Friday, January 30, 2009

GOP: Negro Wanted

Must be able to carry the water and boloney for the GOP. Must be able to bow down to HCP Joe Deters.
Citizens Against Joe Deters is ecstatic that Ken “little-dignity” Blackwell is not the new RNC chair. Most black folks that I know have never respected Ken Blackwell. Most know Blackwell’s self-interested game. White folks don’t seem to appreciate Blackwell and neither do black folks. Poof be gone Ken Blackwell. Come back when you are ready to be granted dignity. Thank you GOP white people for showing Blackwell the door back to his blackness. Still, we don’t want him.
Blackwell belongs with Deters the chief legal representative of Hamilton County. Maybe Blackwell can become BFF with Jim Schifrin (of the racist Whistleblower rag sheet) who has long claimed that he and Deters are friends. Recently Schifrin bragged that he and Deters shared an assassination joke about our President Obama.
I hope Deters, Schifrin, and Blackwell will form a tight bond. Highly unlikely since Schifrin and Deters, in the words of Kanye West, DO NOT LIKE BLACK PEOPLE. Do they?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

It won't keep him out of hell.

Every now and then Citizens Against Joe Deters must check in on Deters’ friends. Today the friend that we checked on was WLW hate-radio talk show host AKA Cincinnati’s best-loved (or most hated) Re-thug-lican clown (depending on who you talk to), Bill Cunningham. Cunningham was up to his usual President Obama bashing. Nothing new there. Later Cunningham’s displayed his soft side as he interviewed a woman with Pancreatic cancer. I believe the woman’s name was Karen. She is married and the mother of a set of 6 year-old twin girls, and a 7-year old boy. The woman sobbed as she talked about her battle with cancer and her struggle to pay bills, etc. She thanked Cunningham’s listeners for monetary support sent to her. As Cunningham has spent a life time practicing the art of idiocy--it was clear that he was struggling through the interview and trying not to ask silly questions. Last year I had a dear friend die of pancreatic cancer, almost immediately after being diagnosed. Hearing Karen’s story brought back memories and brought tears to my eyes. My thoughts and prayers go out to Karen and her family. I realize it’s doubtful that Karen will ever read this blog, still I’ve sent one up for her. Finally to Bill Cunningham, no matter how many good deeds you do-- it won’t keep you or your pal Joe Deters out of hell. I hope.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

*ANOTHER UPDATE* Did Deters send a man to death row for 10 dollars? Congressman Driehaus responds.

Congressman Driehaus stated that he'd be happy to talk to with the Hill family and that they should contact him. 513. 684.2723

FOR THE SECOND TIME STORY HAS BEEN UPDATED. DETERS NAME TAKEN OUT OF STORY. WONDER WHY? Once again it has happened. After City Beat reported the story, than CAJD blog, Deters and Coolidge jump on board. Did Deters send a man to death row for killing his mother to obtain 10 dollars while he was high on crack? Many of us have made mistakes (illegal and immoral) throughout our lifetime. Sometimes we wish that we could take back our mistakes. We cannot. We wish that we were perfect. We are not. Some of us have made mistakes that are worst than others. Jeff Hilled killed his mother. His family forgives him. They don't want him to be executed. It speaks volumes about a family who is able to forgive a loved one for killing a loved one. Read the story. Humble yourselves. Write the Governor.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Is Deters a Disgrace? The Not so Funny President Joke!

Consider this--
Joe Deters is the chief legal representative of Hamilton County. Jim Schifrin (of the racist tip sheet) has long claimed that he and Deters are friends. On January 17 Schifrin published the allegation that he and Deters shared an assassination joke about the President of the United States Joe Deters needs to publicly address the allegation. His failure to do so is unacceptable.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why won’t Deters repudiate mob picture?

Why won’t Deters repudiate mob picture? And is the Secret Service investigating Joe Deters? On the front webpage of “The Whistleblower,” a hardcore racist newsletter written by Cincinnatian Jim Schifrin. There is a picture of Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters. In the picture Deters looks like a freakin' mobster. The picture glorifies a Re-thug-lican lifestyle.
It appears Deters has not gotten his mind around the fact that any picture you take, any video you make, any comments you state, or the company you keep can cause you to lose your job, dignity, be investigated, and or prosecuted. Does Deters care?

It’s not unreasonable to believe that he does not. Also, Deters refuses to denounce his friendship with Schifrin who was reported to the secret service for his death threat jokes made against President Obama.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Deters/Washington D.C. Protest/Suggestions?

