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Jane Prendergasts' Fat Ass-- and the 21 council candidates

Hey Jane it takes one to know one. But considering that you write such negative stories, and considering that your tiny little black shoes can't sustain the weight of your fat ass in those black capri pants, I think it's OK to have a little fun at your expense. Hey, mostly everthing you write is negative.

I attended the 21 council candidate forum tonight at the Cintas center. I'm really too tired to write a blog post, but I must.

The Good, the Bad, and the Terrible

My observations are based solely on what went on at tonight's meeting.  Awards go to the following people.

Lazy award - It's a tie between Jeff Berding and Brad Wenstrup.  Berding read from a paper and Wenstrup attitude was so ho-hum. Do you want to be mayor or what Wenstrup? In fairness to Berding, he stated that he was sick. Yep, sick cause the Dems threw him out on his ass.  Noooooo, he really looked sick.

Sweet award - It's a tie between  Greg Harris and Anitra Brockman. Anitra Brockman is an awesome person. She actually has a great idea to form a youth city council. I'm confident that when she gets on coucil her honesty, experience as a single mother, and as a college professor, will make her a refreshing candidate. However, on that panel amongst the sharks, Brockman and Harris,  we're sweeter than cotton candy.

Best Person who "brought it" it award  - goes to Winburn.  Charlie. First name Charlie. Last name Winburn.  Say his name. Say his name. Charlie will get back on council. Especially since he "checked" Cecil last night.

Best idea award - goes to LarMarque Ward for his fresh ideas on how to work with the youth. He not only wants to retain young professionals in Cincinanti, he wants to grow young people into young professionals.   What a man, what a man,what a man. Strong black man.

Best Streetcar  award -  Cecil (removed)

Best video award/best dressed award - Quinlivan. Or Laurie as Qualls refers to her.   If she When she gets on council she stated that she wouldn't rely on what she is told from the city manager's office, instead she would investigate and fact check everything. Must be the former reporter in her.  Considering that she followed the mayor to China and Portland, and appeared to be his biggest supporter at the forum last night, I also have to give her the best award for riding the Mayor's coat tail.  She's on the mayor's coat tail and Driehaus is on Obama's.  Remember people, coat tails can only take you so far.

Best suprise of the night award-  Cole. She brought it. She gets a bad rap from the extreme  lunatic righters that accuse her of having the inability to speak, yet she spoke great last night.  She told the audience to ask not what your council can do for you, ask what you can do for your city. This response came after a question on one of the forum cards from the audience.  She also gave a list of specific things that she is doing to help her constituents.  On a side note:  She's got great legs. They look really strong. Like should could easily kick Leslie Ghiz's ass. 

Best I'm here, let me soar award - Goes to Flynn.  Can't remember his first name. He came up with a great plan--Make the city manager do his damn job. His words not mine. He had a lot of other great stuff to say as well.  Kudos to him for working strongly with his neighborhood coucil.

Best speaking voice award - Nicolas Hollan. Boy can he speak. At first his speaking  appeared over the top, but I got used to it, you could really hear the passion in his voice.  He's got some fantastic
ideas about how to help ex-offenders help themselves. He could be a great motivational speaker. Maybe he's full of shit, but he rocked on stage last night.
choo-choo train route.
Best Funny award-  Chris Bortz. Bortz  is a damn fool. He had the audience in stitches.

 Best "worst" idea award - Chris Monzel. Monzel suggested that privitazing the jail might eliminate jail overcrowding. It appears Monzel wants to put people back in slavery.  The only thing worst than priviatizing a jail, is privatizing our water.  Are you fucking kidding me Monzel? Can anybody say Joe Deters?

Best Little Miss perfect award-  Amy Murray.  She's too damn perfect. Little Miss Hyde Park perfect. Still, she was pretty good.

Best "vision" award-  goes to Bernadette Watson. Although she dodged the tea partier question,  her vision for the city appears that it will take the city far.  Go B, Go B, Go B.

Best polite award - goes to Ms. Qualls. She was so damn polite.  Despite her actions of lately (people should'nt petition their Government), I've always been a huge fan of Qualls.  She does not appear to play politics, she's the real thing.

Best tea partier award-  Mr. Zamarchy(spelling) - It's good to hear that he supports the arts (Know theatre) and the Tea party.  Glad to hear he likes a lot of drama.  Even though he was quite tame on stage.

Best denoucemnet of the tea party award - Goes to Mr. Young. Wendall. Nothing like a big black man, who ain't afraid to denouce something.

Best tacky award - Ghiz.  She wore that nice green suit again tonight. It was cute the 1st time she wore it.  More police, more police, more police. Geez Ghiz is anybody else important?

