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2012 men who wished they'd stayed out of other ppl's bedroom, or maybe not

As we prepare to bid 2012 farewell I had to compile my top ten list of men who would have probably had a better year (or more money in their bank account) if they'd
kept their opinion and or their penis to themselves. Most of the men on this list deserve every bit of hell that their comments or penis brought them.
 They say the only thing in life guaranteed are death and taxes. However; I think it's safe to add to that list men who need to stay out of OPB (Other People's bedroom).

1. GOP Missouri Senate candidate Rep. Todd Atkins said in an August interview that a woman who is a victim of "legitimate rape" can't get pregnant. In addition to
making that asinine comment which guaranteed he would not go to the US senate, he has some very outdated views on women's reproductive rights. The GOP don't usually
eat their own, but they ate this guy and threw him out with the garbage.

2. Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock said pregnancies resulting from rape are part of God’s plan. His asinine comment also guaranteed he would not
go to the US senate. He also joins the long list of misguided and hypocritical men with outdated views on women's reproductive rights. His comments also got him thrown
under the GOP bus.

3. Former International Monetary Fund chief and one time French presidential hopeful Dominique Strauss-Kahn was accused of rape by a former New York hotel employee,
Nafissatou Diallo. In December he reached a legal settlement with Diallo. Her accusations set off a firestorm of sexual allegations against him. In France Strauss-
Kahn has been charged with "aggravated procurement in an organized gang" To break it down he's been charged with being the ring leader of a prostitution ring. To break
it down further, he's accused of pimping. Keep in mind that it's legal to pay for sex in France - but Strauss-Kahn takes pimping to the next level. His penis problems
continue to cost him lot's of money and plenty of disgrace. By the way, why does he have a hyphenated last name? Maybe it's a french thing.

4. Former French president Nicholas Sarozy
has a laundry list of dirty deeds crammed in his closet. Adding to that list is accusations that he groped women at a party
and that he is somehow involved with Strauss-Kahn chronicles.

5. Actor and humanitarian John Travolta can't catch a break. When last checked there was alawsuit pending against him from a pilot who accused him of something sexual.
And who can forget the wild massage accusations made against him by men spa employees? Seems like good guy Travolta can't catch a break.

6. Actor and Author Arnold Schwarzeneggar easily admitted in a 60 minutes interview this year that he's cheated on his wife on several occassions. He also admitted
that he fathered a child with a woman that worked in his house. What's distubing about this sex fiend robot of a man is that he does not seem remorseful that he was
having sex with a woman that was not his wife in the family home.

7. Kevin Clash better known as the voice of Elmo character on Sesame Street at last count had 4 under age accusers make sex accusations against him. I'm not following
whose sticking to their story and who has retracted but I know this year I just could not bring myself to purchase Elmo pajamas or other Elmo toys for the youngens in
my family. I knew this guy was a little weird after watching the documentary about his life.

8. Rapper turned Reality TV personality Shawty Lo has eleven kids by 10 women and he was a reality TV show coming out on the Oxygen network to tell America all about
it. There are a few words that come to mind when I think about this rapper. Words like trifling and disturbing. If there was ever a case of someone needing to stay
out of other's bedrooms, this is the case. I hope that the rapper, the mothers and the children are educated on HIV and sex education in general. Many of us stand in
judgement of Shawty Lo, but we've all made bad choices and I wish this extended family well. I can't wish a man with 11 mouths to feed, ill will, C'mon.

9. Ex football player and reality star Chad Johnson has been around the block and apparently in a many of bedrooms. I think he has about four or five children and
frozen sperm reserved for his wife, Evelyn Lozada. In 2012 his threesome sex tape apparently surfaced and he referred to as, "old news." Chad loves the ladies and he
makes that clear which is why some of his love affairs have gotten him in trouble and in the news. Chad's an entertainer and apparently a nice guy from what I hear
from people who interacted with him when he played professional football in Cincinnati. Still, child support payments will catch up with him,if it hasn't already
and Mr. Ocho Cinco probably needs another gig fast.

10. General David Patraeus the former director of the CIA and one of America's most decorated four-star generals, work out junkie and cheater. If there was ever of
case of someone needing to stay out of someone's bedroom, it's this case. His bedroom sexescpades put too many lives at risk. Shame on this guy.

