Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hutzel-Deters-White The Prosecutors

Not all Prosecutors are three letter words. Joe. Don. Not all Prosecutors fall for the okie doke AKA bullshit--I forgot my baby in my car/mini van for 8 hours while I went to work. Jodi Edwards and Brenda Nessleroad-Slaby. CAJD is willing to give these women the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they really forgot their precious bundle of joys in their vehicles. Maybe they did. Still their behavior was reckless. Still the women should have been charged. For the record CAJD has no beef with Clermont county Prosecutor Don White. White appears to be a equal opportunity Prosecutor. If there is such a thing. He prosecutes ALL. The white, wealthy, and well-connected. The White, broke and meth addicted. The Black, broke, crack addicted. Rachel Hutzel has got moxy baby! She’s got a pair for sure. She’s also an equal opportunity Prosecutor. She will prosecute and give a white suburban kid a felony in a New York minute. But she’ll also give a white suburban kid or black kid a break if she feels it’s warranted. Hutzel doesn’t appear to prosecute according to skin color. She doesn’t walk around making reckless and unprofessional comments. She’s been married about 30 years and according to CAJD’s sources she doesn’t hump around on her husband Jeff Blazey.
The Widmer case http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20090331/NEWS0107/303310053/0/NEWS01 CAJD hasn’t been following this case very closely. Except to take notice that if you got the dough, you can get a pretty damn good defense team, experts and the works.
Signing off. BTW there is a date. July is the book release date. More details about CAJD’s book later. Joe’s not gonna be happy about the book. He’s not going to be happy.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Joe's BOY Jim

Joe’s boy Jim
Is a big ole’ freak. Last week on cincinnati.com there was a really sad story about a high school senior who sent nude pictures to her boyfriend via her cell phone (sexting). Some how the picture got sent around, and people begin giving her a hard time and calling her nasty names. Apparently the ridicule became so overwhelming and the young woman ended up hanging herself in her bedroom. She was later found by her mother. In the March 26, 2009 (Thursday) edition of Jim’s rag sheet The Whistleblower. Jim, Joe’s boy, writes this in reference to the story--
“Yesterday, everybody was talking about how our good friend Bobby Leach was outraged because all those over-sexed teenagers were “sexting” nude pictures to each other on their cell phones. So do you know what would really make Bobby mad? All of you horny high schoolers out there should “sext” your best beaver shots to The Blower, and we’ll publish them online. Better yet, if you guys have some erotic images of your moms, you could “sext” them along, too— especially if they’re MILFs. Because let’s face it, porn is…”
What person in their right freakin’ mind would even joke about the above mentioned?
Joe’s boy Jim appears to be a sick-o. Jim’s boy Joe Smoe-the-Prosecutor must go!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Thieves-- Why aren’t the AIG executes in jail? If the AIG people are the best and the brightest why did they screw everything up? Why isn’t Joe Deters on his way to jail for engaging Pay-to-Play politics like Gov. Blogo (allegedly)? For humping the hooker in the car in Cleveland? Why do white collar crooks always get away? Or so they think! It’s Sunday 12:20 am…well Monday. CAJD is tired. Excuse the shitty blog posting. This blog no longer allows anonymous comments (as many of you have figured out) Haters if you won’t to debate don’t post hate. Or if you post hate, leave your email so that we can punish you in writing.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader? Take the Deters Quiz!

You decide. See below best of Joe Deters' quotes. Take the quiz. Which quotes are real and which quotes are false. Answers after the quiz.

“This is off the charts weird…like really weird. He‘s a pig” Referring to Morgue worker in Cincinnati who admitted to having sex with the corpse in the morgue. “If we could put (criminals) in a steel cage and let them shoot each other, that would be great,” From article ‘Deters blast officials on crime.’ “My M-I-L is a better hump than my wife.” From the movie The Graduate. "Deters said his office would seek the death penalty in the deaths of Esme Kenney and Sharee Crawford. He called Kirkland an animal and said he needed to be killed. He said he would not accept any sort of deal where Kirkland could escape death in exchange for possible information on possibly more bodies. “These are innocent – innocent – victims being hunted down by a predatory animal,” Deters said. The deaths aren’t the first time Kirkland has been accused of killing someone." Referring to Anthony Kirkland the human being who committed heinous, heinous acts. Will Deters reckless comments taint the jury poll? Will Kirkland walk free? “You my Boy Jim. I’m your Boy. I love when you joke with me about assassinating President Barack Obama.” “I love when you tell hooker jokes. I love hookers.” Deters speaking with his BFF Jim Schifrin (of the racist low rate tip sheet the Whistleblower) “No I didn’t test her for drugs. It wasn’t my duty to test her. Under the law I have nothing to charge her with.” Deters phone in interview on the Lincoln Ware show, referring to baby forgetter-killer Jodi Edwards. “Sure the cops busted me in the back seat of a car in Cleveland humping a hooker. So what, I like whores.” Joe Deters comments to a colleague that questioned him about being caught in the back seat of a car in Cleveland, having sex with a prostitute. “Those babies deserve a home. I would hope their gifts don’t go to waste. I don’t want to see a mother go to jail.” Referring to Victoria Lasita mother of two sets of triplets, with triple sex drive, accused of writing bad checks. And there were accusations made against her that she set her house on fire.

