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Black Babies vs. 3CDC dogs & DETERS vs. BORTZ

I will apologize to you in advance blog reader, because it seems there is never enough time on this blog to fully flesh out information that we put forth in order to enlighten the community. On this blog it is always the intention to stay focused on the highest ranking republican in Hamilton County, the Chief Legal Representative, AKA the crook that MSB'd (allegedly) on and in the prostitute in Cleveland--Joe Deters, the prosecutor, or persecutor depending on who you talk to.

On Monday June 21st Cincinnati City Council will take a vote to determine  if they will give 14 million dollars to create a dog park in Washington park. This coming on the heels of their announcement to close the West End Health Clinic which serves five thousand residents. In that community, the infant mortality rate is 26.9 percent. Kill the babies for the dogs?

It has been reported that the Ohio Ethics Commission will determine (Tuesday June 22, 2010) if Cincinnati City Council member Chris Bortz has a conflict of interest in serving on Council and being connected to his family business-- Towne properties. If the commission “officially” determines that Bortz has a conflict of interest then it's up to persecutor Joe Deters to prosecute Council member Bortz. No one can predict how the Commission will rule. However, the Commission is on record stating that Bortz being on Council and having  connections with Towne Properties is a conflict of interest. If the Commission “officially“ rules in the matter against Bortz, Deters has to prosecute Bortz. Deters won’t. It has been reported on this blog, on many occasions, that Deters flat out won't prosecute the white, wealthy and well-connected. Bortz--you are free to go!
(Also, the Republican headquarters is located in a Towne property)

Who will prosecute Deters for being with the prostitute in Cleveland.


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Justice Delayed -- is Justice Denied (Important Information for Community)

LETTER BELOW IS FROM Paul Graham from Amos Project - Please spread the word

Last week, the AMOS Project launched a week of prayer and action. This is a part of our Nehemiah Campaign to Rebuild Cincinnati. The focus of last's actions is on passing the Fair Hiring Policy, which would allow city jobs to be open to people with criminal records. We started our week of prayer and action at last Wednesday's City Council meeting, where the policy was "put on the calendar," where it would be heard in committee.

Yesterday, Monday, the chair of the jobs creation committee, Charlie Winburn, claimed council needed more time to review the policy. City council has had the motion for months, and have been engaged on the problem & issue for over 2 years.

The AMOS Project and our allies, the Ohio Justice & Policy Center and the HELP Program, will move forward with our plans to attend tomorrow's City Council meeting. The message isn't one of celebration, which what was planned, but of accountability and redemption. City Council will break for one month, and this policy needs to be the first policy passed by City Council.

Can you show up tomorrow at city hall at 1:15? We will offer testimony and prayer during the citizen comment period at 1:30.

Thank you,


Paul Graham
The AMOS Project
745 Ezzard Charles Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45203

I just heard this information over the airwaves. For my Cincy FB people -- Community Action Agency has funding for 500 jobs, for youth between the ages of 16-24. Jobs range from labor to clerical. The deadline to apply for the jobs is this Friday June 25 2010. If you know of a young person that needs a job, get them over to CAA before Friday. The # is 513.569.1860. ACT QUICKLY. Call and if you get voicemail (you will) GET OVER THERE.

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Happy Weekend Blog Readers (UPDATE)

(update: The show, mentioned below,  was live. Great news though--the  show will air two more times, then it will be available online.)

Tune in TODAY, Thursday 6/17 (at) 8pm.

Sister V. of the SistaHood show will host a round table of women, including myself and Sis Iris. Topics to be discussed: Black women on the forefront of activism-change-struggle in Cincinnati. We will discuss local and national politics. What our black is beautiful means to us. What we can do to stop our black communities from becoming extinct. What books we are reading, etc.

The show is live (airs on Media Bridges channel 4). We plan to bring it!

What would any conversation on local politics be with discussing the Hamilton County Prosecutor?
Rise Up!

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Lincoln Ware's Boner is bigger than Deters. BP Gulf Coast Spill complaint

Lincoln Ware’s bone head callers.

It’s no wonder local politicians think they can come before Lincoln Ware’s audience with a radio jingle and a smile and expect our vote. In fairness, a great many of Ware’s callers are passionate people that have the greatest love of all for their community.

Unfortunately, a hand full of the callers are bone heads with boners. They hide behind meeboo instant messages, or call in with their flawed interpretation of what they think a caller has said.

On Tuesday, I called Ware’s show to voice my concern that some media outlets were portraying the clean-up oil spill people, mostly black people, as lazy and shiftless people, who were bathing in the sun and taking excessive breaks while on the clock. I called Ware’s show to commend the workers for taking on the dangerous, low paying job of cleaning up BP’s greed. On the news they show black people cleaning up toxic brown clumps, dead wildlife (that may possiblly carry disease), and other hazardous shit.