As usual, too lazy to edit. Happy New Year and don't forget about Joe Deters and the gal in Cleveland.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Will a Cincinnati chapter of NAN work? And ,Rev. Sharpton coming to town

Will a National Action Network chapter work in Cincinnati. Rev. Sharpton is coming to town.
The answer is yes, with a resounding maybe.
Usually when an organization, law, or fill in the blanks is formed  it's because there is a void, more reaction than action. It's forty founders state that it is not
meant to be in competition with the local chapter of the Cincinnati NAACP.  Instead it was formed to fill a needed void. 
We all can agree that there can never be enough organizations or people willing to volunteer and make a difference in what seems like war ravaged communities.
For years and countless hours which would total into the hundreds of thousands NAACP members have been volunteering at everything from school mentoring which
includes South Avondale and now Rolling Hills school, to fighting injustice in criminal justice system (although not so much lately), to partnering with crime stoppers
mainly because mothers with dead black sons have sought our help.  While we haven't taken on every case and because some of the dead sons were not choir boys, their
mothers have come to the Cincinnati chapter of the NAACP for  help. We have provided help to them by  partnering with crimestoppers to help solve their dead sons
homicide. Unfortunately when young black men make bad choices in our communities they go to one of two places - the morgue or prison.
Early on under President Christopher Smitherman's leadership the Cincinnati chapter of the NAACP tackled cases of injustice. The chapter did not support or condone
crime, but we handled cases of double standard injustice.  We also supported African American contractors getting work, loans for small businesses and political seats.
In years past we would have never stood for the attacks on competent and heroic black women such as Janaya Trotter, Tracie Hunter or Liz Rogers. But lately the
Cincinnati President of the NAACP has partnered with extreme Tea Party elements and our chapter no longer focuses on civil rights issues.
Executive committee and general members that are strong community leaders like are determined to keep the local chapter of the Cincinnati NAACP focused on civil rights issues as evident by Robert Richardson,Jr. introducing and successfully
passing a motion by an overwhelming majority of members in attendance,  to stop Governor Kasich from privatizing prisons. Privatizing of prisons is a most crucial issue for our communities.
While Cincinnati NAACP members work hard to keep the chapter focused and on track NAN members and chapter founder Bishop Bobby Hilton are looking forward to
a visit and swearing in by National Action Network founder Rev. Al Sharpton. 
There will be much excitement but little to no mainstream media coverage on Rev Al's appearance at NAN'S swearing in.  This is due in part to a city and Hamilton
County that wreaks of racism.  The "R" word is not popular with  politicians, black elite, Tea partiers and some others cringe at the mention of  the word.
To answer the question, will a NAN chapter work in Cincinnati?  It can and we certainly hope that it succeeds. NAN cannor  and should not try to compete with the oldest Civil Rights organization in the country.

The NAN chapter has much work to do. The least of them will want the most from you. They will bring you their crisis, but rarely will their sleeves be rolled up,
you'll be criticized for the VOLUNTEER work that you perform, people will analyze and criticize your back door deals, Mahogany meals and if you are above board.
Critics  will declare that Rev. Al is too controversial - a liberal on MSNBC and not progressive or accessible enough to the people.  Some, not many will join and it's going to be hard
getting them to work and commit.  You'll be called an activist like it's a dirty word, when all it means to be an activist is to shine a light on a problem and work
for a solution.
Rev. Sharpton is one of the best civil rights leaders in the country.  Our hero at this blog.

Bishop Hilton, NAN president and others we  wish you well although others have stated that secrecy,envy and jealousy can't work - whatever that means.

In Blessing and Truth
CAJD    (being typed on notepad, with no editing.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Can the Cincinnati NAACP be saved? Exactly how many members did Smitherman sell?

Last Tuesday Christopher Smitherman was reelected to a fourth two year term of the chapter.  Smitherman won re election by 239 votes.  I’m careful not to say that Smitherman beat his challenger Robert Richardson.
Mr. Richardson did not lose to Mr. Smitherman. The community lost to the Tea Party and Coast. Prior to the election many believed  that the Tea Party and Coast had infiltrated our organization, but as a caller on a radio show  -  so correctly  stated, it wasn't an infiltration by the Tea Party and Coast it was an invitation to them to join by Christopher Smitherman. 
Rumors are swirling  that invited Tea Party members along with Coast dunked a measly ten thousand dollars into the hotly contested race to purchase memberships for people who promised to vote for Smitherman.
According to our sources the blood pack between Smitherman, Tea Party members and  Coast was agreed upon as follows: If Tea Party and Coast members supported Smitherman with this race Smitherman would sell his remaining black (roughly three hundred)  NAACP supporters/members to Chris Finney who would in turn sell the members to Secretary of Suppression Jon Husted who is going to need black votes in 2014.
In addition to Smitherman selling off black people  he would agree to be silent regarding 21stcentury lynching’s which is  voter suppression and he would remain silent regarding the Judge Tracie Hunter case.
Smitherman also allegedly solemnly swore  that the most marginalized, disenfranchised, criminalized and victimized  members in the chapter would  continue to unknowingly work for Coast and collect signatures for non civil rights related petitions.
Next up on Mr. Smitherman’s NAACP plate is an issue that may or may not involve Coast. The issue is to strong hold the NAACP membership into voting to circulate a petition that will prevent the city from privatizing our parking.
At this blog we can’t think of any instance in which selling  off  city property is a good idea. We also don’t think another petition should be the chapter’s next fight.  City Manager Milton Dohoney and Mayor Mallory are intelligent black men faced with making  city budget decisions.  If instead of considering privatizing parking they suggested laying of police or fire – Tea Party members would probably suggest that they get lynched.  To privatize or not privatize parking is NOT the chapters next fight.
Consider that a great many of our chapter members are on the bus. Those not on the bus only visit downtown Cincinnati a couple times a year.  Many of the members are working folks trying to scrape by and will not be motivated to circulate another petition.
The chapter’s next move should to assist with the Tracie Hunter situation and to raise awareness about the importance of voting in the mid-term elections.

