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Deters and Mandel - What a shame! CROOKS?

Mandel joins failed former Treasurer for Fundraiser

COLUMBUS – Republican candidate for State Treasurer Josh Mandel continues his love affair with controversial money managers today at a fundraiser with failed former Treasurer Joe Deters. Deters resigned as Treasurer after an administration plagued by legal charges. Mandel has repeatedly taken money from donors who have been convicted of pension fraud, bribery and foreclosure fraud.

“Josh Mandel started his political career asking Tom Noe for money, so it’s no wonder he’s asking failed former Treasurer Joe Deters for cash, too. Josh hasn’t met a corrupt money manager he didn’t love,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern.

Joe Deters resigned after multiple legal problems as Ohio Treasurer.

• Deters’ Chief of Staff was convicted of “giving preferential treatment to some investment brokers who do business with the treasurer's office.” [Dayton Daily News, 9/14/04]

• Deters’ fundraiser was convicted of election law violation for his part in a fundraising scheme for Deters – and Deters kept using the fundraiser even after his conviction. [Cincinnati Enquirer, 10/22/04]

• Deters’ campaign supporter, Frank Gruttadauria, was sentenced to four and a half years in prison on charges of bribery, racketeering, theft, money laundering, forgery, and election-law violations due to his interactions with Deters’ office and campaign. [Cincinnati Enquirer, 5/6/04]

Deters has been criticized as a “part-time prosecutor” because he works part-time in a private law firm and part-time as Hamilton County Prosecutor. [Associated Press, 1/10/09]

“Josh’s friends are a who’s who of failed money managers and pension fund raiders. Once again, we’re reminded that Ohioans can’t afford him as Treasurer,” said Redfern.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Too Long Ignored (MUST READ)

                                                             Too Long Ignored

By BOB HERBERT  (New York Times)

A tragic crisis of enormous magnitude is facing black boys and men in America.

Parental neglect, racial discrimination and an orgy of self-destructive behavior have left an extraordinary portion of the black male population in an ever-deepening pit of social and economic degradation.

The Schott Foundation for Public Education tells us in a new report that the on-time high school graduation rate for black males in 2008 was an abysmal 47 percent, and even worse in several major urban areas — for example, 28 percent in New York City.

The astronomical jobless rates for black men in inner-city neighborhoods are both mind-boggling and heartbreaking. There are many areas where virtually no one has a legitimate job.

More than 70 percent of black children are born to unwed mothers. And I’ve been hearing more and more lately from community leaders in poor areas that moms are absent for one reason or another and the children are being raised by a grandparent or some other relative — or they end up in foster care.

That the black community has not been mobilized en masse to turn this crisis around is a screaming shame. Black men, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, have nearly a one-third chance of being incarcerated at some point in their lives. By the time they hit their mid-30s, a solid majority of black men without a high school diploma have spent time in prison.

Homicide is the leading cause of death for young black men, with the murderous wounds in most cases inflicted by other young black men.

This is a cancer that has been allowed to metastasize for decades. Not only is it not being treated, most people don’t even want to talk about it. In virtually every facet of life in the United States, black people — and especially black boys and men — are coming up short. White families are typically five times as wealthy as black families. More than a third of all black children are growing up in poverty. In Ohio, according to the National Center for Children in Poverty, the percentage is more than half.

There are myriad reasons for this awful state of affairs. As with so many other problems in American society, a lack of gainful employment has been a huge contributor to the problems faced by blacks. Chronic unemployment is hardly a plus-factor for marriage and family stability. And the absence of strong family units with mature parental guidance is at the very root of the chaotic environment that so many black youngsters grow up in.

The abominable incarceration rates among blacks are the result of two overwhelming factors: the persistence of criminal behavior by a significant percentage of the black population, and a criminal justice system that in many respects is racially discriminatory and out of control. Both of these factors need to be engaged head-on, and both will require a staggeringly heavy lift.

Education in the broadest sense is the key to stopping this socioeconomic slide that is taking such a horrific toll in the black community. People have to understand what is happening to them before they can really do much about it. Young blacks who have taken a wrong road, or are at risk of taking a wrong road, have to be shown a feasible legitimate alternative.

The aspect of this crisis that is probably the most important and simultaneously the most difficult to recognize is that the heroic efforts needed to alleviate it will not come from the government or the wider American society. This is a job that will require a campaign on the scale of the civil rights movement, and it will have to be initiated by the black community.

Whether this is fair or not is irrelevant. There is very little sentiment in the wider population for tackling the extensive problems faced by poor and poorly educated black Americans. What is needed is a dramatic mobilization of the black community to demand justice on a wide front — think employment, education and the criminal justice system — while establishing a new set of norms, higher standards, for struggling blacks to live by.

For many, this is a fight for survival. And it is an awesomely difficult fight. But the alternative is to continue the terrible devastation that has befallen so many families and communities: the premature and often violent deaths, the inadequate preparation for an increasingly competitive workplace, the widespread failure to exercise one’s intellectual capacity, the insecurity that becomes ingrained from being so long at the bottom of the heap.

