Thursday, December 17, 2009

President Obama Chris Henry needed you!

Dear President Obama

Dear President Obama

From Washington I know that you can’t see Cincinnati. After all it’s not Russia. But we need you. I don’t think that my forthcoming request is silly, after all some people criticize whatever you do, and of course they’ll criticize you if you consider my “silly” request.

Chris Henry. Professional athlete. Father. Engaged to be married. He’d made some mistakes, haven’t we all? Memo to God. Why him?

Now that I’ve acknowledged that his actions led to his death which seems to be a prerequisite for some in America to show compassion for people that look like Chris Henry. Will you help him? Well, not Chris Henry, he’s dead. But those that look like him. Your forgotten base. You remember them, right? Baggy jeans. Saggy jeans. Clown sized un-official Barack Obama t-shirts. Juveniles that turned 18 in the youth jail that were allowed to vote for the very first time The ones that the Acorn volunteers registered. Adult ex-felons. Unemployed and can’t get a job even if some company, any company was hiring.

Damn. Why do young, black men have to go out like that? No sympathy points for them from people that think like our prosecutor. Never mind that the prosecutor types show sympathy for the white young men that drag race, on a mattress, and have fatal accidents. May they R.I.P with Chris Henry. Black, white, or other. Young and foolish.

My request to you Mr. President, being that you are the most powerful man in the United States, perhaps even the world, perhaps. Will you help those that need your help, perhaps the most? Young and black and foolish. When others are in need, we help them, you help them (foreign countries, wall street). Who is the black, young man’s daddy? Whose Wall street’s daddy? They get help and some never question if the source of their problems are self-inflicted.

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