Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Joe Deters is a Turkey! (Voter Fraud Didn’t Happen) Does anybody remember the Presidential Election of 2008? Who won? Oh well it doesn’t matter. Because in life it’s not about who wins or who loses, it’s about how you play the game? Right? For the most part that’s correct if both parties/teams play fair and square. But if the loser, Joe-the-Loser was at one time Senator McCain’s S.W. Ohio chair, and the Hamilton County Prosecutor, and he engaged in voter intimidation/voter suppression in an attempt to keep a red state red, what happens? All Bets are off. Then it becomes who lost. And in that case it would be Joe-the-Prosecutor because once again he made an ass out of himself and cried wolf! He had the Hamilton GOP and the Greek God of Hatred--Alex Tryingtafoolya in an uproar! He turned the Board OF Elections (B-O-E) into Brains-On-Edge with his silly rants on the evening news and local radio. Cincinnati Best loved Republican Clown and his loyal listeners might have believed Joe’s Hype, but those folks down the dial at WDBZ radio, those listeners of the Lincoln Ware show, who are partly responsible for flipping Hamilton County. Yep they helped turn a red state blue. And they saw right through Joe’s transparency. The writers at the Beacon and City Beat also didn’t fall for Joe’s hoax. But the En-qui-Liar did. Anyway, Thanks for nothing Joe. You’re a real loser! Notice in the article below the En-qui-liar didn’t mention your name. http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20081125/NEWS01/811250317/1172/NEWS0108 Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tis the season not to be Po'

Tis the Season Not to be Po’ (The True story of Kena Ross -- A 29 year old black mama of 7 kids, going to jail for 2 years, costing taxpayers About 100,00 grand, if not more)

Kena Ross is going to jail because she is poor. On November 14, 2008 Kena Ross, age 29, mother of 7, food stamp recipient, was convicted of child endangering. The details. They say she wanted her food stamp allotment to last the entire month so she tied her refrigerator up so that 2 of her 7 children could not continue to sneak food. When the kids did continue to sneak food by attempting to break into the refrigerator, then defecating in front of the refrigerator, perhaps in frustration, Kena handcuffed her kids with plastic flexicuffs. The cuffs left bruises. Despite her tears, her statement that she never has done anything to harm her kids, letters of support sent by her church, having no criminal record, and having a highly competent African-American attorney-- Kena Ross was sent to jail because she is poor. Judge St. Nick-Nelson (Fred) showed no mercy when he sent the mother of 7, with no criminal record, to prison. His reindeer Vixen (Actually Comet is the female reindeer) Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor Linda Calambas slander-slammed Ross when she called her more of a baby-maker than a mom. Judge Fred Nelson probably relates. He’s been shown no mercy by voters. He lost his Judge’s seat. And that brown nose assistant Prosecutor Calambas, will be shown both grace and mercy as she rises through the ranks of Rudolph the Red nose-The Top Prosecutor Joe Deter’s House of Injustice. Calambas will get a sweet promotion real soon because she speaks slanderliciously like the best of the good ole’ boys. In DemiGod Joe’s likeness it appears that she too prefers not to prosecute white, wealthy, and well-connected (WWW) citizens. IF WWW ’s are charged, it appears they are charge preferentially--Go to rehabilitation/ diversion program and in one year nobody will ever know that you committed a crime. Lest we not forget the baby-forgetter Jodi Edwards, “Gosh, I forgot.” Yes! You forgot your baby. Baby Jenna Edwards. And baby Jenna died, and she baked in your mini-van. When Dr. Odell stuck a thermometer in baby Jenna’s butt, the temperature soared way past 100 degrees. And has anybody ever had sunburn? Have you ever been sun burnt? Have you ever seen baked skin peel? It peels as easily as a well-cooked sweet potato. The hand cuff marks on Ross’ kids hands, pale in comparison to skin-peeled Edwards baby. But you can’t compare apples to oranges. The spinners will argue Ross intentionally harmed her kids, and Edwards simply forgot. She truly forgot. Whomever believes that I’ve got some city of Cincinnati retirement plan bonds that I’d like to sell you. This past summer, in honor of baby Jenna, I stood in the hot sun for at least 3 hours, outside of Prosecutor Deter’s office. When passerbys passed by me and saw my brown-black behind baking and sweating, holding a larger than life sign that read, “Deter’s has got the blood of baby Jenna on his hand,” some people questioned how long I’d been standing in the sun. My reply to them was "whatever they do to the least of them, baby Jenna…" Tis the season of giving. And in this season it’s not unreasonable to believe that Deters, Nelson, and Calambas will switch their black top hats, if only temporarily, with their charity hats. Perhaps they’ll throw a penny or two, or a George Washington nickel, into that red can, that is manned by the 7 bucks an hour salvation army employee. And then mosey into their evangelical churches, and write their name in bold red letters on the volunteer list to work the soup kitchen. But after tis the season is over, they’ll return to being haters of the poor, haters of the “least of them.” In their black top hats they’ll make grand statements like, “But the criminal, could have gotten 100 years.” And those of us who love all of us, the least of us, and theWWW’s, we’ll know, we won’t forget their hypocrisy, and we’ll continue to humbly serve and protect “the least of them.” (least not meaning less than), we will continue to write, and advocate, and organize, and not condone bad behavior. We will continue to attempt to solve the root of it, not because we are paid to do so, but because it’s the right thing to do, because if we don’t do it, who will? Certainly not Pots (also known as politicians and elected officials) in their Black Top hats with their Tin cans, in the Soup lines expecting Handouts, and pay- to- play Pay-outs, and Bailouts, and Try-outs (let’s try it…let’s see if we can continue to get away with stripping Americans of their democracy and dishing out our hypocrisy--we steal and profit, and they, those ones, Senator McCain’s That One, “the least of them” will go to jail. Kena Ross because of what you did to the “least of them” (innocent-black-poor- children), least not being less than, people who the status quo cares nothing about, you are going to jail for 2 years. That’s two years and 50,000 taxpayer dollars. Not to mention what the foster care for your children will cost, and the public assistance that you’re family will continue to get for your other children who won‘t go into foster care. Here’s the kicker… when you get out, you’ll probably be put on probation, have to attend parenting classes, and some social service advocate will visit your home, and show you how to “properly” raise your kids. The irony is that this could have been done without you going to jail. If only you’d taken Personal Responsibility in the first place.

