Sunday, December 7, 2014

10 Actionable Steps to help Judge Tracie Hunter (Take her off the cross)

1. If you are a member of the Cincinnati NAACP vote to Support Richardson, Mallory and Taylor team.  Take the personalities out of it and vote for a team that has pledged to return the local NAACP back to its civil rights roots and support Hunter.   You can vote next Saturday December 13 at Greater New Hope Missionary Baptist church.  3655 Harvey Cincinnati, Ohio 45229 .

2. Put polite pressure on  Rev. Al Sharpton of the National Action Network and MSNBC TV show host to have Hunter on his show.   Bishop Bobby Hilton and the local chapter are doing an outstanding job with the GCCNAN chapter and should pull together to make a TV (not radio) appearance happen.

3. Light up social media with the hashtag #justicefortraciehunter

4.  Keep up sustained indignation.  Don’t rest until Hunter gets justice.

5.  Join the chorus in calling for criminal justice reform (over policing, over prosecution, lack of transparency in the grand jury process)

6. Challenge the media for fairer reporting.  They show the rage, but not the pain.  People are in a great deal of pain over what’s happening in the criminal just-us system.

7.  Boycott the Cincinnati Enquirer.  Don’t buy it, cancel your subscriptions, don’t share articles.  Don’t do it.  Don’t do it.  Period.

8. Donate to Hunter’s campaign

PLEASE Forward ALL Donations To:
Judge Tracie Hunter Legal Defense Fund

c/o: Jennifer Branch, Trustee
Attorney at Law
432 Walnut Street #400
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
(Mail donations above )
8. Show up to Bishop Hilton’s meeting on Tuesday (12/9  at 9am)  to strategize on how to move forward and help Hunter.
693 Fresno Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45240
(513) 851-9673

9.  Educate one other person on this case and challenge them to get involved.

10.  Do at least one thing from this list.  No excuses.

(You can put a few dollars or a few hundred dollars  in an envelope and mail it to Hunter's defense fund.   You can boycott the Enquirer.  You can call the TV stations (like you call the Buzz) and challenge them for fairer reporting.  You can let you voice be heard on social media and call for criminal just-US reform. )

(this post was put together pretty quickly...excuse any errors)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Judge Tracie Hunter sentenced

Controversial Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Norbert Nadel will sentence the honorable Juvenile Court judge Tracie Hunter on Friday.

Supporters are asking anyone that wishes to speak on Judge Hunter’s behalf to arrive at court at 8:30 am.  Court will begin at 10 am.

If you do not plan to speak please meet for a rally outside the courthouse at 9 am.  No justice.  No peace.

                                    ***Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters’ blog***

Friday, October 10, 2014

Judge Tracie Hunter: Jury Deadlocked Count 6:

Judge Tracie Hunter:  Jury Deadlocked.   Count 6 

After four weeks and three days at the Hamilton County court house where Joe Deters is the top prosecutor, the jury which consisted of 10 women and two men – three are African American and the rest are white, came back with a hung jury.

Judge Hunter who read her Bible during breaks from the trial and prayed with supporters, was 
charged with nine felonies that her lawyer Clyde Bennett called "trumped up", including misuse of a county issued credit card in the amount of $1,100 to pay court filing fees, and allowing her brother to work 6/12 hours over time.

So for less than a week or two’s pay ($1,100) and less then a day’s work (6 ½ hours)  for some, the taxpayers are on the hook for 2.5 million dollars, the cost of the trial.

That’s money down the toilet to the underfunded and overburdened court system?

Another shameful chapter in Hamilton County history.  Question.  Who will play Hunter in the made for TV movie.  (Click here to see video)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Friday, August 22, 2014

Go Kill Yo self! How did Kajieme Powell die?

1:22 am
Insomnia does bad things to people like me who write and overthink way too many things because I love my people. 

Thursday morning, I heard Radio One personality Roland Sebastian Martin (he wears many titles, but the radio is where I heard him on Thur), “going ham” over the killing of Kajieme Powell by the St. Louis police. 

I’ve seen and heard bits and pieces of the video and some radio chatter.  Radio chatter suggests that Powell had a mental condition and was being picked on before he was killed.

