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Deters' Pal Wenstrup Won't Win (and book info)

Stroll down for Wenstrup Won't Win blog for book inquirys contact __________________________________________________________________________
So Alex Tryingtofoolya head of the HCRP has rolled this candidate out. He won't win even if he is against the streetcar. He's got his talking points but they won't help him because he represents the business as usual status quo. He's the male version of Palin.
Repeat after me.
Wenstrup Won't Win
Wenstrup Won't Win
Wenstrup Won't Win

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Check me out on 1230 am the Buzz on Wed July 29 (CANCELLED)

That handsome boy on my lap is (none of ur), my little protesting cousin. Every time that he sees me he screams, "Joe Deters." He runs to the closet because he knows where we keep our protest signs . He knows how to protest too. "Joe must go, Joe must go." I taught him that chant. ___________________________________________________________________ Book inquirys email
Citizens Against Joe Deters founder, FBK, news columnist known for her hard-hitting commentaries on urban issues has a new book, Dream Deferred from College Student to Bank Robber to Prison (a true story that made local and national headlines). FBK will be on 1230 am the Buzz (Lincoln Ware’s show) on Wednesday July 29, 2009 at 1 pm to discuss her new book.

Monday, July 27, 2009


too lazy to edit blog
As I was strolling by Deters’ office today , with my large posters (no not protesting) Deters HDIC charge approached me. Well actually he approached another CAJD member. When he realized she was not me, he sought me out. I was standing a few feet away. He asked me a bunch of questions about what I did or didn’t say on my blog--this blog. I never answered any of his questions. I let him ramble and rage on. Rage on my brother! Finally when I felt courageous enough to respond to him I stated that I felt nervous about his last phone call to me, and that I felt nervous about the conversation that he was having with me today. He’s a tall guy and he was like bending down in my face to talk to me. Maybe he still sees me as that bad ass teen that he use to discipline in high school.
For the record I never said anything bad about that man (see above link). Believe it or not, strange as it may sound, I still care about that man. I just think it’s pretty fucked up that he’s rolling with Dirty Deters these days.
____________________________________________________________________ Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote about him in my book “…Deters threatened to sue me because I’ve exercised my rights as a citizen to criticize a public servant. Deters had his HDIC (Head Detective in Charge), who I’ve known since I was in high school when he was the resource officer, call to threaten me. Back then I thought the HDIC in charge was a great guy. Like many of the girls at the school, I had a big crush on him. Back then the HDIC was the kind of cop that would give a kid a break. He didn’t take any bull crap, instead he used the “it takes a village” approach to discipline students.”
___________________________________________________________________ Anyway, there are so many things I wish hadn’t happened. But they did. And there’s nothing I can do. I hate that the nicest cop to ever work in Cincinnati is now the HDIC for that fuck. I hate that my son robbed that bank. I hate that two years later I’m still no more healed, well maybe more healed, but not completely healed over this mess. I’m thankful that writing helps me channel my emotions appropriately.
___________________________________________________________________ For inquires about the book, send an email to
On another note, I'm about sick of Alex Triantifilou and his HCRP blog. As soon as I have the time,  I'm going to lauch a blog missle up his behind.
And another note. We met some pretty cool people in downtown Cincinnati today. There was a cool Sheriff that told us we weren't bothering anybody and gave us some rules, etc. There was another Sheriff that the somebody (probably Joe) sicked on us. He just quietly watched us. It was weird. Whatever. We ain't afraid of you Joe. Well, not that much anyway.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why won’t Joe Deters go on Black radio?

