Monday, May 10, 2010

Tim Burke - Lincoln Ware - Joe Deters: Who can Cincinnati's Black community really trust?

Tim Burke - Lincoln Ware - Joe Deters: Who can Cincinnati's Black community really trust?

Who will ever forget that a couple of elections back Tim Burke, the Chair of the Democratic Party, cut a deal with the republicans not to run democratic candidates against currently elected republican judges, the sheriff, and the county prosecutor- JOE DETERS. The black community, not just FBK's beloved son, continues to suffer from Deters double standard style of prosecution: over-prosecution, high bonds, and death sentences  for blacks AND  under-prosecution, or no prosecution for others.  It appears Tim Burke would rather see a candidate from another party in office, than a candidate that he did not endorse.

When I voted in the May 4th, 2010 primary - I voted with the Democratic ticket. There were some candidates on the ticket that I did NOT vote for. When I vote in November I will do so on a case by case basis. I will not vote the  Dem ticket across the board. Others should vote on a case by cases basis as well.

Now comes the case of Lincoln Ware. Lincoln Ware has been a good friend to Cincinnati's Black community. More often than not. I, for one, appreciate how he allowed me on his radio and TV show to share my book, with his audience. After Lincoln allowed me to come on his show, the black people's persecutor,  swore that he'd l never again go on Lincoln's show again.

Now comes a case of the Hamilton County Democratic party leaving a particular candidate off the ballot. Lincoln Ware deserves some credit (most credit should go to the ones who posted on facebook, texted, and volunteered)  for making the community aware of this fact. When a certain blogger called a certain radio host and requested that he let a certain candidate on his show, he excitedly agreed.

Go Lincoln!