Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Joe Deters' Penis Problem and other stuff that I have to complain about

Before I get to the problem with Joe Deters’ penis. I have to complain about the $104.00 ticket that I received today from the Terrace Park police. I’m driving in my car listening to the Lincoln Ware show, Lincoln is “talking up” the police. Yes, some of us really believe that certain conversations discussed in the community can make certain things happen to certain people. I believe the energy Lincoln put out over the airwaves this morning is the reason why I received a ticket. Anyway, the police pulled me over. He claimed that I ran a red light. I didn’t. I didn’t run a red light I know many people that get tickets, proclaim their innocence, but I’m really innocent. The only thing that I’m guilty of is driving around with expired tags. What Had Happened was…What happened is my birthday was last month. I turned 40. I had a birthday party and a book “unleash” party. It was a busy month. I totally forgot to get new tags. So the cop gives me a choice, to get a moving violation for running the red light, or to get a ticket for an expired tag. Both tickets are the same amount, one cost you a couple of points on your license. It was a no brainer. I told the cop to kiss my ass. No I opted for the expired tag ticket. After the cop sent me on my way --I ended up being late for my meeting. Long story short I’m not going to pay the ticket because I didn’t run the light. I’m going to fight it in court. I'm fighting because I was pulled over with the bogus claim that I ran the red light.   I'm thankful that Terrace Park has evening court for their wealthy and well-connected residents (aka Rob Portman).  I think I'll call my Congresswoman Jean Schmidt and complain about my ticket.

The Department (or Bureau) of Motor vehicles. The lady, the old busy body behind the desk, reminded me VERY LOUDLY that next year I would be charged a 20.00 late fee if I didn’t renew my tags on time. I told her that I was sick of government raising the cost of everything. I felt bad after I said it because I didn’t want to act like one of those people that attend town hall meetings. The lady told me that they (DMV or BMV) had not raised the prices in 6 years. As she handed me my sticker she reminded me not to be late next year. I responded, Have a nice day.

Joe Deters penis problem. I talk about Deters’ penis a lot on this blog because it is my belief based on information provided to me by the attorneys that Deters, let’s see how can I put this and move beyond the harsh curse words. Hmmmmm. Let’s see. Allegedly Deters paid for intimacy from a woman that charges for sexual favors. That bothers me because Deters prosecutes and persecutes people. Especially minorities and poor people. Yet, I know based on information provided to me that he has never been brought to justice for his indiscretion. Yes, I know that God will punish Death penalty Deters because he has a penis problem.

Oh, well, good night. Send one up for Deters.

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