Thursday, March 31, 2011

John Williams concedes!

OK, bad April Fool's joke.

Now that Williams, John, is back from the ballpark

And Tryingtofoolya, Alex,  is through with NCAA basketball, and back from the ball game.

Now that Deters, Joe is back from Cleveland.

CAJD  is pleading with them to stop wasting tax payers dollars, to  be gracious and fair, step out of the way, and let Tracie Hunter take her judges’ seat.

Our children need Hunter. (singing) "I believe the children are our future..."

I’m sure Williams, despite his friendship with Deters, is a nice man. He should have no problem finding work. Here’s a thought... he could go and be the prosecutor because Lawd knows Deters rarely shows up for work.  Scrath that. No more Deters' types in the persecutor's office.

Folks, activists, advocates,  may you be encouraged to contact the folks preventing Tracie Hunter from becoming a judge-- contact them and tell them, enough foolishness, count the votes.


Good Friday , Dear Readers

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Justice Delayed isn't always Justice Denied Juvenile Court Judges' race UPDATE



and save the pools. Kids should not be walking around with tins cups begging to keep pools open.

Clearly the City and the County does not work for those they consider "the least of them."

the kids are our future. They'll pay for an ambulance to pick up  our kids up (jails, morgues, hospital bills), but they won't pay for the fence (pools, programs, etc).  As responsible parents we must work to keep our children active. That's our responsibility.  Still, if the corporate welfare kings can get a little help, why can't the little guy?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

John Harmon - Joe Deters, "criminal" criminal attorney

Today is a sad day in Hamilton County.
A sad, sad, day.

John Harmon's life, according to the Chief Legal Representative of Hamilton County, Joe Deters, is no more important than that of a dog. 

He was beaten.
He was tased.
He was chained.
He urinated on himself.
He was hospitalized.

And Joe Deters hires a taser attorney to use data from false reports to say that the sheriffs thugs did nothing wrong.

Community we have a petition to run that Deters out of town. Email us your contact info and we will mail a petition to you for you to collect sigs.

Google Joe Deters.  Google him.  Email-write-or call the persecutor, tell him that  he's wrong and that he's not going to get away with his continued hate of the African American community.

230 E. Ninth Street, Suite 4000, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Phone: (513) 946-3000
Fax: (513) 946-3100

Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Friday....someone called this blog a bad name....

...they called it a veneral disease.

Well, I guess the longer it goes unchecked....the more it grows. 

...we're just saying...

But unlike VD this is good for you growth. We keep the community informed. 

Catch you'll, Dear Readers, on the other side of the weekend.

Don't do anything Joe Deters  wouldn't do.   So that means--you're free to do any freakin' thing you like.



Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do clothes make the crook? For instance, Deters wears a suit (UPDATE)

Found this very interesting article on Black America Web.

Check it out here folks.


Why does Deters wield the death sentence like he wields his, oh never mind.  Deters you can't solve everything with an eye for an eye.  Execute justice, not people.

Mark Gerth should be punished severely, but leave death to God, Deters.


For over three years, and 418 post I've fed the simple minds of some readers (those with simple minds know who they are). The readership on this thing has exploded.  It's loaded.  Loaded with readers that despise Deters. Loaded with readers that like Deters.

Keep checking and spread the word.  When we hit 500 post. we are throwing a party.  82 more post to go and WE CAN DO IT.  YES, WE CAN!   We are built to last. 80 posts, no problem.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Racism, and homosexuality, and masturbation! Oh, my! Bishop Bobby Hilton radio goes live

Read about Bishop Bobby Hilton radio here.

Go inside His story.

How many times have you seen the Wizard of Oz?
That little wizard guy raised a thousand dollars worth of hell, didn't he?  And when he came from beyound the curtain...laughter. Lot's of freakin laughter.
Catch us around town and sign CAJDs petition.  Joe must go!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Deters Tim Burke’s monster

Sometimes the community needs a pimp slap in the face to wake up and fight for justice. CAJDs first became aware of Tim Burke’s monster, Joe Deters, after he over prosecuted the  beloved son, made a back door deal and left out the front door.

Admittedly CAJDs son committed a terrible crime for which he is being punished. Our anger is because of his unfair sentence.

