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Cop Tops Deters in fight

Ok. I know this is misleading considering my previous post. And considering this blog is dedicated to Joe Deters not Eric Deters. But apparently attorney Eric Deters got his butt kicked in his fight against the cop. This may sound weird, and I know it does, but I kinda didn't want Deters to loose the fight. He's such a freakin' ego maniac. Oh well... watch the fight.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Joe Deters won't do it...

Joe Deters won’t prosecute Taser Plummer, will he? I won’t call him Officer Plummer.
The persecutor won’t prosecute the Taser-er.
Joe must go! (And leave the hookers alone too?!)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our mayor, the deceased senator, the persecutor, and Cincinnati’s best loved Republican clown

you're an animal...
____________________________________________________________________ Occasionally, while dial flipping, I catch a few minutes of the Bill Cunningham show. Hey I like to know what Joe Deters boy is up to. Yesterday (August 25, 2009) I heard him talking to Mayor Mallory on the phone. The mayor being the distinguished politician and all (although he’s on the wrong side of the fence on a few issues) told Bill, Cincinnati’s best loved republican clown, that he could interview him, but only if Cunningham would agree to conduct himself appropriately. Two seconds into the interview Bill slips into his buffoonery, and the mayor hangs up on him. Bill called the mayor back and got the voicemail. And he called again, again, and again….. I was thinking Mayor Mallory should file phone harassment charges on Bill. ___________________________________________________________________ Ted Kennedy. I really liked the man. Any man that is a friend of President Obama is a friend of mine. (although President Obama is also on the wrong side of the fence on a few issues). Once while we were protesting in Lebanon, Ohio at a McCain/Palin rally ( We were protesting HCP Joe Deters position as John McCain’s southwest Ohio chair), an elderly white man approached me and told me that he liked Joe Deters. I told the man that I didn’t like Joe Deters' actions-- being that some accuse him of being a whore humping persecutor, his involvement with pay-to- play politics, and because of his laundry list of Dirty Deeds. Anyway, out of the blue, the elderly white man screamed at me that Deters was better than a murderer. I didn’t know what the heck he was talking about and was startled by his outburst. He went on to tell me that Ted Kennedy had let a woman drown, blah, blah, blah. I politely tip toed away. Why I’m telling this story?...I don’t know.. RIP Ted Kennedy __________________________________________________________________ So Deters is in the news claiming that he’s got to lay off prosecutors, blah, blah, blah. My advice to Deters, quit. Just resign. You’re pals with a known author of a racist online rag sheet. You’ve paid for sex according to my sources, and you call black people animals. Quit already.
no editing on this blooooooooooooog.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Councilman’s Daughter-- Sweet Brown justice

