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10 Black men who we said Goodbye to in 2013

(If I've got something screwed up on this list - charge it to exhaustion and not my heart...Bye...Bye)

In 2013 we said goodbye to a Cincinnati legend, William L. Mallory, Sr. We also said goodbye, although not because of death to several prominent black men who left a legacy, a bad taste in our mouth, at least one we applauded because of his abrupt exit, and one couldn't leave his post fast enough.
The top man on this list is probably kicking down from heaven at my head after seeing who I put him on a list with, or maybe not because he was a loving and kind man who will be dearly missed.

William L. Mallory, Sr.    Departed this life December 2014
Mr. Mallory was a Cincinnati icon. Period. When people remember him, they will probably think three things.  He spent his career in politics. He loved his wife, children and raised each to pursue the path to success, and he loved the community.
In 1966, William Mallory was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives. He spent 28 years as an Ohio legislature. He was the first African American elected as Majority floor leader.
He rarely missed an opportunity to mentor, provide guidance, teach or share words of advice.
“I met Mr. Mallory for the very first time about a decade and a half ago at some fancy party hosted by Melody Sawyer Richardson. I was with my boss and I surveyed the party for someone who looked like me, not black, someone who didn’t look like they came from old money and there appeared a well dressed black man looking like new money. He came up to me and introduced himself. We laughed and talked the entire night as if we were old friends.  I remember my boss asking me two questions: Did I know the man I was talking to and did I know who he was.  My answer was no and no. You see this gentle man was so unassuming and down to earth. Later I found out who he was and met his lovely wife. Over the years I’d run into them on occasion and his wife always pinched my cheeks and they greeted me warmly….ahhh sweet memories.” FBK
R.I.P Dear sweet Mr. Mallory
Mayor Mark Mallory    left office December  2013
In 2005 Mark Mallory became Cincinnati’s 68th mayor and he was the first directly elected black mayor in 50 years that was not a council member. In 2013, Mayor Mallory said adios after serving two terms.
Perhaps he’ll be remembered for the success of the Banks project and Cincinnati being dubbed the “trendy” city. He is a well liked politician, always impeccably dressed and could throw a mean baseball, well maybe  not.
He cared deeply about the young people community. I had the pleasure of serving as part of Mayor Mallory’s Young Professional Kitchen cabinet.  Also, his yearly youth job fairs were a runaway success.

Milton Dohoney    left office December  2013
Milton Dohoney was hired as the City’s Top Administrator in 2006 by Mayor Mallory. His laid back, stay out of politics style made him a very successful and level-headed visionary who focused like a laser beam on economic development.  He put together the following deals (Dunnhumby, the Banks, Eurostampa, Grater’s Medpace, Omincare. Nielsen). Those projects created over 4,000 jobs for Cincinnatians. He was instrumental in bringing everybody’s favorite upscale soul food restaurant -  Mahogany’s to the Banks. And he brought us Chief Craig.

James Craig     left office May 2013
James Craig was the first chief in the Cincinnati Police Department’s 200-year history to be appointed from outside the city’s ranks.  He began his career in the Detroit Police Department in 1977. Since then, Craig has worked in the Portland, Maine, and Los Angeles police departments.  When Craig was appointed Cincinnati's top cop in 2011, it ruffled feathers because he was African American and an outsider. Many either loved or despised him.