Best charismatic award - Mayor Mallory. He told the audience that they can't believe everything that they read in the paper.  He was totally charming. Totally funny.  YES on issue 9!

Best reformed award - Tony Fischer. Every since he rode Berding's coat tail into hot water with the Dem party, and begged harder than James Brown not to  be thrown out of the party, he's been tame. He gave safe, nice answers last night. Wonder does he still want to close our health centers and pools?

Best persecutor award - Joe Deters. Joe does not like black people. He humps whores (allegedly) and the list goes on....

If I've forgotten any candidate, charge it to my mind and not my heart.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sweet deal for white murderers! RIP Precious 11-day old baby.

White Americans getting light sentences is as American as apple pie

The sooner that I’m able to face that fact, the faster I’ll be able to release Joe Deters. There are times when it does not appear to be a race thing. Although, isn’t everything in America about race? America unscrambled--I Am Race.

The couple below murdered their baby. I don’t know the details. Don’t know if the woman had a mental problem, if the guy was on drugs, if she was molested as a child, if he was molested as a child, what I know is that a baby is dead!

Their back story--I don’t give a rat’s behind about their back story. Well, I do, but I shouldn't. For sure people like Joe Deters types, don’t a give rat’s behind about black people's back story. You know the back story or the  reason that explains why we run over 14 year old boys and keep going.  Nobody cares why the black girl dit it, if she did it.   Here’s the thing-- if you’re white, wealthy and well-connected (WWW) you're entitled to one get out of jail free card. You don’t get the Deters Death Penalty. You must fit at least 2 of the 3 to qualify. To be exempt. If you’re a minority or a poor person. Blacks or poor whites need not apply.

Let some in America tell it, and we're to believe that  blacks have got everything that’s bad in America wrong with them.  We are more likely to (fill in the blanks with everything negative), less likely to (fill in the blanks with everything positive). If I really believed the false information that the race baiters put out there, I’d jump off a bridge. Luckily, I don’t believe the hype.

To my good friend LD, stop tellling me to edit this blog.  I rarely, if ever, edit this  blog. I'm too lazy. Readers of this blog are aware that no editing, or little editing,  happens. Or at least they should be aware of that fact.  I try to clean it up the post that I write so that it at least makes sense. I will fix something if someone, LD, points it out to me. But other than that,  If I post, that's damn good. I can't work, write on the side, and edit a blog about the black people's persecutor.

RIP dead baby! Whatever the back story, you didn’t deserve to die.

The Coldest night ever. Voting starts today!

Freedom ain’t cheap.

It ain’t easy either.

So many, too many,  died for the right to vote.

To many got the "Joe Deters dogs and water hose" turned on them!  "He's an animal."  "Put them in a cage and let them shoot themselves."

It takes a real  CaringCommunityMan to sleep outside on the coldest night ever (eva) to remind Cincinnatians to vote early. Kudos to CaringCommunityMan

My son turned 18 in May. It’s going to be his 1st time voting. I’m very excited.

Yes on issue 8!

Yes on issue 9!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Joe Deters does not like ACORN

Despite what some say (Joe Deters) ACORN is not a bad organziation.   Whhhhhhooooooo ACORN  IS not the boogie man.  I remember earlier this year when the prosecutor, black folks  persecutor, engaged in a little voter suppression/voter intimidation to stop folks from voting for President Obama. 

There has  been lots of  negative publicity about ACORN in the news lately. However, tonight on the Rachel Maddow show her guest exposed the blatant lies being told about ACORN.

Text Rachel and thank her for telling the truth!

Protest Friday October 30, 2009 12 noon

.Check out Rachel's  website. Check out that story.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Joe Deters' Penis Problem and other stuff that I have to complain about

Before I get to the problem with Joe Deters’ penis. I have to complain about the $104.00 ticket that I received today from the Terrace Park police. I’m driving in my car listening to the Lincoln Ware show, Lincoln is “talking up” the police. Yes, some of us really believe that certain conversations discussed in the community can make certain things happen to certain people. I believe the energy Lincoln put out over the airwaves this morning is the reason why I received a ticket. Anyway, the police pulled me over. He claimed that I ran a red light. I didn’t. I didn’t run a red light I know many people that get tickets, proclaim their innocence, but I’m really innocent. The only thing that I’m guilty of is driving around with expired tags. What Had Happened was…What happened is my birthday was last month. I turned 40. I had a birthday party and a book “unleash” party. It was a busy month. I totally forgot to get new tags. So the cop gives me a choice, to get a moving violation for running the red light, or to get a ticket for an expired tag. Both tickets are the same amount, one cost you a couple of points on your license. It was a no brainer. I told the cop to kiss my ass. No I opted for the expired tag ticket. After the cop sent me on my way --I ended up being late for my meeting. Long story short I’m not going to pay the ticket because I didn’t run the light. I’m going to fight it in court. I'm fighting because I was pulled over with the bogus claim that I ran the red light.   I'm thankful that Terrace Park has evening court for their wealthy and well-connected residents (aka Rob Portman).  I think I'll call my Congresswoman Jean Schmidt and complain about my ticket.