For those of you that don’t know, the local black talk radio station in Cincinnati is WDBZ the Buzz (1230 am). Lincoln Ware host a talk radio show between the hours of 10am -2pm. Lincoln Ware often gets request from callers to have Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters come on his show to talk on a variety of topics that concern our communities. After Jodi Edwards left her baby in a hot mini-van for 8 hours Joe Deters did phone in to Lincoln’s show and take a few calls. One of the calls came from me. But he didn’t even show Lincoln nor his listeners the courtesy of coming into to station. Yet, he often makes a in person visit down the dial on WLW radio. Since that call in interview Lincoln's Guest have repeatedly requested to Lincoln over the airwaves that he bring his good friend Joe Deters on his show. A month or two ago Deters told Lincoln that he would come to the show after he finished up a big case that he was working on. After losing the big court case at the job where he double dips at, Stan Chesley’s law firm, he still has yet to return to Lincoln’s show. Everybody that is anybody, or nobody, goes on Lincoln’s show. Especially when they want something from the black community. Something like a vote. ___________________________________________________________________ On Thursday July 24, 2009-- Deters appeared as a guess on Bill Cunningham’s show. Cunningham was off but the fill-in host Eric Deters (no relation), had Joe “TNT” Deters as a guest. ___________________________________________________________________ Deters owes it to the black community to come on black radio. That’s seems to be a chief complaint against Deters in the Cincinnati Black community. The complaint being that Deters dislikes and often disrespects the black community with his reckless comments, such as calling black men animals, over prosecuting and over sentencing black defendants and refusing to apologize for his crude and dishonest behavior. Deters hasn’t gotten along with many in the Cincinnati black community for some time. He seems to not care about how the black community feels about how he is doing his job. It would seem that the Chief Legal Representative of Hamilton County would at least make an effort to improve relations between himself and the black community. What do you think? Email me your thoughts at SOON I'LL OPEN THIS BLOG BACK UP TO COMMNETS. I THINK THE GUY THAT CALLED ME A BLACK KOON IS LONG GONE AND NO LONGER STALKING.

UPDATE ON BOOK (with Joe Deters chapter) and thoughts on Harvard Professor arrest

On Friday July 24th a few of the Citizens Against Joe Deters crew was out and about in downtown Cincinnati. They had the t-shirts on, and they carried our large ‘Buy the Book’ posters (by the way they look great, we had them made at a local printing store), that promoted the book, and they handed out lot’s of flyers. The book is doing very well considering the only way to get a copy is through the underground railroad AKA through the mail or to catch us on location somewhere. Po Box 826 Milford, Ohio 45150 __________________________________________________________________ A few of us will be back in downtown Cincinnati with books in tow on Monday July 27, 2009. You can catch us somewhere between the courthouse and fountain square. If you want us to meet you at a specific location in downtown please send an email and we will try to accommodate you. ____________________________________________________________________ On Wednesday July 29, 2009, I will be on the Lincoln Ware show on 1230 am the Buzz. The call in line is 513.749.1230 if any of you want to give me a shout out. Haters need not call. _____________________________________________________________ I can picture Harvard Professor Gates being really tired, really cranky, just getting back in the country from China, needing to take a dump, needing to take a shower when the cop rolled up on him. I picture the cop as having a big ego and something to prove. It appears the cop acted on emotion and didn’t necessarily follow proper procedure. Something about his interview with the reporter suggested to me that he’s a cop with a chip on his shoulder. C'mon apologize maaaaan. Anyway, I can see Professor Gates raising a thousand dollars worth of hell because he was tired and his home was not home- sweet- home. I don’t get why President Obama apologized. Oh well, that’s my take. FYI there’s a chapter in my book titled Dear President Obama. President Obama needs to quit apologizing (love him and will express my opinion) and the cop should have apologized. What the hell. The cop will only be in the spotlight maybe just this once. Apologizing would have shown class and less cop attitude.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Does Attorney Eric Deters want Welfare?