Can the Cincinnati chapter of the NAACP be saved from the Tea Party and Coast?  Yes, but only if you join.  See you at our next meeting 
When: Thursday, December 20, 2012

Time: 6:00 PM
Where: Rev. Dock Foster Church
Unity Missionary Baptist Church

***As usual the bloggers here are tired, way to exhausted to edit, but always willing to keep the beloved community informed***

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tea Party follower Christopher Smithereen

Tea Party.
Christopher Smithereen wins gang initiation council  election.
Black community will regroup.  New focus.

As we rant and rave over the Tea Party victory  - I will remember the words of my friend.  The best thing to come out of defeat is the pack formed.

Love each and everyone of you.

We'll be back.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rag paper attacks Women - Hunter and Trotter

First, we apologize to our  Readers for not updating the Colin Barton case.  We will update that story soon.

This week that rag paper with the rag reporters Kimball Perry, Jane P and Sherry Coolidge have put hit pieces on Hunter and Trotter in its  dwindling sheets.  It's quite shameful and thus we will not post a link to the garbage.

Please get out and Vote for Janaya Trotter  and Write in Bill Bell (John Williams opponent) Juvenile Court judges' race.  While they gave John Williams the seat (hand-out, freebie), the voters in Hamilton County can send a message and vote in Bill Bell (He is a write-in candidate)


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Deters uses Collin Barton's death to try and get Re-Elected

***We will Update this post soon. Forgive the delay ****

This blog is too familiar with Deters' Dirty Deals.  While we continue to keep Barton's family in our thoughts, we are too painfully aware that Deters makes these back door deals whenever he's on the chopping block.  It's re-Election time and Deters crawls from under his semen stained rock to make a wrong - right, so to speak.

Deters toys with Adam Horvath's life. It's not that Horvath shouldn't be charged (we don't know the specifics) and certainly grieve for Barton's family.

But Horvath is clearly Deters re-election meal ticket - or so he thinks.

It's nighty night here at this blog, but will update this story TOMM .soon.

Good night faithful readers.

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Joe Deters and . Janaya Trotter to Debate?

Believe it or not the biggest fan of the Citizens Against Joe Deters blog is - well, Joe Deters.

Here's a challenge to Joe Deters - Debate Janaya Trotter.  You've yet to show up at any forums to give the voters your platform moving forward.  You told the Amos Director that your record speaks for itself.  Really?  One only needs to Google or Bing you  to get your record.  You are Hamilton County's longest serving part-time prosecutor and you have not updated your mission statement since returning from Columbus.

Please be advised Deters that a press release will go out Monday to Cincinnati and National media advising the press of Cincinnati's OWN Mitt Romney.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Trotter at NAACP's Candidates Night 2012

Her message:  "I showed up, I will continue to show up and serve you."

Google Janaya Trotter Cincinnati NAACP'S candidate night and watch the video.

Trotter comes to the communities (black, white, other) to EARN your votes.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Smitherman and Deters

Speaking truth to power Janaya Trotter!  Vote Trotter.
Trotter said on Sister Speak that Smitherman is a Political Pedophile

When you have to keep it real.
Smitherman Post - Read about it here.

Deters will do interview on WDBZ the Buzz.  Hope he is also willing to spend advertising dollars with the station?   More on this topic soon.


Upcoming MEETING 
Cincinnati NAACP  ***Candidates Night*** on September 27th @6pm  location Integrity Hall in Roselawn
At the meeting candidates, with integrity and those who lack it, will speak.   Come see:
Hamilton County prosecutor candidate Janaya Trotter
Hamilton County Sheriff candidate Jim Neil
Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge candidate  William Bell Sr.  (running for  John William's seat) Bell is a  WRITE IN candidate.
Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Deters: The Black Vote is not for Sale

There use to be a time, I’m told, that politicians worked to earn your vote. They'd  come to your churches and kiss your babies. They would march in your parades and help the elderly cross the street. Of course they were pandering to the community. But at least they pandered with a condom on.  You knew they wanted to bleep you.

Now comes the case of Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters who has been  absent in the black community. No radio interviews, no lollipops and no baby kissing.  Of course not,  he hates our black babies.