The Department (or Bureau) of Motor vehicles. The lady, the old busy body behind the desk, reminded me VERY LOUDLY that next year I would be charged a 20.00 late fee if I didn’t renew my tags on time. I told her that I was sick of government raising the cost of everything. I felt bad after I said it because I didn’t want to act like one of those people that attend town hall meetings. The lady told me that they (DMV or BMV) had not raised the prices in 6 years. As she handed me my sticker she reminded me not to be late next year. I responded, Have a nice day.

Joe Deters penis problem. I talk about Deters’ penis a lot on this blog because it is my belief based on information provided to me by the attorneys that Deters, let’s see how can I put this and move beyond the harsh curse words. Hmmmmm. Let’s see. Allegedly Deters paid for intimacy from a woman that charges for sexual favors. That bothers me because Deters prosecutes and persecutes people. Especially minorities and poor people. Yet, I know based on information provided to me that he has never been brought to justice for his indiscretion. Yes, I know that God will punish Death penalty Deters because he has a penis problem.

Oh, well, good night. Send one up for Deters.

Man gets 9 years for murder. Read the story below.

Monday, September 21, 2009



After reading the below story in City Beat on Deters views on the death penalty…

I couldn’t help but be reminded of a story that appeared in City Beat, some months ago, about a black man that Deters gave the death penalty for 10 bucks.  Why is it that Deters can always justify the most severe punishment for people who don't fit his preferred template (White, Wealthy, and Well-connected or Rich and Elected) Poor whites or minorities have to fight to hold Deters, the Chief Legal Representative of Hamilton County accountable, and fight to stop him from dishing out his double-standard of injustice in the just-us system.

Quite possibly--Deters is the most dangerous prosecutor in Hamilton County History.

Peaceful (Halloween)  protest planned on Friday October 30, 2009 at 12 noon in front of Joe Deters' office. Protestors are being asked to dress in costumes  and be prepared to hand out candy to people who aren't  White, Wealthy, and Well-connected or Rich and Elected. The purpose of the peaceful protest is to show that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, MLK.

Joe Must Go!
More info on CAJD Halloween protest in front of Joe Deters office coming soon.
Execute Justice.  Not people.

Book may be purchased at RoSho Awards and Graphics on Reading Rd across from
Woodward High school.
email for more information

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Friday, September 18, 2009

114 days. 114 lies. Ryan Widmer/Joe Deters you lie!

Yep watched that Ryan Widmer thing on dateline tonight.

During the trial I can remember being conflicted, is Ryan guilty? Did he really do it? I kinda thought he didn’t do it during the trial.

After the trial I thought he was guilty. I just did. Even if the jury practiced drowning techniques--what does that matter, if he really did it? Why is Widmer free?

Free Ryan Widmer. No fuck Ryan Widmer. Ryan Widmer was convicted of murder. He gets 15 to life which means he can parole out. My son robs a bank, nobody’s dead. Nobody’s wet dead-head has been crushed into a bathroom floor. RIP Sarah Widmer. Ryan killed you.

Hutzels got a pair. She’s the head Prosecutor up in Warren County. I like that she has prosecutorial integrity. She prosecutes everybody, even teens. White teens. None of the Joe Deters “shady” BS. If you did it, you should go to jail regardless of color.

Widmer’s mom, what a lady! I cry every time I see that woman on TV. She does what we mother’s are supposed to do. Stand by our sons till death do us part. Not condone the crime--but hold our sons down. Not hold their head in a bathtub for them to drown, but hold them down. That means love and support them. Give every penny that you have to fight for you son to have the best defense. Rally his friends, your co-workers, your church members--anybody that will listen you tell your son’s story. When they ask half-heartedly , is there anything I can do…? Tell them, hell yeah, you can write a letter, wear a t-shirt (Free Ryan Widmer), join my fight. Hell yes, there’s something you can do.

I’m signing off. I know Ryan did it. I know Bill Cunningham’s lies are catching up with him, because he’s got permanent bitter-beer face frown lines on his face.

City Beat this Joe Deters! You support the Death Penalty...