If you watched or read any news outlets on Monday August 24 then surely you've heard about what happened to Councilman Cecil Thomas’ daughter, Celeste Thomas. By the small chance that you haven’t heard she was Tased after she questioned a police officer during a traffic stop/arrest. What makes this a case of sweet brown justice is that Thomas will now become the face and name, we hope, that Cincinnati cops will remember the next time that they decide to break the law, make up rules as they go along, and Tase or shoot a black person, or a poor white person, who they assume (assume = makes an ASS out of U and ME = assume) comes from the wrong side of the tracks.
_________________________________________________________________ When black folks like myself hear of cases like this we don’t have to run and check the official records or do any type of fact check because we are aware that shit like this goes on often. Despite the stereotypes that are out there, many of us aren’t young knuckleheads who are angry at cops, or don’t follow the directions of cops. Many of us know to comply with the cops even if we believe that they are wrong. We know to shut our mouths, and to only politely open it to ask for the cop’s badge number. Many of us aren’t frequently arrested, and we really don’t know what to do when a cop barks an order at us, especially if we believe we’ve done nothing wrong. Some of us want an explanation on the spot. We realize that if we don’t seek immediate answers as to why we are being detained, our chances of getting a fair shake in the justice-us system decreases once we are booked, charged, over-prosecuted, over sentenced, over-fined, over-everthing. It’s pretty fucked up that the only time many of us get more than our fair share of the pie is when it comes to the just-us system.
_________________________________________________________________ It’s rare that any of us black or white folks from the wrong side of the tracks get to use our get out of jail free card -- “My Dad is a council member.” “Here talk to the city manager.” Most get out of jail free cards go to the white, wealthy, and well-connected or rich and elected (Does anyone remember the Andy Kennedy case?) Some of us black folk in this town feel we get that ‘rock thrower teen style of just-us. The type of injustice in which the chief of police shows up at your house and holds a press conference to announce that you are wanted, without even talking to the prosecutor’s (foxes) office. When you turn yourself in, they hold your black ass in jail on an astronomical bail, while headlines across this city blare that you are guilty and your poor ass is convicted in the court of public opinion before you are ever convicted in a court of law. After you’ve spent weeks in jail, the grand jury fails to indict, yet there’s little mention of it in the news. Clearly you’ve got a lawsuit, but no attorney will come forth and touch your case because you ain’t white, wealthy, and well-connected or rich and elected. The few attorneys that aren’t afraid to take your case, are so tied down with the mountain high piles of Joe Deters’ style of injustice (Black people are animals), that they are too busy to take your case.
_______________________________________________________________ Back to the Thomas case. Ms. Thomas can’t even question a police officer without getting 50,000 million watts of lightening on her back like a damn slave, yet a white man can throw his hands around a female officer’s neck on the same day, get Tased and get a 40,000 dollar bail. Are you kidding me?
A message to Celeste. I’m older then you and I’ve had my share and enough of accc accc alcohol, men, and the police. I hope that I’m never pulled over, again, for any reason. But just in case I am, I plan to comply with the police. I recognize that sometimes complying means that ones chances of getting a fair shake decrease. Still, I’ll comply, get that badge number, and of course
say a prayer...
LD forces me to edit blog, yet I'm too lazy to edit, often.

Please note the date of this post.  It was written a long time ago.  People change. People evolve.  I have.  Cecil has.  He's  great asset to the community. 

Don't tase me Bro! (Councilman Thomas’ daughter)

I’m curious, are you like CAJD and want to know more details about what happened with the arrest of Councilman Cecil Thomas’ daughter, Celeste Thomas? Officer Plummer, has to be kicking himself today. If we’re being real--no respectable cop would EVER Tase a young woman in her back. That’s such a cowardly thing to do. _________________________________________________________________ More realness. Why Ms. Thomas was driving around with an open bottle of vodka? Why didn’t she leave the bottle at her house? That would be too much like "right", I get that. How can the vodka be open, if it’s under the seat of the car? Or do they mean open as in, the bottle had been opened? Still, that seems like a ridiculous law. Is it really illegal to carry a partially used bottle of Acc Acc…alcohol… uh, liquor in your car? ___________________________________________________________________ I’ve seen Councilman Thomas around town, and I’m always badgering him to do more to help ex-offenders, help themselves. Ex-offenders that have paid their debt to society and want another chance to become productive citizens. The councilman is always ready and willing to engage in dialogue. Still, CAJD’s believes he has more of a cop mentality, than the mentality of a brotha who understands the plight of young men of color who look like him. Have the chickens come home to roost on Thomas? Let's hope not. _____________________________________________________________________ The only thing that’s worst than being tased in the back, is being shot in the back. The officer probably assumed that he caught this young woman from the wrong side of the tracks in Walnut Hills, with her thugged-out boyfriend, and that it was OK if he shot a billion voltages of lightening in her back. Ouch. After all who cares about black, po' folks? However, the cop didn’t know the young, black woman that he tased in the back was Cecil Thomas’ daughter. Cecil Thomas, former cop, former cop who sued the police department because he couldn’t get promoted, Current councilmember, and all around likable guy. The police office has got to want to Tase...uh kick himself today. ____________________________________________________________________ Some advice to police officers, prosecutors, etc. Treat everyone, everyone, with respect. Everyone who commits a crime should be brought to justice, but no one deserves to be the victim of injustice. How the hell do you Tase someone in the back? Some advice to my sistah, keep you accc acccc alcohol at home. Don’t let young men who have burglary charges, or any charges, drive your car. Try to get in the house by 11:30 pm. Obey police officers, get their badge numbers, but listen to them. And please, and this is really, really important, PLEASE stay the HELL out of the Joe Deters JUST-US system. (disclaimer- we like to have a little fun on this blog, but our heartfelt prayers go out to this young lady. We also recognize that there are good law enforcement officers and others , who treat all citizens fairly, regardless of race, class, or gender.)

