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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bad habits return and so does sense of humor. Joe Deters' cereal

I cannot believe it. It's finally here. My book is finished, finished. Finished, finished. About 20,000 edits ago, I thought it was finished after each edit. But after sending it out to an editor, for the final edit, I can really say that it's finished. Telling myself that it was finished before it was finished, finished-- is what I told myself to keep at it. It's the lie that some writers have to tell themselves so they won't give up on their project.
Bad habits. In writing my book my bad habits (all of them) have come back. Really, they are too many to name. But one bad habit that unleashes itself even if I don't want it too--is cursing. I find myself cursing everywhere about everything. I especially curse when Joe Deters' name is mentioned.
I curse because I'm still stressing. Because even though the book will be unleashed (not released) in July, there is so much other planning around the event. So many little pesty details.
Joe's not going to be haaaaaaaappy.
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Does Alex M. Triantafilou wet the bed? Suck his thumb?

I briefly went on the Hamilton County Republican blog (as in keep your enemies closer). I was amused to see a video by Alex Triantafilou, chairman of HCRP. In that video, Triantafilou tells people to check back with his blog for updates and important information. What a joke. In person Triantafilou seems like a decent enough guy. But it’s clear from his blog that something isn’t right with him. He reminds me of the kid in school that nobody liked simply because he was uncool. In order to make friends he had to become someone’s flunky (or bitch). I can picture Triantafilou being the geeky kid that everybody convinced to do their dirt. Triantafilou uses those same tired, really tired, really really really tired, tactics from the Grand Ole’ Partiers (From the Grand marshal Rush Limbaugh) playbook that have run this country in the ground. His ridiculous post this week includes an attack on Councilmember Laketa Cole and Mayor Mallory. I don’t think the two are above criticism. However, his half-baked attacks are ridiculous. You’d think he’d go after the Whistleblower (Joe’s boy Jim) for launching missiles up his ass everyday. I’ll give Triantafilou a little bit longer before they toss him out on his ass. Right behind Michael Steele. Triantafilou acts as if it’s us against them. Us being Republicans vs. Democrats (I don’t consider myself a Repub or Dem and certainly not a Rethug). He’s so “join my team, pick me, join my team, pick me) Grow up already Alex.
I know you are! But what am I?
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kiss the Ring--Lincoln Ware 1230 am the Buzz

The other day I was reading some post on the Cincinnati Beacon. I think it was from one of the connected blogs--the Cincinnati Enquirer blog. Anyway one of the writers from the Enquirer was stating that he’d saw a few local Republican candidates, and Jeff Berding, leaving Bob Castellini’s office. Anyway, someone posted on that blog that the candidates (if they had any chance of winning) they had to go see Mr. Castellini (hope I’m spelling his name correctly). The blog poster stated that they needed to kiss the ring. I found that comment hilarious. Kiss the ring. Well, that’ s the way I feel about the Lincoln Ware show on 1230 am the Buzz (airs from 10-2). If any politician black or white, hopes to hell they’ll be re-elected--they must kiss Lincoln Ware’s ring. They must call in. Check in. Check in on that show and explain to us common folk where they have been during the past two years. Kiss the ring! (many of you reading this blog--you are aware that I’m to lazy to edit. Kiss the ring.)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Deters VS. Attorney Donovan

Attorney Mary Jill Donovan, president of the Greater Cincinnati Criminal Defense Lawyers Association says, "I think it's a concern to everyone involved in the (judicial) system," she said. There is a perception, she added, that attorneys defending the accused always want to help their clients get out of trouble. "What defense counsel does is uphold the Constitution and make sure the system is fair to everyone," Donovan said."
Are you listening "Criminal" criminal attorney Tom Heekin?
Are you listening "Criminal" criminal attoreny Persecutor Joe Deters?
Deters says-- way too many reckless comments.
Read news story below, not so much for Deters reckelss comments in this story, but usually there is never a shortage of the ridiculous -- Bushisms that Deters spews.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Jeff Berding's Letter