He wants to bleep us without a kiss.

When that Mahogany’s thingy was going down foolish Republican  radio talk show host  Ken Anderson stated:

“Black people are like rats, it’s like a group of people got together and decided what it would cost to destroy the black community, and they decided it could be done for less than a million dollars. Blacks are fighting over the cheese (the restaurant) which is actually less than a million dollars,” 

Deters has decided the cost to destroy the black community, or to at least buy your vote  is $25,000. Probably he paid that hooker in Cleveland more.

If the  below statement  isn't enough to make your throw up.
Joe Deters is Hamilton County’s longest serving Prosecuting Attorney.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012


This blog is very sorry to hear that former prosecutor Rachel Hutzel has died.  This blog was a fan. It appeared she was firm but fair. Search this blog for posts about Hutzel.

R.I.P. Hutzel.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Joe Deters and Hamilton County are famous

Remember in 2008 when Deters' claimed voter fraud in Hamilton County?  Google it.

Now Hamilton County - Deters' county makes national headlines, while Deters' gets a head job, maybe.

Join the group AMOS and other at the BOE on Thursday 8/16/2012 at 8am (sharp) to stop voter trickery in Hamilton County.

9:00 AM

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Deters' Dog Whistle to his base (Alfonso Williams)

The part-time prosecutor, full-time persecutor has once again reared his ugly head - and it's election time.
Alfonso Williams has been convicted and is accused of unspeakable crimes.

But does Deters, the part-time prosecutor, who had business with the lady in Cleveland, have to try Alfonso Williams in the court of public opinion?

It's election time and Deters is trying to buy the black vote, and it's NOT for sale.  This blog will go non-stop Deters until the November election.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Everette Howard family to Protest coroner, UC police, prosecutor, Monday

Family of teen who was tased to death on the campus of University of Cincinnati will hold three protest on Monday .
Everette Howard was a North College Hill graduate, was in a summer program on the University of Cincinnati’s campus to prepare for his first year of college.

Protest will take place at 10 am in each location: Date June 18, 2012
Hamilton County Coroner’s office   3159 Eden Ave  Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

Hamilton County Prosecutor’s office (Joe Deters)  230 E. Ninth Street, Downtown  45202

University of Cincinnati  51 W. Corey   45219

Show your support, bring pictures in remember of Everette, and make signs

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Prosecutor: No crime in Taser death

Once Again, Black Man Down, no charges from Deters.
Joe Must Go!
Read through this blog - Deters hates the Black man.

Read the article - it only takes ONE witness to tell Hamilton County citizens that Everette Howard's life didn't mean anything.
R.I.P Everette Howard

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Catholics and Death Penalty

Deters is Catholic - What is his stance on death penalty? Kill. Kill. Kill.

Execute justice not people.  People of color and people with limited means are more likely to be given the death penalty. Rich people don't get the death penalty even when convicted of  a similar heinous crime.

Search this blog and you will discover that Deters has given countless  black men the death penalty. When Kristen Struz was bludgeoned to death, and her body piece portioned  out in garbage bags in front of her small children, Deters spared her killer the death penalty.   Read the article in the above hate paper of record.
And look what his little mini me is doing in DC.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Will Dem Chair run anyone against Williams?

Anyone, someone, please answer the following questions if you can.

Is a deal being cooked up between Dem Chair Tim Burke to allow John Williams to run unopposed in November?
Triantifilou, Deters and others hijacked the 2010 election in which Tracie Hunter became Judge Hunter.  For two years, John Williams road the GOP coattail for free.  He's had the job as Clerk of Courts, and temp Juvi Judge.  

No beef here on this blog against Williams, but he is being hooked up.  Is the hook-up like an entitlement?

Do tell.

Friday, April 27, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Votes counted in Tracie Hunter Case

UPDATE:  Votes Counted.  Congrats Judge Hunter.

Finally after wasting nearly 1.4 million of tax payer dollars and pledging to waste more.  Alex, Joe and the others have been court ordered to count the votes.  Although, we know the outcome when the votes are counted (assuming they aren't cheats), Hunter will declare her official victory.  Yet many of the local news will sweep this story under a Deters' - Cleveland Whore - semen stained rug.


  • Tracie M. Hunter as of 12 noon today, @ the BOE ... All the ballots have been scanned and tabulated. WE will reconvene at The Hamilton County Board of Elections at 4pm TODAY, Fri 4/27/2012, to hear the announcement of the November 2010 election, Tracie M Hunter vs John Williams. Please join us at 4pm today, 801 Broadway, BOE, 3rd floor. Downtown. Thank You.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The man who took Joe Deters' job

We all know that Hamilton County Prosecutor is the disgraced former treasurer that was busted with the hooker in that car in Cleveland.  The Cleveland show.
Now, look what the guy that took his job is up too.

