Sunday, December 7, 2014

10 Actionable Steps to help Judge Tracie Hunter (Take her off the cross)

1. If you are a member of the Cincinnati NAACP vote to Support Richardson, Mallory and Taylor team.  Take the personalities out of it and vote for a team that has pledged to return the local NAACP back to its civil rights roots and support Hunter.   You can vote next Saturday December 13 at Greater New Hope Missionary Baptist church.  3655 Harvey Cincinnati, Ohio 45229 .

2. Put polite pressure on  Rev. Al Sharpton of the National Action Network and MSNBC TV show host to have Hunter on his show.   Bishop Bobby Hilton and the local chapter are doing an outstanding job with the GCCNAN chapter and should pull together to make a TV (not radio) appearance happen.

3. Light up social media with the hashtag #justicefortraciehunter

4.  Keep up sustained indignation.  Don’t rest until Hunter gets justice.

5.  Join the chorus in calling for criminal justice reform (over policing, over prosecution, lack of transparency in the grand jury process)

6. Challenge the media for fairer reporting.  They show the rage, but not the pain.  People are in a great deal of pain over what’s happening in the criminal just-us system.

7.  Boycott the Cincinnati Enquirer.  Don’t buy it, cancel your subscriptions, don’t share articles.  Don’t do it.  Don’t do it.  Period.

8. Donate to Hunter’s campaign

PLEASE Forward ALL Donations To:
Judge Tracie Hunter Legal Defense Fund

c/o: Jennifer Branch, Trustee
Attorney at Law
432 Walnut Street #400
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
(Mail donations above )
8. Show up to Bishop Hilton’s meeting on Tuesday (12/9  at 9am)  to strategize on how to move forward and help Hunter.
693 Fresno Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45240
(513) 851-9673

9.  Educate one other person on this case and challenge them to get involved.

10.  Do at least one thing from this list.  No excuses.

(You can put a few dollars or a few hundred dollars  in an envelope and mail it to Hunter's defense fund.   You can boycott the Enquirer.  You can call the TV stations (like you call the Buzz) and challenge them for fairer reporting.  You can let you voice be heard on social media and call for criminal just-US reform. )

(this post was put together pretty quickly...excuse any errors)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Judge Tracie Hunter sentenced

Controversial Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Norbert Nadel will sentence the honorable Juvenile Court judge Tracie Hunter on Friday.

Supporters are asking anyone that wishes to speak on Judge Hunter’s behalf to arrive at court at 8:30 am.  Court will begin at 10 am.

If you do not plan to speak please meet for a rally outside the courthouse at 9 am.  No justice.  No peace.

                                    ***Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters’ blog***

Friday, October 10, 2014

Judge Tracie Hunter: Jury Deadlocked Count 6:

Judge Tracie Hunter:  Jury Deadlocked.   Count 6 

After four weeks and three days at the Hamilton County court house where Joe Deters is the top prosecutor, the jury which consisted of 10 women and two men – three are African American and the rest are white, came back with a hung jury.

Judge Hunter who read her Bible during breaks from the trial and prayed with supporters, was 
charged with nine felonies that her lawyer Clyde Bennett called "trumped up", including misuse of a county issued credit card in the amount of $1,100 to pay court filing fees, and allowing her brother to work 6/12 hours over time.

So for less than a week or two’s pay ($1,100) and less then a day’s work (6 ½ hours)  for some, the taxpayers are on the hook for 2.5 million dollars, the cost of the trial.

That’s money down the toilet to the underfunded and overburdened court system?

Another shameful chapter in Hamilton County history.  Question.  Who will play Hunter in the made for TV movie.  (Click here to see video)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Friday, August 22, 2014

Go Kill Yo self! How did Kajieme Powell die?

1:22 am
Insomnia does bad things to people like me who write and overthink way too many things because I love my people. 

Thursday morning, I heard Radio One personality Roland Sebastian Martin (he wears many titles, but the radio is where I heard him on Thur), “going ham” over the killing of Kajieme Powell by the St. Louis police. 

I’ve seen and heard bits and pieces of the video and some radio chatter.  Radio chatter suggests that Powell had a mental condition and was being picked on before he was killed.

Which started my mind to thinking about how some still think mental disorders are funny (no pun, Mr. Williams and R.I.P.), and warrant the individual being picked on.

A trend I’ve read on Facebook from both white and black people (mostly young) is the saying, “Go kill Yo self.” What's that about?

I’m wondering if Mr. Powell (R.I.H.) had heard that one too many times and when the police came…in his mind he went to,”Go Kill Yo self.”

I'm just thinking out loud.

Even if that is what was on his mind - how can the police shoot you down in 23 seconds, hand cuff your corpse, and throw you in a morgue AKA the back of the police car - just like that.  Is it really open season?

(excuse this shitty and unedited post…it’s late…we’ll it’s early 1:38 am now)

Give me you thoughts on this, dear readers.