Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! My visit with beloved Drew!

Hi Blog readers!

Had to remove last two post. Gosh. What was I thinking?  I promise to blog better in the New Year.  Every now and again a post will be "raw'" but mostly I want to write  meaniful post that  push CAJD closer to the goal of getting the prosectuor to resign.

Just came from seeing beloved Drew. Yep that's how I started off my NY's eve.  I visited Andrew along with his Dad and my cousin TNT.  22 years and I'm still hanging strong with Andrew's papa.  We absolutely love that boy. Andrew should not be in prison!  He's got two fking loving parents.  Darn it.

I'm not going to any fancy parties tonight. I actually think I'm going to pop my head at my church for the breakfast and the service of course.  I love being in church on NY.

Finally, Happy New Year folks. Don't do anything that I wouldn't do....and that means you're free to do whatever you like.