I was radio flipping and tuned into WLW, Bill Cunningham’s hate radio show. Today’s host was fill-in, Eric Deters. Now for the record CAJD has nothing against Eric Deters and we only know a few things about him. He talks a lot of shit. He sounds a lot like Bill on the radio. He has an upcoming boxing match, that bloggers are betting money that he’s going to get beat up. He wants to open up a Hooter’s style restaurant and hire white college girls with big boobies. My friend’s Dad (a black guy) actually got fired from his job because he attempted to recruit a white college girl to work in Deters’ bar. Swear to God that’s true (memo to myself--tell my friend to get have Eric represent him in court.). He's an author. He wants the stimulus money to create jobs. Isn't that like wanting somethig from the Government? Like welfare. This begs the question: Why does Eric Deters and others want the government (or as my friend jokingly says, the Gubbment) to do something for them? Why doesn’t Eric Deters and the other whiners create their own jobs (so what Deters is an attorney, he whines like he wants welfare) Why don't the whiners stop whining? Stop waiting for the Gubbment to do something for them. Lazy Bastards. Eric Deters is cursed because of his last name--Deters. (this blog is unedited and all in the name of fun, SOMETIMES.) NEW BOOK AVAILABE. SEND EMAIL REQUEST TO CITIZENSAGAINSTJOEDETERS@FUSE.NET (this blog is unedited and all in the name of fun, SOMETIMES)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CAJD's New Book

___________________________________________________________________ He robbed a bank for college tuition. That's what my 19-year old college student son told Judge Steve Martin at the Hamilton County Courthouse when he was sentenced to 20 years in prison--more years in prison than he’d been alive. What would make a seemingly normal young man commit such a life-altering act? Why? Why would Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters make a 12 year back door deal then leave out the front door? This book was written to help young men (especially young men of color) to not fall off that dangerous cliff that has no fence (read the parable)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Deters first major fumble as part-time prosecutor

Having no criminal record, and looking like a frightened teen, 18- year Joseph Burdine was booked in the Hamilton County Just-us system charged with throwing the rock that hit the pretty white girl (God speed to her). Deters, always the publicity whore, always willing to publicly lynch a young person of color before they are convicted in a court of law. It appears Deters did not have the decency to discuss the specifics of the case with the police department. Because of Deters fumble Burdine sat in Hamilton County jail for 10 days on a $650,000 bond before a grand jury decided not to indict him. What the hell? Burdine needs to sue the bumbling-fumbling prosecutor because as a result of him being charged hate flyers were created that encouraged people to do harm to the young man.
MLK, JR. said, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Monday, July 13, 2009

Joseph Burdine have YOUR LAWYER SUE

(God speed to the woman that is recovering from her rock injury)
18-year old Joseph Burdine, the black teen that was accused of throwing rock that injured the white woman, needs to have his lawyer sue the county, the prosecutor (Joe Deters), the police department, the Enquirer and every other person that participated in his public lynching. How dare they hold a press conference in front of his? How dare they lynch him in the newspaper? How dare they hold him in jail for ten days. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Joe Deters, P-T Persecutor admits CLUELESSNESS

The biggest story on the news today was going to be that of the youth, Terron Tolliver, accused of throwing the rock- if he would be tried as an adult. However, his case was postponed and the status quo news media barely touched the story that the 18-year old frightened boy, Joseph Burdine, that was also accused of throwing the rock was released because of lack of evidence.
HCP Joe Deters goes down the dial and admits to that paid clown that he is clueless. That's right the p-t whore humping Persecutor said that the police department did not speak with him before they HELD A PRESS CONFERENCE IN FRONT OF Burdine's HOUSE AND GAVE HIM A MEDIA LYNCHING JOE DETERS' STYLE.
Joe the Prosecutor with the part-time conflict of interest job, admitted that his part-time status as Prosecutor prevents him from knowing that police officials are dishing out newspaper lynchings right under his nose. WTF?
Lincoln Ware (1230 am the Buzz) reported to his faithful listeners (mostly Black) that Joe would come on his show and speak with them on a number of topics. Joe claimed that he would be a guest on the show when he was finished with the BIG case that he lost, which now has him considering again running for Prosecuter in 2012.
Joe has yet to come on the show. Does Joe Deters like Black people?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Book - The Injustice They Don't want us to talk about

