Saturday, February 28, 2009

Joe Deters' Mother-in-Law and WLW's Bill C. VIDEO

STOP BEFORE YOU WATCH THIS VIDEO PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER (Citizens Against Joe Deters strongly believes that families of public servants (although Deters does not serve the public justly) should be off limits as it pertains to politics. However, when a public official steps out of the role of public servant, switches their Prosecutor’s hate with a Persecutor’s hat, and continuously makes reckless public comments, and holds a public lynch against the accused (CAJD beloved son) before they are convicted in a court of law, then the public servant loved ones are subject to similar treatment from our group.

This blog will occasionally report accusations that are told to us. We cannot ascertain the validity of anything we report. Having said that-- we were told that Joe Deters’ mother-in-law introduced her daughter to Deters. We were told that Joe Deters and his mother-in-law are involved in a love affair. We were told that Joe Deters was shit-faced at a bar complaining to a former St. X chum, that he was sick of screwing his mother-in-law.

CAJD is NO Cunningham fan. The strange reaction to us confronting Cincinnati’s best loved or most hated Re-thug-lican clown is a reaction that stemmed from nervousness (and perhaps tequila). Check back for more video clips. We’ve got Chabot, Tryingtofoolya, Portman, Our Good Friend the Honorable Jean Schmidt and Charlie Winburn

Friday, February 27, 2009

Deters vs. former Morgue Worker (F%&@ me while I'm dead or awake)

If the prosecutor is obliged to choose his case, it follows that he can choose his defendants. Therein is the most dangerous power of the prosecutor: that he will pick people that he thinks he should get, rather than cases that need to be prosecuted (Jodi Edwards). With the law books filled with a great assortment of crimes, a prosecutor stands a fair chance of finding at least a technical violation of some act (morgue worker sexing a dead course)
on the part of almost anyone. In such a case, it is not a question of discovering the commission of a crime and then looking for the man who has committed it, it is a question of picking the man and then searching the law books, or putting investigators to work, to pin some offense on him. It is in this realm--in which the prosecutor picks some person whom he dislikes (black man who screws dead corpse) or desires to embarrass, or selects some group of unpopular persons (people who aren’t wealthy and well-connected or rich and unelected) and then looks for an offense, that the greatest danger of abuse of prosecuting power lies. It is here that law enforcement becomes personal, and the real crime becomes that of being unpopular (the least of them) with the predominant or governing group, being attached to the wrong political views (author of the "outright racist" online rag sheet the Whistleblower), or being personally obnoxious to or in the way of the prosecutor himself (reckless comments)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Attorney DAVID SINGLETON says Joe Must Go!

David Singleton - Wrote an excellent op-ed piece in the Cincinnati Enquirer re: Joe Deters
Ken Parker - Should run against Joe Deters
Peter Bronson - Conservative columnist, that agrees that Joe must Go! (not really worth mentioning)
Gov. Strickland -Put forth plan for prison reform
Bill Seitz - Conservative that Put forth a plan for prison reform
Jim Schfrin - Joe's boy (BFF) (not really worth mentioning)
Cincinnati Beacon -website that exposes Joe's Dirty Deeds

Monday, February 23, 2009

Joe Deters and his Boy!

Watch out Joe. You just might get politically crushed!
Joe Deters and his Boy! Make no mistake about it Joe Deters and Jim Schfrin are friends. Good friends. In July of 2007 I faxed a letter to Joe Deters in which I questioned his prosecutorial integrity, when he did not charge Helen Hirsch after she vandalized 17 cars to the tune of 40,000 and stalked St. X fans.
The Whistleblower wrote about my fax in his tip sheet. Who tipped him off about the fax? In February 2009 Cincinnati Magazine wrote a story about my son. The Whistleblower wrote about the story before it came out? Who tipped the Whistleblower off?
During the NAACP convention in the summer of 2008, two reporters from the Cincinnati Beacon (respectable online website) confronted Joe Deters. They asked him about his relationship with the Whistleblower. Deters stated that it was his personal business. It’s not.
Joe Deters, the chief legal representative of Hamilton County. Jim Schifrin (Whistleblower author) has long claimed that he and Deters are friends. In January 2009, the Whistleblower bragged that he and Deters shared an assassination joke about President Obama. In February 2009, the Whistleblower published a limerick welcoming the death of President Obama.
Jim and Joe are boys--homeboys, best buddies, GOP pals, BFF, Re-thug-licans.
Say it ain't so Joe.
Joe Deters has been the most dangerous Hamilton county Prosecutor we’ve had probably in Cincinnati's History.
Thanks Joe (Biden).

