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Just-Us Bus going to Washington. You going?

Led by Rev. Al Sharpton and National Action Network (NAN), partners in labor, education, civil rights, and the church will march to symbolize the collective struggle for social justice on Saturday, August 27, 2011, just one day before the historic unveiling of the national King Memorial on the National Mall. The pre-rally will begin at 12 (Noon) at Constitution and 17th Streets followed by a March beginning at 1:30pm to the King Memorial site on Ohio Drive, SW and West Basin Drive, SW.

According to Rev. Sharpton: "While there has been significant progress in civil rights and social justice there are still massive attacks upon poor people and workers along with an unfair and unequal distribution of labor. People of color still make up the vast majority of those wrongfully incarcerated and are the largest ranks of the unemployed and those discriminated against in the workplace. We have the poorest health care and the most disproportionate housing and freedom alone does not deliver dignity."

If you are interested in going send an email to this blog, and we'll get you the details, cost, etc.

Also, we plan a rally here locally. If you can't make the trip, surely you'll attend the rally.  We want to hear from you.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weiner should not resign--Deters didn't

Here's what one of our beloved FB friends posted

If I were Weiner I would not give a press conference...I would just send out a tweet saying "I'm resigning bitches!!" with a pic of his cock.

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Joe Deters hit on Shawn Hawkins is a no – go!

Once again the Hamilton County Prosecutor  sought to lynch a black man.  However, today  Governor John Kasich (Deters’ boy) commuted the death sentence to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Thank you Governor Kasich.  You are on the  wrong side of the track on many issues, but you got this one right.  You often make smart decisions as it pertains to the criminal “just-us” system. You pledged in one of your campaign debates to  tackle criminal justice – injustice. The Hawkins decision is a first step toward you keeping the deal.  Deters doesn’t keep deals.

Deters works with the paper of record to destroy the lives of black men.  At this blog we encourage young men of color, and all people,  to make smart choices and stay out of the criminal just-us system, but when they error we seek fair sentences.

Terrance Richard and Diamond Marteen did not deserve to die.  God knows who killed them.  At this blog we will not comment on rather we believe Hawkins is guilty or innocent, but we applaud the family for fighting for him.  If we don’t fight for our loved ones, who will?

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Anthony "weiner" Weiner is human! Deters? (UPDATE)

We believe Weiner should seek treatment, but not resign!
Weiner has been a great advocate for working and po' folk.

So what’s new? Another elected official gets caught with his hands in the social media jar?

Others we can think of off the top of our heads (no pun intended)


Chris Lee (apologized, resigned)

John Boehner

Airport bathroom stall tap guy (Geez what’s his name?)

Eliot Spitzer (Client 9) - apologized

John Edwards - apologized

Anthony David Weiner - apologized

Joe Deters - hooker in car in Cleveland (won’t apologize)

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Thank you Readers

In the last few days, CAJD's has seen a boom in readership and feedback. We thank you for what appears to be heartfelt comments. Thank you for the emails and keep them coming.

Please continue to search through this blog, as we have over 400 post.  CAJD's loves our communities and All people. 

Please continue to spread the word about this blog.  Joe Must Go!

Recently, I heard that Deters weighed in on Shawn Hawkins case.  If you're not up to date google Shawn Hawkins.

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Eric Deters fired....Goes on Ware's show disses Joe Deters *UPDATE*

***Deters (Eric0 gets new radio host gig on WQRT - Am 1160 (weekdays 6-8)
Usually this blog exist to get our readers up to date. But we are behind on the firing of Eric Deters.  Do tell...what happened?

We've  posted stuff on this blog about Eric in the past.Search this blog if you want to learn a little about Deters.

If the outright racist radio station fires you, what does that say about you?

To be honest Deters (Eric) comments or video blog didn't much bother us.  Deters is a bit corny, a little funny. He failed to mention his discretions, but had no problem mentioning others discretions. Shame on him for that.

Same with that persecutor.  Prosecutes others.....but he never gets caught.