Friday, September 18, 2009

City Beat this Joe Deters! You support the Death Penalty...

Welcome New readers:

The group Citizens Against Joe Deters along with the companion blog was created for a specific reason, our mission is simple--pressure Joe Deters to resign from his position as Hamilton County Prosecutor. Joe Deters is a dangerous prosecutor, the most dangerous prosecutor in the history of Hamilton County. Thus a good many post on this blog will focus on our mission. One can find out more about our mission in the About Me section of this blog, and from reading blog archives. However, some blog post will cover various topics including, but not unlimited to: unfair treatment of minorities and poor people in the just-us system, local politics, current topics in the news, entertainment and fun, and other topics.
We advertised this blog so that we can spread our message to a wide range of individuals. We thank City Beat for their courage in allowing us to advertise this blog in their newspaper. We contacted a billboard company to advertise our blog. They declined to let us advertise. The reason: They are not willing to risk their relationship with City Government aka Joe Deters. City Beat may not agree with most, or any, postings on this blog. But at least they respect our opinions to write whatever we please.
This blog does it’s best not to subscribe to labels. However, the viewpoints on this blog more likely than not, are more liberal than not. Our definition of a person that has a viewpoint that leans more to the left is that they are open-minded. Nothing is etched in stoned. We are willing to consider all things, all people (black, white, Hispanic, gay, straight, poor, rich, etc) on a case-by-case basis.
We try to use reason when forming an opinion on all subject matters.
Citizens Against Joe Deters the group and this companion blog was founded by me, FBK. I write most of the post on this blog. The biggest support for CAJD comes from family members and friends. We don’t have a formal membership. We consider many people informal members. Informal members usually send us a tip, give advice, or some type of support through our email or snail mail, or other anonymous forms of communication. Some informal members have showed up at our various protest around town against Joe Deters.

Next Joe-must-go protest Oct 30, 2009 at 12 noon in front of Joe’s Deters office. More details will be forthcoming.

Welcome to our blog. Become a friend of this blog. Please take the time to acquaint yourself with this blog. Check back on this blog often. There’s a local political race heating up in this town and we will give you an earful.
Best, Humbly, Unapologetically