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Is Simon Leis taking drug money?

Say it ain’t so Joe. Is Simon Leis going to use forfeited drug money to pay for Sheriff patrols? If that rumor is true, than Somebody Should Sue Simon. Not Sue Simon, but Sue to Stop Simon from using the money for that purpose. The money (at least some of it) should go towards programs to help ex-offenders sucessfully re-enter society, become employable, less likely to shoot someone while high on meth or crack. After an ex-offender has paid their debt to society, they should be allowed to put the pieces of their life back together. I know, forgiveness of ex-offenders is not an easy pill to swallow. When will some in society wake up and realize that you cannot use prisons to solve the social ills in our society. Yes, those that commit crimes must be punished. Still, some need to understand that lengthy jail stays are paid for with tax-payer dollars. Before you hypocritical haters jump on this blog and accuse CAJD of being anti Prosecutor, anti-sheriff, let us officially state that the latter is not true. Nor do we condone crime. Anti-Sheriff/Prosecutor, does not mean pro crime. CAJD works for solutions. Can anybody say California prison system.

I want to be like Fannie! Happy Black History month

This blog is about__________________________.
Still, I can’t let black history month go by without giving praise to Fannie Lou Hamer. Hamer was a plain spoken American voting activist and civil rights leader. PBS in running a special about the dynamic Fanny Lou Hamer. The special runs during the month of February. Check it out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Madea Goes to Jail and Granny does too!

Madea Goes to Jail and Granny’s does too!
If Granny had robbed a bank in Hamilton County--do you think she would have gotten off scott-free in Demigod Deters’ country?
You know what CAJD always says--If black and hispanic people gotta go to jail than damnit white people do too!
In all seriousness-- We wanted the grandmother to do a little time, but 8 years is harsh! That son of heeeeeerrrrrs should have been at court begging on the mercy of the court to be jailed instead of his dear mama. God speed to granny and her family.
(Madea is the fictional grandmother in the hit movies by Tyler Perry)

Madea Goes to Jail and Granny does too!

Madea Goes to Jail and Granny’s does too!
If Granny had robbed a bank in Hamilton County, perhaps she would have gotten off scott-free in Demigod Deters’ country. You know what CAJD always says--If black people gotta go to jail than damnit white people do too!
In all seriousness-- We wanted the grandmother to do a little time, but 8 years is harsh! That son of heeeeeerrrrrs should have been at court begging to be jailed instead of his dear mama.
God speed to granny and her family.
(Madea is the fictional grandmother in the hit movies by Tyler Perry)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Peter Bronson....You talking to me?!