"Amy Baker, yeah I cut a deal with her. Usually I prefer wealthy, well-connected, white people... but Baker...she's white trash like me. Give me a white trash woman over a black ghetto woman anyday."

Referring to Amy "threesome" Baker who helped her lovers chain bless-his-heart Marcus Fiesel in a closet where he pee pee’d and defecated on himself.

"Hell nah I didn't visit bless-her-heart Sharee Crawford's family or Bless-her-heart Mary Joe Newton's family. I don't visit the ghetto or the trailer park. Every since I left my own trailer park...I ain't never won't to see a trailor park...ever...you hear me."

Deters on why he only visited bless-her-heart Esme Kenny's family. “I don’t care if they can split the atom. I don’t care if they are Harvard graduates. I don’t care.” Referring to CAJD beloved son.

Congratulations. You are definitely smarter than Joe the Persecutor. All of your answers are correct.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why did Joe Deters cut a deal with Amy Baker for Marcus Fiesel's ashes?

Let CAJD be clear. We don't think Deters should cut a deal with Kirkland. Still it amazes us how easily the whore humping, grab a GOP white man by the balls and force him to pay-to-play persecutor can so easily switch hats. One minute he’s a conservative-evangelical blow hard that is pro life. Then he goes to the Macbeth fountain and washes the blood of baby Jenna Edwards off his hands. Afterwards he refuses to charge Jodi Edwards for leaving babyJenna in the hot mini van to bake. When Dr. Odell stuck a thermometer up baby Jenna’s behind, the temperature soared way past 100 degrees. Before that case Deters went in a back room and cut a deal with Amy “threesome” Baker. Tell me where little Marcus ashes were dumped and I'll give you immunity poor white trash. CAJD can imagine Deters stating the aformentioned and also this “Baker I don’t usually give your type Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free-Cards, I prefer to give cards to white, wealthy and well-connected--but consider today, your lucky day.” RECKLESS COMMENTS NOT NEEDED FOR HEINOUS ACT "Deters said his office would seek the death penalty in the deaths of Esme Kenney and Sharee Crawford.He called Kirkland an animal and said he needed to be killed. He said he would not accept any sort of deal where Kirkland could escape death in exchange for possible information on possibly more bodies.“These are innocent – innocent – victims being hunted down by a predatory animal,” Deters said.The deaths aren’t the first time Kirkland has been accused of killing someone." READ THE STORY http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20090317/NEWS0107/303170030 RIP Sharee Crawford Esme Kenny. Jenna Edwards Marcus Fiesel. Deters will reap the hate he sows.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Does Deters Seek Death penalty in Black on Black murder cases?

CAJD knew it would happen. We knew that the part-time Prosecutor and criminal excuse me civil attorney (with a conflict of interest), would once again switch his Prosecutor’s hat with the almighty Persecutor’s hat. Deters appears to love high profile cases. Let’s be clear it probably makes Deters’ stomach turn when he thinks about how that big black man brutally murdered that innocent little white girl. For once Deters has something in common with CAJD because our stomach turns when we think of Kirkland‘s brutal attack on Kenny. How could Kirkland do that to Kenny? Why? Here’s why and how. When Kirkland murdered the 19-year old black woman and set her body on fire, Deters didn’t give a rat‘s ass. Even if he wasn’t the Prosecutor back than, most people are aware that Deters cares nothing about black on black crime. Black on Black crime doesn’t give Deters an opportunity to grandstand or to get ready for his close-up. Sure Kirkland was locked up for 16 years in that warehouse that some call a prison under a semi-controlled environment with staffers (although not nearly enough to properly watch the prison population). Possibly he was locked up with no treatment, no meds. Possibly there were a few reasons why Kirkland was able to control his insatiable desire to murder, burn, and penetrate girls and women while he was in prison: They probably kept his delusional ass in the hole. And secondly his insatiable and perverted sexually desire was not directed toward men not even prison bitches as some call themselves. This is Deters second time around these parts as Prosecutor. There was a period of time when he went up to Columbus and engaged in grab a GOP white man by the balls and make them Pay-to-Play in politics. On his way back down from Columbus he stopped off in Cleveland (I hear Cleveland has got the best hookers) and humped a hooker, allegedly. In the back seat of a car (allegedly). Deters trots on back to Cincinnati (some say with his tail between his burning balls and legs) where he writes in his name for his old job as Prosecutor. Most or some of us are aware of former Prosecutor Mike Allen’s story. Now comes the case of the murdered store owner. I believe this man was an immigrant. That makes no difference except that I believe that Deters would not pursue the death penalty against this poor man’s murderer if it did not benefit DemiGod Deters' resume. Poor Mister elderly immigrant would be another OTR dead man if he couldn’t didn’t have a white skin complexion, and if his case didn’t make the evening news. Why does it appear that Deters only wants to get tough on crime when the trespassed against are wealthy, white, and well-connected. At least two of the aforementioned traits are needed if you expect Deters to hold a press conference on your behalf. Deters will never hold a press conference to state that he is seeking the death penalty against a black person who kills a black person. It will never happen! Know why? Because Deters believes, as his HNIC told CAJD, that black people should worry about black on black crime. Most of us do. CAJD believes that no person of color will get justice from Deters in Hamilton County.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Insomnia leads to discovery of young Joe Deters

So it’s 2:00 am in the morning and I can’t sleep. I’m surfing the internet--the New York Times book reviews. I’m checking the book reviews because it won’t be long before my book makes it to the NY time's best selling list. Anyway, I run across a book by young Tucker. Law student. Yale graduate. Self-proclaimed ass hole. His words not mine. Tucker writes a blog http://www.tuckermax.com/ Tucker’s book is titled: I HOPE THEY SERVE BEER IN HELL.

