Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cincinnati Black Blog and CAJD blog post La Salle students names

Below is press release from Cincinnati Black Blog
Nathaniel Livingston, Jr.
Cincinnati (April 30, 2013) -- The Cincinnati Black Blog announced today that they've obtained a copy of the Cincinnati Police Department Incident Report on the Feb 24 shooting of La Salle High School student Justin Brown and they plan to publish the report on the Cincinnati Black Blog today. The Cincinnati Black is located at http://blackcincinnati.blogspot.com/.
The names are:
The Cincinnati Black Blog is dedicated to fairly and accurately reporting stories from a Black perspective. We strongly urge the lazy, mainstream, traditional white media to follow our lead and publish and/or broadcast the names.
We note that The Cincinnati Enquirer and WCPO-TV (Channel 9) have sued Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge TRACIE HUNTER because they insist on printing and broadcasting the names of juveniles accused of getting into a little fist fight in North College Hill, but they refuse to identify the white boys who conspired with Justin Brown to rob DIERRES LEE, possibly leaving Mr. Lee with no other choice but to exercise his right to self defense. Based on evidence we've reviewed, the Cincinnati Black Blog believes Mr. Lee may have been STANDING HIS GROUND when (or if) he shot Justin.
The Cincinnati Black Blog calls on our media colleagues to seek answers to tough questions raised in the La Salle drug shooting case. What happened to the counterfeit U.S. currency? Why weren't Wuestefeld, McKinley, and Corso charged with murder or conspiracy or obstruction or using criminal tools or any crime? Is the reason why controversial Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney JOSEPH T. DETERS refused to bring charges against the La Salle trio based, in any way, on their race and/or skin color.
Speaking on WDBZ radio, Cincinnati's Chief of Police, JAMES E. CRAIG, has claimed no counterfeit money was recovered by Cincinnati Police officers and detectives assigned to investigate the case. This revelation by Chief Craig has led to many in the Black community to question why Chief Craig allowed Justin's uncle, District 3 commander Capt. RUSSELL NEVILLE, and Justin's former coach, Cincinnati Assistant Police Chief PAUL HUMPHRIES, to participate in the investigation of Justin's shooting. Some people are openly questioning if Chief Craig and/or other high ranking officials within CPD helped cover up crimes committed by Justin and the La Salle trio. Why didn't Chief Craig seek an outside independent investigation of the shooting and other crimes? Why hasn't Ohio Attorney General MIKE DEWINE sought to intervene, as he did in the Stuebenville rape trials, where the people accused of engaging in criminal conduct where non-whites?
In the coming days, The Cincinnati Black Blog has pledged investigate angles of the La Salle drug shooting case that are normally pursued by the white media. Normally, when Blacks are crime victims, the white media puts the accused and their entire family under the spotlight. Below are a few questions that need to be answered:
- Where is Justin Brown's father?
- At the time Justin used counterfeit U.S. currency to purchase drugs, was his family intact?
- How many other times had Justin exchanged counterfeit money?
- What happened to the equipment used to make the counterfeit money?
- Did Justin have any involvement with the Juvenile Court?
- Did Justin have a disciplinary record at La Salle?
- Was Justin's family on welfare?
- Did Justin and the La Salle trio have weapons?
- Why won't Deters release phone and text messages from Justin and the La Salle trio?
[A copy of the Incident Report is attached to this correspondence.]
### END ###

Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'm so angry because I'm pregnant with Christopher Smithereens Baby! He is the babby's daddy

Read closely the word on that clown's t-shirt. This is Dave from Forest Park. Notice that he has his hands on his hips and proudly displaying that he is pregnant with the pimp's propaganda. .T-shirt reads, "I'm a Smithereen and proud of it."

What would make a grown ass man wear another's man's t-shirt?  Do tell?

ALSO, JOE DETERS IS LAUGHING HIS ASS OFF.  25,000 Grand and I got those D'Negroes fighting.
Great Job Deters! Some day they will find out about the Cleveland Gal.

NEXT POST SEXUAL HARASSMENT AT THE AFRICAN AMERICAN CHAMBER - THE SECOND BLACK ORGANIZATION THAT THE CON MAN TOOK DOWN. Also, remember the sillyman had Edith Thrower, thrown under the bus? Sillyman started the dog and pony show. No?
FBK is an unapologetic eBook writer.  Her 19-year-old beloved son is serving a 20-year sentence for a bank robbery that he committed to pay for college tuition, and it’s real fked up.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Judge Tracie Hunter RALLY April 19th 9 (UPDATE)

For immediate Release

Citizens against Joe Deters will attend rally to support Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter
Citizens against Joe Deters is a grass roots organization of citizens who are frustrated by Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters double standard of justice and public insults against people of color and those who aren’t wealthy or well connected.
Our organization’s mission is simple—pressure Joe Deters to resign from his position as Hamilton County Prosecutor.
CAJD will stands in support of Juvenile Court Judge Tracie Hunter.

We support Judge Hunter as she fights to ensure that names or photos aren't released of minors. 

We support Hunter opposing the  routine practice of shackling youth which can cause physical, emotional and psychological harm and is, in most cases, unjustified.

We support Hunter who stood with the voters in Hamilton County after  there was an attempt to  suppress the votes.

While Judge Hunter continues to demonstrate that she is a good public servant she is constantly under attack and has been sued by the Hamilton County Prosecutor, the Hamilton County Commissioners and the Cincinnati Enquirer. The harassment and lawsuits affect the children.

CAJD’s  members will attend a protest organized by Cincinnati NAN Chapter and Lincoln Ware of 1230 am (The Buzz)  on April 19th  at 11:30 am at Hamilton County Juvenile Court 800 Broadway 45202

CAJD  is not affiliated with GCNAN, Lincoln Ware or 1230 am (The Buzz)

This blog will provide information to the community on the upcoming Cincinnati Council races, politics, criminal justices issues and other information that affects the African American community.

I'm not a journalist but I play one on this blog all in the name of activism.  Tired, and very tired - civil rights will wear you out.  Always got to fight.

We have to appreciate and give credit to the Cincinnati Black Blog which has been a go to source for the community for many, many years.  If we leave it up to mainstream media, there will be no coverage regarding this event.

Please join the rally protest and read about it here.