Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Face to Face with Deters

Face to Face with Deters

Saw Deters today at Anthony Kirkland's death sentencing.

It was my first time seeing Deters in person, believe it or not.

Didn't say anything to Deters.

It wasn't the time or place.

there will never be a time or place where I'll say anything to Deters.

I'll keep fighting with the pen which is mightier than the sword.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Republican's Penis

A Rethuglican's dick.

Many people seem to think that the tea party movement will be the end of the rethuglican party, I beg to differ. The Rethuglican's dick will lead to the demise of the Republican party. Those dicks (Rethuglican's-not to be confused with Republicans) have always got their dicks where they don't belong. Consider Persecutor Joe Deters for example - he's got that history up in Cleveland where he dicked-down that prostitute according to my sources. For now he's gotten away with his dick-down, but as my pastor says, "be sure your sins will find you out."

Now comes the latest dick news, and it's on the black man's watch. Is Michael Steele black? For sure he appears to be a dick. According to published reports the RNC paid nearly $2,000 for a California GOP contributor to be entertained at Voyeur West Hollywood, a lesbian-bondage sex club.

...hypocrites that talk family values until they in the back seat of a car with a hooker.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Where I BE (Book signing)

Author Iyanla Vanzant says, “Tell your story because it will help you heal, and it will help heal someone else.” Thursday (today) (5-10), On Friday March 26 (5 -10 pm) and on Saturday March 27 (7am-4pm) I will share the true story of my son; I will share a book that I wrote—Dream Deferred

Beauty for Ashes Women’s Conference –

Crowne Plaza – Blue Ash

5901 Pfeifer Road

Blue Ash, Ohio 45242

Monday, March 22, 2010


What is an Obama orgasm you ask? It's an orgasm that occurs at the peak of excitement when President Obama, or any 216 H of Reps, does something great, characterized by strong feelings of pleasure, usually accompanied by celebration of fireworks....

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

Solutions? Tune into the Buzz on Saturday March 20th from 3-5

Tune into The Buzz tomorrow (March 20) from 3-5 pm.   (stream the show on the computer or listen from your radio 1230 am)

Attorney David Singleton will be on the mic as a guest host talking about the need for progressive criminal justice reform in Cincinnati. He welcomes calls -- 513-749-1230

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reality of Economic Apartheid (SmitherMan, Foster, & CPS)

Anyone that follows local Cincinnati news is aware that NAACP president Chris Smitherman and the Rev. Dock Foster, president of the Baptist Ministers Conference, were arrested at an early morning protest in front of the North Avondale School construction site. There were about 60 of us there protesting , including 1230 am WDBZ radio personality Lincoln Ware. Our protest was an ongoing campaign to get more African-American participation in school construction projects/Banks project/City projects. The list is endless. There were many of us, more than half, willing to get arrested, including Ware. However, Smitherman made it clear that he wanted us to stick with his strategic plan.

The 50 plus citizens that stood outside for a couple of hours, including my pregnant cousin, freezing our asses off in the cold, did so because we are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the economic apartheid in Cincinnati. A few of you may not agree with the strategy taken, a few of you may not agree with the issues we concern ourselves with. That’s fine. Instead of pointing the finger at us and saying, “Why don’t you’ll...” I say, why don’t you.

Personally I’m sick and tired of the double-standard of justice in this town. The reality is that if President Smitherman didn’t have local name recognition (3,000 plus NAACP members, 60 present), and if Rev. Doc Foster wasn’t dressed to the 9’s (the brotha was clean), with his high powered attorney posted up outside the JC,  it’s likely that Smitherman and Foster would still be in jail with the other poor whites and blacks, some convicted in the court of Deters public opinion before they are ever convicted in a court of law.

The reality is this: Blacks are more likely to be arrested, less likely to be released on bail, less likely to see members of their own race in the courtroom and jury box and more likely to be the target of the death penalty.

That’s reality. Join me for a green beer?

PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT AGAINST ECONOMIC APARTHEID (GO TO COURT tomm-THURS AT THE JC AT 12:30 AM IN COURT ROOM A)  follow me on twitter    fbkwrites (will tweet the hearing)

Smitherman Goes to Jail-Court

Smitherman Goes to jail
Freedom fighters
Community please pay close attention to the photo below. My cousin, TNT, took the picture with her cell phone. It’s really early in the morning and difficult too see. However, below is a picture of President Smitherman being hauled off to jail. Say what you will about President Smitherman, but today that man took a stand on economic apartheid in Cincinnati.

For now that’s all I’ll say. Smitherman along with the great Rev. Doc Foster, will be in courtroom A tomorrow at 12 noon. Please show up and help stop economic apartheid.

Hamilton County Justice Center Courtroom A.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Death of a black man--"Lesson before frying"

Grant,  I mean Anthony Kirkland--

You are “youman” You are human.

You are also the hate that hate produced. Persecutor Joe Deters called you an animal and a monster. Prosecutor Piepmeir called you a "piece of shit." They prosecuted you in the public before you were  convicted in the court of law.

