Sunday, January 31, 2010

Unconvicted Felon--How I make Deters' solider stand at Attention

Hey Blog readers

I was speaking with a friend earlier this evening-- a friend's whose opinion I both trust and respect. After reading a few of my recent blog post the friend commented on how they liked the recent post, or at least found them amusing, but that they really wished I'd blog about more substantial things -- as an example criminal justice reform.

It wasn't the first time that I'd heard such a comment, not from that person, but from others who have opinions that matter to me. Earlier this year I wrote a post about wanting to live my life more purposefully. I meant that. I continue to serve my community by volunteering countless hours on a board, at my church, more recently jumping on board to help relief efforts in Haiti (although on a small scale).

Right after the friends comment I caught two programs on TV One. One was a program about prison reform, and the other program was about grass roots activism with my main man Al Sharpton. After watching countless black men and women talk about how they were making a difference in our communities and how others can get involved; I begin to feel kinda silly about posting such gibberish--at times.

In fairness to me, nonsense and petty attack posting helps me heal. Two years later and I’m still messed up about my son‘s stiff sentence. I am still angry about the deal Deters cut that was not. I’m still angry that Deters used my son to get a Media nut. There will come a point in which I’ll get over it, and channel 100% percent of my time into making real change. And trust me, I spend lot's of energy trying to make this world a better place for our communities.

But for now blog readers please forgive my moments. I went to see my son Friday evening. I couldn’t help but take notice what the new face of the prisoner looks like. They look like my son Young, Black, incarcerated.

I won’t go there in this blog post about why they are in prison. Instead all me to share an interesting word or term I learned this week. The new word, or term , I learned, actually isn’t even a word--unconvicted. Unconvicted felon. It’s a lot of SOB’s in this town and across America that are unconvicted felons. Joe’s an unconvicted felon.

Some of you are not going to believe this, or maybe you will, but every time I post a really nasty post about Joe, his solider stands at attention. Attennnnntion. Attention.

I didn't think anybody but a blond hooker could get a rise out of Joe.


Joe’s got baby Jenna’s blood on his hand.


See below article.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Council member Thomas - Dirty Deters and other stuff to be angry about on Wednesday

Kudos to Council member Thomas for filling in on the Lincoln Ware radio show(1230 am) today 1.27.2010

Thomas is a likable guy that occasionally finds himself on the wrong side of the tracks in regards to black folk issues. Yes, we've got issues. Thomas appears to be a “good-guy” type of politician who seems to try to please everyone. Words to Thomas--if you can’t please em’, bump em’. Thomas puts forth an effort to find solutions to everything that's wrong with Cincy, but effort without tangible results is, well uh, dead.

Thomas has done it all! He retired from the police department and got some of those over- time perks AKA... well nevermind. He's in his second career as a council member and thinking about running for commissioner. I hope he doesn't run for COmmissioner, or he'll have  to kiss "Joe" type asses, if he hopes to get elected. (Joe Deters-Joe Wilson). It's OK to occasionally kiss a little ass, but be damn to anyone that ever kisses racist ass! Hang me from the Freedom center exhibit first!

Thomas has done what some elected (or unelected) officials won't do! They won't come on Lincoln Ware's show and accept calls from listeners, they won’t come before any black audience if they’re crooked, because we’ll eat them raw. We eat lying and racist politicians raw. When it comes to verbal assaults many a black folk prefer it raw.

Driehaus (Steve), another likable guy, the last time he was on Ware's show-- didn't take calls. And black folks are gonna remember that shit. There ain't no room on Obama's coattail this time 'round, and forreal President Obama's coatail is shrinkng. Nevertheless, Chabot cranky ass won’t get back in. Why the heck would you come to the black family reunion and not speak to black folk, or sign the petition? Black people please vote for politicians on a case by case basis.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters won't come on Lincoln Ware's show. He's been on in the past and was roasted over an open flame-- which is way more intense then being left in a hot car to bake! R.I.P Jenna Edwards.

