likable guy!
But he’ll throw you in jail for a joint
And wish the people had said goodbye.

Cole, Cole
Damn girl you came in last…
Don’t you wish now you’d beat Leslie Ghiz ass?
Did she really tell you to shut up?
Run down ass Rethuglican always on Bill Cunningham’s nuts.

Monzel, Monzel looks like he eats macaroni
Frowned at me because I opposed his crony (Deters)

Berding, Berding, he’s got some cute kids
That bad stadium deal is still raising eye lids.

Quinlivin, Laura got in on her first try
Kinda sad that Greg Harris had to say goodbye.

Ghiz, Ghiz, what a nasty twittering witch
Why don’t you join forces with Palin, two stupid______

(OK I’m working on the Ghiz poem)

Deters, Deters that prosecuting prick
Have you been back to Cleveland lately-- to see that trick?

(Yes, this blog has been reduced to this....soon I'll turn it back into something meaniful...)