Which started my mind to thinking about how some still think mental disorders are funny (no pun, Mr. Williams and R.I.P.), and warrant the individual being picked on.

A trend I’ve read on Facebook from both white and black people (mostly young) is the saying, “Go kill Yo self.” What's that about?

I’m wondering if Mr. Powell (R.I.H.) had heard that one too many times and when the police came…in his mind he went to,”Go Kill Yo self.”

I'm just thinking out loud.

Even if that is what was on his mind - how can the police shoot you down in 23 seconds, hand cuff your corpse, and throw you in a morgue AKA the back of the police car - just like that.  Is it really open season?

(excuse this shitty and unedited post…it’s late…we’ll it’s early 1:38 am now)

Give me you thoughts on this, dear readers.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

We need a special prosecutor (FERGUSON)

Ferguson Prosecutor Bob McCulloch

Email CAJD received from National NAACP

We need to talk about Ferguson, CAJD

Not about the protestors—the vast majority of whom are peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights. Not about police militarization, either, which has only escalated tension on the ground.

We need to talk about justice for Michael Brown. Justice rests in the hands of one person: St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch, a man with deep personal, family, and professional ties to the local police department.

This is the man who is supposed to remain unbiased, present evidence to a grand jury, and bring charges against the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown...

CAJD urges all readers to follow the request below. 

Send an urgent message to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and Attorney General Chris Koster demanding the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Michael Brown's shooting.

Contact the Office of Governor Jay Nixon
P.O. Box 720
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone: (573) 751-3222

From Color for Change.  Click here to donate $3 to the
Dear CAJD:
Incredible! In less than 24 hours, more than one thousand ColorOfChange members have donated nearly $30,000 to support the St. Louis based Organization for Black Struggle (OBS) in hiring a full-time police accountability organizer.
But we’re not there yet — in order to reach our goal of $50,000 and make it possible for OBS to make this critical hire and continue organizing around rampant police brutality in Missouri, we need to do more.
I am so inspired by the generosity of our members, who are coming together to support strong Black leadership that is making a difference in this critical moment.
Thanks and peace,


We thank our readers for making us a top rated SEO blog – We are in the top 5 on the search page. We are listening to our readers and the consensus seems to be to move the focus from Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters and move into a Just-US blog with monthly posts.  We are on the fence.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sheriff Jim Neil is a nice guy! (Judge Tracie Hunter's case)

He's a nice guy!

How tall is Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil?

My guess is that he’s over six feet tall.

How did Sheriff Neil defeat the Republican machine candidate Sean Donovan?

Because the black voters in Hamilton County carried his tall ass, that’s how?

Not only did the Republican power houses dump a boat load of cash and endorsements into Donovan’s coffers – they threw the soft and slow spoken Neil under two buses. 

They ran ads stating that he overlooked a dead body in a car during a crime investigation.  One blog supporting Donovan posted this comment about Neil, “Not only is Donovan the ideal Republican, his opponent Jim Neil is a horrific candidate!”


And double damn!

Nevertheless Jim Neil ran a grassroots campaign similar to the campaign that Judge Tracie Hunter ran. 

It was very grassroots with a team of hardworking volunteers who got out there and talked to the people.

As I have volunteered on several campaigns; I would see Neil and his volunteers everywhere including Cincinnati’s black communities. 

Yep, Jim was at the club – Celebrities – campaigning haaaaaaaard.

He promised he would change the culture of the Sheriff’s office, you know break up that Good Ole’ boy club. 

Talking to Jim along the campaign trail he came across as one of the nicest guys in Cincinnati, but he  never displayed strong leadership qualities, although he displayed honor and loyalty. 

Sad to report that it appears that Sheriff Neil is just another do-nothing Democratic Party chair Tim Burke Democrat   Black people have to watch those “Tim Burke Democrats”
(for the record, there are some fine candidates running that have Burke's support that we 100% support)  CAJD blog - we are NOT DEMS.   We are not Repubs. 

If I’m forced to say one good thing about Councilmember Christopher Smitherman (the old Smitherman) is that he warned the community against those type Dems. 

And then.

Wait for it.

He joined one, Mayor John Cranley.  Yep Chris teamed with John.

This blog has been on hiatus taking care of beloved – that beloved son – beloved - beloved - beloved.   

