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Prosecutor charges Avondale Bus driver with killing woman (Update)

So let's get this straight. There will be no charges filed against the cop that ran over Joann Burton in Washington Park because according to Deters' lie the OSHP ruled it an accident.

Why is it that the City prosecutor (not Deters) has charged  Avondale Bus driver that got off her bus-- and it accidentally rolled over a woman? 

Not sure why City and not HC prosecutor filed charges. May be location of accident.
 Will follow the story closely and report back.
We won't comment until we have more facts.

And remember...

Remember we had that Halloween Party Protest in 2008.  Plan to do it again in 2010.

Interesting Read.

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Operation Crash the Polls....Operation: Board Walk - something for everyone!

Happy Thursday Blog Readers.

Each day one of you touches us by sharing your story. Continue to tell your story, it will help you heal, and it will help others to heal.

On another note, here's some info on early voting.  We must vote if we want change.  Change won't happen overnight.  We must fight and never give up in order to get change. Give out, but never give up.  One person can't change things.  We must all do something Bold!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kathy Harrell on Ware's radio show, "Chief Tom Streicher is playing Nicey-Nice with bikers."

A big thanks to Kathy Harrell, who this blog has been tough on, for being a stand up president of the police union. The cops shooting by the biker is a very serious situation.  The local media appear to be downplaying this serious matter because the cops are black.  The black community is outraged that Prosecutor Deters and Cheif Streicher is playing nicey-nice when two men in blue almost died.  This blog will follow this story and give you information that the local media will not.  Thanks to those of you who have contacted us with your feedback.

On another note
We printed this fictitious story below  (based on a true story that happened Saturday in Cincinnati) to emphasize how people of color are demonized in Cincinnati and across this country. Day in and day out people of color are portrayed as the bad guy. Everyday they have a story in the news about a black mother neglecting her child, or a black male doing something awful. Yet, it does not appear that the persecutor, the newspaper or that radio host (Joe's boy) demonize other people. We must stand up in Cincinnati. We must not allow smear campaigns to be run against people of color. Thank you to all that contacted us. Continue to submit ideas about CAJD's Halloween protestSince Deters wants to make a fool out of our people, we will make a fool out of him. We want our protest to go viral, and to make the national news. This protest will be Better, Bigger, Bolder. Joe must Go!

The Enqui-liar seems to have gotten the message. Pretty sure it will be short lived though. Thanks to all of you that continue to put pressure on that paper, that allows filthy and hateful comments to post, to write better stories about people of color.  We are NOT the boogy man.    We to want the American Dream for our families.

Finally, thanks for having your lawyer, or a lawyer call me up. And what's up with this?  I can't be stopped.  Really, put a gun to my face?

***Breaking News***  ***Fictitious story***

Two black police officers shot at JD's Honky Tonk and Emporium on Saturday by members of the Iron Horsemen motorcycle gang have been released from the hospital. Cincinnati police said the black officers were immediately taken into custody because a biker gang member was killed by one of the black officers. Both officers have been fired and no investigation is needed.

The attorney for the Iron Horsemen biker gang along with Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher, appeared on hate radio host WLW’s Bill Cunningham’s show, to frame the argument that members of the Iron Horsemen are good citizens, despite various members having lengthy criminal records that include trafficking cocaine, methamphetamine, and murder.
The above criminal records link has been removed by Enqui-liar paper. But that's OK we printed the story and will scan it soon.  In the meantime here's the cleaned up version from the Enqui-liar.

Streicher and the attorney told Cunningham that it’s OK to assume that the dead man feared for his life when he saw uniform officers, and two black undercover officers, displaying their badges, enter the bar. Calls to the dead man, whose name has not been released pending notification to his family, were not returned.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters canceled a planned trip to Cleveland to purchase oral copulation, to call a press conference whereby he announced that he would seek the death penalty for black officers that shot the gang member.

We will update this story.

(Septemeber Fool)

Where is Publicity whore Deters on this case? No outrage, name calling

If you live in Cincinnati, and I know this blog is read all over the world, (at least our friends in Cali read it), you've heard about the outlaw biker gang that was involved in the Wild Wild West shootout with the cops.  One person dead.

Not a peep out of Deters. Are these bikers "animals"  or "off the chart weird"?  Will Deters let his children go in parts of Camp Washington?  Is Camp Washigton like Jurassaic Park?  Should Deters put the bikers in a cage and let them shoot each other?  All of the above comments have been made by Deters when it comes to people of color, and communities of color.

Community let's  arm ourselves against the likes of Joe Deters. We have to arm ourselves with knowledge because as MLK said in his famous letter from a Birmingham jail, "Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere."

Stay connected with this blog.  Start thinking up ideas for our 2010 Halloween protest against Deters.

Happy Monday.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Google Joe Deters

Happy Friday Blog readers.

Whatever that means. 

Here at CAJD we're excited about our Citizens Against Joe Deters Halloween protest for 2010.

We hope that many of you will join us.  Tenative date Friday October 29, 2010 at 12 noon.

This blog has been busy lately.  We've received a ton of emails.  All from vicitims (including politicians) of Joe Deters. We love it!  Not that you're a victim, but that many of you are trying to move from victim to victor. 

Stay in touch.  

Have a great weekend.