Jeff Berding’s letter. Scared the shit out of me. It came today in my Po Box. The letter had an official seal from the City of Cincinnati. My brain just immediately freaked out. I thought it was a letter from Joe Deters’ office. OK, so I guess that would be Hamilton County. But anyway, I thought Joe had sicked another cop on me. Most of you know that he sicked his HDIC (Head Detective in Charge) on me because of this blog and my protest. I was on my cell phone to City Beat hoping that I’d be able to reach TKO (Tough Kevin Os.) Kevin got Joe-the-Persecutor up off my ass last time he threatened me, with that column he wrote. Anyway I sent Councilmember Berding, and all the Council members, a letter that was provided to our group from David Singleton, director of the Ohio Justice and Policy Center. The letter asked that felons, that have paid their debt to society, get considered for employment with the City. FYI I have written the Councilmembers for years. I always write politicians. I send President Obama a letter each month. I plan to send him a letter each month for four years asking him to stick to his pledge to eliminate sentence disparities (and some other stuff). Lord knows I’ve sent that unelected public servant Joe Deters a million letters. I’m always happy when politicians respond to my letters. I like to write letters. I’m old school like that. Sure I send out emails. But sometimes the highlight of my day is going down to my post office that is open after hours and mailing letters. Today I bought me some Bart Simpson postage stamps. My post office knows me by my first name. They know that I don’t do stamps with people on them. Every now and then during Black History month I might get a stamp with a Black person on it, but usually I prefer things like colorful objects, etc. I don’t do flowers--balloons are better. and I don’t do American flags. If the post office is closed and I have to buy a stamp from the machine, I’ll accept the freedom bells because I don’t have a choice. Look at me I’m rambling. If you read this blog you know that I don’t edit. I just completed my book and I had to edit the hell out of it before sending it to another editor. Plus I edit for my work and for real stuff that I send. This blog is mine. If I had to edit it, I probably wouldn’t post that often. Back to Deters. I’ve never seen him in person. Although I swear to God there is this black truck following me. Probably one of Joe’s boys. Like his boy Jim. I told my son, the other one, not the one that robbed the bank, that if I ever come up missing--Joe Deters is responsible. I’ve got all of my paper work on Joe hidden at my various family members houses. And that’s the only chapter in my book that I didn’t let the editor of my book edit. I think people will be surprised with that chapter. I didn’t go buck wild on Joe. The chapter has been written 5o thousand times. But the final chapter, I just decided to let go and let God. The chapter spanks Joe and his boy Jim a little bit. The new title of that chapter is releasing Joe Deters. Formerly the chapter was called I hate Joe Deters. Oh, yeah and I have a chapter in the book which is an Open letter to President Obama. Some day I may publish a book with my letters to people that I have written to around the world. See that's why Joe hates me. He will never forget me though. I bet he won't use another young Black person as collateral damage. I'm really sorry that my son robbed that bank and he's very sorry and we've apologized and we mean it. Maybe for some that is not good enough. But I've also went on to do a lot of good in our communites to help other young people with my column and my volunteer work. I'm not like one of those people that are going to keep apologizing. That's for politicians. I've said this before but there comes a time in one's life where you just have to tell a person to kiss your ass. Like President Obama, he's a fine American and a smart politician. But he needs to tell some to kiss his ass. Like Rush and O'Reilly and the other ones that attack him. Not only am I old school but I grew up in the A-1 Avondale. And even though I'm nestled in my burb now, my grandparents taught me to be a strong woman. I respect everyone that I meet. I like everyone. If there were Green people I would like them. Only person that I really don't like is Joe Deters. But not so much as Joe the man, but his actions. I've never met Joe or saw him in person, if I did I think I would be scared of him. I certainly wouldn't approach him. I don't know I use to be really confrontationl but now I'm sort of a chicken. Unless I'm messed with. Then that A-1 comes out. But for the most part I treat people like I want to be treated. Anyway, I’m off to go play tennis before it rains.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pictures (Life after Joe Deters)

I'm once again posting some of my Joe Deters' pictures. I've been hanging with Good ole' Joe for almost two years. I wake up in bed (see 1st picture below) in my Joe Deters t-shirt. I've got many of them. At my desk, in my bedroom office, I sit on my red Joe Deter's t-shirt. The t-shirt has Joe Deter's face drawn on it. That's right, I sit my big, fat rear end on Joe's face. The picture actually looks like Deters. The back of the t-shirt reads Joe Must Go! One of my fine White neighbors came up to me the other day (well actually last month) and offered me friendship bread. What was that about? I'm always nice and polite. I don't think he's seen me around town protesting Joe Deters. He probably sees me walking in the neighborhood wearing my Joe tees. I renamed the chapter in my book about Joe Deters--The new title is called Releasing Joe Deters. After the book, no more writing about Joe. Yep, CAJD will still have the blog and it will still be called Citizens Against Joe Deters--but the mission will be different.
I know you are but what am I? How does that saying go?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Joe's boy Jim (Joe's Mama Day present for his M-I-L)