I ain’t got time for this.

I really don’t have time to do any activism work.  Yes, Dear Readers, blogging is activism.
It harms democracy when Sheriff Jim Neil interviews on the Lincoln Ware radio show and admits that he was not watched the video of the Avery Corbin and Vanessa Enoch arrest.  Then he goes on to use key words that Tim Burke Dems use when they come to the black community

“Discretion”   and      “circus”

Translation we arrest certain folk at our “discretion” and we got the radio call stating the courthouse was “circus”

Under Sheriff Neil’s watch.

A man escaped from the Just-us center and two people were arrested and should not have been.
The biggest flaw I have and that we have at this blog (besides being too exhausted to edit) is that we support people who we like.  We like Sheriff Jim Neil.  (In my Nathan Ivey voice) he’s a nice guy.

But nice guys are often ineffective leaders.

I charge you Dear Readers to contact the Sheriff Neil and let your voice be heard.

Be polite ….be respectful……be direct…..Tell Sheriff Neil your opinion…..Black folks carried him to election victory.

Phone: 513-946-6400 
Fax: 513-946-6402

NEXT POST COAST ATTORNEY CHRIS FINNEY -  He's making a lot of money with the NAACP paying him to represent the current President - which is ironic because he singlehandly bankrolls every socio-economic justice against black folk, brown folk,  poor white folk, rich white Dems,  progressives, gays....


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Prosecutor Deters son attacked (Jonathon Deters)

Jonathon Deters attacked.
A women posted on the WlWT – News story this comment
Ahh if children pay for the sins of the father this boy has a long way to go still.

Moving past the comment Jonathan Deters and his girlfriend Allison Crable were assaulted after the Taste of Cincinnati - as  they we leaving a graduation party at a law firm.

Here's what Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters  said of the young  men who have been indicted for attacking his son and face spending over a decade in prison, "I hope they get all of it, they are just a bunch of trash."

Calling black men trash is a step down for Deters who usually refers to black men as animals.

Shortly after the attack Deters went on 700 WLW radio to rant about how he wants the special prosecutor, Daniel J. "Woody" Breyer (who was assigned the case by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine) to throw the book at the alleged attackers. 

The Hate that Hate produced also known as the young men who are accused of attacking Deters' son are Yahdea Brown, Joshua McCoy, Onea Lapsley and Matthew Johnson.  

The Cincinnati Enquirer (a newspaper that is NEVER fair to people of color)  who usually sues to get the names of black juveniles released to the public, has yet to name the 17 year old who is also accused of attacking Deters Jr.

Although it's quite possible that those young men accused in the attack are acting out the hate that America shows them in the courtroom and in their daily lives - it was uncool to attack Deters' son and they should be held unaccountable.

(I think it was Jesse Jackson Sr. who said an eye for an eye makes a disfigured face...thus we can't operate on with angry revenge mentality)

Don’t wish the attack on anyone’s kid
That’s NOT COOL.
I can relate.

Prayers going up!

In other news:


Friday, May 23, 2014

CAJD Blog has a new look!


We have a new look.

Please hang in there with us as we work out the kinks.  Lots of new trinkets to figure out.

Keeping checking the blog for upcoming info-taining posts.



Monday, May 12, 2014

Will Cincinnati be selected to host RNC Convention 2016?

The Cincinnati Republican Party submitted 155 pages of information needed to satisfy the RNC’s 47-point checklist – the information submitted along with the subcommittee visit this past April is part of a screening process to determine which of the six cities under consideration will get the honor of hosting the Republican National Convention in 2016.  Also, on the short-list are Cleveland, Kansas, Dallas, Denver and Las Vegas.
If Cincinnati makes the next round of cuts, it will then receive visits from the full 17-member committee in late May or June.
As a Cincinnatian, I am extremely honored that Cincinnati might have the possibility to bring 35,000 old white men, 5,000 buck dancing black men and up to $200 million to our economy.
In case GOP Chair Alex Triantifilou (pronounced trifling as he wants to be) may have overlooked any wonderful details about our city, I am offering up this post to provide more information – and the top ten facts about Cincinnati that may aide in us being selected as the town to host the RNC 2016 convention.

