Friday, November 20, 2009

Tom Joyner has got it "twisted" about President Obama.

I'm interested in hearing from folks on this one.  Below is an email between CAJD and Tom Joyner.  What's your position folks?  Is President Obama doing enough for people of color?  Are we his base?  What about locally?  Are we Mayor Mallory's base?  Is Black folk their base. Should we demand that our issues be put on the front burner. Feedback.......

Am I wrong or is Tom wrong?  Or are we both kinda right?

Email =

Message = What happens to a Dream Deferred?

Dream Deferred--

He robbed a bank for college tuition. That's what my son Andrew, a 19-year old

college student told the judge when he was sentenced to 20 years in prison--more

years in prison than he'd been alive.


I wish our honorable President would do more to help our young, black, men not

become extinct. Don't you?

What up, (none of your)!

I'm so sorry to hear about your son's situation, but with all due respect, it's

not President Obama's job to keep things like this from happening. The

president is a great role model and is working hard to improve our economy,

reform health care, keep folks from losing their homes, and don't forget the

wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Obama administration has so many obligations,

and the president has already said that he will do everything he can to make

financial aid for college students across the country more readily available.

I'm not passing judgement on your son, but it sounds like he was in a desperate

situation and he made a choice. I'm sorry this is the choice he made, and I'm

keeping your family in my prayers.

God bless!



We are the President's base. Poor black folk. Some of us gave our last dollar. We volunteered. We supported Acorn, ex-felons rights to vote. We supported juveniles that turned 18 while incarcerated--their right to vote. We took people to vote on the buses. We are the President's base. With all due respect Mr. Joyner, we don't want the President in Asia, Afghanst--we want him in our back yards. My sleeves are rollled up to help our country and our President. Yet, I don't feel much love, lately, from Mr. President.

I personally donated, volunteered, I've fought tea baggers, haters--back up off our President. Palin is in our town today (Cincinnati). And her base it there lining up to purchase her books. Her base, love them or hate, rough around the edges, most. Now it appears that President's base, or so he believes, is affluent blacks, that's fine. Love that. However, I am his base. Struggling--College educated. Two jobs. Community volunteer. Ex-offender. Son incarcerated--am I not worthy--is my community not worthy to have their specific needs addrressed?

I admire you TJ. I admire the President. But I will speak and let my voice be heard.

Keep me laughing.
Forgotten base--NO LAUGHING MATTER

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Anonymous said...

Tom's got it twisted. Back at you.