He was instrumental in launching a Citizens on Patrol in Avondale, for which I am a proud member.
In May Craig to become police chief in his hometown of Detroit, where he began his career.
Director Will Carden     left December 2013
It took lifelong Cincinnatian and 27-year city employee, parks director, just a few days to say a big Whitney Houston, “hell-to-the-nah” to the city manager’s job.  It took less than a week for this black man to withdraw his name after Mayor John Cranley appointed him. Here’s what he said, “I ain’t nobody’s yes man and if that is what Cranley thinks, then he has me (curse word removed) up.  I’m a keep my black behind right where I’m at.  I ain’t getting into Smitherman or Cranley’s mess. I ain’t taking a beatin’ from those clowns down the dial.  They can’t pay me enough!”
Seriously, here’s the  official statement, "After consulting with my family, we have come to the personal, private decision that it is best for me to remain as the director of the Parks Department," Carden said in a statement. "John Cranley is going to be a great mayor and this is a difficult decision for me. But it’s simply about what is best for me and my family. As a personal matter, I would ask that you respect our family's privacy."
Cecil Thomas     left April 2013
Cincinnati city councilman, Cecil Thomas stepped down from council in April.   He was term limited, and first elected in 2005. Thomas is a likable guy, but some believe he was an ineffective council member.  Lately, he’s receiving a lot of well-deserved praise for his work as Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the National Action Network (GCCNAN) position as chair of political awareness.  In that position he has exposed the misuse of drug forfeiture funds by Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters and he keeps the spotlight on exposing the politicians and media assassin who are gunning for the Honorable Judge Tracie Hunter. His strong and effective leadership skills around the Hunter case are the reason many believe he will be elected to the Ohio Senate.

Dusty Baker    got the ax October 2013
Good ole’ Johnnie B. “Dusty” Baker came to Cincinnati at the end of 2007. He led the Reds to three playoff appearances in four years. But he never took the team to the World Series.  In 2013 the team won 90 games, but after the 6-2 defeat to Pittsburgh Mr. Dusty got the boot.  He’ll be missed.
Odis Jones   resigned  July 2013
You probably have never heard of this black man. I think I heard of  him once on the radio. He was director of Economic Development for the City of Cincinnati since 2012.  He left his position shortly after James Craig to take the CEO position with the Detroit Public Lighting Authority.
It is reported that Jones was popular with city council members and the development community.
Dr. Ronald Jackson    resigned  November 2013
He arrived as Dean of Arts & Sciences in July 2012 and was gone by November 2013.  I’m not sure what the hell happened to the black man that headed up the college I graduated from, but reported allegations say he was the victim of crude and racist caricatures flyers that were distributed on the campus. At least two of the 20 faculty department heads sent a letter to administration calling for them to ask him to resign or be reassigned.  I don’t know what happened to the black man with the impressive resume.  He graduated from high school at 15.  He earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree from UC and joins the 2% club of people in the world (World) with a Ph.D.
Christopher Smitherman   resigns from NAACP Dec 2013

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  I was not a part of the group  that pulled the coup d’état on former NAACP president Edith Thrower.  However, I did become an Executive committee member during Smitherman’s first year and every year thereafter.  During the early years it was great to serve and make a difference in the community with the fiery Smitherman.  What happened? Chris Finney, attorney for the anti-streetcar (local tea party) group Coast happened and somehow the oldest civil rights organization in the country merged with the local hate filled group.  End of story.  In December a press release was sent out announcing that as expected, Smitherman was resigning as president of the NAACP turning over his post to a sexually charged, illegal immigrant.  Oh, boy.   

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Deters Commits Voter Fruad

Search this blog each and every one of the nearly 600 post and you will see that Deters his a history on unethical and unlawful behavior.


More on Deters.
For months now this blog has been pinging (it pings when an inquiry is made about Deters, and boy has there been an increased number of searches for Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters and wife.)  We didn't know what to make of the searches, although we certainly heard the rumors and now our good friend Mr. Livingston deserves the blogger of the year story for breaking this story/

Monday, November 4, 2013

The truth about Smitherman's connection to Tea party (Cincinnati City Council elections)

