Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm better than my last Post/Happy New Year

I would like to thank my Anonymous commenters for bringing to my attention that I was better than my last blog post. I am. Playing it forward into the New Year I still will continue to focus on injustices in the criminal justice system. And monitor the Top Prosecutor. Still I will be mindful of the material I post. I'm about solutions. Not adding to the problem. Thanks. Happy New Year!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Joe Deters is the worst Person of 2008!

As we play to forward into the New Year I can’t help but consider the worst local un-elected official of the Year. Hands down that “official” has got to be Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters. Let’s consider Dirty Deeds laundry list-- First he ran unopposed. Some elected officials that run unopposed make terrible public servants. Joe Deters is a terrible public servant. He has his role confused. Instead of acknowledging his role as public servant, he‘s taken the role of a Demigod. He makes reckless comments like referring to certain groups of people as unsalvageable, stating that certain neighborhoods are like Jurassic Park, and stating that he wishes he could put some in a cage and let them shoot themselves. Double-Standard Justice Deters - He chooses who he wants to Prosecute. Joe- the Prosecutor did not want to charge Jodi -the Mother. It seems he prefers not to charge WWW (White, Wealthy, and Well-connected). He writes editorials in the paper in support of these type of people. Yet he convicts others through public lynchings. Voter Suppression/Intimidation - He engaged in it. Then he took himself off the job and assigned another Prosecutor. Yet the damage was done. Joe knew this. He attached his face as being on the case. It was enough to send a message of intimidation to some voters. Thankfully it didn’t work. In fact it backfired. Joe helped turn a red county blue. Joe helped John McCain lose. He tried to SLAPP me - Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation ("SLAPP") is a lawsuit or a threat of lawsuit that is intended to intimidate and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition. Winning the lawsuit is not necessarily the intent of the person filing the SLAPP. The plaintiff's goals are accomplished if the defendant succumbs to fear, intimidation, mounting legal costs or simple exhaustion and abandons the criticism. A SLAPP may also intimidate others from participating in the debate. He discusses court cases at Parties--What the front door is up with that? Joe just can’t keep his mouth closed. Joe Must Go!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Andrew Kennedy is Guilty!

Andrew Kennedy is Guilty... guilty….guilty….guilty. Of something. My guess is that he was at the bar catching up on old times with his University of Cincinnati buddies, throwing back some cold ones, and reminiscing. It got late. Everybody was drunk and decided to hail a cab. So Andy Kennedy and his buddies, about 12 of them, thought they could all pile in the cab. But the cab driver wasn’t having it. Hell- to- the- nah. The cab driver wasn’t in the mood to have a bunch of drunk sports guys riding shot gun-illegally in his car. He told them no. Andy and his buddies got mad and let the alcohol speak on their behalf. They called the cabbie some bad names, that they really didn’t mean. Or maybe they did mean it. They might have even took a swipe at the cabbie. Dumb drunk behavior. Remember this is just me thinking out loud. I do not know the facts of this case. Anyway, somehow the police are called and Andrew and company are arrested because they are guilty of something. They have to be guilty of something because I doubt if the police would arrest WWW guys (Wealthy, White, and Well-connected), in Joe Deters town. No way! Not in Joe Deters town. So Andy Kennedy, whom I hear is a pretty good guy, although he came to town and did a really dumb thing (Allegedly) , is not going to be convicted. Why? Because in Joe Deters’ town it is darn near impossible for WWW citizens to get convicted. Kennedy will get off. He’s hired Mike Allen, the former Prosecutor, to defend him in a Joe Deters’ town. Still Deters’ rival will win. And Kennedy will return to the town that supports him. Not guilty! But he is guilty. Of Something. Now Kennedy is suing the cabbie…because that’s what some WWWcitizens do. And why not? If they can afford it. Who can blame them for attempting to buy freedom and save their reputation? Who wouldn't want to save their ass and their job? So Kennedy will get off even though he's guilty of something--perhaps. Signing off.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Top Prosecutor Wants 2nd Job