Please note the date of this post.  It was written a long time ago.  People change. People evolve.  I have.  Cecil has.  He's  great asset to the community. 

Friday, August 21, 2009

Don't be Scarrrrred-- Message to Billboard company afraid of Joe Deters

Citizens Against Joe Deters contacted a billboard company that has an office in Cincinnati. We wanted to utilize the company services to launch our billboard campaign to get HC's Chief Legal Representative out of office. At first the company was willing to work with us. That is until I revealed that the campaign billboard would be an ad against a corrupt prosecutor. Here's the email response that we received from the company. ____________________________________________________________________ , (name removed) I spoke to my Sales Manager with regard to your cause. Unfortunately, we will not be able to assist your efforts. We are not in position to put our relationship with city government in jeopardy. Please let me know if there's anyway I can assist you on any other matters in the future. Sincerely, (NAME REMOVED TO PROTECT THOSE THAT DON'T HAVE A PAIR) Happy Weekend ALL!

A Duck, A Book, and a Request

Greetings Blog Readers: I wanted to thank the community, again, for supporting my right to share my son’s story in an attempt to help other young people make better choices and to fix the broken criminal just-us system. I respect and understand those that don’t agree with my position, however if one takes the time to read through this blog, or to read the book, they will discover that it’s not about condoning crime, it’s about wanting the same treatment in the just-us system.
____________________________________________________________________ On Saturday August 21, 2009 (TOMORROW) I will be on the Ken Anderson show. I will be on the show at 10:30. The call-in number is 513.749.1230. Please tune in and spread the word.
____________________________________________________________________ On Sunday August 22, 2009 I will be on Lincoln Ware’s TV show promoting the book. The show will air on channel 64 Sunday at 6:30a.m. on Channel 64 WSTR. DON'T BE LAZY GET YOUR ASSES UP AND CHECK OUT THE SHOW, OR DVR IT.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Should Joe Deters watch his mouth?

Is John Strutz an animal, Joe Deters? Let us take a stroll down memory lane and remember Anthony Kirkland. Here’s what Joe Deters said about Anthony Kirkland. “He is one of the most heinous predators I have ever dealt with. He’s an animal,” said Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters. ____________________________________________________________________ The problem with Deters statement is that it convicts him in the court of public opinion before he’s been convicted in the court of law. It fans the flames of hate towards men of color in Hamilton County and in Cincinnati. What is the purpose of our judicial if a man can’t have their day in court? I’ve read what Kirkland is accused of doing and Lord knows it makes my stomach turn. If Kirkland is guilty--I hope he gets whatever he has coming to him, he will. Joe Deters is not our God. He is the Chief Legal Representative of Hamilton County. He needs to shut his mouth and stop making reckless comments. ____________________________________________________________________ Now comes the case of John Strutz There was a sighting of Deters and his HDIC on the news at the above crime scene. Not a word came out of his mouth. Is Strutz an animal because he is the a suspect in the beheading and dismemberment of his wife? Will Deters convict this white man in the court of public opinion before he is convicted in the court of law? He shouldn’t. Let’s hope he doesn’t. If Kirkland and Strutz are found guilty in the court of law, than may God not have mercy on their souls. Deters needs to shut his mouth and let the accused have their day in court.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thanks/Confession/Halloween/The little Book that could