This has been demonstrated several times before, but there are some, who may have missed it and others still who just may not get it; but the fact is, that Christopher Smitherman has aligned himself with The Tea Party... whatever the reason; it is undeniable!  We do not pretend to know the reason that he has done so, only HE can answer why; and we would gladly listen if he legitimately wishes to expound upon it… but so far, all he has done is deny it – so here goes:
Who is Chris Finney, besides a friend and supporter of Christopher Smitherman and Chair of Legal Redress appointed by Smitherman for Cincinnati’s branch of the NAACP?
Chris Finney is a Cincinnati, ultra-conservative activist who is legal counsel and an active leader/ co-founder of the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes (COAST).  
What is the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes (C.O.A.S.T.)?
C.O.A.S.T. is an anti-tax, anti- government – spending group here in Cincinnati that opposes President Obama, opposing any spending related to the public welfare and the well- being of the community including African Americans and minorities.  They also support the Tea Party.
More on C.O.A.S.T. and its misalignment on issues which benefit African Americans and minorities
They fought against funding for the ONLY Minority owned business that attempted to open on the Bank’s [Mahogany’s Restaurant which is both Black owned and Woman owned] [Note: Heads out of sand… flatly this was a “Race” issue, because there was no resistance regarding funding awarded for Toby Keith to open in the same venue- if it was merely about spending, dollar for dollar, no matter the benefactor].
They opposed 6-mill Cincinnati Public Schools levy to deny City of Cincinnati kids the same education that their children receive in private schools and that suburban children are privy to [Note: $175 in new taxes on a home with a market value of $100,000 amortized over 4 years is around $3.65 monthly].
They do not support the Public library in their services beyond providing access to books, such as audio books and videos which primarily benefits African American and minorities and the library also providing access to magazines, newspapers, music, movies and Internet access
Want to know why the City can’t keep groups like the Klu Klux Klan from holding their annual rallies here and other offensive forums in our city and on our streets, because it puts our city at risk for this type of litigation [Note: C.O.A.S.T. doesn’t mind burdening the city with having to spend money to defend against their constant attacks which impacts all City of Cincinnati taxpayers].
Christopher Smitherman does not deny his alignment with C.O.A.S.T., nor C.O.A.S.T. its alignment with Smitherman [Note: If you would think about your own political alliances and why it is that you support whomever you do politically … isn’t it because they believe in the things that are important to you and you believe that they will put forth their efforts towards advancing the principles and ideas which you believe matter? So unless you disbelieve that C.O.A.S.T. is associated with the Tea Party, in which case I refer you back to, it is absolutely undeniable that Christopher Smitherman has aligned himself with the Tea Party].

Thank you for your time. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Historical Political commercial against Black sellout candidate #smitherman

Whether Christopher Smitherman wins a return seat on City Council, matters not because if he does we will show him the same "great" treatment that the Tea Party has shown candidates.

This commercial is nothing short of genius! Help us make it go viral! Spread the word!


Christopher Smitherman commercial. Click above.

excuse typos, it's 3 am....and we at this blog are on a Mission!

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Cincinnati City Council races 2013 - This Race is yours to lose!

Secret weapon to win a seat on Cincinnati City Council and become Cincinnati’s Next Mayor in 2013
Who’s winning and who’s losing, and why?
Dear Council Candidate:
I have some good and bad news.  Here’s the bad news first, if you are reading this you are losing! That’s right, you are a candidate who is running a failing campaign.  How do I know that? Because according to a recent poll (which may be off by 6% percentage points) you are not in the top three spots for Cincinnati Council seats, and how do I know?  Is your name Charlie Winburn, P.G. Sittenfeld, or gag me with a really big spoon and throw me off the Purple People Bridge, Christopher Smitherman?
If not, why is your campaign failing?  Take ownership! You own it, not your campaign manager, and not your paid or volunteer staff.
Smitherman is quite possibly the most dangerous council person, because he won’t work with you, and he won’t speak to you at council meetings. The only people who Christopher Smitherman speaks to are Chris Finney, Winburn and Sittenfeld. The other two of the top three on council, and Finney.
Look up there again at the top three names, and while you are at it go ahead and slap yourself and ask your campaign manager to kick you in the butt.
Sittenfeld is the people’s candidate because he’s always on the move, working for the people, and he has out-campaigned all of you. Winburn has out-campaigned and out- fundraised you, and one can’t help but like Charlie, even though he’s on the wrong side of the track on so many issues. And Smitherman? Well, he’s out smarted, out-campaigned you, and left yout ass out backwards.
Voters deserve better than an arrogant council person that won’t speak to his colleagues.