Joe Deters the Pay-to-Play politician wants a second job. Hasn't he done enough damage in his first job. Read the news story written by Enqui-liar reporter Kimball Perry. Below is a quote from the article... “Deters said he has contacted "four or five" local law firms to hire him to do non-criminal work that won't present a conflict of interest.” Questions: When has Joe Deters ever gave a rat's ass about conflict of interest? Isn't it best that "Criminal" criminal attorney (Joe-the-Prosecutor) stick to non-criminal work? Isn't Joe Deters finished in politics? Humbly, Citizens Against Joe Deters

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

HE MURDERED A KID...John Walsh's kid!

He murdered his kid. He decapitated him. Talk about missing child case becoming a worst case scenario. Some (or many) parents when they give birth to their child they hold them in their arms and they dream of what they will become, who they will marry, and what they will grow up to look like, and so many other things. When a parent goes to sleep at night, some pray that God will protect them and keep them. But really they are just going through the motion. They know bad things happen. But they don’t think it will happen to their kid. So their prayer, in a sense, is just like a touch base with God in case you need him, but you doubt that you do. John Walsh and his family needed God. God answered. God always answers. But his answer was no. No. God decided not to bring back the boy with the cute freckled face--alive. Still Walsh and family stood strong and out of a tragedy…something good came in the name of a show called America’s Most Wanted. John Walsh's answer from God might have been no. But others have gotten a yes from God- when those who have trespassed against them or their loved ones are brought to justice. And that killer Ottis Toole can now take his reserved space in the hottest part of Hell (along, with hopefully Joe Deters) Hell hath no fury like a parent whose child has been violated.

Monday, December 15, 2008

George W. Bush in the Shoe-light

I wonder if George W. Bush has ever sat on his daddy’s knee and cried. Or whispered to Santa while sitting on his lap--help me. I look at him and he appears to be cocky, stupid, and silly. An unwanted toy. A while back I heard a cable news show host state that President Bush “gets it in his gut.” He gets politics in his gut. Some Americans that I know don’t believe the President gets anything, period. Let alone gets something in his gut. Whatever one believes President Bush does or does not get, mostly everyone I know got a good laugh at the President’s agility, as he was able to dodge the shoe hurled at him this past weekend. If the shoe hurlers back story is true, I empathize with the man. Still, I found it highly disrespectful to toss a show at the President of the United States. The cable news show host stated that President Bush gets it in his gut--politics. I don’t get George W. Bush. I don’t get many Re-thug-licans. (Not all Republicans are thugs.) But I get understanding something to a point where it’s in your gut. To understand something deep down in your gut means that you believe you are extremely versed on a subject. You whole-heartedly believe that you are right about something. It means that you believe you have your facts correct (somewhat), but not necessarily your logic. Essentially gut feelings are guesses. The War and the Blood Shed. Some will argue that the weapon/s of mass destruction was oil. I don’t know what was traveling through the President’s gut when he gave the order to invade Iraq. But what I do know is that no matter how cocky-stupid-looney-looney tune-agile that George W. Bush appears to be, his heart has got to bleed for the family members and loved ones of dead soldiers, and innocent civilians. His heart has to bleed for the people who have lost body parts, and their sanity while serving in the Iraq war. One can’t help but consider the sanity of the shoe hurling guy, tossing the shoe at the most powerful man, in one of the most powerful countries. No matter how disliked GWB is…he is still America's President. The War and the Money. Certainly not as important as lives lost, but how much has been spent on this war? My God is anyone still counting? I wouldn’t blame GWB jr. if he sat on Daddys or Santa’s knee and cried. I wouldn’t blame him one bit. I don’t think any American would blame him, if when he crawled into his perfectly made bed in the White House, under his 100% cotton-made in American comforter, and he wept for what he’s done to this country…and the shoe hurler. Merry Christmas George W. Bush

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Going Once….Going Twice….Sold (Joe likes to Play too)

