Friday, October 10, 2014

Judge Tracie Hunter: Jury Deadlocked Count 6:

Judge Tracie Hunter:  Jury Deadlocked.   Count 6 

After four weeks and three days at the Hamilton County court house where Joe Deters is the top prosecutor, the jury which consisted of 10 women and two men – three are African American and the rest are white, came back with a hung jury.

Judge Hunter who read her Bible during breaks from the trial and prayed with supporters, was 
charged with nine felonies that her lawyer Clyde Bennett called "trumped up", including misuse of a county issued credit card in the amount of $1,100 to pay court filing fees, and allowing her brother to work 6/12 hours over time.

So for less than a week or two’s pay ($1,100) and less then a day’s work (6 ½ hours)  for some, the taxpayers are on the hook for 2.5 million dollars, the cost of the trial.

That’s money down the toilet to the underfunded and overburdened court system?

Another shameful chapter in Hamilton County history.  Question.  Who will play Hunter in the made for TV movie.  (Click here to see video)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Friday, August 22, 2014

Go Kill Yo self! How did Kajieme Powell die?

1:22 am
Insomnia does bad things to people like me who write and overthink way too many things because I love my people. 

Thursday morning, I heard Radio One personality Roland Sebastian Martin (he wears many titles, but the radio is where I heard him on Thur), “going ham” over the killing of Kajieme Powell by the St. Louis police. 

I’ve seen and heard bits and pieces of the video and some radio chatter.  Radio chatter suggests that Powell had a mental condition and was being picked on before he was killed.

Which started my mind to thinking about how some still think mental disorders are funny (no pun, Mr. Williams and R.I.P.), and warrant the individual being picked on.

A trend I’ve read on Facebook from both white and black people (mostly young) is the saying, “Go kill Yo self.” What's that about?

I’m wondering if Mr. Powell (R.I.H.) had heard that one too many times and when the police came…in his mind he went to,”Go Kill Yo self.”

I'm just thinking out loud.

Even if that is what was on his mind - how can the police shoot you down in 23 seconds, hand cuff your corpse, and throw you in a morgue AKA the back of the police car - just like that.  Is it really open season?

(excuse this shitty and unedited post…it’s late…we’ll it’s early 1:38 am now)

Give me you thoughts on this, dear readers.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

We need a special prosecutor (FERGUSON)

Ferguson Prosecutor Bob McCulloch

Email CAJD received from National NAACP

We need to talk about Ferguson, CAJD

Not about the protestors—the vast majority of whom are peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights. Not about police militarization, either, which has only escalated tension on the ground.

We need to talk about justice for Michael Brown. Justice rests in the hands of one person: St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch, a man with deep personal, family, and professional ties to the local police department.

This is the man who is supposed to remain unbiased, present evidence to a grand jury, and bring charges against the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown...

CAJD urges all readers to follow the request below. 

Send an urgent message to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and Attorney General Chris Koster demanding the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Michael Brown's shooting.

Contact the Office of Governor Jay Nixon
P.O. Box 720
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone: (573) 751-3222

From Color for Change.  Click here to donate $3 to the
Dear CAJD:
Incredible! In less than 24 hours, more than one thousand ColorOfChange members have donated nearly $30,000 to support the St. Louis based Organization for Black Struggle (OBS) in hiring a full-time police accountability organizer.
But we’re not there yet — in order to reach our goal of $50,000 and make it possible for OBS to make this critical hire and continue organizing around rampant police brutality in Missouri, we need to do more.
I am so inspired by the generosity of our members, who are coming together to support strong Black leadership that is making a difference in this critical moment.
Thanks and peace,


We thank our readers for making us a top rated SEO blog – We are in the top 5 on the search page. We are listening to our readers and the consensus seems to be to move the focus from Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters and move into a Just-US blog with monthly posts.  We are on the fence.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Saying Farewell to the CAJD Blog soon: How a Republican helped me forgive Deters

Update 8/21.  We are listening to our readers and do see the value of continuing with a justice or Just-us blog and moving away from the focus being about Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters. Keep your feedback coming, much appreciated.

Dearest Readers.

It's been a long time.  About 7 years and close to 600 post.  I'll have an exact number soon.  At the blog we will post 3 more times before saying goodbye.  We will post on Chris Finney who is being paid by the NAACP to represent NAACP President Ishton Morton (oh, the ironies).

We have a post coming up titled Ferguson, Fitzgerald and Deters. (some critical thinking and not an attack post)

Finally, we will post our goodbye to our faithful readers.

We have not decided if we will keep this blog up, or take it down.  You tell us what we should do, Dear Readers. (update 8/18...thanks for the feedback...keep it coming).

Keep in mind that we will post some classic post in this book which is coming soon and available for pre-order.

I made peace  in my heart  with Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters and a Republican helped me do it.  So it's time to say goodbye.  I will continue to fight for justice for all people.