After reading Tucker’s blog and one entry about him having anal sex with a woman only to have her diarrhea on his penis. I am floored (although I couldn’t help LOL) and have to shut down my computer. Tucker appears to be sick. I can’t help but think that he has to be the apple of his parent’s eyes. LOL. Anyway young Tucker reminds me of what a young Joe Deters might have been like in his younger years. Tucker is “off the chain.” And just for the record Tucker-- if just by the off chance, I’m side tracked and end up in hell next to you, or Joe Deters….I hope they serve beer to. Budweiser.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Joe Deters and GOP: LOL

Actually it's no laughing matter. And actually there are good GOP. Locally there's Jean Schmidt, the new and improved Chalie Winburn, Timothy Cutcher. Certainly there are others, perhaps too many to name. However my overall impression of the local GOP party (Joe, Alex, Peter, Jim (Whistleblower), Bill, Tom, Kenneth, Si, the other Tom, --no last names needed can be best summed up by reading the column below. Or as Jazzy puts it--ALL THE KINGS HORSES AND ALL THE KINGS MEN COULDN'T PUT THAT OLD DECRIPT RE-THUG-LICAN PARTY BACK TOGETHER AGAIN. Grow up guys. Or at least grow a pair for God's sake. http://www.miamiherald.com/living/columnists/leonard-pitts/story/936588.html lpitts@miamiherald.com

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reckless Comments and Racist Headlines NOT needed for HEINOUS crime

Reckless Comments and Racist Headlines NOT needed for HEINOUS crime First CAJD extends our heartfelt condolences to the family of Esme Kenney. Heaven’s got another angel. My prayer to Kenney and to my beloved angel Grandmother who passed with this passed July, is that you’ll will ask God to look down upon ALL racist men, and touch their racist hearts. Help them to understand that as public servants they need not engage in reckless name calling and call mentally ill human beings, animals. Asks God to help the Cincinnati Enquirer reporters and columnist understand that they need not write racist headlines that fuel the fire of racial tension in Cincinnati. Help them to understand, that dogs and not humans get loose. Beloved grandmother and Esme ask God to deal with the mentally ill Anthony Kirkland swiftly and harshly according to His will. Thank God for me-- for lifting an African-American man to the highest position in the land, and for calling upon our President to demonstrate in both actions and words, that what the world really needs now is love among all races. Ask God to shame and strip the racist naked so that the racist can longer hide behind hypocritical evangilical falsehoods. MY DIRECT PRAYER Father I ask that you forgive Joe Deters for his reckless comments about the morgue worker. Father I asked that you forgive Alex M. Triantafilou for his outright racist comments about Anthony Kirkland. Father I ask that you punish Anthony Kirkland swiftly and harshly for his heinous act of murder. Father I ask that you “treat” the racist reporters and columnist at the Enquirer for the disease of hate. Father, I thank you for teaching commissioner David Pepper how to express himself, without expressing hate. Father I thank you for being the only One that can judge. Amen See the stories below. http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20090310/NEWS0107/303100033 Deters on corpse abuse. They want to fan the flames of fear http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20090310/NEWS0107/903100391 Nice racist title for article. http://hcrp.blogspot.com/2009/03/tuesday-early.html Tryingtofoolya’s reckless comment. About the mentally ill.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Monday! Playing the Race Card!

Black Baby Dead. Where’s the outcry? From the community? From the black community? Joe Deters? http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20090301/NEWS01/903010323/-1/TODAY White college student charged. How will it play out. Will she get the Joe Deters’ hook up for the white, wealthy, and well-connected? http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20090307/NEWS0107/903070369/0/TODAY: White girl murdered? Black man charged. They will hang him. If he’s convicted he certainly deserves the harshest punishment possible. Would there be a difference in punishment if the girl he allegedly murdered was black? http://news.cincinnati.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?Dato=20090309&Kategori=NEWS0107&Lopenr=303090007&Ref=AR America unscrambled. I am race. DUE TO OUTRIGHT RACIST COMMENTS BEING SENT TO CAJD. Temporarily we will no longer allow anonymous post. If you want to post, leave your email. Happy Monday.

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Enqui-liar reporter. A Persecutor and a Criminal...


"Criminal" criminal attorney, and two young men caught in the just-us system. Joe Deters chronicle continues. TALE OF TWO ANDREWS Andrew Jones. Andrew Warrington

