Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Proud Mama (Cousin) University of Toledo Graduate

****pictures have been removed July 26, 2013***
December 19, 2009.

Above is a picture of AB's older cousin and best friend. He's 23, one year older.
In fact he's the reason that AB went to the University of Toledo.

Shawn graduated on Saturday December 19th with two Bachelor degrees.

I was glad to attend the graduation and certainly it was bitter-sweet.  I wish my grandmother, my beloved Grandmother could have attended (although she watched from heaven), and I wish AB was there with him graduating.

I'm so damn proud of my cousin.  You won't read about him on the evening news.  Young and black, handsome and talented.

Kudo's Shawn.  What's next?  He's possibly starting an internship with a local sports team (one degree is in marketing), if that does not work out he's considering grad school in Seattle.  Yep, rainy Seattle.  Or, and I hope this never becomes his option--joining the army!