Man those folks in Washington know how to protest. Ain’t no protest like a Washington D.C. protest. Check out my pics. They gave me plenty of ideas of how to protest against Dirty Deeds Deters. However, our group is always open to suggestions. Suggestions?
Yes that's Cheney attached to Bush's...
You had to see this one to believe it. The picture doesn't do it justice. Read the words.
This is our protest from back in September. Notice the sign--Joe is a trick not a treat. Our next protest on Feb 13...we are going BIG TIME.
Yes... I know I look tired. It's hard standing up against Dirty Deters.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back From the Inauguration (See pictures)

FYI Pictures are below the text. I took a ton of pictures. But have only posted a few. Will post more pictures later. ALSO, LATER IN THE WEEK I PLAN TO GET BACK IN Joe Deters’ Ass. (DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW) Greetings All-- I’m back from Washington where I covered the Lincoln 2.0 Inaugural Ball at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. There were countless (official and unofficial) balls throughout the Washington DC area, but this ball was an All-Inclusive Experience. Ticket prices to attend this ball were $375 per person. VIP tickets were $.500. The ball captured the Victorian essence of Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Ball, which took place in the same building. Ball goers were dressed in both Victorian style and black tie attire. Live entertainment included Saint Tone, Keb’ Mob’, JT Taylor former lead singer of the band Kool and the Gang, , and the always classy Grammy award winner Anita Baker. There were ample open bars and food stations in the stunning setting. I’ll be honest it was hard working this event. I wanted to party (OK I partied a little, but still managed to complete my reporting duties.) Also, we visited famous Ben’s chili on U St in Washington D.C. The chili parlor is famous because celebs like Bill Cosby and the President…Yes President Barack Obama eat there. The line to get in that place was wrapped around blocks. I was so looking forward to getting a chili dog or a bowl of chili, but had to settle for just taking a “I was there photo.” Oh well, next time. I attended a ceremony at the African-American Civil War memorial. The statue there is called the “Spirit of Freedom,” The wall of honor behind it has the names of 209, 148 United Stated colored troops. A select group of male students from Marie Reed (school that President Obama has visited) elementary school dressed as soldiers, carried muskets, and marched at the ceremony. The muskets looked like rifles and it was an amazing sight seeing the young, boys of color participate in the ceremony. The ceremony was followed by a reception at the historical Prince Hall freemason Masonic temple where present day honor guard soldiers where the guest of honor. Finally, I wish to thank my traveling companion and photographer, who helped me work the event. He took the official pictures that I will post at a later date. Signing off. I need some rest.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Michelle Obama 1st Lady Doll?

In honor of President Elect Obama’s upcoming inauguration. I’m going to post a piece that I wrote over 1 year ago. Happy Reading. We're leaving Sunday for Washington. Consider this a free week for Joe Deters.
Earlier this week Caroline Kennedy endorsed Barack Obama for President in an op-ed piece titled A President like My Father. After reading her endorsement. I couldn't help but wonder if Caroline Kennedy who believes that Barack Obama could a President like her father, also believes that Michelle Obama could be a 1st lady like her mother Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Beyond obvious superficial comparisons --their beauty, lovely wardrobe, and perfectly flipped hair- I wondered if she'd compare Michelle's compassionate spirit, to be similar to Jackie O's. I wondered. After wondering what Caroline Kennedy thought, my thoughts traveled back to my childhood in which I played with white Barbie dolls with long flowing blond hair. As a child I didn't care about the race of the dolls I played with. But as an adult, I recognize that children respect and need role models that look like them. So, yes, I'll admit visions of sugar plums danced in my head. Next X-mas I'd love to buy my pre-schooled aged niece, who loves to play with white Barbie dolls with long flowing blond hair, a Michelle Obama 1st lady doll. Seriously. Michelle Obama looks like change- sugar, poised spice, and everything nice. Throughout my life I've had the pleasure of having many role models. Both Black, White, Hispanic. True role models come in all races. Michelle Obama is a role model. She is the founder and former executive director of Public Allies - Chicago, a leadership training program that received AmeriCorps National Service funding and helped young adults develop skills for future careers in the publicc sector. Still, I'd love to buy a Michelle "0" doll and throw a tea party with my niece. We'd talk about school, politics, and silly girl stuff too.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ken Blackwell. Most hated black man in Ohio