What's in a name? What's in a last name? They say black slaves took on the last name of their slave masters. That seems plausible considering African-American Andrew's last name is Butler. Hey, the effects of slavery live on. On the other hand I wonder how Caucasian Andrew Warrington obtained his last name. The name Warrington sounds like old money. Like Carrington. Probably I watched too much 80's TV voila Dynasty. A brief background on both Andrews. From here on out the Andrews will be referred to as black or white. The black Andrew. The white Andrew. The black Andrew was nineteen years old preparing to start his 3rd year of college when he was dubbed "College Tuition Bank Robber" by the media and public because he robbed a bank for college tuition. Andrew was born with everything. Good heart. Good looks. Spirit of charity. Two caring, supportive, parents. Loving family and friends. The white Andrew was sixteen years old when he was dubbed "Hyde Park Teen Brother Killer" by the media and the public because he beat his brother to death with a baseball bat. It appears the white Andrew was born wealthy judging from the house he was living in at the time he murdered his brother. He was a nice looking kid, with two seemingly loving parents. Friends say he had a good heart and fun-loving spirit. When mother of the black Andrew learned he had been accused of robbing a bank for college tuition she had a panic attack and was taken to Bethesda North hospital where she had to be sedated and consoled. Her ex-husband picked her up from the hospital. When mother of the white Andrew learned her son Andrew, beat his older brother to death with a baseball bat. She was shown on the news having what appeared to be a break down/panic attack. She looked sedated as she was being consoled by her ex-husband and police officers. Her ex-husband was seen escorting her away from the crime. The black Andrew's Dad and Mom hired "Criminal" Criminal attorney Thomas Heekin, Jr. The white Andrew's mom hired fellow attorney, and family friend, Thomas Heekin Jr. Same attorney. Different Toms. The black Andrew's family was contacted by nearly every credible and not so credible news outlet in America (and Germany and Tokoyo too!). When the black Andrew's family referred the media outlets to "Criminal" Criminal attorney Thomas Heekin Jr. he told the family he "didn't do press." In fact, he never stood next to the black Andrew in any court proceedings covered by the news. Secretly "Criminal" Criminal attorney told the black Andrew’s mom this about her son, “It was the strangest thing, the Reading police said your son was the nicest bank robber ever! Still “Criminal” Criminal attorney Thomas Heekin Jr. did not visit the black Andrew when he was hospitalized in the Justice center Psychiatric ward on a 3-day suicide hold. Nor did he attempt to obtain a mental evaluation from the court despite the black Andrew being held for 20 days in the jails mental hospital. Same attorney different Tom's. Highly esteemed and respected Attorney Thomas Heekin Jr. “does” press on Andrew Warrington’s behalf. Here’s what he told news reporter John London at WLWT-TV (channel 5) when he asked Heekin if the psychotic break came before or after the murder, "I'm not going to comment on that at this point. I think that's for doctors to decide. They're the ones who will have to articulate that. Well let them decide that at future hearings," "There have been no problems with Andrew at 20 20 whatsoever. He's been nothing but a well-behaved young man up there and the drawing was a drawing. So, I can't comment any further than that.” (note he's referring to the white Andrew's self portrait of himself holding a BIG gun while he was in the youth detention center). Heekin was able to get the white Andrew transferred from 20 20 detention center to Children's hospital psychiatric ward. Highly esteemed and respected attorney Heekin was photographed by a Cincinnati Enqui-liar photo reporter walking alongside the mother of white Andrew holding an umbrella to protect her from what appeared to be rain. Dirty Prosecutor Joe Deters tried the black Andrew in the media. Here’s what Deters told the media, “I don’t care if they can split the atom. I don’t care if they are Harvard graduates. I don’t care.” When Dirty Deters learned Andrew’s parents were invited on the Good Morning America show to discuss Andrew’s break down and depression over college financial woes, Deters flat out lynched the black Andrew. He convicted him in the public eyes before he ever went to court. The Honorable Prosecutor Joe Deters issued this brief statement re: the white Andrew, "This case is a tragedy on many levels. It will be handled as we handle similar cases." Prosecutors want Andrew tried as an adult. That matter will be dealt with in juvenile court June 2, 2005. Notice the next quote states (plural) Prosecutors want the white Andrew prosecuted as an adult. It does not state that Prosecutor (singular Joe Deters) wants Andrew tried as an adult. Same Prosecutor. Different Joes. When the magistrate asked the white Andrew if he had any questions about the court proceedings, he answered, "No, sir." When the judge asked the black Andrew if there was anything he wanted to say before his sentence he replied: "It was a lapse of judgment. It was completely out of character." Different Andrews. Different “no need to run for re-election” Republican judges. Liar, liar pen on fire reporter Sharon-the-mother Coolidge of the Cincinnati Enqui-liar wrote this headline about the black Andrew. Bank robber had options: Mother said he threw it all away. Mother never said that! Coolidge asked the black Andrew’s mother to wear a scarf on hair (think head rags worn by slaves during slavery) for the picture of mother that would appear in newspapers. Extremely honest and gifted reporter Sharon Coolidge wrote this headline about white Andrew: Brother’s killer insane, not guilty. Same reporter. Different Sharons. This are the truths in black or white. America unscrambled. I am race. .

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Early HUMP day GIFT for Doe Jeters

Hamilton County Persecuting Office
It is not the critic who counts. Not the man who points out how the Persecutor has stumbled or where the path of his dirty deeds lead. The credit belongs to the attorney who actually told me that Deters got busted humping the hooker in the backseat of the car in Cleveland.

Her face might have been marred by sweat and cum. Did he strive to protect her valiantly when they were busted by the cop. He who errs and continues to come up short again and again. Who knows the great devotions; who spends themselves a worthy cause.

Who, at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with timid souls who know never see defeat. I have done my part.

I have fought long and hard. And not just for my son. It has always been the needs of the people that I have placed first and foremost. Knowledge is Power.

Exposure can compel action, even if through shaming those who should have NOT acted immorally, unethically or illegally.