"Why don't you go focus on crime in your community--you know the Black on Black crime. Don't worry about Joe Deters." You see my friends they want us to talk about the injustices in our communities. They want us to call it Black on Black crime. They want us to call a spade a spade. I don't have a problem with speaking out against young men in my community that harm or rob other young men in my community that look like they could be my cousin, son, or nephew. I speak out about it and I work to find solutions. Ohhhhhh, but that other form of injustice, the form that minorities and poor whites get served raw in the criminal just-us system, if they aren't White, Wealthy, and Well-connected or Rich and Elected. They want us to forever hold our peace on that type of injustice. I won't. Never have. Never will. Al Sharpton said some folks need to go from the morgue to the cemetery (skip the funeral) because they've never done anything for anybody in their entire life. So true. That won't be me.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bye Bye Bronson

ome of us bloggers saw it coming. Peter “cotton tail” Bronson gets the boot from the Enquirer. I’m not sure if he got fired (after the Cincinnati Beacon exposed him), was laid-off, took a permanent furlough or what happened. I’m not happy about Peter being gone from the Enquirer. Peter Bronson (PB) is the guy I love to hate. Peter took a jab at me in one of his columns. He wrote “Some people turn their anguish into prayers and let it go like a kite. Some wear it every day like a pair of tight shoes. And some beat it into a weapon on an anvil of white-hot anger.” Fuck you Peter. Now that you have some time off will you restart your relationship with Rebecca? Mike Allen’s former “squeeze.” I like Mike Allen. At least I like him a lot better than Joe Deters. At least Mike admitted that he was a horny whore humper. In that same column Bronson took a jab at Joe Deters. He criticized him for being a part-time Prosecutor with a conflict of interest job. Right on Peter. I’ll miss you Pete. I’ll miss reading your columns every now and then-- and jumping on your bootleg blog where you would unleash your right wing extreme hate. Seriously, best of luck you old fart.

Attorney David Singleton has got a pair!

Too bad I don't. If I had a pair (yes, woman can have a pair, to have a pair means that one has courage) what would I do......????? Suuuuuure I play tough on this blog-- but the truth is if I ever saw Joe Deters in person I think that I would faint. Actually, I'm a pretty tough person for speaking out against Deters even after he sent his HDIC after me. I will never apologize for speaking out against the broke down just-us system. In Bruce Wright's book Black Robes, White Justice he writes, Those in the system--whether prisoners, jailors or judges-- who dare speak of rehabilitation are regarded as wild-eyed speculators about the human spirt. They are accused of having more concern for the criminal than for the victims of crime." I've said this time and time and time again--I believe that each individual should take responsibility for their actions. If they do the crime--they must pay their debt to society. But I will forever speak out against over prosecuting, sentencing, against attorneys that whisper to their poor clients, "take the deal." I'll forever speak out against a Prosecutor who makes a back door deal then leaves out the front door. Who _____ in the back seat of a car (allegedly). Who calls black people animals..... I don't allow people to leave comments on my blog anymore. I stopped that after one person called me a black Koon (they spelled it like that). Nor do I edit, really. But a while back when I allowed comments here is a comment that someone left that explains why blacks and poor whites get fucked in the criminal just-us system Now, the disparity in application is that poor people or minorities often lead much more difficult lives, take greater risks because they have less to lose, and come from stressful environments that lower people's inhibitions to violate social norms and laws - and so they do. This isn't necessarily a reflection of their moral character. So, Blacks and the poor have fewer opportunities to apply the "shock parole" to them because they are bound to have more contacts with the court system before a major offense. It's not fair, it's not right and it's not equal treatment to fail to consider the so called "mitigating circumstances" that promote anti social behavior from this sector of the population. Anywaaaaays ...If I had courage I probably would have asked David Singleton to write the foreward in my book. Or to say a few words at my book reception in August. I really admire Attorney Singleton for having the courage to criticize Joe Deters. Criticizing is different from an attack. One can criticize and not attack.
Is Joe Deters a whore humping pimp?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Unleashing the book...Releasing Joe Deters (Told ya I was going to write it Joe)