The hate that hate produced. I try to leave people of color alone. Really I do. People of color have got enough problems without people of color bloggers taking issue with them. But then is Ken Blackwell really black? Some two decades ago I wrote a letter to the editor of the local newspaper about Ken Blackwell. I don’t remember what he’d done at the time --I just remember that I wrote this line, “Ken Blackwell has been stripped of his dignity.” Imagine writing that more than two decades ago. I cut the article out and put it in my things-to-keep folder. Every once in a while when I’d go into that folder, I’d come across that article. But lately I can’t find the letter to the paper, or that particular things- to- keep folder. I guess it’s for the best. Seriously, I don’t want to relive why Ken Blackwell sold black people out back then. Especially since there are so many reasons in the present day in which he’s sold black people out. First I don’t care if Blackwell wants to be a black, republican fool, laughing stock and punching bag. That’s on him But I will not let him do it at the expense of black people. Stolen election, token black man-every-single year in a row. Wannabe Governor. Doesn’t Blackwell get it? White folks keep trying to show him the door back to his blackness. Still he beats up on Obama and Biden and made an ass out of himself when he called Americans supersensitive for being offended by the CD that refers to Barack Obama as, “Barack the Magic Negro.’ Ken Blackwell is a fool. I don’t know why I wrote it back then that Blackwell had been stripped of his dignity, because now I truly believe that dignity is something Blackwell never had. (Poltically Incorrect Post--thinking out loud)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Inauguration, and other unfinished business

It’s 4:32 am. I’m trying to contain my excitement as I count down the days until I leave for the inauguration. I’m a ball of energy. Still there are some local stories that are eating away at me. I will follow and update these stories as I learn more information. The first story is that of three young white men, around the ages of 16-19, who robbed a Comfort Inn at 5944 West Chester Road, at gun point on December 18, 2008. I haven’t heard anything else about this story from the media. I’m interested to know if they’ve been caught and what the outcome of their case is. The next story that I’m following is that of Norman Holmes. Norman Holmes is a black man, who made headline news when he was arrested for the 109th time for stealing a product in the amount of 13 dollars. Mr. Holmes was sentenced to 90 days in jail. I’m going to write him and see what's "really going on with him". I supposed there are some mental health and or drug issues. I’m going to see if I can interview Holmes. Clearly the criminal justice system does not know what to do with him. 13 dollars and how many tax-payer dollars to incarcerate him? And we wonder why our criminal justice system needs an overhaul. Finally, I’m looking to cover the Lincoln 2.0 Barack Obama Inaugural ball at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. The event is supposed to be hot--with performances by Anita Baker, Keb’ Mo’ and John Cruz, with Saint Tone. Also Victorian Dance Ensemble, Susquehanna Travelers and Eric Felton Band. A Lincoln impersonator will also be at the event. I hear the honorable Obama may even show up. I’ll keep you’ll updated.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm going to the inauguration...

I’m going to the inauguration and I’m really excited. When I return I’ll post pictures and write about my experience. In the meantime Have a Great Weekend!
Also, I’m working on a juicy Deters story. Check back for that post.
(Lincoln Memorial)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thumbs up! Judge "Nasty" Nadel

I suck my thumb. I’ve sucked it since I was a child. Yep my confession. I suck it mostly at night when I go to bed. Pathetic I know. Especially since I’m fully grown. When I was a child my babysitter put pepper on my thumb to stop me from sucking it. It didn’t work. 23 year old Corrine Hill put hot water on the child she was babysitting thumb in an attempt to stop the child from sucking the thumb. The child was burned. Sadly Burned Badly. If I was the mother of the thumb sucker I would have probably opened up a can of whip ass on Corrine Hill and I would want Judge Nadel to punish her. Still I think 4 years in prison is harsh. Especially when you consider that Judge Winkler lets drunk- driver- killers out in 2 years. Yeah I know Nadel said he’d consider letting her out in one year, since she's just given birth to- yikes another baby. I’m thinking out loud. Why not sentence her to 4 years of home incarceration? Parenting classes? Burn her thumbs? I like that one, burn her thumbs. Why not consider alternatives to prison? I know why not. Do you know why not? Judge Nasty Nadel does not like poor people who commit crimes. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. Read the news article below. And below that read the Winkler drunk driver article.

Judge Winkler Has a Heart of Decorated Gold!

