Friday, September 18, 2009

114 days. 114 lies. Ryan Widmer/Joe Deters you lie!

Yep watched that Ryan Widmer thing on dateline tonight.

During the trial I can remember being conflicted, is Ryan guilty? Did he really do it? I kinda thought he didn’t do it during the trial.

After the trial I thought he was guilty. I just did. Even if the jury practiced drowning techniques--what does that matter, if he really did it? Why is Widmer free?

Free Ryan Widmer. No fuck Ryan Widmer. Ryan Widmer was convicted of murder. He gets 15 to life which means he can parole out. My son robs a bank, nobody’s dead. Nobody’s wet dead-head has been crushed into a bathroom floor. RIP Sarah Widmer. Ryan killed you.

Hutzels got a pair. She’s the head Prosecutor up in Warren County. I like that she has prosecutorial integrity. She prosecutes everybody, even teens. White teens. None of the Joe Deters “shady” BS. If you did it, you should go to jail regardless of color.

Widmer’s mom, what a lady! I cry every time I see that woman on TV. She does what we mother’s are supposed to do. Stand by our sons till death do us part. Not condone the crime--but hold our sons down. Not hold their head in a bathtub for them to drown, but hold them down. That means love and support them. Give every penny that you have to fight for you son to have the best defense. Rally his friends, your co-workers, your church members--anybody that will listen you tell your son’s story. When they ask half-heartedly , is there anything I can do…? Tell them, hell yeah, you can write a letter, wear a t-shirt (Free Ryan Widmer), join my fight. Hell yes, there’s something you can do.

I’m signing off. I know Ryan did it. I know Bill Cunningham’s lies are catching up with him, because he’s got permanent bitter-beer face frown lines on his face.