Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shitty and Unedited Tea Party Post

It started out really good. There were about 5 of us. But we paired with some other protestors that were protesting the protest.. But then somehow I ended up walking with the tea party group to crowd to City Hall. Most people left me along. It seems that at every protest I get seperated from the rest of the group. But then this woman came up to me and waved her small flag in my face. The flag actually touched my face. So I put my sign directly in her face and told her that her flag touched my face. That's when some agitators started screaming that I'd hit the woman with my sign. They were actually chanting that I hit the woman with my sign. Next thing you know a cop is tapping me on the shoulder. Actually two cops. Officer Lamb ps234 and Officer Bender p12. They questioned me and did not take my report of my complaint because I told them I don't think the woman intended to hit me, but she hit me. Anyway, I let it go. However, after arriving home I called Dist 1 and spoke with Officer Martin who told me I could fax a letter of concern to, To Whom it may concern at 513. 352.1430. He said their were many supervisors at Dist 1 and that it would be best to address fax To Whom it may concern. Are you kidding me? Anyway, pick my battles applies here. I'm tired. Really tired. CAJD has video that has to be edited and we are sending some footage and a little report to Huffington post. Did I mention that I'm tired? Forgive this shitty post. Sometimes post are going to be shitty and unedited.