On another note looks like Tracie Hunter is on her way to victory.  Yet ORC Alex T. promises to continue to use tax payer funds to obfuscate.   If you are able show up at BOE on Tuesday April 17 @11:00 am
From AMOS facebook.

Great news for voters - the county will count the discarded votes from the November 2010 election. It took way too long, but democracy and fairness will prevail

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thank you Special Prosecutor - We matter

Prosecutor’s aren’t God - they just play one in the courtroom:                  Trayvon Martin Case

In Michelle Alexander’s book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, she writes, “One might think judges are the most powerful, or even the police, but in reality the prosecutor holds the cards. It is the prosecutor, far more than any other criminal justice official who holds the keys to the jail house door.  After the police arrest someone, the prosecutor is in charge. Few rules constrain the exercise  of his or her discretion. The prosecutor is free to dismiss a case for any reason or no reason at all. The prosecutor is also free  to file more charges against a defendant than can realistically be proven in court, so long as probable cause arguable exists -- a practice known as overcharging.”

Re-read that paragraph again.   Let the words consume and absorb you.  READ HERE.

The world is waiting with baited breath, for  special prosecutor, Angela Corey to decide if Zimmerman will be charged.

Thank you special prosecutor Corey.  One can only imagine WWJD (WHAT WOULD JOE DO?} JOE DETERS.

Today we learn, ZIMMERMAN will be charged.

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We promise to put the focus back on Deters in the month of April

So many of you delightful readers are aware that this blog isn't just about Deters. When possible we try to uplift, inform and entertain our Dear communities.

We have been blogging about Deters for nearly five, yes five years.  And we won't stop.  In April come back for a new blog look - and new posts,

Be SURE to check the blog on April 1st, 2012.  We've got a big surprise.  The big reveal.

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Trayvon Martin Deters would do the same.....

Young brother - God's got you now. You did not deserve to die. But God's got you now.  Thinking of you. Praying for your family.

Google Trayvon Martin.  Don't let his death be in vain.

Sadly Trayvon = Deters would do the same.  Not charge your killer.

Signing off good people.  Be sure to continue to check the blog.  Nice numbers.  Big announcement on April 1st.

tired, no edit tonight or ever, really.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

John Williams does not plan to pay legal bill? Triantafilou a bleeping idiot?

Triantafilou blames Hunter’s tactics for potentially costing taxpayers the large legal bill.

“She decided to sue us in federal court,” Triantafilou said, noting she could have done it in state court where the Ohio Supreme Court already has ruled favorably for the board and Williams – a decision Hunter appealed to federal court."

We are trying to control the potty mouth on this blog, but is Hamilton County Republican chair Alex Triantafilou,  the dumbest (bleepity, bleep, bleep). On earth?  Re read the above quote by him.  Why would anybody take an action that didn't guarantee the best outcome for self? 

Now this blog has no beef with John Williams, but we do question his association with Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters (Birds of a feather?). But read  his comment below. Is he planning to skip out of paying his legal bill?  Isn't that illegal?

In talking about his lawyers, Williams wouldn’t comment on how much his legal bills are or who will pay them, but said, “If those legal bills ever get paid ...” before ending his comment unfinished.

The above comments were taken from the paper of record. It was posted online on Sunday March 11, 2012.  We are trying to refrain from posting links from that site.
We don't want a virus.

And is the reporter Kimball Perry the biggest (bleep) that ever lived?  His facts are wrong  in the article -  it's over 800 (not the 300 he reported) re: provisional ballots. And there would have been more had they stopped counting after the first 10,000.

In this order....Deters, Triantafilou, Perry.   What a trio?

Word to the local GOP - state laws would have blacks back in slavery - like Deters Jim Crow type lynchings.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How the BLACK community failed Judge Fanon Rucker.(Picture)

How the Black community failed Judge Fanon Rucker

 I turned the TV off after catching the first few minutes of the local 10’oclock news. The poll results listed at the bottom of the screen showed that Judge Fanon Rucker was losing by a fairly large percentage. I’m not sure at this point, how many precincts had reported. I went to bed. I knew better than to make the assumption that Judge Rucker would lose because in the past when I went to bed and assumed that my candidate had won or lost – I’d wake the next morning and it was never what I thought. If I thought they won, they’d lost and vice versa.

I said a big prayer for Rucker and dozed off to sleep.

I rolled over in bed around 2 am As I punched the button on my laptop and hit the TV remote. I saw the slaughter. Judge Rucker didn’t just lose – he got slaughtered. My eyes aren’t worth a damn, so I was not sure if the numbers at the bottom of my TV screen were correct. I sure hoped they weren’t. I thought the numbers were Rucker’s opponent 70%. Rucker 30% WTF. Ouch.

I forced myself to go back to sleep. It was either that or cry. The next morning I went to Judge Rucker’s Facebook page. The condolences/words of encouragement had begun to roll in.