A BIG thank you to Lincoln Ware for having us on his show on (WDBZ the Buzz 1230 am) to talk about the book, and what we perceive to be the Joe Deters style of injustice in Hamilton county. I thank the Dukesters is Roselawn for allowing me to have a “ beer summit” , so to speak, at his restaurant. People showed up to show their support, and to share their stories of injustice in the criminal just-us system in Hamilton County. The overall message from the people who came out was that they believed that their loved one, should be punished if they commit a crime. However, they want them to be punished fairly. If you give Jontez 6 years in jail for paying a prostitute, then Joe should get 6 years in jail for paying a prostitute. ________________________________________________________________ There was a woman whose son (black) was convicted of killing a white teen in the neighborhood of Price Hill. Judge Winkler gave the teen life in prison. I pose this question: If the black teen had killed another black teen would he have gotten life without parole? I doubt it. He probably would have gotten 20 years or less. I hear people like Judge Winkler and Joe Deters love those 2 for 1's (black kills a black, one goes to jail, one to the morgue)
My condolences to family of murdered white teen.
I met a guy who was charged with conspiracy to sell drugs. He was given two years in the state penitentiary. He stated that the other conspirators (white), did not serve jail time. I hear stories like the aforementioned often when I visit various neighborhoods throughout Hamilton county sharing my son’s story. I thank the people who came out last night and bought a book, gave a small donation, or simply shared their stories. So far the community response has been excellent in support of the book. Speaking of the book.
____________________________________________________________________ The Little Book that Could I compare my self-publishing efforts of my book Dream Deferred to be comparable to one who produces their own CD. You put out your own cash because you believe in your work, you want to put forth a message, etc, etc. Your work is important to you and you believe it will help-inspire-challenge someone, so you spend a great amount of time trying to get it as perfect as possible. It’s not perfect. The 1st pre released edition of my book is not perfect. I’m proud of it, proud of the little book that could. Still the book is a pre-released edition that is only available in a limited quantity, and is thus far only available through this website or through the mail. We are almost out of books. Our goal is that each addition will get better. In the fall we will release a different more polished edition, in the winter will release a different more polished edition. Next summer we’ll release a different more polished edition. But we wanted to get the book out and start sharing our message with the community. The donations that have been given for the book have been for a good cause--GETTING MY BELOVED SON ANDREW A SENTENCE THAT FITS. Eventually we’d like to help all minorities and people with limited incomes get some justice in the injustice system. It seems like there are just a few us of working for this cause. We are really grass roots. But more people are signing up to help minorities and poor whites get some justice that fits and a sentence that works.
____________________________________________________________________ Looking ahead If the fall Citizens Against Joe Deters will hold another Halloween protest at Joe Deters office.
We’ll also have a Halloween party in October. Keep checking this blog site for more details.

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Happy Hour - Come out and get a book

Hey All--
CAJD will be on Lincoln Ware's show at 12 noon today (Monday August 17, 2009). Call in and give us a shout out. 513.749.1230
CAJD will be at the Dukester located at
7733 Reading RdCincinnati, OH 45237 (in Roselawn)
JOIN US FOR HAPPY HOUR (5-8) *********and pick up a copy of the new book.
For more information about the book, please contact us at

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CAJD on Lincoln Ware's radio show (1230 am) on Monday August 17.

 (none of your)  is best known locally for being the mother of “the college tuition bandit.” Her son, (none of your), then 20, was convicted in December 2007, on two charges of aggravated robbery and six charges of kidnapping, stemming from the robbery of a Reading bank to get money to help pay for college tuition. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison. (none of your) first book, Dream Deferred: A True Story, examines the circumstances that led to her son’s bad choices, as well as what she alleges was a sentencing plea agreement that later was reneged upon by Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters. ____________________________________________________________________ The author will be on Lincoln Ware’s radio show (1230 am the Buzz) on Monday August 17, 2009 at 12 noon. (none of your)  will ask Lincoln Ware’s listeners to help her in a campaign that will call for the resignation of Deters, the longtime Republican politician who was a bad relationship with Cincinnati’s Black community. BK will announce that she will officially kick of the campaign with a Halloween protest in October. call in line to Lincoln's show 513.749.1230