Deters' my pastor always says, "be sure your sins will find you out."

Coming soon!

FBK is a black writer who speaks truth to power. 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Joe Deters Book chapter (raw and unedited)

This raw unedited post was written in 2009.  

JOE DETERS’ CHRONICLE “ I don’t care if they can split the atom. I don’t care if they are Harvard graduates. I don’t care.” Those 20 words were the most conservative that I’d ever heard.

Those 20 words that were meant for my beloved son Andrew is what started my person Jihad against Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters.

It’s the reason I started the grassroots organization Citizens Against Joe Deters along with the blog, to protest the unprofessional conduct of possibly the most dangerous and reckless commenting

Prosecutor in Hamilton County’s history. There were many people throughout Andrew’s journey into dream deferred that I didn’t like for various reasons.

But I hated Joe Deters. I hate Joe Deters. I hate Joe Deters the Hamilton County Prosecutor. I hate his actions. I hate the brand. I hate the man. I hate that man, and I hate to admit it.

Growing up I was taught to never hate anyone. And I never have hated anyone except Joe Deters. Joe Deters is the only man that I’ve never met, and hated. I acknowledge that Joe Deters, nor any of the players I found myself disliking during this ordeal, didn’t put the hatchet in my back (put Andrew in jail).

They didn’t put the hatchet in but they turned it a notch or two, and in the case of Joe Deters--several thousand notches, once it was in my back. It hurts. I reacted. I’m still reacting. I’m still in a lot of pain.

I translated Deters ‘atom’ comment to mean this: Your son is a young, black bank robber. He is no difference than any other young, black criminal. I’m not going to consider any factors as it pertains to young, black men who commit crimes. That’s what I heard out of Joe Deters’ mouth.

That’s what I heard him say. That statement that I heard convicted my beloved son Andrew, in the public before he was convicted in the court of law. It felt like a public lynching. It was a reckless comment for Deters to make because it’s impossible to split the fucking atom!

I had read somewhere that a German scientist split the atom. I think he split it. I believe he was the only person to do so. Wow! Was Joe Deters really not going to take any other factors into consideration when sentencing Andrew?

Was he not going to take into consideration that Andrew had no criminal record?

That he was a community volunteer, and that he took a working spring break in New Orleans to help victims of Hurricane Katrina?

That he took ROTC classes and was considering joining the army to serve his country and to get college tuition assistance?

Was Joe Deters really not going to take any of those factors into consideration?

Deters’ reputation was that he was tough on crime and I found that to be true except when it was in regards to citizens who were white, wealthy, and well-connected. The prerequisite was that you had to have at least two of those traits.

I recognized, as did Andrew, that he would have to pay severely for the crimes that he committed. Still, I believed my beloved Andrew was worthy of having mitigating circumstances taken into consideration. Deters ‘atom’ was a racist conservative statement at its worst.

The statement clearly indicated that he would not take any mitigating circumstances into consideration when sentencing my son.  HE CONVICTED MY SON IN THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION.

As I begin researching other public comments made by Joe Deters as it pertained to minorities and the white poor who commit crimes, people whom Deters considered the ‘least of them’, I found evidence that supported my belief that Deters was unable to be an effective and impartial advocate for justice.

 For suspects for whom myself and my cousin jokingly called the ‘bluest eye suspects’ Deters would switch his Prosecutor’s hat with a defense attorney’s hat. In some cases Deters appeared to go out on a limb to prevent a white defendant from being charged.

There are a few cases that I remember as if it were yesterday, in which Deters switched from a Prosecutor’s hat to a defense attorney/s hat. A woman named Victoria Lasita gave birth to two sets of triplets and made national headlines. Later Lasita’s house burned down and she received an outpouring of local support from the community.

Shortly after Lasita was charged with writing several bad checks, and there were allegations, although not substantiated, that she burned down her house. Prosecutor Deters was quoted in the news as stating that he didn’t want to see a mother with children in jail. I was floored. I did not believe Deters would take that position in regards to a black mother.

I believed Deters gave Lasita a ‘get out of jail free card’ because she’d become a media darling. Matthew Combs, a white man, was growing a large quantity of weed in his house. His house burned down and sadly two of America’s finest-two fire fighters lost their lives.

Deters did not prosecute Combs for the firefighters death stating that it was not the weed that Combs was growing, but flower plants that caused his house to catch on fire and that caused the firefighters to plummet to their death. What a smoke screen. I contend that if Matthew Combs had been Malik Combs (a black man),

Deters would have charged his black ass with something. He would have connected the flower plants with the weed plants and Combs black ass would be in jail.

The case that blew myself and many in the community away, was the case of Jodi Edwards. Edwards a white mother and professor at a Christian college, left her 11-month old baby in her mini-van for over 8 hours while she worked. She stated that gosh-she forgot. Yep, gosh she forgot her baby in the hot van. Sadly, the baby baked. When the coroner stuck a thermometer up the baby’s butt, the temperature soared way past 100 degrees.

Deters took what seemed like an eternity to decide if he would prosecute Edwards. Many of us knew that he wouldn’t charge Edwards. Especially after Deters wrote an editorial in the paper of record. The editorial seemed to prepare many outraged citizens as to why he couldn’t charge her. A few days later when he held a press conference to announce that he would not charge the mother, it came as no surprise.

The aforementioned are just a few of the many cases that I researched that supported my belief that Deters dishes out double-standard justice.

