Friday, December 11, 2009

Lincoln Ware’s advice to me--Let it go!

Today 11 December Friday 2009 I called into 1230 am the Buzz--The Lincoln Ware talk show for the segment called Mad as Hell Friday. During that segment Lincoln allows callers to phone in and tell why they are mad as hell. People call in angry with everything from getting charged a late fee for late renewal of license plates, overtime wages paid to police officers, and unsolved homicides in the black community.

Today I called in because I'm mad that the Chief Legal Representative of Hamilton County, Joe Deters, has never been prosecuted for having sex with the prostitute in the car in Cleveland (allegedly). That’s when Lincoln Ware told me to let it go. Essentially he was telling me to release my frustration with the prosecutor, which I promised to do in my book. I did release. But I also suffer from relapses. Yes, like an addict it’s possible to relapse and have certain behaviors or feelings that you are trying to kick.

It’s hard to let go of my feelings of anger and frustration and pain. Not just about my son. But for all people that are over prosecuted, sentenced, convicted in the criminal just-us system. Mostly people of color. Black people. There is not one person in America that can read or see that will deny that there is flat out racism in the criminal justice systems. Facts support this.

There are those that will argue that Deters or any person isn’t responsible for young, black men who rob and kill each other. I agree. As a community advocate I work for solutions to that problem. However on this blog, mostly, I deal with issues of injustice in our criminal just-us system.


By the way Lincoln also commented to me that he was Mad As Hell that Deters now refused to come on his show, because he allowed me to come on his show. Had I been thinking, I would have asked Lincoln what it says about Deterss character in that he pouts like a bitch , refuses to have dialogue with the black community.  After all, I did not attack Deters when I came on Lincoln’s show.