As a writer, I was at a loss for words. I didn’t post anything. Instead I “liked” other people’s post. I noticed that Judge Rucker had yet to post anything.

I was glad I had not attended his watch party at Mixx. It was no way I could have faced the man that I’d first met at another night club about 4 years earlier. I was a  hot mess of a mother with a son who would very soon be sentenced to more years in prison than he’d been alive. Someone at the club mentioned that the guy with the Heineken was a judge.

I approached Judge Rucker and poured my heart out to him about my son’s case which he was familiar with as it was all on the damn news. With tears and red eyes, I asked the judge if my son had come before him with this case, how many years would he give him. “Seven,” Judge Rucker said as he lowered the Heineken from his lips.

I don’t know if Judge Rucker was telling the truth, but I do know from the look in his eyes that he recognized my pain, and that meant the world to me.

Over the years, I have run into Judge Rucker at community events, and I can count on my one hand the number of men that love and uplift our communities. Judge Rucker is one of them. Most recently he spoke at a voter pre-rally that I organized. And if there are angels on earth Judge Rucker is one of them. Well spoken, well groomed, attractive in a Lawyer, Godly way. I personally know at least a dozen black women that want to marry him, and at least twice as many that want to bleep him because he’s a judge.

But that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about a great man that lost a judges’ race because a large population of our community did not get out and vote.

Early on Wednesday, my kinder, gentler Republican friend texted me this. Jean Schmidt lost. Because we are both political junkies, we had texted back and forth all day on Super Tuesday. I knew what my friend really wanted to text was that Fanon lost. Even though he is a Republican - he was really rooting for Judge Rucker. I sent him this text back. “Good morning. Yeah, Wenstrup handed Jean’s “ass” to her. Also, the great Judge Rucker lost Racist county-wide elections. Yeah, I said it that was some bullshit.”

Jean Schmidt

First, I knew it was a state race, but I was texting early. Secondly, I knew that my friend hated when I blamed anything on race. To prove to me that it wasn’t race my friend who’s good about looking up election results,  went to various counties throughout the state of Ohio that he knew were black areas. He told me that Judge Rucker had lost in black counties and Hamilton County. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

I became angry and outraged. I try never to blame my people. When in doubt, blame it on racism and the racist white man (not to be confused with good white liberals and decent white conservatives). But the reality and according to my friend's research (which at some point I will double check) Our people - the blacks didn’t turn out.

And that’s why I say – how the black community failed Judge Rucker.

I'm sure when Judge Rucker goes to the United States Supreme Court (yes, US Supreme Court), he'll look back and laugh at the lost - but for now, I'm sure it hurts

Shaking my MF head. Good night. 

FBKs an unapologetic eBook writer.  Her 19-year-old beloved son is serving a 20-year sentence for a bank robbery that he committed to pay for college tuition, and it’s real fked up.

Dear Supporter, (email from Judge Rucker)

Since announcing my candidacy for the Ohio Supreme Court last November, I have traveled all across Ohio and have met remarkable people who have now become friends and supporters of the message that Ohioans deserve a Supreme Court:

That is representative of all the people affected by its decisions,

Whose Justices' professional paths are paved with experience in many areas of the law, and

Most importantly, that exercises its affirmative responsibility to take steps to ensure public trust in the legal system.

While we didn't succeed in getting the votes we needed, no one should be deterred or unhappy. We worked extremely hard and convinced a lot of Ohioans that representation on the Court is an achievable goal. The campaign has received tremendous support and great positive feedback. In this, my first State wide campaign, I was identified by the largest paper in the state as "the future of this Party" and received endorsements by College Democratic groups as well as County Democratic Parties large and small.

None of this would be possible were it not for the dedication of our campaign team and volunteer core: Carla Walker, Richard Moore, Bernadette Watson, Eric Kearney, Jenny O'Donnell, Tylon McGhee, Tanner McFall, Laurie Housemeyer, Tiana Rollinson, Felicisa Evans, Jaladah Aslam, Gigi Traore, Mike Wright, Daniel Rajiah, Nathan Waller, Kevin Johnson, Duane Weems, Luke Davis, and Strickland Drumright. They worked tirelessly over the last couple of months and I appreciate their commitment to the campaign.

To those who supported with online posts, phone calls, text messages, and contributions, I am extremely grateful for your time and compassion. Thanks also to Tim Burke, Chairman of the Hamilton County Democratic Party for his advice, encouragement, and guidance.

I look forward to continuing my work on the Municipal Court in Hamilton County and to my continued engagement in the Greater Cincinnati community or beyond.

Thank you again for your support throughout this journey and God bless.

Fanon A. Rucker


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Community Event TODAY Sat March 3rd, 2012

Blog isn't always about soon to be former Persecutor Deters.

Blog seeks to inform community about GREAT community events.