Saturday, August 15, 2009


The Black family reunion parade took place today Saturday August 15. The parade started at 10:00. Yes it started at 10:00 am. It was a little disappointing that many in the community didn’t come out to watch the parade. Nevertheless my friend and I, LD, dragged out chairs (heavy lawn chairs) and we were easily able to get a spot to watch the parade. _____________________________________________________________________ The Good It was great to see Mayor Mark Mallory in the parade in the community. He was riding in a convertible, Scotty was at the wheel and the mayor’s assistant was on the passenger side. The mayor yelled to me, “I got your book.” I yelled back, “Did you read it?” He responded, “Yes.” I yelled, “Did you like it.” He responded something like it was inspiring/exciting. Many had speculated that the mayor would not take time to attend this event. There was some awesome drill team groups (steppers). One group that really "jammed" was a group from Trout Ohio. The drummers were great. And the girls managed to keep stepping and smiling despite the suffocating heat. Bernadette Watson’s entourage looked great. Her colors were awesome. Charlie Winburn entourage looked great. Anitra Brockman’s crew was in the parade. And they looked great. LaMarque Ward's group looked great. His group "represented." And instead of driving a convertible, LaMarque was on a scooter. Go LaMarque. If he rides a scooter in the parade, one can only imagine the freshness he’ll bring to council. Vanessa White for school board, her group rocked. There was a group (not sure who they were), they carried pink umbrella’s and wore pink shirts, they looked awesome. Krogers gave out some good goodies as did a few other companies The Bad ____________________________________________________________ Council member candidate Tony Fischer was friendly enough. Still I couldn’t help the irony of him shaking our hands in front of the Boys and Girls club, after he proposed cutting the communities recreation centers. Council member Cole was driving a hoopty Mercedes convertible that was smoking. Seriously. Billows of smoke, choked the attendees at the parade. Maybe she didn’t see us, but she only waved to one side of the parade attendees. She should have rode her motorcycle. Council member Cecil Thomas people "represented", but when I asked where he was they replied, “on vacation.” We wholeheartedly support Ceair Baggett for school board but the Democratic party, Democratic ticket should be ashamed of themselves putting that tiny banner, and only two people in the parade. They need something with more bang. Some stepping team from Dayton, Ohio left without performing in the parade. They stated they were hot and the parade was moving to slow. It was. Still quitters never perform, and performers never quit. ______________________________________________________________________ Why do the politicians think they can kiss our babies, toss us candy-- and we'll vote for them? The community is smarter than that which is probably why many in Avondale didn't come out for the parade. MORE UPDATES ON THE PARADE LATER

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Deters made me do it.

Lord knows the Devil (Deters) made me do it. When I was growing up, in our household we were not allowed to swear. By swearing I don’t mean cursing--swearing meant--to swear that you were telling the truth. So for instance we couldn’t say, “I swear to God I saw Joe Deters humping a hooker in a car in Cleveland.” Instead, if we actually saw such an ungodly act, we had to say, “Lord knows I saw Joe Deters humping a hooker in a car in Cleveland.” We were Seventh Day Adventist and I never understand some of the rules of that religion. Anyway, anytime that I’d engage in a debate with one of my brothers or my aunties (who I was raised with), and I wanted them to know that I was telling the truth, I’d have to say “Lord knows (fill in the blanks).” and vice versa. If my grandmother, my Grandmabea, who raised us ever caught us swearing, she’d kick our asses “Joe Jackson” style. None of us ever considered it abuse. Lord knows we didn’t consider it abuse. See I’m telling the truth because I said Lord knows. Now if I’d said I swear we never considered it abuse, than I’d be lying and Grandmabea would kick my behind (if she were still alive) for swearing. But when I say Lord Knows, I have to be telling the truth. So here it goes. Lord knows I want to release Joe Deters like I promised in my book. I want to release this blog. I want this blog to be released into something beautiful that truly helps the community. Lord knows I can’t kick the habit of unleasing on this blog. Instead of unleashing I want to release. I want to be a good FBK. But for now, forgive me blog readers, I must continue to ramble and rant and refuse to edit. For now. I promise. Lord knows, I promise to TRY be good on this blog.

