Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rag paper attacks Women - Hunter and Trotter

First, we apologize to our  Readers for not updating the Colin Barton case.  We will update that story soon.

This week that rag paper with the rag reporters Kimball Perry, Jane P and Sherry Coolidge have put hit pieces on Hunter and Trotter in its  dwindling sheets.  It's quite shameful and thus we will not post a link to the garbage.

Please get out and Vote for Janaya Trotter  and Write in Bill Bell (John Williams opponent) Juvenile Court judges' race.  While they gave John Williams the seat (hand-out, freebie), the voters in Hamilton County can send a message and vote in Bill Bell (He is a write-in candidate)


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Deters uses Collin Barton's death to try and get Re-Elected

***We will Update this post soon. Forgive the delay ****

This blog is too familiar with Deters' Dirty Deals.  While we continue to keep Barton's family in our thoughts, we are too painfully aware that Deters makes these back door deals whenever he's on the chopping block.  It's re-Election time and Deters crawls from under his semen stained rock to make a wrong - right, so to speak.

Deters toys with Adam Horvath's life. It's not that Horvath shouldn't be charged (we don't know the specifics) and certainly grieve for Barton's family.

But Horvath is clearly Deters re-election meal ticket - or so he thinks.

It's nighty night here at this blog, but will update this story TOMM .soon.

Good night faithful readers.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Joe Deters and . Janaya Trotter to Debate?

Believe it or not the biggest fan of the Citizens Against Joe Deters blog is - well, Joe Deters.

Here's a challenge to Joe Deters - Debate Janaya Trotter.  You've yet to show up at any forums to give the voters your platform moving forward.  You told the Amos Director that your record speaks for itself.  Really?  One only needs to Google or Bing you  to get your record.  You are Hamilton County's longest serving part-time prosecutor and you have not updated your mission statement since returning from Columbus.

Please be advised Deters that a press release will go out Monday to Cincinnati and National media advising the press of Cincinnati's OWN Mitt Romney.