Celebration of Books, Literacy and Community. 2012 Book fair (1230 am WDBZ ). Saturday March 3 from 10 -5. I will teach a free writing workshop “So you Wanna Write a Non-Ficition book” at 1pm. If writing is your passion – please consider taking the workshop. Also, there will be free writing workshops throughout the day. Write on!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Show up and tell BOE to count the VOTES in Juvenile court judges' race

Are you OK with fiscal conservatives spending your tax money?

Hasn't this Huggy Low Down shigitty  in the Tracie Hunter/John Williams race gone on long enough?

Tracie Hunter is a great American.

Count the votes or go to jail.

This Blog is calling on it's faithful readers to spread the word and come to the Board of Elections on Monday Feb 13th at 8am.  State Rep. Reece is having  a press conference.  There will be a meeting after press conference at BOE.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trotter for Prosecutor event in Avondale on Thursday

Hi Faithful Blog Readers:

Join us at this event on Thursday Feb 9 if you want to see what Change looks like. Spread the Word!

Friend-Raiser for Hamilton County Prosecutor candidate Janaya Trotter on Thursday Feb 9 - 5:30 to 8:30. Come out and learn how you can support the campaign. 3128 Reading Rd. Avondale Studio Cafe see Door prizes and food

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is Un-American the new "N" word Triatafilou vs. Hunter

This blog is unedited and we love you, and you and you. Black, white, brown.

                                    Is Un-American the new “N” word? (click here)

On Saturday I called into Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld’s radio show on WDBZ the buzz Cincinnati and questioned his guest Hamilton County Republican chair Alex Triantafilou in regards to the juvenile court judges’ race between Democrat Tracie Hunter and Republican John Williams which is still undecided.

My question of the Chairman Triantafilou led to a barrage of attacks including Triantafilou referring to Tracie Hunter as un-American.

The word un-American is used a lot by mostly Republican white men when they refer to President Barack Obama.

I knew, as do many, exactly what white men mean when they refer to a black person as Un-American. They mean like the slave owners meant it when they referred to slaves as niggers. When people like presidential candidate Newt Gingrich refer to President Obama as Un-American. When Triantafilou refers to Hunter as un-American they want it to mean nigger.

I looked up the word on several online dictionaries and it means -  not in accordance with the aims, ideals, customs, etc., of the US

In case you are not familiar with the Tracie Hunter or the juvenile’s court saga, please read here and here and here.

If it’s is Un-American to sue so that votes will be counted -  than why in the hell does everybody and their mother have President Obama in court?

I ask that if you have taken the time to read this, that you take the time to contact Alex Triantafilou and WDBZ the buzz radio  (513.679.6000 and tell them that Tracie Hunter is AMERICAN.


She is not a nigger. Or a nigga.

Happy Black History month America. We love you.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

MLK Coalition March in Cincinnati & Dem Chair Timmy Burke

blog post written in 2012
Who should attend the MLK day march in Cincinnati on Monday?

I for one won’t be participating in the circus. I don’t have a fur coat. I’m not running for a political office. I’m not a poverty pimp. I don’t have any money to give to the Baptist preachers who have failed to stop the genocide in the black neighborhoods. How the hell are there 54 churches in Avondale and the streets are crumbling like crack and the neighborhood ended 2011 tied for the most homicides in Cincinnati?

The only way you’ll see me at that march if my friends from ‘Occupy the Hood’ want to show up with signs to protest. Other than that, I’m staying home. In the heat.

My pastor has a great saying, “Singers –sing, Swimmers – swim, Sinners – sin.” I’ll add to that - Symbolizers – symbolize. That’s what the Cincinnati MLK march sponsored by the MLK Coalition has become – Symbolism without substance. A day in which black liberals and white liberals, and, oh yeah, Republican Councilman Charlie Winburn, and others march from the Freedom Center to Fountain Square to Music hall, while holding hands and singing, “We shall Overcome.” Although some of us never will Overcome, because some will make sure that some they succumb.

A symbolic march was NOT Dr. King’s dream. Furthermore, I don’t think Dr. King would march in 2012. 49 years after the “I Have a Dream” speech and we still have to march? In the cold? Really? Shiiiiiid.

The only thing that has really changed is that they won’t “sick” the dogs on people. Instead they “sick” sophisticated attacks. I swear if the Chair of the Democratic Party Tim Burke’s   ass is at the march somebody ought to kick him straight in his butt for not seeing to it that the Tracie Hunter saga ends. Oh, and while you’re at it kick Mayor Cranley, Christopher Smitherman (head of Poverty Pimps)  in their asses too, and a few other Democrats.

You don’t have to worry about kicking any Republicans (like JOE DETERS) in their pasty asses because none of them will show up. Many of them don’t waste our time pretending they care about the poor and disenfranchised.