Moving beyond CAJDs  case to the havoc that Deters has ran on the citizens of Hamilton County.

His most recent atrocity is in regards to the John Harmon case. On Sunday Bishop Bobby Hilton of the Word of Deliverance Ministries and host of the very popular Bishop Bobby Hilton radio show which airs on 1230 AM WDBZ the Buzz,  held a community forum/live radio show to discuss the John Harmon case.

The community is outraged, and views Deters latest diss as the last pimp slap they are gonna take from Deters.

Community please keep checking this blog, spread the word about this blog, because we are going to keep you informed and let you know how we are organizing through our petitions and another upcoming protest to get Deters out of office.

So hold on Dear Readers, because we are about to go “Egypt” on Joe Deters. Heidi Heidi Heidi Ho --Joe Deters gotta go.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday QUICKIE

In a recent census count it was revealed that the Cincinnati population has dropped and that people are leaving.  This town  is so bad (at times, not all ppl) that even the restaurants are leaving. Who else saw the restaurant floating down the river? 

Yesterday Deters was on WCPO channel 9.  He discussed crime in Cincinnati.  He stated that it disgusts him when he sees a young mother walking down the street with a baby in a stroller and she's pregnant again.  He said the murders in this town are black on black. Remember Deters comments from long ago when he said  that he wishes that he could put black men in a cage and let them shoot each other?  CAJD's has the newspaper article. Remember when he said that some parts of downtown Cincinnat are like Jurassic Park?  It's pretty sad that the Cheif Legal Representative of Hamilton County is a racist/sexist. 

It's pretty sad that he never talks about his boys up in Columbus, that went to jail for pay to play. He never talks about his fondness for hookers.  Yet, crime to him is the Big Black man. 

Go figure.

Quickie unedited post.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who will stop Persecutor Joe Deters?

Joe Deters and his boys continue to cause total destruction in the black community.

Who will stop him? Our petitions will stop Deters by getting him out of office.

"This blog exist to bring about the resignation of the Chief Legal Representative of Hamilton County.-- Hamilton County Persecutor Joe Deters. Most of the post here will keep the people informed as to what the miscreant Deters and others who seek the genocide of people of color, are up to.  Sincerely, Wrtiers of the Blog-CAJD

We do not blame Deters for the actions of our people. We blame Deters for throwing people of color too far under the bus, way further  than he throws other  groups of people.

Before we tell you how far under the bus, Deters has thrown black people this week, let us be clear that we DO NOT speak for anyone or any group. We love all races of people on this blog especially our diverse group of readers. We do not support crime. We support fair time.

We strongly believe that Persecutor Deters, and some in the Rethuglican party (not to be confused with the Republican party), have not worked for black people since we were fetus. Just say no to abortion and lol.

Rethuglicans set standards for themselves that they can never keep. Consider how many politicians that have had sex with hookers in cars in Cleveland.

A look at some of Deters most recent bad decisions. Businessman John Harmon was beaten by a group of thugs, in this case Sheriffs. Deters hires “taser lady” to announce that no charges will be filed.

Deters has taxpayer's money to burn re: Hunter vs. Williams

"America is the land of second chances." George Bush"

"Last time a Republican worked for anyone not in the top 1%, they were a fetus." unknown

Monday, March 7, 2011

Alex Triantafilou (pronounced Trying-to-fool-you) UPDATE

RAUNCHY. SORRY. WE PROMISE TO POST BETTER IN THE NEAR FUTURE.Interesting comments left on the blog. Of course we aren't going to post them. Not that we don't post comments on this blog, we do, just not all comments.  However,  please allow us to respond to one "concerened" commenter who expressed concern  over  language used on this blog. First, we sincerely thank you for you concern.  However,  this blog does not exist to make people feel good or to represent what you believe would make MLK proud.  MLK might not have ever dropped the "Fuck" Bomb.  But we do know that he was human.  We do know that he did fuck. OK, I won't go there. This blog is therapy.   We're thankful that you are concerened over our use of the  F Bomb (as you call it, by the way that's hilarious), and we often, very OFTEN,  post material that uplifts and benefits the community on this blog,  But eeeery every once in a while, we have to go there.  Again, thank you for your comments. YOUR ADVICE IS WELL TAKEN.  And to the rest of you that posted, in all due respect, Kiss our behinds (sorry concerned black man, we are working through our issues and potty mouths.)