God Speed Kena Ross. FBK

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mike Allen vs. Joe Deters The Tale of two PROSTITUTE-ERS

MIKE ALLEN VS. JOE DETERS Excuse me Prosecutors. Truth is Mike Allen the Prosecutor was before my time. That is to say that he was actually a Prosecutor, when I paid little if any attention to the office of the Hamilton County Prosecutor. It was simple as for as I was concerned. Anyone who broke the law, went to jail, me included. Yeah really, like me included. Still, then like now, I believe that all who break the law deserve to be brought to justice, but no one deserves to be the victim of injustice. I believe some people are criminals and some people are just people who have committed a crime/s. Former Prosecutor Mike Allen sex escapade wasn’t against the law. Was it? Morally wrong, of course. Nasty. Yep. Still, Mike Allen paid for what he did and he moved on. He was able to move on. He also apologized to Christopher Smitherman for calling him a smart mouth little punk. Wrong or right, should he have said it, should he have not said it is debatable, but it takes one hell of a man to apologize to tea party member SmitherMAN. Now let’s look at Joe Deters. Joe-the-Prosecutor. Joe-the-Pay to Play Politician. Joe-the-Pay-for- Sex Politician. Allegedly. Joe has yet to be brought to justice for his crimes of moral turpitude. His pals up in Columbus went to jail. His predecessor resigned for doing the nasty on tax-payers dollars. Now, Joe Deters wasn’t doing the nasty while he was on the job. That’s not to say he wasn’t on the clock. Or getting the clock sucked on the clock. But he wasn’t at work when he did the nasty. He was in a car. In Cleveland. Allegedly. Whose worst? Joe or Mike? My Pastor always says, “For sure your sins will find you out.” Be sure your sins will find you out. And yes some of you (not me) have sinned, and did the nasty, and had sex-- in places, with people, and objects, and maybe animals, that perhaps you shouldn’t have. And some of us have committed crimes for which we’ve never been punished. I once had an attorney tell me that while in college he committed a couple of felonies (Tom Heekin)  in which he was never caught. Bastard. So, yes, while we’ve all sinned and fallen short of the glory of our parents, our communities, our kids, and fallen short of the glory of Obama. The thing is though…we aren’t the gate keeper at the gate of justice, or injustice. We don’t have the keys. We can’t let you in or out. Who is worst Mike or Joe? Maybe neither. Maybe they are equal. My vote goes to Joe. (you may only get this blog if you live in Cincinnasty, Nasty Nati) 3:43 am post

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tim Burke and Joe Deters sitting in a tree...

OPEN LETTER TO TIM “The Turkey” BURKE (Hamilton County Dem Chair) November 11, 2008 Mr. Tim Burke, Chair C/O Hamilton County Dems 6109 Webbland Place. Cincinnati, Ohio 45213 Dear Mr. Burke: On behalf of Citizens Against Joe Deters we bring you both bad and good news. The bad news is that we have created our 1st annual Tim the Turkey award. Tim the Turkey award was created in your honor to express citizen’s dissatisfaction with your back room deals in which you made an agreement not to run anyone against Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, Simon Leis, Todd Portune, and 10 of the 12 common pleas judges running for election. Had you not brokered a backroom deal and ran an opponent against Joe Deters and others in this election cycle-- Joe Deters the Pay-to-Play Politician, Pay-For-Sex-Politician (allegedly) , would be standing in the unemployment line as is the case with the other 532 Hamilton County employees. Not only would Joe-the-Prosecutor be unemployed, he would not have been able to engage in voter suppression and intimidation, double standard sentences, and he would think twice before making reckless comments about certain communities. The good news is that should you decide to accept our Tim the Turkey award, we will make a 50.00 donation in your name to the charity of your choice. We realize that $50.00 is a small amount in comparison to such a monumental back room deal screw-up and therefore we invite you and other members of your party, to make a matching donation towards a charity of your choice. Please contact citizensagainstjoedeters@fuse.net within 7 days of receipt of this letter so that we can arrange a time and a place for you to accept the award and a check to be made out to your charity. Please be advised that if we do not hear from you in 7 days we will give your award to a runner-up. Runner ups include Simon Leis, Todd Portune, Joe-the-Prosecutor, Joe-the-Plumber, Sarah-the-Hockey Mom, Regina-the-Reporter, Bill C-Cincinnati’s best loved Republican clown, Peter-the-washed up columnist, Enquirer newspaper (group award going to Kimball Perry, Jane Prendergast, and Sharon-the-mom Coolidge). We thank you in advance for your anticipated acceptance of this award. Sincerely, Citizens Against Joe Deters Donations to our grass roots organization Citizens Against Joe Deters can be made in that name to any National City Bank Acct# 985170945 *future awards will be given individual/s, companies, organizations, or political hacks that work to destroy democracy and who does anything to benefit Joe-the-Prosecutor. Charity check will not be issued to charities affiliated with political parties.*