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LaSalle shooting and look how Enquirer treats our kids

Kimball Perry (a racist reporter) is friends with Joe Deters (a racist prosecutor). Together they conspired and put this story in the rag about three African American teens.

LaSalle Student shot.   

Senior Justin Brown died after being shot in a drug deal gone bad.  It is reported that Justin Brown and three accomplices (also LaSalle students) were trying to use fake money to buy drugs.  When the dealer Dierres Lee discovered that he had been given fake money, he allegedly shot into the car killing Brown.

This is a 5 way tragedy.  Justin Brown is dead (R.I.P/Our hearts bleed for him).  His friends,  if Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters wasn't biased, could be charged with felony murder for causing Brown's death.  They didn't pull the trigger;  however  their friend was killed during the commission of their crime. They bought drugs and used counterfeit money to purchase the drugs.

Dierres Lee who probably lost the audacity to hope a long time ago, will never see the light of day- 19 years old and his life is over.  That's a tragedy. And that's what happens when you allegedly   use a gun to kill someone.   Our heart bleeds for this young man because he is the hate that hate (racism/racist ) produced.  People like Deters write him off at birth.

Solutions anyone?  Consider this?

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L.G. Tracy L.G. Gragston, Jr. has loved Smitherman for a decade

UPDATE: Tracy LG is NO LONGER AT THOMAS COOLEY LAW SCHOOL - WONDER WHY???  Letter sent?????? Tracy Lawrence Gragston, Jr.  has been riding Smitherman's nuts for nearly a decade.  While Smitherman never post on blogs or tweets he has his flunky L.G. to do the work.  L.G.  has never had a brain of his own - like the scarecrow. He's such a flunky. If any of you have read my book you will discover that L.G. posted some information that I revealed 13 years ago.  What a flunky. If you need to locate Tracy look up Smitherman's butt.  
Read all about it here.    IF LINK DOES NOT WORK - SEE BELOW, WELL WORTH THE RE-POST written by Cincinnati Black  Blog.


This blog entry was originally published on 09/22/2007. New text is in red. Some text has been struck through. Click here to read the first version or to leave a comment.]
I warned Tracy Lawrence Gragston, Jr. (aka L.G.), to leave me alone and go fuck with someone down on his level. Stupid punk didn't listen. Boy was too dumb to walk away and leave me alone. Didn't have the good sense to mind his own business. For someone who professes a belief in Christianity, he always has tons of negative shit spewing from his mouth. I don't see God or Christ in him or his actions; I see the Devil!

Those of you who read this blog regularly already know that just as Gladys Knight had the Pips, Christopher Smitherman (General Sillyman) has the Smart-mouthed Little Punks. L.G. is Sillyman's chief flunkie, sockpuppet, and designated Minister of Misinformation.

Why, you might ask, is L.G. so fixated on you, Nate? Good question. For one thing, he is jealous of me. He also resents me for refusing to bow down to his boy General Sillyman or Alicia Reece -- the person they supported for Mayor of Cincinnati. There's more involved too, but that's basically it. I helped stop Reece from becoming mayor and I helped push the national NAACP to enforce their rule which prohibited Sillyman from running for Council without taking a leave from his position as president of the Cincinnati NAACP.

For several years now, L.G. and Sillyman have tried to intimidate me. They want me to be quiet and go away. Out of desperation, they've taken to attacking me on public websites/blogs and on WDBZ radio.

Since L.G. wouldn't leave me alone, I'm now forced to tell him the same thing the character played by Della Reese told the character played by Eddie Murphy during their fight scene in the movie "Harlem Nights."

...you done insulted me, and I GOT TO KICK YO ASS RIGHT NOW. And afterwards, I don't want no hard feelings either ... You gonna have to learn to respect me ... NOW I GOTTA CUT YA."

This may hurt a little bit L.G., but you brought it on yourself.

To get to know a person, it sometimes (not always) helps to know a little about their parents and their upbringing.

It looks like L.G.'s father, Tracy Gragston, Sr. works for the Cincinnati Enquirer. (Yeah, all that shit talking by Sillyman and L.G. and L.G.'s pop is on the Enquirer's payroll.)