Deters won't dialogue with black people on that show. Deters told Ware that he won’t come on the show because he let me on the show to share my self-published book with my people. Deters says his son and family are upset over my book and blog.  I feel as sorry for Deters son as he feels for mine.   The book with the chapter called Releasing Joe Deters. And as I type this--as I think about it--not release, Joe Deters --Fuck Joe Deters! He's a crook and he paid a whore in Cleveland for some sex.

 I believe with all my heart-and black soul- that Deters paid a prostitute. Deters  actually threatened to sue me because he paid for sex.

Imagine for a minute if you will that Republican Gangsta- The Chief Legal Representative in Hamilton County-  and according to some the top ranking Republican Gangsta in Hamilton County threatening to sue me? WTF?

I’m going to fight for my beloved Drew until the day that they bury me. When they bury me I’ve already given instructions to Andrew's Dad for them to put the following items in my casket: Andrew’s court papersand some other stuff too. I'll be fighting for Andrew when I'm cold in my grave.  I want each and every gansta’ - crook - in the legal profession to know that you can’t continue to over prosecute and sentence young-black-men. Prosecute them, but do it fairly!

I strongly believe that ALL who break the law should be brought to justice, even my beloved son Drew, but no one deserves to be the victim of Deters' injustice. Deters didn’t have to use my son’s case to get a Media-Nut. He should have gotten plenty of humping satisfaction from that hooker in Cleveland.

Today in the paper that baby-mama-drama Sharon Coolidge and Pendegrastfatass have a story about a man that has been arrested about 100 times. Everyday, every single day those reporters (Coolidge-Pendregrastfatass-Perry) write young, black men’s newspaper funerals. They  convict them in the paper, under Joe’s lynchings, before they are ever convicted in a court of law.

Me to Joe's HNIC--"I don't have anything to loose--HNIC to me, "You got kids don't ya? I worked in robbery and homicide."

Yes, Deters is tough on crime unless they are (WWW) White, Wealthy, and Well-connected.

As the Chief Legal Representative of Hamilton County Deters should not be paling around with the author of an "outright racists" online rag sheet. He should not have used my son for a Media-Nut.  Keep paying for your nuts Deters.

I am upset that a crook-racist prosecuted my son!

The Chief Legal Representative won't sue me.  Suing me would imply that his life becomes an open book. His life story will become more open than the prostitutes legs in the car in Cleveland!

(unedited rambling from the heart thoughts needing to be released--Oh yeah this blog post was supposed to be about Cecil--No this blog is therapy.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti fast - day 5

Going strong for my brothers and sisters in Haiti.  Two more days to go!

CAJD will be at the WDBZ Buzz book fair on Saturday Feb 6, 2010 with the book that the black people's persecutor prosecutor does not want you to read.

The book fair will take place between the hours of 10-5 at the Freedom Center. See the irony in that ?!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fasting for Haiti Day 4 & white politicians that don’t take care of their kids-

Still going strong for my brothers and sisters in Haiti--fasting and doing OK.  Black coffee, water, soup juices, and oranges are satisfying me just fine.

What’s up with the headlines  John Edwards-- You are the father!  Still, I like John Edwards and pray for Elizabeth Edwards. 
We have all sinned and fallen short of Obama’s glory, right?

I read Elizabeth Edwards book a few years back, the book in which she talks about her kid (teen) being killed in a car wreck. She’s an amazing woman!

And whose the trifling Cincinnati Council member that don’t want to take care of their kid?  I think it’s Leslie Ghiz that was trying to push her kid off on one of her aids.  That just seems like something she would do.

CAJD will be at the WDBZ Buzz book fair on Saturday Feb 6, 2010 with the book that the whore humping black people's persecutor prosecutor does not want you to read. (made some revisions to my imperfect-perfect little book)
The book fair will take place between the hours of 10-5 at the Freedom Center. See the irony in that ?!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 3 Haiti fast....


6 cups of black coffee.

32 oz of water.

That's breakfast.

Will report back with lunch......