This blog is usually dedicated to the criminal acts of “Criminal“ criminal attorney, excuse me civil-less attorney (AKA Hamilton County part-time Prosecutor) Joe Deters. Still, every now and then I will post a blog about a person that appears to exist in Demigod Joe Deters own image. Today that person is-- Ran unopposed, Republican Judge Ralph “Ted” Winkler. Judge Winkler is known by many people as the Judge who is tough on crime. Especially tough on crime as it pertains to people of color, and people who aren’t wealthy and well-connected. Today in the Enquirer there is a story about a fire fighter who drove drunk and killed one person, and injured another. He was sentenced to 4 years. However, after serving only 2 years and 1 month, he is a free man. A free man that has never apologized to the heart broken mother of the woman he killed. Questions: Is 2 years and 1 month enough time for vehicular homicide? Is 4 years? If you give special consideration (apparently he’s a decorated firefighter) to one convicted drunk driver, should you give special consideration to all convicted drunk drivers? After all everybody has a back story, right? Judge Winkler stated, “It’s one of the few cases that I have … actually lost sleep over.” Really Judge? You might be able to catch up on some sleep when you take your place in the hottest part of hell, next to Joe Deters. Finally no law can be considered just, unless it is equally applied to all citizens regardless of race, class, or economic standing. No justice. No peace. Read the story.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Gangsta...Rethug-lican Joe Deters

Now that Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters is at the law firm of Waite, Schneider, Bayless & Chesley... I swear I can’t help but think of that Tom Cruise movie, THE FIRM. If you haven’t seen that movie or haven’t seen it in a while go rent it. If memory serves me correctly, Tom’s character was the good guy who went to work for the bad guys. In the case of Deters, it’s the bad guy, going to work for the bad guys (In fairness, I had never heard of Chesley’s Law office--although I was aware that Chesley was an attorney. I just assumed he was a one man show). Chinese Wall Lawyers AKA Screens. Is that what Deters and Chesley have become? Or what they need to put up? I’ve been searching around the internet to get a clear understanding of exactly what that term means. As I haven’t found a satisfactory definition, I’m going to mosey on over to the law library to do some research and to chat with my friend. My lawyer friend. So far what I’ve found about Chinese Wall Lawyers or Screens-- “A Chinese wall refers to procedures taken by a firm to prevent information obtained while representing a client from being disclosed to employees in the same firm who represent other clients that may profit from the information. For example, procedures may be enforced within a law firm that separate the firm's departments to restrict access to non-public, material information, in order to avoid the illegal use of inside information.” Question: Why in the hell would the Firm hire Deters, given his reputation as a Pay-to-Play dishonest politician? Why?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Call attorney Stan Chesley!

I’m torn to pieces that Chesley’s law firm (Waite, Schneider, Bayless & Chesley) has hired the Pay-to-Play Prosecutor Joe Deters. Our organization's mission is simple--pressure Joe Deters to resign from his position as Hamilton County Prosecutor. If Chesley’s firm, The FIRM, took Deters on full-time than Deters would no longer be the Prosecutor. But on the other hand I’m worried about how many clients Joe’s gonna screw working for Chesley’s firm. Anyway I’m posting Chesley’s law firm information below in case anyone wants to call them and tell them that they made a bad decision in hiring Joe Deters and that his firm is too good to be associated with the Top Prosecutor. I’m trying to take the high road. I really am. But one of our groups goals this year is to hold public servants accountable for their actions. Joe Must Go! Email, fax or call Attorney Stan Chesley. Telephone: (513) 621-0267Fax: (513) 621-0262Cincinnati Office

What is a Prosecutor to do when he's finished in Politics?

Get a second job! So Joe-the-Prosecutor has found himself a second gig? I guess it was a smart move considering rumors are floating that he’s finished in politics because of a Deter Dirty Deeds Laundry List of reasons. Read the story below to see who hired Joe. Now I don’t know much about that law firm, except that one of the lawyers, Chesley, gave some money to help with Obama’s inauguration. Still, I’m going to send a letter to the firm making them aware of their foolish decision to hire Good Ole’ boy Joe. Below I’ve posted some of my favorite comments that I read on the paper of record website about Joe-the-Prosecutor. Skylight wrote Deters took the Proscutor's job only because hewas run-out as Treasurer ( Pay to Play). He has beenwanting out for years. When McCain lost he had to go plan B. Cincyman1 wrote Joe Deters is card carrying, certified piece of human feces. Bottomdrawer wrote I'm sure this hire by Chesley was purely based on merit and has nothing to do with the political benefits of having the head Hamiton County prosecutor as your "employee." Odd that a Democrat is buying a Republican, but I like where Stan's head is at. He's crazy like a fox. Greg Myers wrote The county can 'ill afford' to have a part-time employee running the prosecutors office. If Deters wants to work for Stan Chesley, then go don’t let the door hit you in the a$$. At this critical time, we want a person in that office that is 100% focused on that leadership position. Greg Myers