Cincinnati is full of Republicans who represent the moral majority of good fine Christians. They don’t tolerate hypocrisy - just ask Pastor and Judge Tracie Hunter. 
Cincinnati is full of Republicans who are hardworking and who pursue the American Dream, who have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and started a business.  They don’t tolerate hypocrisy or those that take welfare - just ask restaurateur Liz Rogers, owner of Mahogany’s on theBanks.

Cincinnati is full of Republicans who will not tolerate lewd and insidious people just ask Larry Flynt and Robert Mapplethorpe and that group….what’s was the name again?  Citizens for Community Values?  I’m pretty sure every Republican that is anyone signed their name to that list. Google “prostitution ban in Cincinnati”. Still looking for signatures.
Cincinnati has a big tent for everyone including, the black tea-party Republican Ken Anderson, and any one from the LGBT community that wants shelter under the tent.
Cincinnati has polarizing figures that will say anything about the black community to meet the “dog out black people talking point quota”.  Google Christopher Smitherman.  
Cincinnati is full of Republicans who will not tolerate hoes. Prostitutes, escorts or highly paid arm pieces like V. Stiviano, uh, maybe.  Google Hamilton County Republican Joe Deters and his prostitute in Cleveland.
Cincinnati has a great Republican chair, albeit not well-liked but he knows how to chop the head off the opponent and win turkey of the year.  Google it.
Cincinnati has great safety for the Republicans. You don’t have to worry about your safety because this town will lock your ass up in a New York minute if you are not in the right zip code or you aren’t the right skin color.  That’s right, you don’t have to worry about the darkies, the homeless,  the homo’s,  the crackies, crazies, or heroineeees,, attacking you.
Cincinnati has great radio that Republicans will love: WLW 55 KRC and Cincinnati’s best loved Republican clown Bill Cunningham on 700 WLW.
Cincinnati has great chili parlors and great recipes.  Here’s my recipe: Grater’s ice cream, skyline chili, queen city metts, price hill chili, racism, sexism, gayism, Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bengals,  Montgomery Inn Ribs  and don’t forget that World Famous Blog, Citizens Against Joe Deters.

In seriousness, and I am being most sincere, on behalf of Cincinnati and all the bloggers, I sincerely hope Cincinnati is selected to host the 2016 Republican National convention.  I along with fellow bloggers like Mr. Nate Livingston of the Cincinnati Black Blog look forward to showing you’ll the black carpet. 

FBK is an unapologetic black writer who is not afraid to write about the ‘R’ word. She is a member of Cincinnati’s Local Vocal Active-Activists who often keeps it real.  She blogs, she writes eBooks and she is currently juicing- on and off -  so don’t mess with her. 
FBK is a combo of 3 writers - you figure it out....we're not telling. 


@GOP for @Cincy2016

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

5 reasons why Mayor John Cranley and Councilman Christopher Smitherman aren't ready for Prime Time

