Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mayoral candidate John Cranley calls for blacks to be cooks... Frisch's or Golden Corral.

He said it on a radio program today.  I remember when John Cranley was on City council. I would watch him twirl his hair during council meetings and repeatedly check his phone.  Cranley also refused to tax stock options. 

That was then. 

John Cranley has many things he wants to do for the city.  But the overall theme that I have heard him propose to the black community  is fighting the streetcar and fighting the privatizing of parking and other things that don't mean a hill of beans to black people.

We want to know where are the jobs, how can you help our neighborhoods  and how can we reform the criminal justice system.

Talk to us John.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Alex Triantafilou/COAST - Tell the truth!

update: not going to direct traffic to the COAST blog, but if you want you can find the propaganda on the internet - Coast members offer up their support for their beloved member Christopher Smitherman.

Moving on -

Below are comments from the article that ran in today's paper regarding the Cincinnati NAACP.  Triantafilou the chief agitator and disrupter, wasting millions of tax payer dollars,  in the Tracie Hunter case posted the below comments in support of his new BLACK GOP supporter Councilman and NAACP President Christopher Smitherman.

What Triantafilou fails to mention in his comments is  that the GOP, him being at the head of the shameless purchase, bought thousands of dollars in NAACP memberships.

Not one of the people that bought memberships to help Smitherman win, showed up at last night's meeting.  Want to know why?  News flash: They only joined to help Smitherman win.

Read Triantafilou's bloated comments below

Alex Triantafilou · Top Commenter ·   Chairman Hamilton County Republican Party 

This attack by Mr. Smitherman's opponents is ridiculous. Can it be said that these forces in the NAACP who oppose him do not honor the results of their very own election? Wasn't Mr. Smitherman properly ELECTED in a democratic process? He was. He won, fair and square. However, those forces who lost at the ballot box (where voters had to show a photo identification, ironically) now want to undermine the results of a validly held election. This fundamentally undermines the very cause of civil rights that this historic institution has fought so hard to defend. Mr. Smitherman has fought for civil rights in our community with great vigor and effectiveness. I've admired his stance on issues of fiscal responsibility and he is a nearly-lone voice for fiscal sanity on a City Council desperately needing a dose of that sanity. I've also occasionally disagreed with him on many political issues along the way, but I recognize that he wants a fully independent NAACP that is not just one more arm of the Democratic Party. It will be interesting to see if the national NAACP honors the results of this local election or if they will act to undermine the will of the voters. As a member of the local NAACP, I'll be watching with interest.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Drum Major for justice - Everette Howard

Below is the press release that I wrote and sent to news outlets on behalf of the Everette Howard family. We stood with the family at the protest. We made signs, we let our voices be heard. 

If you call me an agitator - also mention that I am a drum major for justice.  Every movement  needs people to shake the status quo.  We protested and we shined the flashlight on this tragedy. Tears flowing from my eyes.
NOTHING can bring Everette back but a settlement and changes means that he did not die in vein. Tears.
Without this blog, my voice would the flashlight be on the Cincinnati NAACP? Would there be a Cincinnati NAN chapter?  Somebody had to speak up? Did you?   Yep, I'm a drum major-- call me what you want because ACTION speaks louder than words.
Press Release
Family of teen who was tased to death on the campus of University of Cincinnati will hold three protest on Monday .

Everette Howard was a North College Hill graduate, was in a summer program on the University of Cincinnati’s campus to prepare for his first year of college.

Protest will take place at 10 am in each location: Date June 18, 2012

Hamilton County Coroner’s office 3159 Eden Ave Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

Hamilton County Prosecutor’s office (Joe Deters) 230 E. Ninth Street, Downtown 45202

University of Cincinnati 51 W. Corey 45219

Show your support, bring pictures in remember of Everette, and make signs