The crimes you have been convicted of are heinous and unimaginable. We know that mentally ill people do mentally ill shit. One  man, (Commssioner Portune's cousin) cut up his wife and portioned her body pieces out in garbage bags, while her  children were at home. Another young man bludgeon his sibling to death with a baseball bat.  Splattered his brains everywhere and later washed his hands in the MacBeth foutain in Hyde Park--They  get to go to the Summit center. You Kirkland, become a notch under a persecutor's belt.  Did the persecutor really go to law school to call you childish names? 

Hamilton County has condemned more men to death than any other county. 88 counties. Mostly poor. Mostly black.

Shame on you Joe Deters.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Saturday! Keeping it light today!

Yesterday it was sunny.
Today it's raining.
Tomorrow is not promised .
Be sure to do something purposeful today.

Don't be afraid to step on necks or push buttons--not to start a fight, to start a revolution!

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where "dat" money at? CPS fails African-Americans?

It's no wonder people like the persecutor and others start to consider how much jail space they will need when our kids are in the 4th grade.  It's no wonder our children text "dat" and "den". They are provided a limited amount of text books.

Yes, we MUST hold parents accountable. Yes, we must continue to volunteer in our communites to save OUR children.  We must also hold the status quo accountable.

Call CPS at 513.363.0000 (press 0) ask why less than one percent of construction contract money has gone to African-Americans.   Please take the name of the person you speak to, and report your call to naacp 513.281.1900

Let's ALL work together for positive solutions.
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Anthony Kirkland--The Hate that Hate produced?

Dear Black man or Anthony Kirkland:

In grade school you are over-identified as special needs. By the time you’re in the 4th grade they look at the size of your class to determine how much prison space they’ll need in the future. They give you a slap on the wrist when you harm your own community. They crucify you when you harm someone that looks like them. You have been diagnosed with mental illness, yet they find you competent to stand trial. The one that persecutes you has never been brought to justice for his indiscretions. They say you are the hate, that hate produced. Praying for the families of the people you hurt, praying for you.

Hamilton County has condemned more men to death than any other county. 88 counties. Mostly poor. Mostly black. Is he human? Three words. One word answers only. Yes or No? They gave him a tie to make him look human-sane. But they despise him. Prosecutor Piepmeir called him a piece of shit, Deters called him an animal. So help me understand, is he human? Not pushing sympathy…trying to understand….troubled, deeply…. (Anthony Kirkland)

Yes Anthony Kirkland committed heinous-despicable acts.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A lesson before dying (anthony KIRKLAND)

Hamilton County has condemned more men to death than any other county. 88 counties. Mostly poor. Mostly black. Is he human? Three words. One word answers only. Yes or No? They gave him a tie to make him look human-sane. But they despise him. Prosecutor Piepmeir called him a piece of shit, Deters called him an animal. So help me understand, is he human? Not pushing sympathy…trying to understand….troubled, deeply…. (Anthony Kirkland)

Juror #47

I spent today, all day, in a Clermont County court. I was potential juror #47. Bailiff Brock told us potential jurors, “hurry up and wait.” And wait we did. You readers of this blog know that I have a contemptuous relationship with a certain prosecutor in Hamilton County. Or the black people's persecutor.

I foolishly carried my biases toward the Deters' just-us system (hang a black man in public, before you do it in court)  into Batavia court . They shut me (the only black) down quick with their professionalism and friendliness. Bailiff Brock was very funny. Judge Haddad was—wow! Cute, in a Rahm Emanuel sort of way. Check him out

back blogging on Kirkland case tomorrow. 

Monday, March 8, 2010

Esme could melt butter - Deters will use a ROPE on that black man

Kirkland hasn’t got a chance in hell.

And he doesn’t deserve one.

I don’t support the death penalty for a black man who is mentally ill. A day in a mental institution is like death to mentally ill patients, according to some mentally ill folks that I know. So life in a mental institution could be like hell on earth for Kirkland. Fantastic!

Esme’s mother, Lisa, was on the stand today. I streamed her testimony. It didn’t show her face. I could hear her sobs. May she be comforted. Mere words, I know. There is no comfort for a mother that has to bury her child. Lisa Kenny stated that Esme, before she left, told her mom that if her little friends (or cousins) called, tell them she would be right back because she had plans to read to them via the internet. And who the fuck wouldn’t cry after hearing something like that?

Deters rested after he showed a picture of little Esme. So cute. On that picture she looks like she could melt butter with her eyes. When she first went missing, they showed another picture that made her look a bit older, more mature. So, I understand wanting to show that picture. You gotta show a picture that melts butter if you want to fry a black, right? No need to fry em'. Deters got a rope.

The courtroom was packed. They say Esme’s family rolled in 24 deep. Glad she appears to have a wonderful loving family.

More later.

I saw the jurors white hands, one by one, leave the courtroom.  Deters made sure the hands were white, right?

R.I.P Esme, Casonya, Mary Jo, and Kimya

Happy Monday! Glorious Day for a black man's lynching!