Terrible injustices have been visited on black people in the United States, but there is never a good reason to collaborate in one’s own destruction. Blacks in America have a long and proud history of overcoming hardship and injustice. It’s time to do it again.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Cincy's own Dr. Laura AKA Bill Cunningham

Well Joe Deters boy Bill the clown is back at it again. He did everything but call a caller from Avondale, the "N" word. He might as well had used that word,  since he called her evey other bad word in the book.  He also attacked Judge Melba Marsh, a Republican, when he put her in the same catergory as Winkler, and Nadel.  The only thing that he didn't do is put his mouth on Deters' pair.  But he came close with his "sucking" praise.  Suck sound.

Listen to his podcast from Friday August 20th (after 1pm), no need to tortue yourself and listen to the entire program of garbage.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some stuff CAJD's can't post about Deters

Some comments that are sent to CAJD's inbox are so disgusting that we can't approve to be posted. Let me just say it's Deters lucky day.  Deters, wow! Your dirty deeds never seem to surprise us.  We know that you did the Do up in Columbus, but that other stuff.  Whoosh.....


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why America hates and bullies black men

Why America hates and bullies black men

America hates black men. No matter if you're the most powerful man in the United States, President Obama, or an accused, not yet convicted, black suspect on the evening news--America hates you.

A black man can do no right in America. If President Obama put a piece of chewing gum in his mouth somebody would have something negative to say. And any black man that falls beneath the status of the president--God help you.

Coming to this realization that black men are hated in America is painful. Until my son found himself on the wrong end of the law, and under Joe Deters racist boot, I believed that it was, more often than not, the black man's fault when he fell face first into the criminal justice system and into America's hatred.

After all if you do the crime, you do the time. If you commit a crime and end up in jail or with a lengthy prison sentence, tough. And if you get out of jail or prison, only to discover that your real sentence has just begun because you are discriminated against in every way imaginable--employment, housing, education, denied the right to sit on a jury of your peers, tough. Think about that for a minute, Denied the right to sit on a jury of your peers. And the list of discriminations goes on forever.

But so what. Black men shouldn't sell drugs, rob people, kill people, make babies that they can’t pay for and get felonies for not paying child support, shouldn't get their license revoked for "riding dirty." I once had a friend tell me when I inquired about his drivers license, and this was his exact response, “FBK you know don’t no niggas got no L’s.” L’s being licenses. At the time I was in shock, but over the years I have discovered that there are a large percentage of black men that don’t have licenses for a variety of reasons. In some cases revoking one's license is justified, but making one jump over hell and high water to get them back is a form of hate.

Sometimes it's the black man's fault that he ends up in the criminal just-us system, but often times it's America's hate of black men that leads him there. It's also America's boot of hatred and bullying that makes it impossible for a black man to ever be totally free from the criminal justice system, also known as the black man's choke hold since one out of three young black men is currently under the control of the criminal just-us system.

Harsher laws and sentences exists for black men’s crime of choice. Yes, there are crimes that are associated with black people. And there are crimes associated with white people. If a black man had caused the housing melt down crisis, or the biggest spill in U.S. history and killed of species of wildlife, he would be hung. Hell, a black man was hung out to dry for fighting dogs.

Fact. The hate of the black man in America is so intense that they are discriminated against in every stage of the criminal justice process starting with initial stop and search, arrest and plea bargain and the sentencing phase.

Watching a local news station the other night I was bombarded with stories of one young black man after another, that were accused, not yet convicted, of some type of crime. Their stories where followed by a story about a white young soldier killed in the war and whose body was being brought home in a casket with a flag draped over it. He was a great American and a hero. He had served his country. That seems to be one message in the media. White men are patriotic and come from a military families that have made public service a legacy, black men come from broken homes, and are unpatriotic. That is a message of hate being sent out by some in the media.

Signing up and serving in the military no more makes you a great American than going inside a telephone booth makes you a telephone (do they still have telephone booths)? There are plenty of veterans that die and aren’t worth the flag that they are buried under.

Black men need to be given medals of honor for living in a country that hates them and makes them work for free. Anybody out there that truly believes that when slavery ended, black men and their families rode off into the sunset into the good life is a damn idiot. After slavery came Joe Deters and Fox news. And everything in between (Discrimination, Jim Crow, Mass incarceration).

Another way America bullies black men is with studies. Sure studies are sometimes needed. Or are they? They all seem to have the same results--bad news for the black man. For example all studies, most that I have seen, read: black men are less likely to be (you fill in the blank with anything positive) and more likely to be (you fill in the blank with anything negative). The black man can't catch a break.

There are a certain group of men that fall in the tolerated, and not pure hate, category. But those men are what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid allegedly referred too as light skinned with no negro dialect. Guess you could toss an any complexion, and keep No Negro Dialect.

Certainly all of America doesn’t hate black men, and of course more black men need to take responsibility for their actions. And certainly there are great people that have served this country, including great black men, and certainly some of America's hate directed toward black men is directed toward other groups and poor people.

But, and this is most important, America needs to stop hatin.

(there are some really good people in America, but the bad ones, the ones that hate, you know who you are)

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