Welcome New readers:

The group Citizens Against Joe Deters along with the companion blog was created for a specific reason, our mission is simple--pressure Joe Deters to resign from his position as Hamilton County Prosecutor. Joe Deters is a dangerous prosecutor, the most dangerous prosecutor in the history of Hamilton County. Thus a good many post on this blog will focus on our mission. One can find out more about our mission in the About Me section of this blog, and from reading blog archives. However, some blog post will cover various topics including, but not unlimited to: unfair treatment of minorities and poor people in the just-us system, local politics, current topics in the news, entertainment and fun, and other topics.
We advertised this blog so that we can spread our message to a wide range of individuals. We thank City Beat for their courage in allowing us to advertise this blog in their newspaper. We contacted a billboard company to advertise our blog. They declined to let us advertise. The reason: They are not willing to risk their relationship with City Government aka Joe Deters. City Beat may not agree with most, or any, postings on this blog. But at least they respect our opinions to write whatever we please.
This blog does it’s best not to subscribe to labels. However, the viewpoints on this blog more likely than not, are more liberal than not. Our definition of a person that has a viewpoint that leans more to the left is that they are open-minded. Nothing is etched in stoned. We are willing to consider all things, all people (black, white, Hispanic, gay, straight, poor, rich, etc) on a case-by-case basis.
We try to use reason when forming an opinion on all subject matters.
Citizens Against Joe Deters the group and this companion blog was founded by me, FBK. I write most of the post on this blog. The biggest support for CAJD comes from family members and friends. We don’t have a formal membership. We consider many people informal members. Informal members usually send us a tip, give advice, or some type of support through our email or snail mail, or other anonymous forms of communication. Some informal members have showed up at our various protest around town against Joe Deters.

Next Joe-must-go protest Oct 30, 2009 at 12 noon in front of Joe’s Deters office. More details will be forthcoming.

Welcome to our blog. Become a friend of this blog. Please take the time to acquaint yourself with this blog. Check back on this blog often. There’s a local political race heating up in this town and we will give you an earful.
Best, Humbly, Unapologetically

Dallas Cowboys stadium tax...and my Kanye moment....

This morning I caught a few seconds of the Today show. On that show I saw Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys being interviewed by Matt Lauer. In the interview Jones was trying to convince the American people, Dallas Cowboys tax paying citizens, to pay taxes on 115 billion dollar stadium. Hmmmm where have we heard that before? I like Matt Lauer, like the way that he asks questions, he’s smoooooth. He asked Jerry Jones-- do you think in this economy you should be asking the citizens to pay more taxes for your stadium. He asked him something like that. Jones gave a very charismatic answer something like this is going to be the people’s stadium, the best in the world, blah, blah, blah. Ah, yeah, Jerry, you’re a millionaire ten times over (nothing wrong with that) and the elderly couple that owns the house down the block from the stadium can’t afford to have any more taxes put on their home.

Which almost brings me to my Kanye moment. When a person or a group comes before my community, our communities asking for money for their whatever (funding for pet project, their “great” program on their entertainment venue) they should be prepared to “bring it.” Meaning tell my community specifically how we will benefit. As in our community, my community, is the last one hired, first one fired…least likely to be given a second chance…and the list goes on….

Last night at a meeting I had a Kanye moment. You know a moment is which you are so passionate about what you believe in that you would rather speak out instead of taking the risk that you will burst into pieces if you don’t speak out, about something that you so strongly believe. I guess I had a few of those moments. I guess my moment wasn’t exactly like Kanye. I spoke out. But only when I was called on after raising my hand. I didn’t jump up in the meeting and speak out of turn. No of that town hall meeting BS.  Still, it was a Kanye moment because what I had to say, had to be said (well, not said, but opposed), at least that’s what I believed at the time. What I said may have shocked some, and caused some to agree with me. Agree-ers help you believe that what you did was the right thing to do. However, at the end of the day all that matters is that your guts didn’t bust because you didn’t hold your tongue.

For the record. Kanye was wrong. But not as wrong as Joe Wilson. Kanye and Taylor are young entertainers. End of story and President Obama is well….you get the picture.

I definitely wouldn’t ever disrespect the man with the highest position in the land--President Obama. Didn't do it when Bush was President either. Yep, made comments behind closed doors, we all do, or most do.

OK this is one of my early morning rambling post that has nothing to do with Joe Deters…  I'll get back in Dealth Penalty Deters' ass this afternoon.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Death Penalty Deters--Another Black man dies


After reading the below story in City Beat on Deters views on the death penalty…

I couldn’t help but be reminded of a story that appeared in City Beat, some months ago, about a black man that Deters gave the death penalty for 10 bucks.

Quite possibly--Deters is the most dangerous prosecutor in Hamilton County History.

Joe Must Go!
More info on CAJD Halloween protest in front of Joe Deters office coming soon.
Execute Justice.  Not people.