While me and my fellow citizens – ‘the local vocal Active-Advocates’ -  continue to strategize ways to have Councilman Smitherman turn his moral outrage over crime  into solutions that address institutional racism, here are a few reasons that Mayor John Cranley and Councilman Christopher Smitherman may not be able to further their careers beyond local politics. They aren’t ready for prime time.
Cranley can’t control his staff and Christopher can’t control his mouth
On Friday April 25 Mayor Cranley did a pointless drive-by interview on Lincoln Ware’s radio show (1230 WDBZ the Buzz) as a follow-up to ‘Local Vocals – Active Advocates’ who attended a April 23 City Hall council meeting requesting that Mayor John Cranley remove Councilman Christopher Smitherman as the chair of The Law and Public Safety Committee, because of his recent divisive comments regarding the African American community’s response to crime. Mayor Cranley repeated on the radio what he told the local paper and that is: Smitherman’s job is safe. He further went on to say that he couldn’t control what his committee chairs say. Said Cranley, “I can’t control what he says, if I had to remove a chair every time that they said something that I disagreed with I’d have no committee chairs.”
Can you imagine a national politician admitting that he can’t control one of his staff members who was speaking disparagingly about the gay or Jewish community?
Councilman Smitherman can’t control his mouth and has become infamous over the past few years for his negative rants about the African American community -on conservative talk (mostly white radio) and at City Council.
Many years before that Smitherman was infamous for his rants against the white and Jewish community on a predominantly African American radio station.
Politicians that can’t control their staff’s behavior or those that can’t control their divisive tongue, don’t go very far.  
Neither Mayor Cranley nor Smitherman seem to learn from political mistakes
During the April 9, 2001 Cincinnati riots uprising both Cranley and Smitherman were on City Council. During that administration Cranley was the chair of the Law & Public Safety Committee when the uprising started,  in which he admitted in several media stories that he lost control (Google it).  Instead of listening to the citizens who packed City Hall to express concerns over police brutality, Cranley blew the citizens off and the citizens blew up.
Smitherman, at the time posing as a militant black man, told then Police Chief Streicher, “I’m your boss”  (Google it).  Back then, like now, his words were divisive directed towards, whites and caused a lot of backlash and hurt feelings from police officers. Prosecutor Joe Deters subsequently led the charge to make sure Smitherman was not reelected during the next council term.
Back to April 23, 2014 when a couple of dozen concerned citizens attended a City Council meeting to express concerns and requested a May 10 response to the request that Councilman Smitherman be removed as the chair of The Law and Public Safety Committee.
Mayor Cranley responded to the request immediately but not directly to those who made the request.  Here’s what he told the local paper; Smitherman’s job is safe: "I'm not removing him. Under Smitherman's leadership, we have added cops, rejuvenated CIRV, put a renewed focus on the community monitors, restarted the call-ins, and added police overtime. The entire community has embraced these action steps."
The problem with his response is two-fold.  He is once again blowing the citizens off. It was incredibly disrespectful for him not to respond directly to those who took a day off work, rearranged their schedules to engage Council and let their voices be heard.  It is also a damn lie that the entire community has embraced what he calls “action steps” when the majority of the community knows little about 4 of the 5 steps that he named.
Perhaps Cranley should have started his interview to the paper in this way, Fuck those activists I appreciate the engagement and the concerns of the citizens’ who spoke, however Smitherman’s job is safe…” Sounds like Cranley needs Judy Smith the real life, Olivia Pope to do his public relations.
Mayor Cranley’s lack of action and Smitherman’s reckless divisive rants proves that neither is in control or ready for the big political stage.
(correction: Smitherman was elected in 2003 - still he made the reckless and divisive comments to Streicher while Cincinnati was in turmoil)
Both continue to blast the last administration
It appears that anytime there is a problem at City Hall or in the City of Cincinnati, both the mayor and the council member have one response and that is to blame it on the last administration of Mayor Mallory and City manager Milton Dohoney.

At what point will the mayor and the councilman start to work for solutions and address institutional racism, because they are now the driver’s seat?
Did the old political Bait and Switch
Cranley baited because when he was running for mayor he was very visible in the African American community, even going so far as to show up at a nightclub in the hood in mom jeans. He made so many promises to the community, including that he would always be accessible.  To date, he has been anything but.
And then we have Smitherman, who  switched to the side of those who bankrollnearly every economic and social injustice against the African Americancommunity
Crime is up
Mayor Cranley’s interview in the paper made it appear that crime was being managed.  It is not. Heroin and crack addicts still roam the streets and Cincinnatians find out what they did the next day on the morning news. Black men are still getting murdered and white men and women are still leaving their babies to go commit crimes for their hourly heroin fix.
Politicians who fail to protect tax payers from crime limited political careers.
Do your damn job John and Christopher!


FBK is an unapologetic black writer who is not afraid to write about the ‘R’ word. She is a member of Cincinnati’s Local Vocal Active-Activists who often keeps it real.  She blogs, she writes eBooks and she is currently juicing- on and off -  so don’t mess with her.

                         FBK is a combo of 3 writers - you figure it out....we're not telling. 


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Do black women deserve to be bitch-slapped?


In February my cousin T. Nicole was a victim of violence from a high profile African-American man, the president of the Cincinnati chapter of the NAACP.

On the night it happened my cousin called and told me  what happened to her at the Cincinnati NAACP office.  She was crying her heart out over the telephone as she explained to me the humiliation and pain she felt over being shoved down the steps by the big black man in a powerful position.

