Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jane Prendergasts' Fat Ass-- and the 21 council candidates

Hey Jane it takes one to know one. But considering that you write such negative stories, and considering that your tiny little black shoes can't sustain the weight of your fat ass in those black capri pants, I think it's OK to have a little fun at your expense. Hey, mostly everthing you write is negative.

I attended the 21 council candidate forum tonight at the Cintas center. I'm really too tired to write a blog post, but I must.

The Good, the Bad, and the Terrible

My observations are based solely on what went on at tonight's meeting.  Awards go to the following people.

Lazy award - It's a tie between Jeff Berding and Brad Wenstrup.  Berding read from a paper and Wenstrup attitude was so ho-hum. Do you want to be mayor or what Wenstrup? In fairness to Berding, he stated that he was sick. Yep, sick cause the Dems threw him out on his ass.  Noooooo, he really looked sick.

Sweet award - It's a tie between  Greg Harris and Anitra Brockman. Anitra Brockman is an awesome person. She actually has a great idea to form a youth city council. I'm confident that when she gets on coucil her honesty, experience as a single mother, and as a college professor, will make her a refreshing candidate. However, on that panel amongst the sharks, Brockman and Harris,  we're sweeter than cotton candy.

Best Person who "brought it" it award  - goes to Winburn.  Charlie. First name Charlie. Last name Winburn.  Say his name. Say his name. Charlie will get back on council. Especially since he "checked" Cecil last night.

Best idea award - goes to LarMarque Ward for his fresh ideas on how to work with the youth. He not only wants to retain young professionals in Cincinanti, he wants to grow young people into young professionals.   What a man, what a man,what a man. Strong black man.

Best Streetcar  award -  Cecil (removed)

Best video award/best dressed award - Quinlivan. Or Laurie as Qualls refers to her.   If she When she gets on council she stated that she wouldn't rely on what she is told from the city manager's office, instead she would investigate and fact check everything. Must be the former reporter in her.  Considering that she followed the mayor to China and Portland, and appeared to be his biggest supporter at the forum last night, I also have to give her the best award for riding the Mayor's coat tail.  She's on the mayor's coat tail and Driehaus is on Obama's.  Remember people, coat tails can only take you so far.

Best suprise of the night award-  Cole. She brought it. She gets a bad rap from the extreme  lunatic righters that accuse her of having the inability to speak, yet she spoke great last night.  She told the audience to ask not what your council can do for you, ask what you can do for your city. This response came after a question on one of the forum cards from the audience.  She also gave a list of specific things that she is doing to help her constituents.  On a side note:  She's got great legs. They look really strong. Like should could easily kick Leslie Ghiz's ass. 

Best I'm here, let me soar award - Goes to Flynn.  Can't remember his first name. He came up with a great plan--Make the city manager do his damn job. His words not mine. He had a lot of other great stuff to say as well.  Kudos to him for working strongly with his neighborhood coucil.

Best speaking voice award - Nicolas Hollan. Boy can he speak. At first his speaking  appeared over the top, but I got used to it, you could really hear the passion in his voice.  He's got some fantastic
ideas about how to help ex-offenders help themselves. He could be a great motivational speaker. Maybe he's full of shit, but he rocked on stage last night.
choo-choo train route.
Best Funny award-  Chris Bortz. Bortz  is a damn fool. He had the audience in stitches.

 Best "worst" idea award - Chris Monzel. Monzel suggested that privitazing the jail might eliminate jail overcrowding. It appears Monzel wants to put people back in slavery.  The only thing worst than priviatizing a jail, is privatizing our water.  Are you fucking kidding me Monzel? Can anybody say Joe Deters?

Best Little Miss perfect award-  Amy Murray.  She's too damn perfect. Little Miss Hyde Park perfect. Still, she was pretty good.

Best "vision" award-  goes to Bernadette Watson. Although she dodged the tea partier question,  her vision for the city appears that it will take the city far.  Go B, Go B, Go B.

Best polite award - goes to Ms. Qualls. She was so damn polite.  Despite her actions of lately (people should'nt petition their Government), I've always been a huge fan of Qualls.  She does not appear to play politics, she's the real thing.

Best tea partier award-  Mr. Zamarchy(spelling) - It's good to hear that he supports the arts (Know theatre) and the Tea party.  Glad to hear he likes a lot of drama.  Even though he was quite tame on stage.

Best denoucemnet of the tea party award - Goes to Mr. Young. Wendall. Nothing like a big black man, who ain't afraid to denouce something.

Best tacky award - Ghiz.  She wore that nice green suit again tonight. It was cute the 1st time she wore it.  More police, more police, more police. Geez Ghiz is anybody else important?

Best charismatic award - Mayor Mallory. He told the audience that they can't believe everything that they read in the paper.  He was totally charming. Totally funny.  YES on issue 9!

Best reformed award - Tony Fischer. Every since he rode Berding's coat tail into hot water with the Dem party, and begged harder than James Brown not to  be thrown out of the party, he's been tame. He gave safe, nice answers last night. Wonder does he still want to close our health centers and pools?

Best persecutor award - Joe Deters. Joe does not like black people. He humps whores (allegedly) and the list goes on....

If I've forgotten any candidate, charge it to my mind and not my heart.