Book may be purchased at RoSho Awards and Graphics on Reading Rd across from
Woodward High school.
email for more information

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kathy Harrell your penis is not bigger than Scotty's

I have observed Fraternal Order of Police President Kathy Harrell at Cincinnati city council.  She walks around as if she has a pair (pair on this blog means courage).  And maybe she does have a pair, of courage.  You gotta have a big pair to look a black former cop in the face, and tell him that you're glad that you can count on his support of the FOP, this coming  a day  after she went on TV in support of one of their cops. That cop. Officer Tase-her.  Officer Tase-her-- Tased and pointed a gun at his daughter. (Holla if you hear me Council member Thomas).     Harrell's appears to have this  huge chip on her shoulder. 
And the reporter that wrote this story below--it appears she's a big trouble maker. She appears to  love to fan the flames of hate, as does her co-worker Sharon-the-mother Coolidge, the infamous Enqui-liar Reporter. (not to be mistaken for that tabloid-ish newspaper).

Deters goes down the dial, but refuses to come on the Lincoln Ware show

Deters has no problem going down the dial disrespecting black people. He calls black people  animals. He promises to lock them up, build more jails, build more prisons. He even went down the dial to discuss the murder of Noelle Washington, the 19-year old OTR mother that was murdered, along with her 9-month old baby “Doodles”-- to discuss those murders and  crime in the black community. One could hear the pain in his voice as he discussed the murders and offered solutions to solve crime in the black communities. Yeah! If anybody believes that I’ve got an authentic “Joe Wilson apology” that I want to sell you.

Today Deters was on the radio, on the show that comes on the air, after that racist show, which, isn’t that every show??? You know the main radio show that plays on the imaginations of poor Appalachian and Rural Americans who think the big black boogie man has come to take their guns and their GED certificates.

Rumor has it that Deters has vowed to never step foot on black radio, the popular Lincoln Ware show, because of ME, FBK. Whose afraid of me...not Edward Albee...not the man that lives in the glass house on Jak-A-ro....not that man

Hey Deters:

Sistah Souljah said:

Always remember to use your common sense

30 children in a classroom can overpower 1 racist white teacher or ignorant Black teacher in a classroom

500, unified tenants in a building are more powerful than 1 landlord

5000 unified inmates in a jail or prison are more powerful than 100 correction officers

100 unified workers are more powerful than 2 bosses

500 million Afrikans are more powerful than white supremacy, racism, and the entire Amerikkkan government

Monday, September 14, 2009

Deters does not call Mother Murderer, an animal

Joe Deters face is starting to show wear and tear. Could it be that his lifestyle, his foul language, his practice of dishing out  double standard of justice is starting to catch up with him?  Anybody remember when Anthony Kirkland murdered Esme Kenney?    Her precious body barely made it to the morgue before Deters was out like a ravage-savage convicting Kirkland in the court of public opinion.  "He's an animal, " Joe screamed as he turned beet red. He couldn't get the words "death penalty" out of his "w" "c" licking lips  fast enough.  There is not one  among us that will not acknowledge that Kirkland committed a heinous act. His act was heinous. God will punish Kirkland.  Still, Joe had no right to convict Kirkland in the court of public opinion before he's convicted in the court of law.

Now comes the case of this John Strutz fellow.  Charged with killing his wife.  Charged with cutting her to pieces and beheading her.  Is he not an animal?  No, he is a human being who committed a heinous act.  God will punish Strutz. Maybe Joe's filthy mouth is too full of something...... to utter the word animal about a white man. 

And the reporter, Sharon Coolidge...I won't even go there today.

Click the link to read Sharon's article.

RIP Kenney and Ms. Strutz

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Berding gets the boot!

Hear ye! Hear ye! The Cincinnati Democratic party  officially pulls its endorsement of council member Jeff Berding, Upon hearing this I couldn’t help but think of the Sam Cooke song (A Change is gonna come), and the lyrics that a good many people (Democrats and others) in this town might be sangin‘-- It’s been a loooooooooooooong time coming! Well CAJD will be tuned in to our favorite radio station at 5:00 pm  to get an insiders take as to why Berding got the boot.


From that political commercial last year, “Berding’s not a bad guy, he’s just been around too long.”

(Bro. Powell you know that you brought council member Berding to Dos Amigos on his birthday with a cake)


Yeeeeeeeees We can!

Vote yes on these two local issues: coming to a ballot box near you real soon. Yes on 8! Yes on issue 9!


Attorney David Singleton is the man! He called the Mayor out on the Lisa K. Crawford radio show in regards to the city’s policy on NOT hiring felons. He essentially told the mayor to Man-Up. Sort of.  Attorney Singleton is not disrespectful…actually he sent out a kind request over the airwaves for the mayor to take a big stand on the city's policy of not hiring felons. Attorney Singleton is a class act! The mayor really ain’t so bad either , although he’s on the wrong side of the tracks on a few issues--issue 8, issue 9, city not hiring felons….