As I listened to my younger cousin weep on the phone,  I really didn’t know what was the right course of action or how to advise her.  I knew that it was not right for NAACP president Ishton Morton  to shove  her but I also knew the man’s history and his connection with the powerful and oldest civil rights organization in the country. I was aware that even though she was a victim how she would be stereotyped and made to believe she deserved to be pushed and thrown out of a meeting. 
Although she and I had dedicated over 6 years of our life to the NAACP organization, that same organization had failed to protect us when we reported the behavior of the powerful men in the group which included, emotional abuse, threats of physical intimidation as well as sexual harassment by the current leader who reportedly is not in America legally.

Despite the intimidation we faced and reporting the problems to the National office with no response, we continued to show up at meetings. Because that’s what we are expected to do as black women.  We are not expected to feel vulnerable or to be fragile. We are expected to show up at meetings keep our mouth closed, or else get bitch-slapped.

Former NAACP Cincinnati chapter president and Council member  Christopher Smitherman, who is the chair of the Law and Public safety committee said this of the abuse my cousin suffered, “The women cause a scene, acting in such a way that begs someone to touch them in order to escort them out.”

There you have it folks. Black women deserved to be bitch-slapped.

Monday, March 17, 2014

NAACP President Ishton Morton arrested for assault on Executive Committee member (See mugshot)


In February Executive Committee member Nicole Taylor attempted to attend an Executive meeting being held by newly elected President Ishton Morton who replaced Christopher Smitherman.

Mr. Morton refused to let Ms.Taylor (who serves on the committee) into the meeting.  That's when she begin recording him with her Ipad.  Enraged he pushed her down the  snow covered stairs in front of independent witnesses causing emotional trauma.

Mr. Morton's attack on Ms. Taylor continues a very recent trend in Cincinnati in what some are dubbing, "Senseless verbal and physical  attacks on Black Women." 
Mr. Morton is reportedly not a U.S. citizen.
Ms. Taylor has served as a volunteer on the board for seven years.  She has fought for African American contractors to get contracts,in a city that currently gives them around 1%. She's fought  for justice in the "just-us" system. She has collected signatures for petitions.  If she were paid a salary for her outstanding volunteer work that would amount to around 200 thousand dollars.  Yet she gets repaid with attacks by and violence.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Passion of restaurateur Liz Rogers Mahogany's

Before I begin this post, please allow me to explain a couple of things. I am not the creator of this fine artwork. I commissioned this fine piece of art from an artist in India. Seriously. When I commission artwork, I usually email a picture of said subject to a guy that I do business with in India and he creates the masterpiece.  Of course I give him my ideas (another black woman gets nailed to the cross). But he does his interpretation of face and body.  I have nothing to do with that part.

It is the opinion of many in the community that Mrs. Rogers is being crucified by the media and The black man who has no soul, Christopher Smitherman and a few of his good ole’ boy Republican pals.

Furthermore, as I am terribly tired (pronounced ti-eeeerrd) tonight, this blog post will not be edited.  And if you are a regular reader of my blog you are well aware that I rarely edit this thing.

I have not read the piece by Kathy Y. Wilson written about Mahogany’s. I have yet to read the piece, despite urging from my fellow blogger Mr. Nathanial Livingston of the Cincinnati Black Blog. Nor have I read the follow-up piece. The reason I have not read the piece is because I don’t want to get more upset.  I am a big fan of Wilson’s writing. I keep her book, "Your Negro Tour Guide" on my ladder bookshelf. I keep her book handy so when I need lethal inspiration and have to write strong and nasty words about people like Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters and Christopher Smitherman.  I keep her book handy like some keep a weapon.  Wilson fires off words like bullets into the temple of people that I use to think needed it. But now that she’s has fired into the temple of my friend Iris Roley who is friends with Liz Rogers that makes me unhappy.  Roley introduced me to Rogers and she is good people.  She is good people like JudgeTracie Hunter.   I admire her for pursuing her dreams.  She works 16 hour days and that is what America tells you to do.  America tells you to get our education and work hard to make something out of your life. And that is what Rogers has done and that is what Judge Tracie Hunter has done, and that’s why I don’t understand why they are being crucified. Why are black women in Cincinnati being discriminated against.  Before Rogers received money from the city a lot of white men received money from the city and a lot of white women received money from the city because they pretended like they were a minority owned business. They are not.  It’s a scam.  The businesses are owned by their hubbys. They are operating as pass through companies and Christopher Smtiherman knows a lot about pass through companies..  Anybody remember when he attacked Ty Stuckey? 