...Think I will drink the liquid out of chicken noodle soup

CAJD will be at the WDBZ Buzz book fair on Saturday Feb 6, 2010 with the book that the whore humping black people's persecutor prosecutor does not want you to read. (made some revisions to my imperfect-perfect little book)
The book fair will take place between the hours of 10-5 at the Freedom Center.

See the irony in that ?!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti fast DAY 2

Yesterday for breakfast I drank my mandatory six cups of black coffee, 32 oz of water, and a chocolate protein powdered drink.

The protein powdered soup below, AKA garden soup, is what I drank for lunch and dinner yesterday. 

Thus far my brethen in Haiti, some of them, have been without food for seven days. Therefore, I will go without food for seven days.

However, yesterday my blood sugar level dropped really low and I had to suck the juices out of two oranges and some how or other, the pulp and the rest of the orange found it's way down my throat. Hey, look blog readers, I'm trying,-- but it's really, really, hard to fast.

Below is the Joe Deters style "stanky leg" sandwich that I made for my son yesterday. You can't tell by the picture but it's loaded with chicken breast meat, pepper jack cheese, cheddar cheese,  jalepenos, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, ranch dressings, etc, etc.

I was strong for my brothers and sisters in Haiti and I did not take one bite.  Seriously, I might have ate the oranges but I did not cheat with the sandwich.

More fasting updates tomorrow.

CAJD will be at the WDBZ Buzz book fair on Saturday Feb 6, 2010 with the book that the whore humping black people's persecutor        prosecutor does not want you to read.  (made some revisions to my imperfect-perfect little book)

The book fair will take place between the hours of 10-5 at the Freedom Center.   See the irony in that ?!

Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK day fast for Haiti. NAACP and my local heroes!

The way I have chosen to honor that outstanding man being of the name Martin Luther King Jr.  is to spend my day fasting with liquids. 

A few of us are fasting and we are purposeful in our fasting as a group. Our fasting is to help us be mindful of the great struggles that the leader that came before us faced and overcame.  Fasting is also a way for us to connect with our beloved brothers and sisters in Haiti. We will also be praying that they pass through the storm of suffering quickly and as painlessly as possible.

On a local note- Our local  heroes. 

I am very proud of my brothers and sisters at the Cincinnati NAACP.  Kudos to SmitherMan...

...for leading the charge to end local economic apartheid.  Some of you may frown upon the tactics used to send the message to the status quo that excluding African-American contractors from work is unfair.  But sometimes you have to make some noise to be heard!

I am very proud of David Singleton...

...of the Ohio Justice and policy center for the fantastic work they do.  OJPC works to eliminate racism in the criminal justice system among many other things.

A little humor.

As I knew today, and perhaps for a few days, I would be fasting for the above mentioned reasons, I decided to pretend that I was on “Joe Deters death row” about to eat my last meal. I  picked a fantastic meal before embarking on my fast.  For breakfast I had honey spiced - hand rubbed bacon bought at a Honey baked ham store.  The bacon is to die for (no pun intended), and a cheesy- omelet.

Happy MLK, Jr. day blog readers. May you spend this day, and everyday purposefully.

And as Al Sharpton would say-- the hero you are searching for you see in the mirror every damn morning. (maybe he didn’t say dam, dam!)

(disclaimer I am not stating that members of the NAACP are the group that's fasting, nor am I connecting naacp with ojpc. I'm simply stating who MY local heroes are. Damn, sorry MLK)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy MLK Day!

One of CAJD's favorite sayings by Martin Luther King Jr. is "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

On another note:
God Speed dear brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Charlie's Angels......WDBZ Buzz X-mas party 2009

You know I had to represent and attend the 1230 am Buzz X-mas party.

Lincoln Ware is the man! 

He let me come on his show and talk about my imperfect-perfect little book with the chapter on Joe Deters.
Now Joe Deters has his panties in a bunch,   the hooker in Cleveland panties in a bunch. has promised to never come on Lincoln Ware's show ever again. 

Below is the picture that my friend DR sent to me. Thank's DR with your raggedy ass blurred camera  for taking our pix and sending it to me.

Charlie's Angel  
Charlie's AngelCharlie's Angel