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Part-time Prosecutor jumps the gun on Burton case and Vigil for Jeremy

Sloppy and sad. Mrs. Burton is not even cold in her grave and Deters has already closed the book on her case.  But  the OSP says not so fast.

The family of Jeremy Hibbett will hold a vigil on Saturday September 11th at 7pm.  The location is at the corner of Mitchell and Vine.  Here' s Hibbett's story.

At this blog we have received a good amount of information on  this case.  We will attend the vigil. We don't stand in judgment of any parties involved with this case.  But we do care that a young black male lost his life, and that a family and children are hurting.  Thus, we will show our support at the vigil.

CAJD is painfully aware that young black men's lives mean nothing to Joe Deters. We believe it is the reason that Deters failed to request a full investigation in this case. Again, we don't know all the facts. So well will reserve commenting about the specifics of the case.

 But we grieve for the young man's family, without standing in judgement of any person.

A great quote from one of our emails, "forgiveness is not for the ones who caused you pain, but for yourself."

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Happy Friday - Another touching email...

Happy Friday Blog readers.

We get a lot of touching emails at this blog, we really do.  There is so much happening in our communities and so much pain. 

Many of you know that this blog was started because of CAJD's pain.  When something bad happens to someone that you love, no matter if it's self-inflicted, or inflicted upon your loved one by someone else, you hurt--bad.  It causes one lash out in good and bad ways.

My hope for you community, today, is that we all have peace. That instead of lashing out we turn our pain into something postive. We are not only giving that advice, we are taking it.

We love you community!

For those of you that have lost loved ones, may you be comforted. 

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Community I can’t sleep until you wake up - Joe Deters must Go!

It’s about 1:30 am in the morning and I can’t sleep. My heart is heavy. CAJD’s receives emails each day from people that have experienced the injustices in Hamilton County at the hands of Joe Deters. At this blog we make no secret that it was a personal situation that first brought us to fight hard to get Deters removed from office, for dishing out his brand of double standard style justice. But moving beyond our personal situation—we hear the community’s stories. We hear your cries. We want to help you. We will succeed in our goals—our mission, if we stick together. Check this blog often over the next couple of weeks. We will be providing the community with information as to what we can do to get Deters removed from office. We will never give up until we accomplish our goals.

RIP JoAnn Burton and Jeremy Hibbett. Neither of you deserved to die. We don’t know the full circumstances but we know that you did not deserve to die.

No Justice. No peace.
Rise up community.

Friday, September 3, 2010



The Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless will hold a protest at the corner of 14th and Race streets at 1:pm on September 3rd, 2010.

The advocacy group and others plan to protest against Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters who yesterday declined to prosecute a police officer that ran over a homeless woman, Joann Burton.

At the time of her death, Mrs. Burton was sleeping in Washington park when a police officer drove his cruiser in the grass. According to one eye witness, the police officer became distracted by a woman dancing, and ran over Mrs. Burton.

Deters declined to prosecute stating that the officers action was not reckless. This sparked outrage by many in the community who believe Deters uses his prosecutorial discretion often and unfairly.

The address of GCCH is

117 E. 12th St
Cincinnati, OH 45202-7203

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Deters - Two bad decisions in two days - Community Rise up!

September 2, 2010

Cincinnati NAACP

Media Release

The Cincinnati NAACP is saddened but not surprised that Cincinnati law holds two faces; one for Whites and one for Blacks. A White woman can leave her baby in a car that results in death and it not be defined as reckless. However, a Black woman can have a dog die in her back yard and serve time in jail. This is now a new low for Cincinnati that a Cincinnati Police Officer can run over an African American woman sleeping in the grass under a tree and not be charged. Today law enforcement has released a report stating that the officer did not act reckless when he drove his police cruiser through the middle of the park on the grass and ran over an African American woman sleeping under a tree. "Citizens should not be surprised when African Americans reiterate a disrespect for the laws in Hamilton County. These decisions continue to make it difficult for the Black and White community to live in harmony in Cincinnati," Christopher Smitherman, president of the Cincinnati NAACP says.

The Cincinnati NAACP has reserved judgment until the investigation concluded. The investigation reiterates that Cincinnati law enforcement is above the law. The Cincinnati NAACP extends its deepest condolences to the Burton Family for the loss and murder of Joann Burton. "If the police officer had run over a White woman the decision today would be homicide. The officer will be restored to active duty. Cincinnati has not learned its lessons from the riots of 2001. Cincinnati has engaged in economic apartheid against African Americans in Cincinnati and now condones murder," Smitherman says.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters holds Press Conference today at 10:00 AM

By 700WLW News

Grand jury ignores charges against man

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

( Cincinnati ) A Hamilton County Grand Jury has decided to ignore charges in connection with a shooting death in St. Bernard on August 3rd.

Ralph Powers shot Jeremy Hibbett to death outside Powers' home where he lived with his wife and two step-daughters. Hibbett had been harassing of the step-daughters and police had been called to the house several times.

On the night of the shooting, prosecutors say Hibbett refused to leave and as he came toward Powers, he was shot once. Powers called 911 and arriving police and medics found Hibbett dead at the scene.

Prosecutor Joe Deters said in a news release, "Ralph Powers has no criminal record and was protecting his property and family. I am sure that this was a traumatic event for everyone involved. However, a man placed in this situation should not face criminal charges. I could not agree more with the grand jury's decision."