The incident that started my first feud with Joe Deters was the case of an elderly white woman, Helen Hirsch, who found herself in hot water with Deters. Hirsch met at least two of the qualifications that Deters seems to require for an individual to qualify for a ‘get out of jail free card‘.

However, Deters took issue with Hirsch because she messed with his mama and other family members. Hirsch lived in the same condominiums as Deters’ mother. The condos were located near a prestigious, predominantly white high school that Deters had attended. When the incident happened with Hirsch, my black cousin was a student at the school.

High school football games at the school are very popular. It’s difficult, if not impossible to find parking in Joe Deters‘ mama’s neighborhood during football games.. Fans park where they can, often to the dismay of residents. According to the story reported in the paper of record, Hirsch was so irritated by people attending the games and parking in her condo’s parking lot, that she often harassed and menaced the football fans..

One evening she became so angry with the fans that she went on a car vandalizing spree, and damaged 17 cars to the tune of 40,000. She was caught after Joe Deters hired a detective and installed a camera to catch whomever was responsible for the vandalism. In Hirsch’s case Deters played both Prosecutor and Defense attorney when prosecuting her.

He stated that her one woman crime spree was the result of her being diabetic and having low blood sugar. Deters agreed to drop charges provided Hirsch agreed to the following conditions: She had to move away from her condo. She had to pay restitution. She was allowed to enter a diversion program. I was angry.

Not because I didn’t have empathy for the woman, but because I knew for a fact that Deters did take into consideration if Hirsch could split the atom. I knew that if my black cousin who attended the school, along with my son Phoneix who is the same age as my cousin--had they committed the same offense,

Deters would have thrown their black behinds under the jail. No mitigating circumstances would have been taken into consideration when Prosecuting them. This is was typical Deters. Compassion for people who commit crimes that have the bluest eye.

And what I term “disdain sentences” for people of color who commit crimes. I was outraged by Hirsch’s slap on the wrist. I wrote Deters a letter and faxed it to his office. November 7, 2007

To: Joseph T. Deters, Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney


Re: Double Standards Mr. Deters in recent news articles to ABC news online, the Cincinnati Enquirer and other outlets you state that you are tough on crime. Yet you appear to use prosecutorial discretion in several cases over the past year.

In an article that appeared on December 6, 2007 in the Cincinnati Enquirer online you had the opportunity to charge Helen Hirsch with Felony vandalism for vandalizing 17 cars. Instead, she was allowed to pay restitution and the 1,100 surveillance cost in exchange for dismissal of charges.

Also, Mrs. Hirsch could have been charged with other crimes as she confronted St. X fans in an hostile manner. The article states that such a crime is not one you generally take interest in but the damaged cars belong to your son and two brothers and that your mother lived in the condos where Ms. Hirsch resides--so you took an interest.

The article also states that Ms. Hirsch blamed her low blood sugar on her vandalism crime spree.

Well Mr. Deters with all due respect--I don't care if Ms. Hirsch has no prior criminal record. I don't care if she can split the atom. She should be prosecuted.

How dare she vandalize cars and terrorize innocent fans. How dare she. I await your response.


Shortly after I faxed the letter to Deters’ office, I received a call from Andrew’s “Criminal” criminal attorney, Tom Heekin, per the request of Joe Deters. It was the longest conservation that I’d ever had with Heekin to date.

 Heekin was going bonkers on the phone. He told me that Deters was angry about the letter that I faxed to him. He questioned my sanity, since I had questioned Deters’ prosecutorial integrity. He questioned my letter writing capabilities.

He asked me who taught me how to write that letter. We all know that black folks can’t right, write? Can’t write, right? He asked me who wrote that letter for me.

He questioned my connections. What organization are you working for? Whose behind your attack on Joe Deters?

He told me that Deters had insulted my son and asked, “How can she compare her bank robber son with an old lady who banged up a few cars with a screw driver?

Again Deters had displayed his bluest eye sympathy card. Heekin told me that if I held out any hope for my son to get a lighter sentence, that was different from the 20 year plea deal that they were offering, that I should write a letter to Joe Deters and apologize. Heekin gave me two hours to write Deters an apology letter.

The letter that I wrote and faxed Deters was nothing special. I didn’t understand why Deters the chief legal representative of Hamilton County would pout about a letter of criticism. Surely, he’d gotten letters of criticism before.

When I hung up the phone with Tom Heekin, I cried. What I’d been asked to do reminded me of what slaves were asked to do during slavery. Slaves were ask to apologize to the “Master” when they had done nothing wrong.

After my weep fest, I had a moment in which I felt empowered that Joe Deters had taken my faxed letter personally, and that my letter at the very least caused him to have a bad day.

I made a mental note to see to it that Deters has many more bad days. Furthermore his reaction to my letter confirmed my belief that the pen is a powerful weapon. I felt like Oz, in the Wizard of Oz.

Remember how everybody in that movie was terrified of Oz? That is until the tiny man emerged from behind that curtain and the microphone.

Once Oz’s identify was revealed everybody felt silly that they had been afraid of the tiny person who did not appear to be anywhere near powerful. I had two hours to write an apology letter to the Massa (Master) Joe Deters.

The agreement was that if I wrote the letter to Joe-the-Master, he would meet with beloved Drew's attorney and together they would agree on a lighter sentence. That was the Deal. Here is the letter I wrote in less than 2 hours.

