Sunday, October 18, 2009

Citizens Against Joe Deters Virtual Protest

Last year CAJD held a Halloween Protest outside of the persecutor’s office. We dressed in costumes and handed out candy. We did not give free Halloween candy to wealthy, well-connected, white people. Only poor white people and poor minorities received candy.

Unfair? That was the point.

We peacefully protested the double-standard sentences dished out by Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters. Clearly, there are two criminal justice systems in Hamilton County.

Cut to 2009: Citizens Against Joe Deters is holding a Virtual Protest against Joe Deters. The specific details and date are still being worked out. Check this blog often for updates. We decided to cancel the Halloween protest this year. As in-- been there, done that. We want to take our protest into cyberspace and give people an opportunity to participate (protest) in anonymity, or with as much anonymity as possible, from their computers.

A little birdie tells us that Joe Deters is going to run for Governor of Ohio. We will stop him. We will not have the poor and black people persecutor, move on up. Especially since he has already been sent back down, from Columbus, with his tail between his legs, for engaging in pay-to-play politics. We are going to put Deters “record” on the world wide web.

Signing off 1:27 am.