As far as I can tell, his mom, Deborah Gragston (sometimes spelled Debra Gragston) is unemployed. According to this, Debra Gragston "returned to school to complete a degree." She wasn't always unemployed. She used to be a cop and was employed by the Cincinnati Police Department. The city fired her in 2004 (anybody remember where Smitherman was in 2004) after she was convicted by Hamilton County Common Pleas Court judge David P. Davis of assaulting another cop. (source)

This is from the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Policewoman gets probation for assault

A Cincinnati police officer was sentenced to four years' probation Friday for assaulting her supervisor.

Deborah Gragston, 39, was convicted last month in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court. Prosecutors say she was off-duty when a police officer stopped her in November for failing to control her vehicle.

When she was taken to the North College Hill police station, prosecutors say police there called Ms. Gragston's supervisor.
After he arrived, she grabbed him, struck him in the neck, kicked him in the leg and cursed him.

Judge David Davis sentenced her to four years' probation, 200 hours community service and a counseling program.
Yes, you read the story correctly. L.G.'s mother reportedly attacked her supervisor, who was a Cincinnati Police officer. She is bonkers!!!
This is just one of many things L.G.'s mother was charged with. In 1998, she was charged with Domestic Violence after she beat up L.G.'s daddy! (See what I mean about sometimes being able to find out about a person by looking at his parents. In this case, L.G. is a disgruntled punk and so is his daddy!!!) Mrs. Gragston has also been charged with Driving Under The Influence, Obstructing Official Business, and Disorderly Conduct. Having been charged with Domestic Violence, Assault, and Disorderly Conduct, it seems like L.G.'s mom is a pretty violent person. I bet she kicked L.G.'s ass pretty good when he was growing up. And I bet that's why he acts like a sissified bitch now.
Tracy Gragston, or L.G., was interviewed by the Cincinnati Enquirer for a story published in 2006 titled "Not all put the blame on city" Here's the relevant portion of the story:

Tracy Gragston, a 25-year-old from Pleasant Ridge, blames the government for the lack of opportunity for minorities. Yet Gragston hasn't moved out yet.

"Politically, this city is out of control," he said. "Our government has failed the citizens. They spend so much time bickering, they forget the people who elected them."
This boy has a maniac for a mother, a punk for a father, and he blames the government for all of his problems and the problems of other Black people. What a confused little wussie!

Since about 2001, L.G.'s parents have been trying to keep their house from being taken through foreclosure. One thing that has allowed them to stall so long is their filing bankruptcy in late 2004. (Don't forget, L.G.'s best buddy, Smitherman, is, to hear the SMLPs tell it, a rich financial planner.)

Why doesn't L.G. help his parents keep their home? Keep reading and you'll understand two things. First, L.G. has problems of his own. Second, L.G. has all of a sudden become an activist because he is looking to get paid off the backs of Black people just like another of Smitherman's close friends -- longtime crook and economic-empowerment-for-me-empty-pockets-for-you-niggas Jim Clingman. (Oh, I wish this could've waited until the jail tax debate was over with, but, again, L.G. couldn't stop pushing for this fight and now he has it.) [Update: L.G.'s parents lost their house. It was foreclosed on. (See, Case No. A-0308159.) Nobody helped L.G.'s parents -- not Sillyman, not Clingman, and not L.G. In fact, that damned fool L.G. was wasting time pestering me when he could've been helping his parents raise the money to save their home. Stupid motherfucker.]

L.G. is 27 28. Yes, by the standards of many of you, my faithful readers, he is just a kid. I'm sure you are thinking, "why don't you go easy on him." I have two answers.