Big up to City Beat newspaper. Thanks for not being sccccccccaaaaaaared and allowing me to advertise, running the risk that your paper might ruin your relationship with City government. lol. I swear to God a local billboard company declined my business because (these are their words), “We are not willing to risk our relationship with City government. Bitches. Grow a pair. Remember that group, that joke group (with only one good member…run Charlie run….) Citizens for Community Values, tried to sue City Beat over the “hooker ads” and City Beat fought back! The only local prick that didn’t sign that petition was Joe Deters, wonder why?

Anyway Blog readers--Happy Saturday. Don’t do or say anything that I wouldn’t do. That means you’re free to do any fucking thing you like! Love ya!

Have patience with me Dear Readers I'm trying to revamp the blog--spruce it up and I'm having a dandy of a time

Friday, September 11, 2009

Joe Must Go! (Wilson and Deters)

Joe has got to Go! (Wilson and Deters) Congressman Wilson. Wow. What a class-act. I've said this many times before on this blog--A man can put on a suit, comb his hair over--but if it walks like a duck, it’s a duck. Congressman Wilson’s behavior proves he is a re-thug-lican. (Not all Republicans are Re-thug-licans.) I found the below website while browsing the internet. Is it legit? Don’t know. I skimmed the site and saw a few things that caused me to assume the site is “bootleg” Anyway…. _____________________________________________________________________ A good Republican. I like Congresswoman Jean Schmidt. I do. I haven’t followed (too much) the latest controversy in which she allegedly questions if President Obama is an American citizen. I’m a constituent in Schmidt’s district. I’ve contacted her office regarding a few issues that I needed assistance with, and got the assistance. Having seen Congresswoman Schmidt around and about town, the last occasion being a Joe Deters protest, I recognize that she tends to agree with folks for agreement sake. I have her on video at the Kevin Dewine fundraiser dinner. In the video I approach her and give her my spiel about Dirty Deeds Deters. She takes my hand, pats it and shakes her head up and down, as I ramble on. Is she agreeing with me? Don’t know. I don’t take it as her agreeing with me, but placating me. Jean’s a Placater. Is that a word? My advice to Congresswoman Schmidt -- you can’t placate everyone. Be careful who you placate. It appears that a great many of these people that show up at town hall meetings aren’t the most sane individuals. _____________________________________________________________________ Teen admits guilt. Is this the same teen (won‘t use name to protect his privacy) that assumed that when one waives their rights, someone waves at you. Lord have mercy on this teen. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” MLK Yes my heart goes out to the victim/s that was hit with the rock. I sent a prayer up for her. But I also pray for this teen who is the victim of the just-us system. ____________________________________________________________________ I also sent a prayer up for the newborn who was shot in the leg and in his “pair” in OTR a few days ago. Wow! I keep my tissue out. ___________________________________________________________________ A prayer for the family of the young teen that was stabbed in the back. My God, what is this world coming too? __________________________________________________________________ Happy Weekend Readers.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

Anyone remember our Citizens Against Joe Deters Halloween protest last year?
Coming again soon!

Driehaus jumps off President Obama’s coat tail on health care reform(UPDATE)