 Dear Mr. Deters; I wish to apologize to you for my earlier faxed letter in which I attacked your prosecutorial integrity. As a loving mother with a beloved son facing twenty or more years in prison for an inconceivable crime; I feel desperate, overwhelmed, heart broken, defeated, deflated, blameful, and shameful. As I have spent the last couple of hours speaking to my son's attorney,

Mr. Tom Heekin, whose advice I trust and under his legal guidance and compassionate spirit; I now realize that attacking your creditability, which I cannot reliably comment on, will not gamer the results that I so desperately desire.

While Mr. Heekin has explained that I may be hoping for too much it is my desire to have my remorseful son be given a hybrid sentence of five years and fifteen years of monitored probation. The four and Yz months that my son has spent in jail has lead him to rededicate his life to Christ, and reflect on his terrible mistake. Being in jail has given him more real life education than his two years of college.

Andrew told me that he now realizes that desperate circumstances lead to severe consequences.
Andrew is an extremely bright kid with lot's of book sense but little common sense. Because the jail is merely a warehouse for criminals and affords inmates an enormous amount of idol time to perfect their criminal behavior;

Andrew uses his time in jail to mentor to misguided criminals and to reflect on his memoir tentatively titled-If, if was for sale. I chuckled when Andrew told me that if he had a penny towards his college tuition for every time the word 'IF' was: used in regards to his fate (IF you hadn't committed the robbery ... IF, IF, IF) he could pay off his tuition and my student loans too. Sadly, it's one of few laughs we have shared since his incarceration.

Mr. Deters once again I would like to sincerely apologize to you. Please do not allow my letter to cause you to not reconsider a recommendation to lower Andrew's sentence. I wish you peace and blessing during this holiday season.

Sincerely, fbk

 After this letter came the deal. Here’s the letter (Decided not to post)

The letter was different from my verbal agreement with the Heekin. During Heekin’s conversation with me, he told me that the judge would state publicly, and that it would be reported in the media that Andrew would receive 20 years.

However, he told me that Andrew would serve 12 years. I waited for what seemed like an eternity for the 12-year agreement letter to arrive. The letter never arrived. The letter that did arrive was a poorly written letter that Heekin dictated to his secretary because he was out of the country. The secretary mailed the letter.

The letter was different from what Heekin discussed with me. I tried to contact the “Criminal” criminal attorney Heekin to dispute the letter. He never returned my phone calls. I made plans to confront Heekin at his office regarding the letter.

Finally his incompetent secretary confirmed to me that Heekin was out of the country. Shortly after, I took the letter to an appeals attorney. The attorney told me that the letter could be used as toilet paper. He stated that in Andrew’s official paperwork, it stated that he was given 20 years. It was the Deal that was not.

Realizing that the deal was non-existent. I felt betrayed by all parties involved that brokered the deal. My mind could not escape the Deters ‘atom’ comment. I made several copies of the letter for safe keeping. I sent a letter to Andrew and several other people. One copy of the letter I took to the bathroom with me and wiped my behind as I wept.

Wiping my behind with a copy of the letter may be funny to some and pathetic to others, but for me it was another way to start the healing process. The healing and the hoping process. I hoped that even though the deal agreement wasn’t in Andrew’s official record, I still clung to the belief that Heekin and Deters, and the other players that brokered the deal, would keep their word.

A plethora of unanswered questions bounced in my head. What if Deters wasn’t the Prosecutor in 12 years? What if he died? Who would see to it that the deal was honored? Why wasn’t Heekin returning my phone calls? Were would Heekin be in 12 years?

Were would the Judge be in 12 years? I was an emotional wreck. I concluded that Deters needed to be punished but because I still clung to hope I had to punish Deters secretly. I started sending Joe Deters anonymous mail.

Whenever I would read something unfavorable about Deters, and there was a lot of unfavorable information about him, I would print the information (usually an article), along with comments made by other readers of the article, and mail it to Deters. I did this for several months without putting a return address on the mail.

As time passed so did the sobering reality that the deal was not to be. Slowly I became less anonymous in sending mail to Deters. I started putting my PO box address on the mail. Still I was making up names of groups such as Citizens for Fair Prosecution and Citizens for Equal Treatment. After some time I came out closet so to speak.

That is to say I begin to openly criticize Deters because the more time that passed, the more I believed it was the deal that was not. I believed that if I put public pressure on Deters he would have no choice but to keep his agreement.

Thus the birth of the group Citizens Against Joe Deters. At first I was just a one woman show, but than my cousin and other family members came on board. We made poster boards, postcards, held protest, and sent out mail.

My cousin even made me a t-shirt in which she drew Joe Deters face on it. As time moved forward we were able to get some media play and folks came out of the woodwork, in support of our group. Most just wanted to join the group and learn more about our activities. The second or 3rd protest I held against Joe Deters I put myself in danger.

 Through a news article I became aware that 2008 Presidential candidate/team McCain and Palin would be at a rally in Lebanon, Ohio. The same town where Andrew is in prison. I figured since Joe Deters was McCain’s S.W. Ohio chair at the time, he’d be there. I bought a display board which is significantly bigger than poster board and it can stand without holding it.