First, I can remember being L.G.'s age and wanting to make a difference. I was full of energy (I still am) and didn't have time to listen to older guys who I thought should do more to address the issues I thought were important. One time I came up with this idea to challenge Tyrone Yates, Charlie Winburn, and Dwight Tillery -- all of whom
were on City Council at the time -- by flooding Avondale, Bond Hill, Roselawn and Evanston with bright pink flyers with their pictures and names on them. It was a large WANTED poster and I wanted the people to find Yates, Winburn and Tillery and give them some courage. I had help. We printed and hung up hundreds of those posters. We stapled them to telephone polls, plastered them to building walls, and handed them out to people who drove by or who were waiting on buses. The point was to call Yates, Winburn, and Tillery a bunch of sissies and move them to do more to stop the cops from killing Black people. Some people advised me to either leave those guys alone or find a way to work with them. They said, "you know they are going to hit back at you and when they do, it'll be hard." I was full of piss and vinegar and wouldn't listen... A few days later I showed up at Council (they knew I would be there because I worked a 3rd shift job and went to every Council meeting) and they had literally thousands of copies of a police report from a case that I had went to trial on and been found not guilty. (They didn't have that sheet.) Then, when they spoke, they ripped me to shreds right on the floor of Council and on CitiCable. I couldn't respond. That taught me a lesson that, in hindsight, I probably needed. And it actually made me appreciate all three men even more. In later years, every time I'd see Charlie Winburn (who I fought with for years even after that) he'd say, "young man I just wanna thank you guys for being so hard on me because Iron sharpens Iron and you've made me tough. After ya'll get done with me, I know I can take on anybody and beat em." So, my first reason for giving L.G. this whipping is to teach him a lesson for his own good.
The second reason I'm spanking L.G. is this: I've paid my dues and earned my respect. Hardly a day goes by that someone I've never met comes up to me in a grocery story or on a sidewalk or in a park and offers thanks for something I did for them or their family or the community. (This still happens nearly every day.) People think that because you put on a suit and wear a tie and conduct yourself in a respectful manner that you have lost your touch. They want to test you. Its like being a heavyweigh
you are the best and they want to be the best. (And if they can step in the ring and take your title, they deserve it.) What challengers forget sometimes though is this -- the champ doesn't become the champ without kicking some ass. Champs hit hard! (That's what I didn't take into consideration when I was going up against Tillery, Yates, and Winburn. Right now, in this city, I've risen to the level of a champ and I'll be damned if some punk-assed bitch like L.G. is going to keep picking at me without getting his face smashed in. People would think I wasn't fighting back because I don't have the stomach for fighting anymore. And that could lead to other chumps thinking they can take a shot at me. No. If L.G. doesn't have the good sense to voluntarily give me my respect, I'll just have to kick his ass and knock him out.
Let me get back to the story. To connect the dots, you'll need the following information.
L.G. has 3 younger sisters and brothers. One brother, Terence Allen Gragston (sometimes spelled Terrence Gragston), served in the U.S. Army. [Update 5/11/09: Terence is still in the Army.] He and his wife, Janee Marie Gragston, are fighting off a foreclosure of their home. [They lost their home too. (See Case No. A-0703791)]
L.G. married a girl named Porcha Renay McCoy on May 15, 2006. Porcha Gragston works for the Hamilton County Department of Jobs and Family Services. This is important and relevant because L.G.'s wife uses her access to government records -- including those records filed with what used to be called the Bureau of Unemployment Services -- to out people. In violation of federal and state laws against invasion of privacy, L.G's wife searches through the records of L.G.'s (and Smitherman's) enemies
and turns over anything she thinks is damaging to L.G. to use for political purposes. (These records, or the information contained therein, is sometimes then turned over to Smitherman who does the dirty work). (Don't be surprised if a lot of personal stuff on L.G.'s and Smitherman's declared enemy Sam Malone starts coming out.) L.G.'s wife is dumb to do this because accessing someone's records can be traced. Where is the Hamilton County Prosecutor, Joeseph T. Deters to step up, investigate, and prosecute when we need him? Why is he allowing this to go on!? Again, her name is Porcha Gragston. She might still use her maiden name, Porcha McCoy.
I've been given possibly conflicting information on L.G.'s employment. Some people say he is employed as an Intake Worker at the Hamilton County Juvenile Court. (This might explain why Smitherman spent a few weeks talking about Juvenile Court. He was getting fed information from L.G. and putting it out.) Other people tell me that L.G.'s tax returns list his employer as the Procter & Gamble company. (This would also make sense considering his connection to the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative.) Maybe he works two jobs. Or maybe he used to work for Juvenile Court and moved on. I really don't give a fuck. But, if I deem it necessary, I'll pursue the issue and find out. Otherwise, I'll continue living my life not worrying about this punk's source of income. L.G. has his wife Porcha driving a little bity Plymouth Neon. L.G. works for Juvenile Court.