Driehaus Dog and Pony show around town. I will never forget the way Congressman Driehaus introduced himself to the Cincinnati Black community. It was with a jingle on Black radio. The jingle Dreeeehaaaaaaaaus, was a play on that famous song Brick house, by the Commodores. The song expresses the singers fascination at watching a woman who has a fab body. Driehaus’ jingle on the other hand--I’m not sure what purpose it served other than a lousy attempt to pander to black people. Many people, including myself, called into the radio station and expressed our disgust with the tacky political jingle commercial. Driehaus response to our complaints-- was to make us aware that a black guy working on his campaign came up with the idea. And? ____________________________________________________________________ There was some discourse in the community when some (a good many) black folks decided not to vote for Driehaus because of his stance on issues related to our communities. Still, Driehaus showed up at our churches and our parades. He kissed our babies and his “purple t-shirt staff--the black guys” were always present with him. (Don’t lie Bro. Powell you know you wore that purple t-shirt everywhere.) __________________________________________________________________ Driehaus is a likable guy who “dissed” Hamilton County persecutor Joe Deters. Dissing Deters earns a politician 20 brownie points in some of our political score books. (although I don’t vote in Driehaus’ district) . Also, one of his purple t-shirt guys warned me that Joe Deters was a dangerous man. But that’s a entirely different story. ___________________________________________________________________ Let me get back on topic. Back to Driehaus. He’s a likable guy. He's got that Charlie Winburn "it" factor. When he knocked off 14-year Republican veteran Steve Chabot. (By the way Chabot is a cranky SOB) in last years campaign race, many speculated, including the paper of record, that he rode President Obama’s coat tail. ___________________________________________________________________ Road the coat tail than hopped off. Driehaus is speaking at town hall meetings and stating that he’s does not support President Obama’s public option which is health care reform. Yet he sung a different tune to black folks last year, when he told every black person that would listen that he whole heartedly supported President Obama. Yet it's discouraging to some that Driehaus doesn't 100% support Presdient Obama on the health care issue. ___________________________________________________________________ If Driehaus has a problem with President Obama’s health care plan than he should do like President Obama suggested--come up with a better solution. He has not. Driehaus should also discuss the issue with President Obama behind closed doors. ____________________________________________________________________ A paragraph to Driehaus-- Soon you will reappear on Black radio. You'll be back at our churches and our meetings, and some of us will call you out on a variety of your campaign promises that you have yet to keep. (foreclosure, help eliminate sentence disparity) We will not forget. Black folks will Rememba next Novemba. Update: I heard from Congressman's Driehaus office. A man name John called me to clarify Congressman Driehaus position. He stated that the two versions of the bill on Driehaus' website (one is over one thousand pages and the other is 35 pages) are old versions of the bill. He stated that currently the bill is being re-written (watered down????) and that when that one is completed Driehaus would once again take a position on the bill. I appreciate Congressman Driehaus' office promptly returning my phone call. I called them last night, they called be back 1st thing this morning. ____________________________________________________________________ Check out the link below.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Celeste Thomas high on weed when she was Tased?

Hey I didn't say it. I heard a caller on black radio state that he believes that it's possible that Ms. Thomas was high on weed. And also that Officer Tase-her was high on weed. Anyway, I dont' know what it is about Sundays (maybe listening to the Nathan Ive radio show) that my brain waves go into overdrive. I become sad and frustrated about so many things in the just-us system. Heeeeeeeeey, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." MLK-- Joe Deters is the injustice in this town. He hasn't said a word about prosecuting Officer Tase-her. His silence sends a message to the black community that we don't matter. We matter. I'm really angry at Councilmember Thomas. He's a likable guy, a decent politician. I hate to write bad things about people. Especially men of color, because they get enough flack in this world. But I don't think Cecil has a pair. I don't. Hey Cecil, call Joe and take care of that whydon't ya?!

Please note the date of this post.  It was written a long time ago.  People change. People evolve.  I have.  Cecil has.  He's  great asset to the community. 

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Widmer style of Justice (Joe Deters style)

I know that's right. I too want that Widmer style of justice for my beloved son. You get convicted. You are convicted. You get convicted. You are convicted. Your family throws a fundraiser on your behalf (Go family!). Your defense team makes lemons out of lemonade (jurors practiced drowning techniques) and your behind walks free with "dusty" jeans on. Wow. For the record back when Widmer's court proceedings were taking place, I questioned if he was really guilty. I have since concluded that he is more guilty than not. If that's possible. Question-- How can one get convicted of a crime, than get a retrial based on jurors misconduct? For instance even if they practiced how long it takes one to dry off, what does that have to do with his guilt or innocence? And Widmers' mom. What a lady! She's only doing what any parent would do and that is to love your boy unconditionally. Even if he's wrong. You may not love what he has done. You certainly don't condone the act. But you love him unconditionally!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Blood Money from Joe Deters for council candidate

I hate to read the Enqui-liar because every since that one reporter Sharon Coolidge lied on me, and her boss screamed at me, “Ma’am you’re son robbed a bank.” which had nothing to do with her lying on me, I’ve been pissed at that paper and everybody over there. Still, I must admit the online version of that paper, at times, not always, provides me with news I can use. Today on one of the reporter’s blogs he provides a link that provided me with answers as to who is giving what amount to council candidates. Oh boy. First up, is a candidate that I like a lot. He’s honest, as much as I can tell, he’s compassionate, and he’s the hardest working candidate out there. He’s everywhere. Run Charlie Run. Charlie Winburn is the man. Except, and it’s a doozy, he received a campaign contribution from Joe Deters. Ouch. Winburn did admit to me, casually and quickly, that Joe Deters is a friend. He said, "Joe’s a friend." That was the extent of our conversation. Joe’s a friend. Wow. Ouch. How can any black person utter those words? Ouch. Still Charlie Winburn, I believe, is a man of integrity, and I’m going to leave that one alone. Ouch. Also on Mr. Winburn’s list of contributors is Mike Allen. Mike Allen is an outstanding individual. He is. Mike Allen has made mistakes, who hasn’t? And he has spoken recklessly about a Few Good Men, but one thing about Allen, and this makes all the difference in the world, he apologizes when he’s wrong, sometimes. It takes a heck of a man to apologize for his “hump” days and for making reckless comments against strong black leadership in Cincinnati. Deters on the other hand will never apologize for his crude treatment of black people in Cincinnati. For God’s sakes he calls black people animals. He will never apologize for his “hump” days. Charlie Winburn is a fine American. I mean that. It’s what I believe. I’m not trying to “out” him by posting public information. My deceased grandmother, my Grandmabea, had a saying and that is that-- what one does in the dark will come out in the light. Thus I am providing the link, for all to see, for anyone who cares to see. Don’t judge. Instead, be informed. There are some other interesting finds on that website. Too many to list here. On another note. Where is LaMarque Ward’s name on the candidate list? Show some love (give a donation) to Ms. Anitra Brockman. She’s an awesome person that I’ve seen out and about in the community. Show some love to Brockman for council. That means give her some money. Peace.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Bloggers, City Hall, Cecil Thomas Attorney Stan Chesley etc...