“You are a racist”  I get that comment a lot from racist that post anonymous comments on my blog even though I like white people.  Lots of white people read this blog and they tell me things about Joe Deters and that gal, the hooker in Cleveland. And then there are just good white people that I really like. And even though I like white people, people read my blog and they call me a racist because I write about race, and other bloggers that write for this site, write about race.  Isn't America unscrambled, "I Am Race?"

I don’t discriminate.  Christopher Smitherman is black and he has no soul. Rumor on the street has it that attorney Chris Finney purchased his soul.  He’s the devil you know? And then Joe Deters came along and purchased his soul, but he had already sold it to Finney and so Deters bought his heart and his mind instead. But back to Liz Rogers and Mahogany’s.  They really should not continue to single out and attack black women in Cincinnati. And I’m sorry that I’ve reverted back to wretched and unedited blog post.  I still write good stuff.  Remember this?  Forgive me Dear and Faithful blog readers for the wretchedness of this evening’s post. If you want to do something good go buy you a meal at Mahogany's on the Banks. 

Each time they nail a black woman to the cross.  I will shine the light on the injustice

FBK is a unapologetic black writer who speaks truth to power. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

“The Passion of Judge Tracie Hunter”

The inscription above her head tauntingly read        She cares about the children

Each morning except on occasion, 7 days a week, I get up at  4:45 am, put on a pot of coffee and turn on my laptop. If it’s a work day, I write from about 5-6 am.  

If not a work day, it’s not uncommon for me to write the entire day, give or take the essential things that must be done. 

Why, am I telling you this? I’m telling you this because for the most part, except when on occasion, “I’m on some other shit,” I take my writing, love and commitment to the community very seriously. 

I realize that words are powerful, that they deserve a great deal of respect.  These words that I have written today reflect the heaviness of my heart.

Since Judge Tracie Hunter was indicted about 16 days ago, I have been in mourning.

§  Over the death of the future of our children and the certainty of a school to prison pipeline

§  Over the death of democracy in Hamilton County

§  Over the temporarily torture and death of Judge Hunter’s reputation

§  Over the death of fair and balanced media coverage

§  Over the death of the criminal justice system

§  Over the death of the mostly silent Democratic party

§  Over the death of the silence of so-called Christians

§  Over the death of power of anyone except the disgustingly brutal brutes in the Hamilton County Republican Party

Last week I wrote that what was happening to the Honorable Judge Tracie Hunter felt like a 21stcentury high tech lynching.

I stand corrected.

The Honorable Judge Hunter is being crucified.

As this saga continues to unfold my tears continue to flow, and my heart gets heavier.  I find myself struggling to understand the why, why is this happening? Why does it hurt so badly?  I would describe my relationship with Judge Hunter as friendly.  From the bottom of my heart, I believe that she is “good people.”  I would put her sanity up against any brute in Cincinnati.

Bullshit like this doesn’t happen to good people.  This situation makes me so angry that if I had the tendencies of a 21-year freckled face, red hair boy who grew up with guns – I might do something terrible.

Thankfully, I am a mature and mostly sane woman raised by a wonderful and beloved grandmother who was a devout Christian of about 40 years. She passed away and never got to see the first African-American president elected – and thankfully she isn’t alive to see the first African-American woman (juvenile court judge) get crucified.

I challenge any of you – real or fake Christian - to DENY that Judge Hunter has been beaten, punched, spit upon, whipped, tortured and she has been NAILED TO A CROSS. I challenge any of you to deny the repugnant details of this modern day crucifixion.

“My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as your will.”


 Comments from insightful blog reader:  
DEMOCRACY being crucified. The ideas and thoughts at make this country great and which form the basis for our U.S. and State Constitutions. What's CRUCIFIED? The PEOPLE's right to vote and to have that VOTE counted without further political manipulation is the REAL issue.

cc: National Action Network Rev. Al Sharpton
cc:  NAACP

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