 Each of you deserve to be in the losing spot that you are in. For some of you that means not returning to Council and for the hopefuls, it means not getting a seat on Council.
I know that’s a lot of bad news, but now here’s some really, really, good news.  I don’t care what the polls say, and I don’t care how many stories are written in that rag masquerading as a newspaper - this race is each and every one of yours to lose and you can thank me later with a balloon bouquet for giving you the winning strategy – in -  my Jerry Maguire-esque letter that I will dub FBK’s Strategy Guide:  How to win a seat on Cincinnati City Council.
When I post this you will have 15 days to win.  Let’s count 1, 2, 3, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15.
I can write a book in less than 15 days (in fact I wrote one in 4 days) about the evilness of Smitherman.  But I digress, because this isn’t about my dislike of Smitherman’s policies and his disregard for the AfricanAmerican community. It’s actually about my love for my community and my desire to see good candidates get elected to City Council.  I don’t think any candidate if elected will show as much disdain for the African American community as Smitherman. Therefore I feel obligated to share this strategy with you because if Smitherman wins, we all lose.
Especially, African Americans, and the most vulnerable, marginalized Cincinnati residents.
While I can’t speak for everyone in the above listed groups, I can tell you that as a grassroots activist and advocate in the trenches, people from the most neglected communities in the 52 neighborhoods, are hurting because they can’t find work, can’t get a city contract because of pass-through companies, can’t get their streets repaired, and don’t feel safe.  They don’t give a rat’s behind about stopping the progressive streetcar in which voters have voted to support two times, and they trust (OK, maybe pray) that those they’ve elected will continue or begin to make the right decision regarding leasing the parking meters.

What people from these groups care most about is having a candidate like Yvette Simpson who will love-on-our youth, i.e. continue to be a strong advocate for the youth.  They care about having a candidate like Chris Seelbach who understands the importance of voting yes on an ordinance that offers city residents training and good paying jobs.
They care about electing candidates like Kevin Johnson, Mike Moroski, Vanessa White, or Greg Landsman, who understand that all 52 neighborhoods matter.
We need council candidates that understand that there is no “I” in team.  Smitherman is not a team player. He’s charismatic, he’s articulate, and oh yeah,  he pals around with those that bankroll every social and economic injustice on the African American community, on the gay community, on women, and on children.  Yes, when Coast sued CPS schools, that’s bankrolling our children’s demise.
Here is my winning strategy. Feel free to send me a balloon bouquet and candy as a way of saying thanks.
Wining strategies for winners.
Procure $25,000 and start running TV commercials. 
I don’t care what you have to do to get the money, if it’s legal do it.  Take out a loan, beg relatives and friends, get a part-time job stripping at night, sell one of your kidneys and start running commercials on the TV.  TV commercials will get you a spot on Council.
Fire your volunteers, and then hire them back as paid staff.
Some of you candidates should be ashamed to ask someone to volunteer and work for you.  You’ve been absent in the communities, or the only time you’ve come to the community, is when you want something.  Stop wanting and start giving. Why are your volunteers wearing old clothes, and wrinkled t-shirts?  Their look reflects you. They probably look so broken, because they are broke and they can’t keep working for free.  Fire them, then hire them, then train them on what you expect.