___________________________________________________________________ He robbed a bank for college tuition. That's what my 19-year old college student son told Judge Steve Martin at the Hamilton County Courthouse when he was sentenced to 20 years in prison--more years in prison than he’d been alive. What would make a seemingly normal young man commit such a life-altering act? Why? Why would Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters make a 12 year back door deal then leave out the front door? Did Joe really fuck the hooker in the car in Cleveland? Is he really screwing his mother-in-law? Who else has Joe Deters screwed? Sorry folks none of that garbage in my book. Although I discuss the topic of the hooker in the car in Cleveland because it’s part of unleashing then releasing Joe Deters.
This book was written to help young men (especially young men of color) to not fall off that dangerous cliff that has no fence (read the parable)

Unleashed--See the cover for the book JOE DETERS Does Not want you to read

DETERS DIDN'T USE A GUN--HE USED A PEN TO MAKE A BACK DOOR DEAL THEN HE LEFT OUT THE FRONT DOOR. "Deters’ HDIC (Head Detective in Charge) told me that Deters was going to sue me for many reasons. I revealed on my blog some information that was told to me when I met (names removed from excerpt). (Names removed from excerpt) told me that Deters was busted in a car in Cleveland with a prostitute. They told me the incident was caught on camera but hushed up. They stated that they were afraid that Deters would wield his power stick against their legal careers if they openly criticized him..."

If you wish to contact the author or would like more information about this book, you may contact her at P.O. Box 826 Milford, Ohio 45150 OR CONTACT NICOLE AT DREWMAR PUBLISHING 513.371.4136

Thursday, July 2, 2009

From my beloved son Andrew

Andrew's thoughts My high school economic teacher had a poster on the wall of his classroom that read, “ most people don’t plan to fail they simply fail to plan. Those eleven words that have stuck with me till this very day because the reality and the truth of those words have never been more evident than now. I’ve been on a planned road my entire life since my child hood, early teens, and young adult. I became even more conscious of that road the summer before my senior year of high school, and even more so during the two years that I attended college. The moment I found myself at a fork in the road, away from the planned path that I had been traveling on for those 3 plus years, away from the mapped route, onto a detour that put me on a path that was unknown to me, and one that will postpone the destination for a while. What I did and why I did it (committed the robberies) will be explained throughout the reading of this book (which was written by mother by the way, thanks mom) and hopefully after reading this book people should get a better understanding of me and the difficult challenges that young Black men are confronted with each day. Hopefully it will help some to understand…. (the above writing is not in the book) Andrew was stuck at this point. He read me his thoughts over the phone from the prison. I typed his words as he read them to me today, and I posted above. It seems that Andrew is using writing to channel some of the things that he’s going through. It was our intention to write the book together. However, that never happened. But I did my best to keep Andrew updated on the book. He would add material (via the spoken word) from time to time. Book is unleashed July 15. Check back on this blog for location of local pub that all can come out, hang out, chill out… NO EDITING ON THIS BLOG. WE GIVE IT TO ya RAW.

$600,000 bail--Wow!

Let's pretend that a clueless white kid threw the rock (and his parents had a little bit of money) and hit a black woman who was in a cab on her way home from work at the 24 hour diner. Would the the clueless white kid's bond be 600,000 thousand dollars? I doubt it. Now comes the true case of this clueless black kid, throwing rocks, probably trying to bang up cars, never dreaming that he would injure anyone (hey, this is the scenario that I'm playing out in my mind) Anyway, CAJD will follow this case closely. America unscrambled-- I am race. Let's be real folks

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