Going Once….going twice….Sold Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters has got to be on edge. Or at least he should be. His political aspirations/ career is over thanks to Gov. Rod Blagojevich trying to sell President Elect Barack Obama’s (from here on out known as PE BO, since it’s easier to type) vacant Senate seat. He didn’t just try to sell the seat he tried to bleepin' sell it. And he bleepin’ got caught. And Joe-the-Prosecutor is not happy. You see Joe’s got aspirations. Just a few years back he moved on up Weezy-Jefferson style to Columbus as Treasure of the State where he engaged in a little Pay-to-Play Politics. He had to resign in disgrace while two of his pals involved in the scheme went to jail. Joe-the-Prosecutor was able to mosey back to town with his tail between his legs. Here is where I’ll use some Alex Tryingtofoolya logic from his Hamilton County GOP blog. A blog entry on Wed December 10, 2008 titled--The first lie? questions if PE BO is telling the truth when he states that he did not speak with Blagojevich in regards to who he should appoint to his empty Senate seat. Now I will use a reasoning process similar to Tryingtofoolyas as it pertains to Deters. Question: Once you have moved on up from your Prosecutor’s job to become Treasure of the State, would you want to return to your old job? Of course not. That’s like back tracking. But hey a job as the top Prosecutor ain’t no bad gig. Especially if you can sit back on your behind, read the Art of War, intimidate your employees, and voters, and ordinary citizens who speak out against you. And the best part of the job has got to be holding press conferences where you can call young men of color bad names. But the really best part of his job has got to be walking around with a hard-on knowing that you took the job away from a guy who did the same thing as you (had sex with someone who wasn’t your wife-(ALLEGEDELY) only to lose his job and have you take it. Wow! Joe-the-Prosecutor has got some luck. Luck. That is until he tries to go for a bigger job in politics. Next time his hard-on won’t be covered by the GOP blanket. Voters are going to remember Joe-the-Prosecutor. And they are going to say isn’t that the guy who….and the list is going to be long. Real long. Joe-the-Prosecutor my pastor always says, “Be sure your sins will find you out.” Joe Deters be sure your sins will find you out. Old Satan got a spot for you in the hottest part of hell next to that hooker in that car in Cleveland.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bill Cunningham and Joe Deters-- BFF

Cincinnati’s Best-loved Republican clown Bill Cunningham and Hamilton County most hated Republican Prosecutor Joe Deters are BFF. (Best Friends Forever-- you may only get the joke if you're a teen and watch Hannah Montana) Two decades ago I actually listened to Bill Cunningham’s show every now and then. I don’t much remember what he talked about, but I remember him being funny, funny, funny. So funny that I use to patronize his sports- bar- restaurant, and eat hot wings, and hope that I’d run into the funny man. Two decades later I can’t imagine how anyone could listen to Cunningham’s radio show. He spews hate against every group of people (minorities, women, the disabled, the elderly, the poor) and he thinks it’s funny. Hate is not funny! More recently I heard Cincinnati best-loved Republican clown state that since Barack Obama is President elect there should never ever be another black man that underachieves. My question for Cunningham is this--What’s your excuse for underachieving? For purposely choosing to be an idiot? What may have started out as a radio shtick has become a venom on the airwaves. And what’s more disturbing is the company Cunningham keeps company with Joe-the-Prosecutor. I do not for a minute believe that some of Cunningham’s hatred of people who don’t look like him--wealthy, white, and well-connected (WWW) has not stuck to the membrane of Joe Deters. Clearly Deters works from those stereotypes when he convicts people of color in the media before they even go to trial. Joe Must Go! And take Bill Cunningham and his finger with you!