Build brand Democrat.
Democrats do a lousy job with messaging.  Local and National Democrats have lost the message war.  The biggest conversation being had in the news media was manufactured by Coast and that plutocrat Chris Finney.
Why is the streetcar and parking still the number one conversation driving this election?  Whether you are for the streetcar and the parking, matters not because that cookie is baked, and the voters voted twice to bring a streetcar to Cincinnati and Council voted to support the parking lease plan.  Respect the voters John Cranley, and tell your Vice Mayor choice, Smitherman, to do the same.
There are other pressing issues for council candidates to focus on like the nearly bankrupt pension, joblessness, pass-through contractors, and shameful low minority inclusion rates. Talk about the aforementioned issues in the news media; drive that conversation car. Get that message out by any means necessary.  Ask your friends, family and paid staff (you’re firing your volunteers remember) to write letters to that thing masquerading as a newspaper, to make comments on the TV station’s blog, to call Lincoln Ware’s show – ask these people to get your campaign message out, your brand out, by any means necessary. 
Candidates, remind yourselves of the reason that you decided to run for public office in first place.  Most of you decided to run for some noble reason. What was it?
You knew that the day that you decided to run that it would probably be one of the hardest things that you’ve ever done in your life, and that there would be long days and sleepless nights. That your life would become an open book and that if you had a penny for every time a voter stated, “They (meaning you) don’t do nothing,” you would be very rich.
It’s OK to get tired candidates and to give out, but never give up.  If you are spending 12 hours a day campaigning, slap yourself and have your campaign manager kick you in the butt, because you need to be spending twice that amount of time.  That’s right 24-7 you need to be campaigning in these next 15 days. 
Failure is not an option and it’s not too late to raise brand awareness for your campaign and your party. 
That’s right I said Gangbang.  Gangbang Christopher Smitherman’s motherfuckin’ ass. Ever since Smitherman returned to Council he has slapped his fellow council people upside the head and kicked them in the rump.  He talks bad about his colleagues on hate radio.
He hates on you all in press releases. He talks about you behind your backs and to NAACP members.  He beer summits with groups that hate you all and you all sit back and take it. Stand up for yourself, because standing up for yourself is standing up for the people!  If all you candidates got together and bought a commercial and ads against Smitherman, he would not be polling in the number three spot. In fact, his ass might not even make it back on Council which would leave an open spot for a candidate that you can work with.  So what are you waiting for Dems?  Put on your blue t-shirts on and crip walk Smitherman to the unemployment line.
Grow a personality. I know that a few of you don’t like Sittenfeld - shut up! I’ve heard the rumors that you are jealous of him, and I know a whole lot more of you really just can’t stand Winburn.  Also, I personally and nearly all of you, don’t like Smitherman’s politricks, but the reason they occupy the top three spots is because of their personalities…although Smithermans’ is only charming to those he intends to con and use. Nevertheless, a few of you are impersonal. Voters are aware of which candidates never try to connect with people in certain communities except when they are running for political office, and then they want to kiss babies and walk grandma across the street. But then it’s too late because they have developed a reputation as being a mean or fake candidate. We voters know which of you goes into the same coffee shop everyday and never speaks. We know which candidate walked right past the Avondale youth council and didn’t speak. We know which candidate truly does not like black people according to his rich Indian Hill friends. We know.

That’s right, I said put out a hit on Christopher Smitherman in the form of Nate Livingston.  Trust me, nobody hits it better than Nate.  I know. I know. Nate has a job working out of state, but if the price is right, he might come down for the weekend and raise a thousand dollars’ worth of hell.  I know. I know. Nate has given a few of you hell. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are losing and you want to win.  If you just can’t do Nate (and by the way maybe he can’t do you either), then go find yourself a hell raiser! Even If you have to go and knock on the devil’s door, get somebody that knows how to rally the activists and the agitators (and according to the NAACP handbook, agitation is good) when seeking change that is a good cause.
Finally, dear Council candidate, repeat after me, this race is yours to lose, because you’ve already won.  Really you have your coveted council seat awaits you. Please accept this Stop Smitherman Sticker as a small token of my appreciation for your service.

For more tips on how to Stop Smitherman, read this book.

FBK is an unapologetic black writer who often finds it necessary to keep it real with issues that pertain to politics and race and she wants you to GOOGLE JOE DETERS.

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Why is Deters trying to destroy the honorable Judge Tracie Hunter

Beloved Readers.

Hamilton County Persecutor Joe Deters along with that rag paper of record is out to destroy Dear and beloved Judge Tracie Hunter.  Their actions are shameful and it's time for an uprising.  We must continue to shine the spotlight on this case because our children are being affected.