I questioned why it is that black people, more specifically the ones that you see cleaning up the spill, have the look of people that have a tough time getting gainful employment with private companies or the government because they have barriers to employment (substance abuse or a  prior conviction on their record). Nobody wants to hire them. But when it comes to jobs that could be considered modern day slavery --Gulf Coast oil spill clean-up, or here locally, cleaning up the ball parks at the rate of a cup of draft beer ($7.00), companies and the gub-ment want to hire black people first.

It bothers me that many news outlets will show the black workers on their breaks resting, as if they aren’t working. I question what the BP execs were doing when the drill blew, killing eleven people and causing the worst catastrophe in history. Were they resting? Hitting a few golf balls?

The greedy execs want to throw black people their lunch money, a pithily 13 dollars per hour. That’s an insult. An insult to the BP execs. Surely they would never eat a lunch that cost a mere 13 dollars.

Some callers, the bone heads with boners, thought that I shouldn’t complain because black people are working. Sorry bone head with your boner, all work is not good work. Especially if it comes at the expense of black people’s health and safety.

Council member Laurie Q - does not report to you!

Black people! Or does she?

Laurie Q - does not report to you Black people!

CAJD is concerned about the interview that aired on Lincoln Ware's TV show on Sunday, June 13 on Star 64, which is Channel 11 if you have Time Warner Cable.

In that interview Quinlivan appeared to be disconnected and unconcerned about issues that plague the black community. As a loud mouth - tea party -ish Rethuglican--black people are use to Ghiz antics and her voting record on policies that are anti-black people. However, blacks appear willing to give new kid on the block, Quinlivan, a chance to prove that she cares about all communities. Her interview with Ware proved otherwise.

Does Quinlivan believe that a smarter policy needs to be in place in regards to the city hiring ex-offenders that have paid their debt to society? Will she vote to support a fair hiring policy?

Does she realize that minority contracts from the city SHOULD include black people, or is she only concerned about contracts being awarded to women?

Does she believe in big business as usual? I.e. her support of streetcar?

CAJD is terribly sorry that we never have enough time to fully explore issues raised on this blog. However, we put the information out hoping that you, the community, will follow-up. Together, we can make a difference!

CAJD ask it's Blog readers to contact Quinlivan and ask her to clarify her interview with Ware.

Her  Office is 346B at City Hall, 801 Plum St, 45202

Phone: 352-5303. Email:


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Community: ARM Yourself against Joe Deters

Dear Beloved Community:

CAJD would like to jog your memory back to 2008, to a column that Joe Deters wrote in Gentleman's magazine. In that column Deters proclaims that there are parts of Cincinnati that have become so dangerous that he will not let his family members  go to those areas, more specifically black areas. CAJD's does not believe people of color, or poor whites, should go to his area--the courthouse.

Prosecutor Joe Deters is the danger that danger produced. He is the worst prosecutor in the history of Hamilton County. You the community, having been presented with that fact,--I would urge people of color not to go to court in Hamilton County. Community this is serious! You must arm yourself against that hate-monger. Knowledge is power. If you are scheduled to attend court in Hamilton County, demand that your court case be transferred out of the county run by the racist. Deters is an outright racist who has no problem putting a rope on a black man's neck. Yes, it is true that Deters has engaged in a modern day lynching or two (much more). As the Chief Legal Representative of Hamilton County, Deters never fails to exercise his discretion when it comes to white folks. With wealthy white folk, especially white hookers, he is as wild and free as the night he was busted humping that hooker in that car in Cleveland.

This is the same wild man that is free to dismiss a case for any reason or no reason at all. That, my dear Blog Reader, will only apply if one is wealthy, white, or well-connected. At least two of the aforementioned should apply. Jodi Edwards baked baby Jenna Edwards in her car as she went to teach at a Christian college. Deters used his discretion and did not charge that woman. The Strutz killer cut his wife, Kristan Strutz, cousin of Commissioner Todd Portune,  into pieces.  Next he portion-pieced her corpse, out of the house while their children were present, in garbage bags.   Deters proclaimed such an act did not warrant the death penalty. When mentally ill Anthony Kirkland, caught the little jogger, Esme Kenney, in the park with Doritos, Ipod, and fancy new watch-- he did horrific things to her, things that were so bad that Deters came out of hiding from the cushy Phen-Phen law offices, to play Top Prosecutor. With Kirkland’s conviction, Deters got another notch under his belt, and more semen on his national resume.

Deters is a very dangerous man. While his left hand may remain clutched to the  prostitutes vagina, his right foot stays on the black man’s throat. He is free to file charges against a defendant if he believes the charges can be proven in court, and even if they can’t, he can still file charges so long as probable cause exist ( the practice known as overcharging a black man).

Now comes the case of Lionell Dangerfield. Dangerfield is charged with killing a baby, a twin, Zhi Merah's. Deters wants to give the black man the death penalty. CAJD does not know the circumstances behind this case. Anytime a precious baby dies, we extend our condolences. We also question why Dangerfield, a black man, face is plastered on the page of the local paper, the paper of record, with the headline: Deters- Death for baby killer. Why does Dangerfield and Kirkland get death, and Strutz gets to sit in prison for 26 years to life. And why does precious baby Jenna, who baked as if she was in a microwave, mother get to resume her life?  Color? These are the questions we must asks ourselves community, when we boycott the Hamilton County courthouse. Arm yourself because your life depends on it.