Upon 1st reading Peter Bronson’s column that he wrote about moonlighting Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, a couple of questions entered my mind. 1. Is Peter Bronson to newspaper readers what Rush Limbaugh is to radio listeners? These questions came to mind after Citizens Against Joe Deters received an interesting mix of mindless responses in response to Bronson’s column. The most interesting and most hateful comments came from Republicans who attended the Kevin Dewine fundraiser on February Friday 13th. One guy who looked shit faced, and seriously resembled a taller version of Joe Deters, put his hand in the form of a gun and pointed it at me. Then he asked me if my son was the robber with the big gun or the little gun. The next question that came to mind was how big is Bronson‘s pair. Clearly he had to have a big pair to write anything negative about Joe Deters. Especially considering that Deters is the Enquirer’s darling. Although the opinion of a column writer does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the newspaper. Regarding Deters moonlighting column probably ½ of the column could be said to reflect the Enquirer’s POV. Can anybody guess what half? Give up. The half of the column in which he tossed my beloved son under the bus. After sitting down and rereading the column. I developed different opinions about Bronson’s column on Deters. Below are the top ten reasons why Bronson’s Deter's column is whacked! 1. Bronson column was a day late and a dollar short (See CAJD last month's post on the moonlighting Deters 2. If Bronson has a pair, they are old and worn out. Some say they are worn out thanks to the former assistant prosecutor, who allegedly was doing both Bronson and former prosecutor Mike Allen. 3. Bronson gave Deters a little slap on the wrist. Yes he’s a moonlighting Prosecutor but what about Deters’ additional laundry list of Dirty Deeds (Pay to Pay, Voter intimidation/suppression, double standard justice, bonking the hooker in the car in Cleveland (allegedly). 4. Bronson writes that most people turn their anguish into prayers and let them go like a kite. Really? Deters? Bronson? Shall I continue? 5. Bronson writes that he understands the anger? Really? Is Bronson a parent? Does Bronson believe that racial disparities in sentencing exist? 6. Bronson writes that CAJD blog is a muddy puddle of smears, gossip, and outright falsehoods. Really? I challenge Bronson to name one outright falsehood. If the CAJD blog was an outright falsehood, Joe Deters would SLAPP our group. A slapp is a Strategic Lawsuit against Public Participation. Deters threatened to sue me before and while CAJD may not be an anvil on his head, clearly we get on his frickin’ nerves. Just ask Deters mother- in- law, who he is allegedly having an affair with (hey folks I don’t make this stuff up) Mother-in-law introduced herself to me at Dewine’s fundraising Dinner. Our group has it on video. 7. Bronson writes the half truth as told to him by Dirty Deters. Deters lied and told Bronson that he consented to let my beloved son out on parole if he “totally behaves.” Really? Mr. Deters was quoted on channel 12’s website as stating that he does not make plea bargains when it comes to crimes with a gun. So why then did Deters consent? Deters consented because CAJD grabbed him by the balls and questioned him about his dirty little secrets. Column vs. Article (you don’t have to go into details when writing a column, no article research needed). 8. Bronson says he admires Deters and his blunt honesty. Is it blunt honesty, or hateful reckless comments? 9. Bronson stopped using the apples to oranges comparison because he finally became aware that apples and oranges are both fruit. Duh! 10. Really this should be #1 in the top ten things that were whacked about Bronson’s column. His column slammed my son. No I don’t condone crime. I’ve said it a million times. However, no law can be considered fair and just unless it’s equally applied to ALL regardless of race. Signing off. Tired. Up early in the morning for church. Most people leaving the Dewine fundraiser commented that they read about our group earlier that day in the newspaper. Some people were nice and some were…well B's. I’ll blog and blog video on the Dewine dinner. Deters heard CAJD was in attendance and ducked out the kitchen door. Folks I don’t make this stuff up.
Next blog Who's afraid of CAJD? Blog on Dewine's fundraiser

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life after Joe Deters

Our group has been asked the question before and we’ve certainly thought about it. What will life be like after Citizens Against Joe Deters has accomplished their primary goal of pressuring Joe Deters to resign from his position as Hamilton County Prosecutor. Lately it seems the goal is really going to become a reality. Especially since Joe Deters went to the Firm and dropped down to part-time Prosecutor. Yep, we’ve heard the rumors that Joe is on his way out. When Joe leaves the Prosecutor’s office we will continue with our blog and continue with our mission to hold public servants accountable when they make mistakes and reckless comments. See a list of Joe’s alleged mistakes in the About Me section of this blog. We will continue to COLLECT-- the Joes of the world get out of jail, get out of trouble, free cards. We recognize that all sin and make mistakes and fall short of the glory of Obama…excuse me the glory of God (no comparison). Still it appears the wealthy and well-connected, or rich and elected, get slaps on the wrist when they do something that is both immoral and illegal.
We all know what happens to the others who commit acts that are immoral and illegal. Ahhhhhh life after Joe Deters. We are truly looking forward to that day.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday the 13th Protest