Many of you are working behind the scenes, two very big thumbs up to Brother Cecil Thomas.  This blog has taken a few swipes at Dear Cecil when we didn't think he was stepping up to the plate, nevertheless he needs our full support.  He's got this one right.  Deters is using drug forfeited money that comes from our community and living the good life.  Indeed, he has donated some money to a few schools, but that money did not come from those districts.  Those communities aren't hurting.  Our community hurting.  Our beef isn't with those schools, but with that horrible man that hires hookers - Joe Deters.

We continue to stand with Judge Hunter and we all must be willing to go to jail if necessary. 

Thank you.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Google Joe Deters + Cleveland Hooker

Proud to leave him a legacy.
Everything he's done to this community has already and will continue to be done to him.

Google Joe Deters.  See what comes up in the first 5 search engines. See what comes up in images.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cincinnati NAACP fails to get member removed

The incompetent and incoherent NAACP Executive Committee member Lisa McQueen FAILS miserably in her attempt to get FBK removed from the Executive Committee.

Lisa and other incompetent committee members sit back and let Christopher Smitherman, Jim Clingman pal around with the tea party members who (drum roll please) bankroll virtually every assault on our socio and economic justice here in Cincinnati.

Deters, who pals around with hookers in Cleveland gave the Cincinnati NAACP 25,000 and it has ripped the fabric of the oldest civil rights organization in the country.

Read about it here.

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

***Summer Recess*** Will return in September***Joe Deters' Cleveland Gal

Greetings faithful Blog Readers.

This blog saw record #'s in June and July.  Thanks Readers!

We are on summer recess, like the Cincinnati NAACP and Christopher Smitherman, read Here.

We will return in September.

Enjoy your summer and don't do anything that we wouldn't do, which means you are free to do any freakin' thing ya like.



FYI  We will continue to monitor Joe's behavior in Cleveland with the paid gals, the racist newspaper in Cincinnati and  reporter Kimball Perry and of course just-us issues.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Who looks better mayoral candidate Cranley, Qualls?


I was in a back and forth text match  with a friend that begin at 11 pm last night. The texting went on for several hours, then started back up at 7 am this morning. Our back and forth exchange was about Roxanne Quall's stockings. Well, actually the text weren't about her stockings, but her overall look, and about who would be the best mayor for Cincinnati.

We both agree that Roxanne Qualls in the more substantive candidate.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Deters and the Zimmerman Mind-Set

                                   Just-Us, Justice Blog

This Sister speaks truth to power. If you haven't read Michelle Alexander's book, The New Jim Crow:  Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness do so immediately if you care about, want to understand, and contribute to  the struggle. 

Alexander wrote this article in Time magazine titled The Zimmerman Mind-Set where she lays out cold hard facts like she does in her book. 

America might not care about black and brown young men, but they care about green dollars.  What's the cost to prosecute a murder anyway?  Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters once said that he wished that he could put young men of color  in a cage and let them shoot themselves, guess he wanted to eliminate the high coast of prosecution.  Did I mention that Deters pays hookers? I digress.

In other news why has Christopher Smitherman sold out the black community? Read why, here.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Justice for Trayvon Rally in Cincinnati

Just-Us, Justice Blog

The Justice for Trayvon Rally in Cincinnati was well-attended.  Nearly 3,000 people of all races joined hands to rally against injustice.  

Noticably absent Cincinnati NAACP president Christopher Smitherman.  Here's why.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Black poll worker gets 5 year sentence

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters prosecuted Melowese Richardson, yet the prosecutor has never been prosecuted for having sexual relationships with the woman in the car in Cleveland. Search this blog for more details.

About 5 people were charged with voter fraud in Hamilton County. The only person that received jail time, a lengthy prison sentence,  was Melowese Richardson, a black woman.

How much is this long and unequal prison  sentence going to cost tax payers?  We know that Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters has a double set of standards regarding prosecution.

Deters double standard prosecution tactics is something Cincinnati NAACP president Christopher Smitherman use to talk about before he  sold out the people.  Read about him selling out here.