CAJD’s urges the community to arm themselves against the black people’s persecutor. Don’t go to court. Don’t pass go.


(cajd does not support the death penalty, extends our condolences to murdered babies, jogger- teen, and portion-pieced mother.)
too lazy to edit post.

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Classic! Does Deters like it raw?!

re-post from 2008 - one of the finer post
It is not the critic who counts. Not the man who points out how the Persecutor has stumbled or where the path of his dirty deeds lead. The credit belongs to the attorney who actually told me that Deters got busted humping the hooker in the backseat of the car in Cleveland. Her face might have been marred by sweat and cum. Did he strive to protect her valiantly when they were busted by the cop. He who errs and continues to come up short again and again. Who knows the great devotions; who spends themselves a worthy cause. Who, at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with timid souls who know never see defeat. I have done my part. I have fought long and hard. And not just for my son. It has always been the needs of the people that I have placed first and foremost. Knowledge is Power. Exposure can compel action, even if through shaming those who should have NOT acted immorally, ethically or legally.

A local bloggers take on my blog - WARNING

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Mayor Where art thou? Update on Ritz. Bortz Blitz. Grimes Bar shooting.

2 women and 3 young men shot to death in Colerain Township.  Mayor where art thou?

Early on, CAJD wasn't in favor of Ritz nightclub closing (club where fatal shooting of Dexter Burroughs occured in May). However, after  giving it much thought--what kind of message would be sent to the young people in our communtiy if someone can get murdered on the dance floor at a club, and the club reopens, business as usual, the following week. It's clear the  Ritz's owner made the right decision, in shutting down the night club for a few months.

Is Chris Bortz God?  The Enquirer thinks so.  Tried to sway public opinion. What's new? Read Sunday's editorial 6-6. For God's sake read it online for free!

Grimes bar shooter gets 62 years to life (he shot nine people, a few of them died), and he does not get Deters death penalty. Oh, forgot. He shot black people.

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Wendall Young has got a pair. Tim Burke...uh, not so much

(It's been a long day and I don't have the energy or desire to proof this post--good night and good riddance. Better post next time blog readers)

Wendall Young has got a pair. Tim Burke...uh, not so much

This is going to be a really lazy and shitty post. CAJD is tired to the bones.

CAJD is very glad that Wendall Young is the latest council member. CAJD attended a candidates forum at Xavier. All of the wanna be candidates and current council member candidates were in attendance (don't think anyone was absence).

Two candiates at that forum stood out and gave a strong indication that they wouldn't play fiddle with the status quo. The candidates were Wendall Young and Kevin Flynn. Some other candidates were good, but Young and Flynn stood out.

The wanna bes and current council members were asked if they supported the Tea Klux Klan (what Lincoln Ware calls the Tea partiers). Most of the wanna bes and current council members gave fluffy-insincere answers. But Wendall made it quite clear that he did not support that group or it's antics (not that all tea partiers are tea klux klans). He said something like "I' m a strong black man....." It was damn awesome.

Kinda feeled bummed that Bernadette Watson didn't make it in. Some might see her as a candidate that rolls with the stautus quo. But the little that I know about her, she's seem like she would have been a solid choice.

Tim Burke has committed a crime against humanity and black people in Cincinnati. Most blacks that I know can't stand his ass. And for good reason. Why did he cut a deal not to run anyone against the black people's persecutor? Deters.

It's a pity that he beat the Tolliver guy and held on to his seat. The Dems need new blood.

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Join AMOS PROJECT TOMORROW (Organizing the Jobless and Underemployed)

CAJD's blog is also about finding  solutions to problems that plague our communities.

Join AMOS to launch a new Campaign:

Organizing the Jobless and Underemployed


Canticle Café in Over-the-Rhine

Corner of Liberty &Vine , Next to St. Francis Seraph


June 3, 2010

9:00 am Rally & Training

10:30 – 12:00 Outreach

12:00 – 1:00 Lunch & Celebrate

There are too many of us who can’t find a good job.
No matter how hard we try, we can’t catch a break.
We will no longer stand by… We want to organize.

What can we do if we get serious and organize?

 Hold elected officials accountable to us

 Demand a jobs program that puts people to work and provides us fair opportunity

 Create workforce policies that respect people

Sponsored by:

The AMOS Project
The HELP Program
Call Br. Mike Murphy for more info: (513) 687-5518

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Deters-- Why CAJD will never forget!

(Love the beloved)


Deters made a back door deal, then left  out the front door.  CAJD's will fight for beloved (none of your business) until they bury me-us-this blog.  20 vs. 12.

Deters slept with hooker(s) and has never been brought to justice (allegedly). Yes, I believe all that break the law should be brought to justice, but no one deserves to be the victim of injustice.  20 vs 12.

Yes, (none of your business) must and will continue to pay his debt to society.  20 vs. 12.   Who will determine Deters sentence?