Monday, November 23, 2009

Citizens Against Attorney Tom Heekin--Coke up nose?!

Deters has always wondered why CAJD never had a problem with Andrew's paid "criminal" criminal attorney.  We do. I do. Heekin admitted that he could have caught a couple of felonies back in college. Coke up the nose? 

Crimianl attorney has confessed his sins, some of them--He did not "represent" my beloved Drew as he should have.

Deters has never admitted that he pays for sex.  He does according to my sources. Why would a man pay for sex when they have a wife and a mother-in-law? 

And I know this isnt exactly what I should be blogging about.  Pain makes you blog about things you are not proud of.

Whore humpers and and druggies???

One of those days folks...meaninful post.