Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Equal and Exact Justice (Deters' Penis)

I was in downtown Cincinnati today, the day of my beloved son- Andrew's birthday, November 18, taking care of some business for my son. As I walked past the just-us center my attention was directed to look up at a person or group of people, that were beating on the window at me or at somebody. I’ve been told that the inmates can see people that pass by and beat on the window to get their attention. As I looked away from the just-us center my eyes focused on the court house where I was headed, sporting my Citizens Against Joe Deters t-shirt.

For the first time ever I noticed the words on that building. They read:

Equal and exact justice to all men whatever state or persuasion religious political. It seems it would be commas in between those words and there might have been--perhaps I didn’t notice. I was taken aback by the words. Equal and exact justice…definitely not what’s going on in Cincinnati or in America. Some are never brought to justice for their crimes. And that bothers me. It really does. All that break the law need to be brought to justice, but no one deserves to be the victim of injustice.

Is paying someone to put your penis in their mouth a crime? What about their ass? What about if the offense happened in Cleveland?

One of those days readers. One of those days.

Look for me to post info on virtual protest in the next couple of days.