Contact Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters
230 E. Ninth Street, Suite 4000, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 946-3000   |   Fax: (513) 946-3100

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Shahrazad Ali Speaks Truth to Power on Dr. Drew

She talks in plain language, wears a royal hat and identifies herself as a Black Queen.  Many people love her because she talks about the real conditions of racism in America.  Is she on point, or way off base?  You tell us.  We know that you either love or hate her.
It's interesting that the comments on this blog attacking Ms. Ali don't mention Frank Taafe, the disgrace to the human race. Does Frank Taafe embarass white people?

Read more about Ms. Ali here  or here

Feel free to post comments below.

Christopher Smitherman,Cincinnati NAACP silent: TRAYVON MARTIN CASE

Justice “Just-us” Blog
On Monday NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous, told attendees at the NAACP convention in Orlando, Florida that George Zimmerman’s acquittal brought him to tears.
Jealous tears will plummet into the river with millions of other people that felt the sting of injustice with Zimmerman’s acquittal.
The tearful will gather this Saturday as demonstrations are planned in more than 100 cities
Rev. Al Sharpton of the National Action Network has called for a “Justice for Trayvon National Day of Action.”  Jealous and other civil rights leaders are calling on concerned citizens to attend this rally.
The Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the National Action network is busy getting details out to Cincinnatians and thousands are expected to attend this rally.
Meanwhile the oldest Civil Rights organization in Cincinnati and the country for that matter has been silent.  The local chapter’s silence is as deadly as George Zimmerman’s bullet.
We will continue at this blog to hold NAACP president Christopher Smitherman and VP Jim Clingman accountable. If they want to be silent on civil rights issues then they should unchain the chapter. We will also hold absent Cincinnati Council candidates and incumbents accountable should they choose not to attend this rally.

Rally details here

Monday, July 15, 2013

"Justice for Trayvon Rally" in Cincinnati Sat with Greater Cincinnati Chapter of National Action Network

Justice “Just-us” Blog

On Saturday July 20th Rev. Al Sharpton is calling for a “Justice for Trayvon National Day of Action” and says demonstrations are planned in more than 100 cities.
The Greater Cincinnati Chapter of National Action Network was founded in December 2012.  Since its formation the chapter has been very active in the community.  To join or learn more about the chapter click here.

At the last rally held by GCCNAN  Cincinnati native Shahrazad Ali participated in the march and held a very interesting sign that we won't share because you had to be there to see it.

Ms. Ali is an author and social commentator who lately has caused quite a stir with appearances on DrDREW on call discussing the Zimmerman trial.  Read about here appearances on Dr. Drew here.

Love or hate Ms. Ali she has become an extremely popular commentator on Dr. Drew’s show and many believe she speaks truth to power.  The not guilty verdict certainly proves that America unscrambled is I Am Race (Racist).

(This blog does not represent the GCCNAN chapter or Ms. Ali. This blog was originally  created to shine the light on Cincinnati’s Chief legal Representative – Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters who has a history of over prosecuting  people of color. Search this blog for his laundry list of Dirty Deeds)

In the upcoming weeks we will focus on the Dierres Lee/Justin Brown case, upcoming Cincinnati City Council elections and the failed leadership of Cincinnati NAACP president Christopher Smitherman and vice president Jim Clingman.  Both are silent on the Trayvon Martin case.  Read more about Smitherman in this E Book on Amazon. Click here.

 This blog hopes that all races of people will join GCCNAN and others for the “Justice for Trayvon National Day of Action” this Saturday at the Federal Courthouse.  The rally starts at 12 noon.