Friday, December 5, 2008

OJ's case Proves Criminal Justice System is Fair-- Joe Deters

Not! OJ Simpson is guilty. Damn he finally wrote a check that his black ass couldn’t cash. I feel sorry for OJ. What was he thinking?! And they got OJ on a technicality. He didn’t have the gun but he was with someone who did. I’m glad that when the judge sentenced him in Las Vegas she made it clear that her sentencing of the Juice had nothing to do with his past (lol). Actually her statement sounded true and sincere. It seemed clear in her sentencing of OJ, that she did not take into consideration that OJ was a two-timing, two-time murderer, of two white people. None of that mattered when she sentenced him to 100 years for an overblown robbery case, in which the Juice stated most sincerely, that he only wanted his precious memorabilia back. OJ’s words, “I thought I was confronting friends. I didn’t mean to hurt anybody.” Yeah, right OJ. Look on the bright side or the brighter side, you're eligible for parole after 8 years, some who have been convicted of a crime similiar to your crime are doing 20 years flat. Still, they should have given you a jury of your peers. I wish Hamilton County Judges would not hold a person’s past against them when sentencing the convicted. WWJD. What Would Joe Deters do? Joe-the-Prosecutor. Joe the DemiGod. He would be holding a press conference right now in which he would take full credit for locking the Juice up. Generally, Joe-the-Prosecutor appears to be unhappy when Wealthy, Well-connected, White (OK he’s not white) people go to jail. Well Juice I guess it’s true what my pastor always says, “Be sure your sins will find you out.” I can’t help but wonder what the late, GREAT, attorney Johnny Cochran would think about OJ finally going to jail. Johnny Cochran once said, “My goal in life is to comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comforted.” Yeah…Johnny that’s my goal too. RIP.
RIP (Johnny, Nicole, and Ron)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Criminal" Criminal Attorney (Heekin, DETERS, Coolidge)