When CAJD's book is released this summer--there is one full chapter dedicated to HCP Joe Deters. The chapter has been renamed Releasing Joe Deters. The chapter dishes, then releases. Inhale-Exhale. No more energy dedicated to Joe Deters. We're moving on to solutions in our communities. It might be hard giving up Joe. Joe's addicting. He's done so many bad things in his life time that there's always material. Still, we have to move on to the November City Council election. We will l never forget Joe. Never. But we're moving on.
A text sent to CAJD's read-- Never make someone your priority when you are merely their option.
Ummmmm not quite. Joe wanted to sue CAJD because maybe he really did hump the hooker in the car in Cleveland. You can't make stuff like that up. And then there's the thing about him humping his mother-in-law(allegedly). Our sources on that one....well...we're not sure if we believe them. But they said it. Swear to God.
Then there's Joe's boy Jim at the Whistleblower. Below is his take on Joe humping (or not humping of his M-I-L
On Mother's Day, many sons-in-law would like to send their wives back, except "Jaywalking Joe" Deters, who says he hopes his wife looks half as good in a thong bikini as her mother when she reaches Judge Sylvia "Big Momma" Hendon's age. "
It seems the Chief Legal Representative of Cincinanti would denounce this Big brain weirdo, that appears to like young girls with big green bushes between their legs. Wouldn't you? Most respectable folks would do it. They would diassociate themselves with the buffonery. But then Joe's finished in politics. Can you imagine the Cheif Legal representative going for another job in politics? The campaign would be ugly.
No wonder Joe went to work for Stan. He's finished in politics.
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Happy Mother's Day!

The only tent some Republicans want Blacks under is a Jail

Let me get this straight. The only Tent it appears that Republicans want Blacks under is a jail. Damn! And these days it's hard to tell a Republican from a Democrat. CAJD will continue to vote on a candidate by canditate basis, as opposed to voting party lines. Happy Saturday!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Checkmate you picked your Mayor?UPDATE

( I was reading Triantaifilou's latest post and I agree with him to a point--we all should be nice. I've also had to stop allowing anonymous post. People can be hateful. I think in the future we all should be more mindful of making reckless comments. It's OK to be critical--not reckless. Think before we post.)
I’ve met the chairman (Alex Triantaifilou) of the HCRP party on a few occasions. Usually when CAJD is around town checking up on Hamilton County Persecutor Joe Deters. In person he’s very friendly and polite. Once he even asked CAJD to remember that he’s always polite to us. Occasionally, I jump on Triantaifilou’s blog just see what’s going on with the Grand Ole’ partiers. I’m always surprised at the silliness that goes over at that blog. Triantaifilou is usually attacking President Obama, making fun of cancer patients that switch from Rethug to Dem, or he makes fun of Dems and accuses them of burning money. In November or December of 2008 Triantaifilou's response to being nominated the turkey of the year, by Joe’s boy Jim, on the Whistleblower's site-- the online tabloid that hates black people, gay people, RINOs, and poor white people who fight in Kentucky. The only people the Whistleblower appears to like is teenage girls with big bushes between their legs, hardcore Republicans who proclaim to have Christian values, except when they’re humping whores in Cleveland. The way in which Joe’s boy Jim beats up on Triantaifilou on his blog is by calling him names like Old Blue Face--you’d think that Alex would at least defend himself. But obviously Joe’s boy Jim has him in check because he never seems to defend himself.
Today (May 4, 2009) Triantaifilou rolled out the HCRP candidate for Mayor--Dr. McDreamy. Seems like a decent enough guy so far. Especially since he opposes the Choo Choo train. However, the reason his candidate can’t win, the reason Dr. McDreamy won’t win (even though he opposes the billion dollar Choo Choo train) is because he’s endorsed by the local Grand Ole' Partiers with the likes of Joe the Persecutor, Bill Cunningham (Cincinnati's best loved Rethuglican clown), Peter Bronson. Anyone who accepts an endorsement from that party might as well sign up for the Swine flu. With the exception of Bill Cunningham who gets paid to be dumb, the rest of the men should be ashame of themselves for spewing hate and being Rethuglicans. Don’t get me wrong all Republicans aren’t Re-thug-licans or hate spewers. Especially not Jean Schmidt. CAJD is a big fan of Jean Schmidt who Joe’s boy Jim also attacks. Anyway, CAJD does not know how to play chess. But we know when someone is trying to take the King (or whatever piece you take in an attempt to win the game.) Tryingtofoolya….you will not take the King. (CAJD no longer intends to edit or proof our blog. Don‘t feel like it. Can‘t edit and proof all and than proof this blog. Also, yes this blog is occasionally silly but than we are not the head of the local Rethuglican party. We are not the Hamilton County Persecutor!)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why does Joe Deters the Chief Legal Rep let the "B" get away with it?