I wrote the words Citizens Against Joe Deter Against John McCain’s S.W. Ohio chair pick. It was raining hard that day when I drove into the Mayberry town of Lebanon. When I got there-in the middle of no where I saw long, long, really long lines, of white people. Most wore wearing some variation of red, white, and blue. They were sporting cowboy hats and buckles. That was the look of the majority of the crowd. Then there were some who looked ultra conservative.

Driving around to find a parking space I became a little nervous. I had to park, far, far and away. I was nervous walking through ‘Mayberry’ from my car to the location of the rally. Along the way I met some interesting characters. Nobody who looked like me. It was a tough crowd at the rally, I would say 99% white.

In fact I only saw four or five people of color. Most of the thousands of rally goers left me along. Most read my sign and some asked if they could take pictures with me. Still, I was heckled by some, argued with some, questioned by some. That was kind of my big coming out. Some said they liked Joe Deters. Some said they hated him. I was in the predominantly white town of Lebanon, Ohio McCain/Palin Republican supporters, it was raining and I wasn’t from those parts.

But my son was also in the Prison in that town, so I found courage in knowing that I was fighting for justice for my son. I worked the crowd and it made me stronger. I was empowered and there was no stopping me from that day forward. I had official Citizens Against Joe Deters t-shirts made. I started a CAJD blog, created an email, opened a bank account, found more supporters for my cause, and garnered more media attention.

 I created the groups mission, “Citizens against Joe Deters is a grass roots organization of citizens who are frustrated by Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters double standard of justice and public insults against people of color, people who aren't wealthy, and people who aren't well-connected. Our organization's mission is simple--pressure Joe Deters to resign from his position as Hamilton County Prosecutor.” While our group was not a media darling, we knew how to kick up dust and our protest made it on the local nightly news and in the newspapers.

Soon after Joe Deters tried to SLAPP me. A Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation ("SLAPP") is a lawsuit or a threat of lawsuit that is intended to intimidate and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition. Winning the lawsuit is not necessarily the intent of the person filing the SLAPP. The plaintiff's goals are accomplished if the defendant succumbs to fear, intimidation, mounting legal costs or simple exhaustion and abandons the criticism.

A SLAPP may also intimidate others from participating in the debate. One day after one of our protest, Deters had a detective call me up. I felt like I was being threatened. The detective of all people was a former resource officer at the high school where I attended. I had seen the detective at a few of our smaller protest when he and a staffer from Deters’ office would come out and take our pictures as if they were collecting evidence. Given the nature of the protest and that I was always in the zone I didn’t recognize the detective, nor he me, until one hot summer day after a protest we were headed back to our cars. The detective and another staffer followed us. We stopped after we noticed we were being followed by the detective and the staffer. That’s when the detective called me by my first name. I instantly recognized that it was him, the nice officer from my high school. The detective said to me, fbk, why are you doing this?” “You were always one of my best students at Woodward high school.

Was your son one of the bank robbers, is this about your son, fbk?” Tears formed in my eyes. I admitted that it was me and instantly my thoughts went back to fond memories of Detective Brown the high school resource office that had been summoned on a many occasion to run me out of the hallway for loitering or whatever juvenile act myself and my friends were up to. But this appeared to be a different Detective Brown. He told me to take up another crime such as black on black crime. Imagine that a black detective telling a black mother to leave a white corrupt prosecutor alone. Sensing my pain he changed the subject yet again he repeated,

fbk you were one of my best students at Woodward high school. No I wasn’t. While it is true I never caused havoc in the classroom I would raise hell in the hallways and around the school. I was notorious and Detective B knew it. As he was speaking to me the darndest thing popped in my head. I couldn’t get my mind off the fact of how good he still looked. He was still fine. I just kept thinking, he’s so cute, but he’s different now.

Not the detective, former resource office who wore a police uniform. The kind of cop that would give a kid a break. whenever he was summoned to get me and my girl-group for being in some type of trouble, he’d always treated us with respect. He would hear the facts, or at least the facts as we told them to him, he’d dish out the appropriate punishment, it was always fair, and breathe a sigh of relief knowing that soon he’d be summoned to get our group again. Now he had moved on up Weezy Jefferson style. He was wearing nice suits and was the chief detective who was known by some as the HNIC for Joe Deters. Something in him had changed. It appeared Joe had worn off on him. I no longer like Detective Brown.

Again there were a lot of people that I was angry with during Andrew’s journey into dream deferred. In my opinion and in my pain, if you didn’t support Andrew you were against him. And then there were really people who were against Andrew. Still the more I researched Deters past, his behavior, his past remarks, the more it made me angry. I didn’t think it was fair that a crook had prosecuted my son. As time passes on time really does heal all wounds. I realize Joe-the-Prosecutor to some degree was doing his job, but he also stepped out of bounds and went into the zone.

That so many go to in the legal system. They fail to realize that longer prison sentences and harsher penalties come at the expense of taxpayer dollars, inmates and their families. That there is something fundamentally wrong when one considers that America has more people in prison than any country in the world.

That there is something wrong in the way America treats first-time offenders. That there is something wrong with a prison system that offers little, if any rehabilitation opportunities. There is something fundamentally wrong when one considers the fact that young men of color are sentenced more harshly and for longer periods of times than other young men.

Someone sent me a text the other day and it read, “Never made someone your priority, when you are merely their option.” Yes Joe Deters, possibly the most dangerous Prosecutor in Hamilton County history is my priority. No justice. No peace.

FBK is an unapologetic black writer.