Before I write what those 3 have in common. A news story reported today that Andrew Warrington dubbed "Hyde Park Brother Killer" was headed back to court as he has not been taking his meds. I wish him God speed because of all the things to be out of (luck, money, a job) being out of your mind has got to be the worst. I truly wish him well. Read the story here Now read below for what Heekin, Deters, and Coolidge have in common. THE TALE OF TWO ANDREW'S Andrew Butler. Andrew Warrington. What's in a name? What's in a last name? They say black slaves took on the last name of their slave masters. That seems plausible considering African-American Andrew's last name is Butler. Hey, that's slavery. On the other hand I wonder how Caucasian Andrew Warrington obtained his last name. The name Warrington sounds like old money. Like Carrington. Probably I watched too much 80's TV, voila, Dynasty. A brief background on both Andrews. From here on out the Andrews will be referred to as black or white. The black Andrew. The white Andrew. The black Andrew was nineteen years old preparing to start his 3rd year of college when he was dubbed "College Tuition Bank Robber" by the media and public because he robbed a bank for college tuition. Andrew was born with everything. Good heart. Good looks. Spirit of charity. Two caring, supportive, parents. Loving family and friends. The white Andrew was sixteen years old when he was dubbed "Hyde Park Teen Brother Killer" by the media and the public because he beat his brother to death with a baseball bat. It appears Andrew W. was born wealthy judging from the house he was living in at the time he murdered his brother. He is a nice looking kid, with two seemingly loving parents. Friends say he had a good heart and fun-loving spirit. When mother of the black Andrew learned he had been accused of robbing a bank for college tuition she had a panic attack and was taken to the hospital where she had to be sedated and consoled. Her ex-husband picked her up from the hospital. When mother of the white Andrew learned her son Andrew, beat his older brother to death with a baseball bat. She was shown on the news having what appeared to be a break down/panic attack. She looked sedated as she was being consoled by her ex-husband and police officers. Her ex-husband was seen escorting her away from the crime. The black Andrew's Dad and Mom hired "Criminal" Criminal attorney Thomas Heekin, Jr. The white Andrew's mom hired fellow attorney, and family friend, Thomas Heekin Jr. Same attorney. Different Toms. The black Andrew's family was contacted by nearly every credible and not so credible news outlet in America (and Germany and Tokoyo too!). When the black Andrew's family referred the media outlets to "Criminal" Criminal attorney Thomas Heekin Jr. he told the family he "didn't do press." In fact, he never stood next to the black Andrew in any court proceedings covered by the news. Secretly "Criminal" Criminal attorney told the black Andrew’s mom this about her son, “It was the strangest thing, the Reading police said your son was the nicest bank robber ever! Still “Criminal” Criminal attorney Thomas Heekin Jr. did not visit the black Andrew when he was hospitalized in the Justice center Psychiatric ward on a 3-day suicide hold. Nor did he attempt to obtain a mental evaluation from the court, despite the black Andrew being held for 20 days in the jails mental hospital. Same attorney different Toms. Highly esteemed and respected Attorney Thomas Heekin “does” press on Andrew Warrington’s behalf. Here’s what he told news reporter John London at WLWT-TV (channel 5) when he asked Heekin if the psychotic break came before or after the murder, "I'm not going to comment on that at this point. I think that's for doctors to decide. They're the ones who will have to articulate that. Well let them decide that at future hearings," "There have been no problems with Andrew at 20 20 whatsoever. He's been nothing but a well-behaved young man up there and the drawing was a drawing. So, I can't comment any further than that.” (note he's referring to the white Andrew's self portrait of himself holding a BIG gun). Heekin was able to get the white Andrew transferred from 20 20 detention center to Children's hospital psychiatric ward. Highly esteemed and respected attorney Heekin was photographed by a Cincinnati Enqui-liar photo reporter walking alongside the mother of white Andrew holding an umbrella to protect her from what appeared to be rain. Dirty Prosecutor Joe Deters tried the black Andrew in the media. Here’s what Deters told the media, “I don’t care if they can split the atom. I don’t care if they are Harvard graduates. I don’t care.” When Dirty Deters learned Andrew’s parents were invited on the Good Morning America show to discuss Andrew’s break down and depression over college financial woes, Deters flat out lynched the black Andrew. He convicted him in the public eyes before he ever went to court. The Honorable Prosecutor Joe Deters issued this brief statement regarding the white Andrew, "This case is a tragedy on many levels. It will be handled as we handle similar cases." Prosecutors want Andrew tried as an adult. That matter will be dealt with in juvenile court June 2, 2005." Notice the next quote states (plural) Prosecutors want the white Andrew prosecuted as an adult. It does not state that Prosecutor (singular Joe Deters) wants Andrew tried as an adult. No public lynching for the white Andrew. Same Prosecutor. Different Joes. When the magistrate asked the white Andrew if he had any questions about the court proceedings, he answered, "No, sir." When the judge asked the black Andrew if there was anything he wanted to say before his sentence he replied: "It was a lapse of judgment. It was completely out of character." Different Andrews. Different “no need to run for re-election” Republican judges. Liar, liar pen on fire reporter Sharon-the-mother Coolidge of the Cincinnati Enqui-liar wrote headline about the black Andrew. Bank robber had options: Mother said he threw it all away. Mother never said that! Coolidge asked the black Andrew’s mother to wear a scarf on hair (think head rags worn by slaves during slavery) for the picture of mother that would appear in the newspaper. Extremely honest and gifted reporter Sharon Coolidge wrote this headline about white Andrew: Brother’s killer insane, not guilty. Same reporter. Different Sharons.

These are the truths in Black and White.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Judge “Nasty” Nadel’s cruel and unusual punishment

This blog is solely dedicated to the wrongdoings of Joe-the-Prosecutor. But every now and again when I read a story about someone associated with Joe Deters, doing or saying something that tops the corrupt Joe Deters, I will spotlight that person. Today that person is Judge Nadel. In today’s (December 2, 2008) online paper of record (as SmitherMan says) was a story about a black father of 5 kids being ordered to stay away from his wife and children because he beat one of the children with a belt. The child didn’t die (In case anybody has forgotten Jodi Edward’s baby died) and the story didn’t state what the nature of the child’s injuries were. Now as punishment to the father Judge Nasty Nadel ordered the father to stay away from his family for 5 years. That’s cruel and unusual punishment. Certainly no one supports anyone who harms kids. But certainly Nadel’s sentence of the man was hypocritical in that he often (allegedly) shows disdain for absent black fathers, and especially absent black fathers who don’t discipline their kids. But this Father of 5, was raising his kids and he disciplined them. This case reminds me of back in slave times when I read about the “white master” separating the black father from the kids. For what it’s worth the black Dad, according to the paper had issues. The family had issues. Still separating a man from his kids solves nothing. Why not grant him supervised visitation rights? And how is Judge Nadel going to keep the man from his wife. Will the man be thrown in jail if he visits his wife? Shame on you Judge Nadel!