(The weird picture above is a John McCain mask worn by a CAJD protestor at our Halloween Protest--pix is not of protest)
Friday the 13th Protest Keep your friends close and your political enemies closer. CAJD upcoming protest
What: Joe must Go Protest! Where: Duke Energy Center (Downtown Cincinnati) When: 6-10 pm Why: Good question. Why won’t Joe Deters, the chief legal representative of Hamilton County, who Jim Schifrin (of the racist low rate tip sheet the Whistleblower) has long claimed that he and Deters are friends, and who recently bragged that he and Deters shared an assassination joke about President Obama--Why won’t Deters repudiate Schifrin. We’ll ask him that. This time the camera will be rolling. Joe might not show, but other GOP folks will show, and we will ask them, on camera, if they’ll repudiate Schifrin.
Why Protest: Good questions. See answer below.
Protest events increase the visibility of the Joe-Must-Go cause.Policy debates can be abstract, and even seem irrelevant to the people who are not most directly affected by them. Protest events put warm bodies and heavy feet out there representing an issue, taking up real space and real time, attaching the cause to real faces and real voices who care enough about the cause to go out there, if only for a short time, and be ambassadors for it.So the media notices when a protest event happens. Bystanders notice when a protest event happens. Politicians notice when a protest event happens. And if the protest is staged well, it will invariably make somebody look at the cause with new eyes. Protest events are not persuasive in and of themselves, but they invite persuasion. They invite change

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Please donate clean panties and bras for the local GOP

Who in the local GOP has got a pair? Of balls. There I said it, balls. Nuts. Testicles. Deuces. The stuff your hand cups. I’m sick of these local wussies in the Republican party. Some of them think hate is funny. It is not. It seems many of them are afraid to repudiate Jim Schifrin, the author of the racist political tip sheet The Whistleblower. If they are not afraid of him, then perhaps they truly think that hate is funny. I don’t know how in the hell Jim Schifrin blew up. Here I’m not referring to his size (my goal, and it’s a goal that I may not be able to keep, is not to engage in personal attacks), but his large following of mindless Republican cult readers. Again, large, not referring to his size. According to one published report his readership numbers have not been verified, so I will not give The Whistleblower credit for having a large readership, when in reality he may have a limited number of mindless readers. In any case since few in the local GOP appear to have a pair of balls, we’re going to provide the wussies with free panties and bras. Clean, gently used, donations accepted. Citzens Against Joe Deters c/o Donations for GOP Men who don’t have a pair Po Box 826 Milford, Ohio 45150

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Whistleblower Prohibited Reading?

Whistleblower Prohibited Reading? Hear ye. Hear ye. If you are running for political office (Rob Portman), currently hold an elected office (Joe Deters), or if you’re just considering the possibility of seeking a political office (Whomever), the Whistleblower is probably not material that you want to have on your reading list. The other team, AKA the powers that be, are watching.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Deters and Schifrin Bad Superbowl Skit

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, and his best pal Jim Schifrin, publisher of the racist online rag sheet sit on a run-down, bed bug infested sofa. They watch a football game on TV. Schifrin gobbles down snacks. Joe tosses back cold ones. Joe - C’mon Schif baby, tell me another racist/sexist joke. Schifrin stuffs two handfuls of potato chips in his mouth as he spits out a joke, some saliva, and some broken potato chips Schifrin - What’s the difference between Jay walking Joe Deters and thousands of convicted criminals who have been sent to prison? Joe, shit-faced and drunk, ponders this. Joe - I dunno. Schifrin - You’ve never been caught. Joe frowns. Schifrin takes the pig-in-blanket out of his mouth. He tells another tasteless joke. Schifrin - What’s the difference between Mike Allen and Joe Deters? Joe shit-faced wears a dumb expression. Schifrin - Allen’s girl was a free. Joe paid an escort service for his girl. Joe spits beer from his mouth as he falls to the floor in laughter. Schifrin smiles. He is impressed that another one of his tasteless jokes has pleased his pal.