***"the last time a republican worked for me, I was a fetus."***
Alex Triantafilou (pronounced Trying-to-fool-you), is the Chairman of the Hamilton County Republican party. He is so ignant ignorant that we are putting him on watch. On his blog he blasted President Obama and State Representative Connie Pillich.

He blasted Obamacare, or as Bishop Bobby Hilton calls it Obamacares in every silly way imaginable. Now he wants folks to respect his punk ass and his punk ass blog. I don’t think so. He wants folks to respect and support SB5, again I don’t think so. He thinks we are going to sit back and watch him, and his boys-- Deters and Kasich privatize prisons, and cut anything that benefits our communities.  Repeat after me blog readers-- forget that.

In this upcoming election season CAJD’s is going to draw up a pledge for punk politicians. We will be checking their, “do you support black people” card at the door.

It's time to get real.

MLK said that moral people can break the laws, if they feel that the laws are unjust.  Consider when blacks had to sneak and learn to read, because the law said that they weren't allowed to read.   Rise up!

Unapologetically   liberal.

Client 9 The Rise and Fall of Joe Deters (UPDATE)

***at this blog we dance to the beat of our own drum.  you will NOT silence this blog. you will NOT get people to silence this blog.*** Sorry we don't have handlers.

Client 9 The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer

Why are politicians such big freaks? Nasty, dirty, tricks.

The other night I watched Client 9 The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer. Spitzer is a trick reformed John (we think), and the former Governor of New York. In 2008 he became involved in tricking  high prostitution ring, and was busted for hoes upscale women.

Subsequently he resigned his position as govenor and now host a cable news show.

Despite Spitzer’s fondness for hoes prostitutes, CAJD’s likes him. He made his name in politics by  going after  the bad guys. Wall Street CHEATS  that steal hardworking Americans life savings which leads to them drowning their families, blowing their brains out  and commiting suicide.

Now comes the case of Joe Deters who has a fondness for hoes prostitutes in Cleveland. He goes to Cleveland to trick  pay prostitutes, OFTEN.  But he’s never been busted.  He will never fess up.

Maybe, hopefully, he'll get caught on his next trip.

I don't think with this brain?

.Mayor Mallory Undercover boss - No to SB5

guy in nice suit, fbk, mayor mallory, david pepper
at the underboss viewing party.
just say no to the streetcar......

1st woman in the pix is a city worker and was featured Under Boss.  City workers are important.  No to SB5.  We do not want Ohio prisons privatized.

lady from tv show, fbk, EF

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mayor Mark Mallory and CAJDs' petitions... (update - location and time)

Greetings Blog Readers--

As promised we will be downtown on Sunday with our CAJDs petitions near the court house and surrounding streets from 5-7 pm. We won't be at a specific location. And don't worry if you don't find us Sunday, we'll annonce other locations and times.  The petitions seeks to put term limits on the prosecutor's job.

Afterwards we are heading over to the party.....see below.....
As you may have heard, Mayor Mark Mallory is going to be featured on CBS's show Undercover Boss. The show will debut March 6th and we are going to join the Mayor's Office for a free showing.

Here are the details:

Undercover Boss Watch Party

When: Sunday, March 6th

Where: Cadillac Ranch
41 East 6th Street

Doors open at 6:00p.m.

Music at 7:00p.m.

Show airs at 9:00p.m
Valet Parking

CAJDs' commends the Mayor for going out and doing the jobs of city workers.  Although he did almost drop that garbage when he was riding on the dumptruck.  We think it's great that he promotes the city. However, we think he should work harder to improve parts of the City, his former hoods' that look like third world countries.  We also think he should forget about the streetcar,  forgetaboutit for now.

Dr. Suess and Joe Deters' petition

Yes, we are still collecting sigs for the Deters petition. (petition seeks  to put term limits on prosecutor’s and  un-elected officials. We will be in downtown Cincy in the coming weeks collecting sigs. Will post details soon, keep checking blog.

In the meantime. Have a laugh.

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