Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Raise a thousand dollars worth of hell in the New Year--and answer some questions!

Typing this from my Christmas blackberry and with great difficulty. Forgive any and all typos. This screen is so tiny.

OK I had to jump of that tiny "suck" blackberry.  Anyway, there are a lot of positive things that  I plan to do in the New Year.
The biggest thing that  I want to do is to live my life more purposefully. I never forgot that the man upstairs has a purpose and plan for each of our lives. I don't understand it totally, but the bank robbery was His plan for Andrew's life.  That one still hurts. It really does.

I made a pact with my friend, an attorney, to up the stakes and we both agreed that in 2010 we were going to raise a boat load of hell!That's not a contradiction of living your life with a deliberate purpose, I don't think, because sometimes to get your voice heard you have to give em' hell. 
Giving them hell does not mean that you do anything stupid or illegal (can you believe those protesters actually tripped the runner at the Olympic trials--that was whacked and mean), it means that if you have to come out with creative ways to let your voice be heard--than by any means necessary. 

Happy New Year Blog Readers.   Some questions to ponder:

What was the highlight of your year?  Why was it so significant to you?

The highlight of my year was seeing my cousin graduate from college. Positive, young black man.

What was the biggest challenge you overcame this year?  In what ways are you stronger because of it?  Who did you call to help you through it.?

The biggest challenge that I overcame this year was writing my book. Oh, and producing the Halloween play "Murder on Thick wit-it hill" In about 45 days I came up with a concept for a play, pulled my younger cousin TNT in to help me write and co-produce, and the play was not God awful. Obviously it had flaws, but it wasn't God awful and we received great feedback.  I'm stronger because of that play because often I let lack of perfection hold me back. As an example I knew my book or that play was not perfect. But it was perfectly-completed. I completed two projects. That's a good thing because I sometimes don't complete my projects.

What brought you joy this year?  How could you incorporate more of it into your life in the New Year?

I’m pretty pleased that my younger son is on track to graduate. That has brought me joy. He’s not an academic star, but he’s on the field.  He’s well-mannered and easy going, and he’s a joy.  How can I get more joy in my life?  I guess if I continue to allow myself to form friendships. I’ve met some cool friends this year.

What are you most grateful for in 2009? Why?

The book.  My book.  I wrote that little imperfect thang. And I’m proud of it.

Humbly, Sincerely,

FBK CAJD- my little imperfect-perfect blog.