No siree I’m not going to march in that watered down, sanitized, commercialized parade sponsored by poverty pimp Smitherman.

Nor am I going to go to Music Hall to here regurgitated symbolic speeches. Nope, can’t do it.

I don’t know why anybody would take their family/children to the march or the event. Because some of the people they will hear and see don’t really exist. They are not who they proclaim to be and as soon as the event is over they disappear into their neighborhoods across town.

Seriously, don’t go kicking Timmy or the others in their asses.  And for the record this blog is a fan of Councilman Winburn. But I'm about Substance.  I am the change that I want to see in our communities. This blog and many (not all of it's posts) are community service announcements.  I volunteer in the community because I care and don't need a For Profit MARCH, sold-out Breakfast, and Event to show I care.  I want my voice to be heard and I don't need to be seen.

But I’m really not feeling the march. Are you?

Edit?  Who edits?  I\We rarely  edit on this blog. Sorry Pastor.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Haley Barbour gives GIFT to Joe Deters

Haley Barbour
Eat your "MF" heart out Joe Deters.

Remember when that fat-nasty-pasty Paul LePage, Maine’s Tea Party-backed governor declined to attend a NAACP Martin Luther King, Jr. Day event? Remember he told the NAACP TO kiss his ass?

Well for some reason I’m getting LePage confused with Governor Haley Barbour who recently gave reprieves to more than 200 inmates. Some are angry and think Haley has lost his mind. I think he’s spent a life time of hating folk and his  releasing the inmates is a form of reverse hate. He’s hated so many for so long that now he’s set free those that remind him of people that he’s spent a life time hatin’ It's late I have to think this one through.  Read a more meaniful post on the this blog below.  Good night wonderful blog readers. 

We've been saying it for over four years at this blog.

Blog Readers Deters has got a lot of money in his war chest.  Trotter can win this through the power of the social media.  If you like the article, please share.  Post comments.
Joe must Go!
Joe must Go!
Jo must Go!
We applaud and salute Attorney Trotter.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Farewell 2011 – What political party will local blacks join in 2012?

Happy New Year – Who We Be?

During the 2011 Cincinnati City Council election season hopeful Democrat candidates tried to spoon feed blacks the tired line – I’m an endorsed Democrat. Apparently they didn’t get the memo floating around black communities, which reads blacks are fed up with the local Democratic Party.

That does not mean blacks in Cincinnati and Hamilton County have stopped drinking the local Democrats Kool-Aid, case in point their support of Democrats in the Cincinnati City Council race. Some just refuse to drink as much of the sugary substance. If they are a Democrat - they are Progressive, if they are not a Democrat - they are Independent, and if they identify themselves as a Democrat - they don’t vote the straight Democrat ticket, and they will tell you in a “Joe Deters lynch-a-black man minute” that they voted for Republican Charlie Winburn. Woo-hoo.

Blacks dissatisfaction with the local Democratic party can more recently be traced back to one man - Timothy Burke, Chair of the Democratic Party. The pill is still yet to be swallowed, although Burke denies he cut a deal in 2008 with the republicans not to run democratic candidates against currently elected republican judges, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, and the sheriff. There are some recent whispers that Burke is once again shaking the pill bottle and considering playing let’s make a deal.

Burke remains on the black shit-list and many are disappointed that Burke and other prominent democrats haven’t fought harder to help Tracie Hunter secure her seat on the Juvenile Court bench. Count the votes and let’s stop wasting tax-payer dollars, OK?

A few prominent Democrats say that Burke isn’t all bad. Last month he stood with the black Democratic Municipal Court judges who fought to be sure African Americans received a fair consideration for the two openings for magistrate in Municipal Court.

Too bad it didn’t work out.

Although the local Democratic Kool -Aid is nasty as hell, it’s better than the deadly sugary drink mix served up by Hamilton County Republican Party chairman Alex Triantafilou (pronounced trying-to-fool-ya) and Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters (prounounced Hoe Penis).

Christopher Smitherman, Cincinnati NAACP President, Councilman, Stockbroker – often acts as a broker between the ever spanning space of Middle class blacks, aggrieved blacks and the white economic and political power structure.

Smitherman may handle stocks and people’s money with no problem but he’s got his work cut out for him trying to mediate between blacks and what some view as the greedy and crooked local Republican party. Sure there are good local republicans, Kingpin Deters is not one of them. The good ones, not to be confused with the good ole’ boys must work harder to be more inclusive.

Having a black mayor, a black city manager, a black police chief, a black football coach, a black baseball coach, a black majority on Cincinnati City Council don’t mean a black-eyed peas thing if every other power structure is controlled by some unethical Republicans.

Who-we-be? You tell me.

I don’t speak for anyone mentioned in this piece. I write my opinion while others speak thiers. I reserve the right NOT to edit.  If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Have a Happy New Year. Can't we all just get along? Maybe not.