(compare the two stories on end of this blog post--somone can always explain away one person's mental illness, why is that? Just ponder the articles)

Happy Monday! There were some great moments during the Academy Awards last night. As a writer, I was most inspired by Geoffrey Fletcher winning best adapted screenplay for the book PUSH. It was great to escape the real world and live vicariously through the stars. Back to the real word in Cincy. There’s a black man’s lynching going on at the Hamilton County courthouse. Sure, put the killer away. May his victims r.i.p. May their families be comforted. May the prosecutor, or persecutor, do the right thing. This case is too important to be reduced to a notch under his belt. There are lessons to be learned.

It’s a beautiful day folks. Get out and walk. Do something purposeful!

Read Kimball Perry's article on today
proves the case-mentally ill
but who cares we aren't Christians-Death to all poor, black, and mentally ill

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Deters should resign from Kirkland Case!

R.I.P Casonya, Mary Jo, Kimya and Esme

Citizens Against Joe Deters demands that Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters resign as top prosecutor in the Anthony Kirkland case.

"She was a victim hunted down by a predatory animal," Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said. In an article that appeared in online on March 18, 2009. (source

The above reckless comment is one of many comments that the prosecutor has made that publicly lynches African Americans in the court of public opinion before they are convicted in a court of law.

If jurors are sent through a rigorous screening process to determine if they can be fair, why shouldn’t the prosecutor go through a similar process to determine if his racial biases determines how hard he prosecutes a case. Or how hard he lynches a black man?

CAJD does not condone the heinous acts that Kirkland is accused of committing We extend our deep sympathies and heart felt prayers to the victim’s families. We pray that Kirkland who suffers from severe mental illness (according to published reports), when convicted, spends the rest of his life in a mental hospital receiving treatment, and that he is not sentenced to a prison which have become “de facto” mental health institutions. We pray that Kirkland is not sentenced to death because of the ignorance of the prosecutor and others that seek to make him the poster boy for the black boogie man.

It makes CAJD's sick that the prosecutor with the part-time employment status, only rears his head to publicly lynch African Americans, the poor, or the mentally ill. My heart aches when I think about what Kirkland is accused of doing to those females (in fact had sleepless night, thinking about what the females went through) , and my heart bleeds in knowing that Deters is using this case to get a “win” notch under his belt.

shame on you Joe Deters.  An eye for an eye is not the Christian way.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is anybody going down to Anthony Kirkland’s lynching for killing Esme Kenny?

Kirkland  took the little joggers watch, he ate her Doritos, he raped her, and he tried to burn her. But before he caught the little jogger in the park, he murdered 3 other women, but who cares about them? Deters? The news media? C’mon folks Esme is the murdered dead star! A title that the other dead women, surely do not covet. Thou shalt not convet their neighbor’s title.

If one reads about Kirkland in published reports it’s obvious that the man(or animal as Deters calls him) had untreated mental illness that was never properly treated when he was released from prison. Therefore instead of Kirkland hanging from Deters’ rope, he should spend the rest of his life in a mental institution.

Kirkland should not become the poster boy for what will happen to big and black and scary men, who hurt white people. He should not become another notch under Deters’ belt. That’s what prostitutes are for.

Indeed my heart aches for what Kirkland did to little Esme and little Casonya, and Mary Jo, and Kimya. I find peace in my heart knowing that they are in a better place. I’m thankful that Kirkland will more likely than not, ever be allowed to harm another person.

So Deters wants to lynch Kirkland, wonder what he has in store for the man that chopped up and portioned out pieces of his wife as their kids were present in the house. I’m sorry I can’t remember the victim’s name, but I believe she was related to Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune.

R.I.P Esme, Casonya, Mary Jo, and Kimya

Death Penalty Deters Must Go!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Black Bailiff vs. White Landlord (Deters style of injustice)

How is it that former Bailiff Damon Ridley is facing eight years in prison for performing his job duties? Is it not the responsibility of the bailiff to assist the judge with his case schedule? Perhaps it’s even an unwritten job description that a bailiff provides a listening ear, maybe even gives opinions on cases that come before the judge. It’s easy to assume that a judge and bailiff will develop a close relationship after spending long working hours together. According to published reports, Bailiff Ridley and Judge West had a very close father-son relationship. If Ridley took money from a person convicted in West’s’ courtroom to push-back or sweeten their sentencing deal, shouldn’t the money be considered a job perk and not a bribe. Don’t crooks like the Chief Legal Representative of Hamilton County make back door deals and leave out the front door each and every day? Don’t they get perks. Sure they do?

It’s unbelievable that a black man, a black bailiff, could be facing up to eight years in prison in Hamilton County for doing his job, and a white landlord can stab a black woman (former tenant) in cold-blood, plead to manslaughter, a get a light sentence of four years.


America unscrambled    I Am Race



Monday, March 1, 2010

Cincinanti Public Schools

Keep calling CPS! The number is 513.363.0000 press 0.  Demand African-Americans work.  Keep pressure on all day.

Get names, ask about follow-up, etc.


What is the price of freedom?