Beauty vs. the Black Beast (Just-us system)

Let’s have an honest debate. None of that town hall meeting disrespectful nonsense. Click on the link below and read the article, then come back and finish reading the rest of this blog entry. _____________________________________________________________________ Let’s be real. What’s happening to this young man is injustice in the worst way. I see it unfolding. I see it coming down the pipe. This young man is about to get screwed. ____________________________________________________________________ For the sake of the "Joe Deters" types reading this blog, I'll repeat what I posted on an earlier blog entry and that is-- I am sorry about what happened to the young lady hit with the rock. But I'm also very sorry for the young man that is about to be hit with that brutal Joe Deters style of injustice. ____________________________________________________________________ Joe Deters thinks black people are animals. He called the neighborhoods that they live in Jurrassic park. He stated that he wished someone would put young, black men in a cage like a beast and let them shoot themselves. MLK said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." JOE MUST GO!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Stop whining bitches (Bill Cunningham)

Stop whining bitches. The Tale of Two Rodney Dangerfields - NO RESPECT Today I was listening to the (none of your business) show. He was whining about being unable to contact council member Leslie Ghiz who he introduced to the black community and helped her get the black vote, which got her on city council, according to some. Now that Ghiz is on council, she won’t return (name removed)  phone calls, let alone come on his show. She’s ducking and dodging him more than she dodged the immigration people who were after her illegal husband, according to some. Ghiz is often a guest on Bill Cunningham’s show. She stays on top of Bill’s crusty nuts. Speaking of Bill he was also whining when I flipped down the dial to his show. Bill, Cincinnati’s best loved Republican clown, and good friend of that whore humping persecutor (allegedly) Joe Deters, was whining that he can’t get Mayor Mallory on his show. Despite Mayor Mallory being on the wrong side of the tracks on a few issues, he’s a highly respected politician who is running for re-election. Why would he take time out of his busy schedule and go on Bill’s show? Mayor Mallory going on Bill's show is like President Obama granting an interview with Bevis from Bevis and Butthead, or to Wayne from Wayne’s World? No freakin' way. So why would Bill the buffoon expect Mayor Mallory to come on his show? The Uncle Bill show. Bill is a buffoon who has way too many crushes on news anchors. My advice to (Good guy, name removed) and Bill--Stop your whining bitches!

Thank you community (and pictures)

A great big thank you for those who came out and supported the pre release of my self published book Dream Deferred I'm forty (fo-dee) That's supposed to be a cake in the shape of my book. I'm such a whiner because I think it looks like a grey tombstone.
Ceair for School Board, Franki, LaMarque for City Council
Attorney David Singleton, Franki
Franki and Ken Anderson, the kinder-gentler- republican (author of book Economic Revolution)

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Deters Goes Down the Dial to discuss murder of Black Mother and 9-month old baby

I heard a radio promo on WLW radio today that said Deters, part-time prosecutor, was going down the down to WLW radio to discuss Noelle Denise Washington's murder along with her son Anthony James Jones III, and and another three year old victim. Yet Deters WON'T come on Black radio. I mean really, does anyone believe that Cincinnati's Best loved Republican clown and Deters "I like to f*&@! prostitutes in cars in Cleveland." (allegedly), gives a rat's ass about this triple homicide? I believe the only reason he is going down the dial is to ham it up with Bill. Deters why are you afraid of the black community? We know that you hate many of us. Still you are the Cheif Legal Rep in Hamilton County and you need to communicate with the black community. Rest in Peace Noelle and Doodles and three year little girl. FYI I attended this funeral.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

You're Invited

Hey Blog readers--
It’s here. My book “unleash” party Saturday August 8 from 3-7 pm CARL H. LINDNER YMCA (across from West End Health clinic)Address: 1425B Linn Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45214 Come out and join CAJD as we throw a few darts at our Joe Deters poster and release him. Hence the chapter in the book Releasing Joe Deters.”