Joe Deters--You've Got Mail!

There it was in my mailbox. A handwritten envelope addressed to me with no return address. Right away I knew the envelope had something to do with Joe Deters. I knew it was hate mail. But I didn’t know if it was hate mail sent for me founder of Citizens Against Joe Deters, by a Joe Deter’s fan, or if it was hate mail against Joe Deters sent in support of CAJD. I rushed inside my house and opened the letter. Inside the envelope was a copy of an article written by that hate spewing reporter Kimball Perry at the Cincinnati Enqui-liar. In the article titled “Deters blasts officials on crime,“ There is no date on the article. In the article Perry interviews Deters. An exact quote from Deters in regards to young men of color, “If we could put (criminals) in a steel cage and let them shoot each other, that would be great.” In that same article it states that some Cincinnati Council members privately chastised Deters for shooting off his mouth (I’m paraphrasing). At the bottom of the article the sender wrote, "Joe Deters is bad news!" I couldn't agree more. There it was on my voicemail. A voicemail left for me from a lady stating that she didn’t know me, but that she knew someone who knew me, and they gave her my phone number. She sounded desperate and said something about she has more proof of Deters dirty court dealings. I’m looking forward to returning her call and getting the 411. Also, I’d like to recruit her for my Citizens Against Joe Deters army that I’m growing. Usually I get emails. I’m use to getting lot’s of emails in support of Citizens Against Joe Deters. People pour out there heart and soul to me as they tell me how they or someone in their family, has been royally screwed by Joe Deters. Citizens Against Joe Deters is working on a master plan to get Joe Deters to resign from his position as Joe-the-Prosecutor. (REST OF POST REMOVED)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Mary, Big Baby Jesus, and Joseph T. Deters

For certain Joe Deters is on my Christmas list. I want to get him something that he’ll remember. Here’s the top 11 presents that I’m considering getting him. 1. A membership to the Cincinnati chapter of the NAACP 2. Something Blue (maybe a blue tie since he’s partly responsible for flipping Hamilton County from red to blue. 3. A massage service that I’ll purchase from one of those City Beat ads. 4. A Jurassic Park toy figure--since he’s afraid to go into OTR because some parts remind him of Jurassic Park the movie. 5. Speaking of movies--I might get him a copy of that old school movie the Graduate starring Dustin Hoffman. You know the movie in which Dustin Hoffman is banging his mother-in-law. 6. A Greek Gyro since he is a DemiGod and is best buds with that Greek God Alex Tryingtofoolya. 7. A bandage wrap since he loves to go into car dealerships and throw hissy fits and bang on cars with his hand, and end up in the emergency room. 8. A bucket full of mail and perhaps flood his email….since everybody keeps sending me anonymous mail and emails as if I was Ms. Santa Claus, and could work a miracle and make Joe-the-Prosecutor go away. Folks keep the mail and emails coming…I’ll figure out a way to get Joey D to step down. 9. A copy of the Hospital and Asylum report starring Joe Deters. Folks you gotta Google the words Hospital, Asylum and Joe Deters. Big laughs for sure. 10. A radio in case Cincinnati has another storm and the power goes out. Wouldn’t want Joe to miss his favorite radio Program from Cincinnati’s Best loved Republican clown Bill C. 11. Finally a replica of Big, Baby, Jesus--the Dead Rap star also known as ODB (Old Dirty Bastard) This list is a work-in-progress. Please forward me suggestions as to what I should get Joseph T. Deters. Thanks. Happy Holidays. Happy Shopping.