somebody actually asked that question... many have asked that question.
Joe’s problem with CAJD… the reason he threatened to sue, is because he didn’t know what else to do. He didn’t know what the hell else to do. Joe’s got opponents. Lot’s of them. The problem with the majority of Joe’s opponents is that they look like him. White. What the hell is Joe Deters the Chief Legal Rep of Cincinnati doing letting a group that was founded by two pissed off black mothers blog about him? After all Joe does not like Black people. That’s the way we believe Joe (and friends) think… Black people don't matter to Joe Deters. Especially working class Blacks.
Ohhhhhh but wait a minute. They be educated. They be having those degrees. They be taught by the colleges and the Universities. They be taught by a strong black grandmother that be teaching them that they ain’t got to tap dance to nobody. Especially not no Prosecutor that be paying for intimacy . Look closely at the sign up above…under the word trick….to get Joe's trick name. So our group CAJD founded by the Bank Robber’s mother and another pissed of Black mother ...
lacks respect for Joe Deters. We're not disrespectful people, usually, but he have a lack of respect for a Prosectuor that publicly lynches men of color. We don't support crime. We believe it's important to serve our community. We believe it's important to help other young people make good choices and not make the same mistakes that some of us have made. Yes, we all make mistakes. But we're not all Persecutors. We don't hold the key to injustice....
How could he?! Why does Hamilton County Persecutor Joe Deters (The City's Cheif Legal Rep) let them bitches (Yes, they actually called us bitches) disrespect him? Joe’s boys falsely claim that CAJD supports crime.
They argue that because CAJD's founder wants her name to go down in history as the BLACK MOTHER THAT JOE DETERS DID NOT GET AWAY WITH PUBLIClY LYNCHING. They argue that because the founder loves her beloved son but does not condone his crime, that she supports crime and acts recklessly. Really, is her name Mary or Melva?
It astounishes some, mostly racist, that CAJD believes she has a right to question a public official that acts reckless and makes "off the chart weird comments," that calls black men animals, that pals around with his boy Jim from that known racist online rag sheet. When the outright racist Enqui-liar called the outright racist Whistleblower outright racist. You can be damn sure the rag sheet is a racist publication.
Anytime that a women, especially a woman of color, challenges a white un-elected officials, chins drop to the ground.
Truthfully CAJD hates getting dirty. We hate to "go there." We don't want to be perceived by our family or our community, as being Mary and Melva crazy. You can't blame those ladies in Westwood for being concerned about their community. However if they think calling black people bad names at City Council and taking the law into their own hands is the right thing to do, than they are sadly mistaken.
Moving on from the Westwood ladies--
Unfortunately, sometimes when you play nicey nice with bad people, they screw you. The more you apologize, the more they try to serve it to you raw. We see that happening with President Barack Obama. Clearly, he's a loving man who works for ALL people. But some hateful people do like my mother says--they take his kindness for weakness. At some point it will be necessary for OUR President to tell some people to kiss his ass. Some people, it seems, that no matter how you try to please them, they keeping servin' it to ya raw. When that happens, when you get served raw, you have to tell a person point blank...Kiss my ass. Kiss my motherfreakin' ass.
(I had to go back in an clean this post up a little bit. It's difficult when you write, edit and proof for a living, having the energy to edit a blog. I'll do my best from time to time to clean up this blog, but be damned if I'm going to spend all day proofing and editing.)