Happy Thursday Blog readers: There's a lot I want to touch on. Sorry I don't have time to write a long post now. But I will post *longer-post-later* today. I saw Stan Chesley at City Hall yesterday. He was very nasty. Granted I gave him a message to give to his boy Joe Deters. More about him later today. And Kathy Harrell (Or is it Farrell- FOP lady). How dare she look Councilmember Cecil Thomas in the face and state that she was thankful for his support (something like that). This is the same woman that stated that she would fight for Officer Tase-her job (Never call him Officer Plummer). How dare she speak to the Mayor in that man-ish tone. Does she have a pair? Does Cecil have a pair? Blah, blah, blah, blah

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Like Charlie Winburn,…but

It’s unanimous, CAJD really likes Charlie Winburn. I’ve wrote about him on this blog before and he really has the it-factor. The it-factor is what politicians need if they want to be elected or stay in office. But what’s up with this? THIS (see below) was posted on the Hamilton county republican website headed up by Alex M. Triantafillou (pronounced Tryingtofoolya) Monday, 8/31 -- Winburn fundraiser featuring Rob Portman at home of Joe and Barb Trauth. Winburn once told me it’s not about black or white, repub or democrat, it’s about Green….OK Winburn, don’t forget us when you get back on council and get them green SBE dollars. Because if you forget us, we will remember your @SS! (you’ll I’m really trying to stop writing curse words on this blog) ____________________________________________________________________________________ I was on the radio today with Cincinnati’s best loved Republican clown, Bill Cunningham. I actually used my real name, but I didn’t use my real hood. I used the hood I grew up in (Avondale). Before I called in to the Uncle Bill show, Bill Cunningham was once again harassing the mayor, playing on the mayor’s phone. He called the mayor’s office and of course the mayor was unavailable. Why would he ever be available for a clown? I debated Bill about the police and the pending layoffs. I asked him why the police won’t take a 2% pay cut across the board. I asked him why they won’t take a 6 day furlough. His answer was, “I don’t know.” I asked him why the police can’t get rid of their horses. His answer was, “I like horses.” Yep, a jack ass would like horses. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Before my call Bill spoke with the lady that’s the head of the FOP. And she’s full of shit. I almost asked Bill to set-up a fight between her and I. But than I saw what happened to Eric Deters in that cage fight against a police office and I‘m scared to fight a cop. I’m a big girl, but that cop is a little bigger than me and she looks like she’d give a man a good fight. I be damned if she’s kicking my ass. Anyway I heard her previously state that if Officer Tase-her (will never call him Officer Plummer) was fired, she would fight on behalf of the FOP to get his job back. Today, she stated that the FOP convention was coming to Cincinnati in 2013. Lord have mercy. Just what we need 5,000 Tase-hers roaming about our communities. Don’t get me wrong, I like cops. There’s some good cops in my neighborhood. I had to summon them once or twice and they’ve been summoned on me once or twice. But whenever they came they were awesome. I’ve also met a few prick cops, but mostly I meet professional, good cops. Speaking of prick cops at that lawyer (Eric Deters) cage fight with that cop, those cops were wild. They were cursing and swearing and acting like drunk idiots. Now mind you everybody is always going around saying cops are fine Americans, some are, but some are assholes. Yet society, pricks like Joe Deters, refer to men of color as animals. In defense of my men of color, my black men, I will say that you are fine Americans. You have to be. Some in society treat you like shit. They lump you under a tent with a few of the knuckleheads and that’s not fair. Yet, young white men (watch the fight of Eric Deters and that cop on You tube) act like pricks (some not all), and they are put on a pedestal. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Enough of my ramblings. Enough of my rants. I’m signing off. No editing on this blog, not too much anyway.