***UPDATE*** Below is a picture of the rally in which nearly 3,000 Cincinnatians of all races attended.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Zimmerman, Guilty? Why I feel sorry for his mom

Justice “Just-us” Blog

***This blog post was written before George Zimmerman got away with double murder. He killed Trayvon Martin and then he was acquitted. Double murder ***  America unscrambled - I Am Race   (Racist)

Zimmerman, Guilty?  Why I feel sorry for his mom
As an African American mom with two sons; I have always felt sorry for Trayvon’s mom, Sybrina Fulton.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t worry about my son’s safety.  My youngest son is in the military and he is a college student. I’m happy that he is making good choices, never been in trouble, and is a bit of a goodie two shoes. Still, I worry about his safety.  Will he be profiled and killed by someone who does not look like him.  By someone who does look like him? I worry and pray, although I admit,  I worry far more than I pray.
The reason why I feel sorry for George Zimmerman’s mom is because I relate to her due to the actions of my oldest son who is incarcerated. My son didn’t take an innocent teen’s life like Zimmerman,  but he is serving a lengthy prison sentence for his crime. Read his story here
Now brings me to the point of why I feel sorry for Mrs. Zimmerman.  As a mom it hurts when you've done your best to raise your child and they make the worst decision of their life. Let’s be real - Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin and it was not  done in self-defense. Mrs. Zimmerman is  going to be in a lot of pain for a long period of time, as she does that manslaughter prison sentence with her son. When they do the crime, we do the time with them.  
Stay strong Mrs. Zimmerman and remember you are not the crime your son committed.
This blog post is dedicated to the memory of Trayvon Martin.

Search this blog for post about Dierres Lee and Justin Brown and you will discover that the Lee – Brown case may be the next case that rocks the nation.  We will post on that case after the Zimmerman trial concludes.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Will George Zimmerman be acquitted?

I stand corrected.  America unscrambled.   I  Am  Race *Racist*  George Zimmerman gets away with murder.

"Welcome to the Justice Blog"
Let me go on record and state that I absolutely do not believe that George Zimmerman will be acquitted, despite speculation that the prosecution is purposefully bungling the case.
George Zimmerman put a bullet in the chamber of his gun prior to leaving his house claiming to be on his way to Target, but in loading the gun, it seems he was on his way to find a target to shoot. Today a pathologist, Vincent DI MAIO, testified that Zimmerman had seven identifiable wounds on him after the shooting. I suspect if Zimmerman had stalked a 12 year old girl and she was fighting for her life, she too would have left marks on her stalker before being murdered. Trayvon fought for his life and Zimmerman fought for his life, which is what you have to do when you approach someone in the middle of the night because they look suspicious and always get away.  It’s painful to think that none of this had to happen  if Zimmerman would have listened to the operator who told him that they, the police, didn't need for him follow Trayvon. It’s amazing the confidence that one bullet in the chamber will give a person.
There is a White House petition circulating calling on President Obama to give a speech to calm people down if Zimmerman is acquitted. City Leaders are having meetings with religious and community leaders asking them to stop or help curtail any uprising (some refer to it as rioting) that might occur if Zimmerman walks.
One Sanford pastor Valerie Houston allegedly stated that she would tell her congregation that justice has been served if Zimmerman is found not guilty.  She sounds as ridiculous as Zimmerman claiming that it was God’s will that he kill Trayvon Martin.  People need to stop blaming this mess on God. What kind of religious leader is Valerie Houston to speak for God?
If the We the People White House petition does get the 100,000 signatures needed for the Obama administration to make a speech to calm the community.  Here’s how I think President Obama should begin his speech


Monday, July 8, 2013

Dr. Drew pulls the plug on Shahrazad Ali

May  2016  update

When I wrote the below post about Shahrazad Ali, I never dreamt it would be one of the most popular post on this blog receiving thousands upon thousands of hits.

How ironic considering that this blog was started to shine the spotlight on a prosecutor, who publicly lynched my black son in the court of public opinion in 2007 before he was ever convicted in a court of law.
Shahrazad Ali was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio where this “Blog” lives.  She is an author of the most famous book The Blackman's Guide to Understanding the Blackwoman.

The man who this blog was created about is Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters.   I created this blog as an online personal journal, and as a way to heal.  Almost 8 years and over 500 post later, I’m still healing.
  I’m not going to go into my son’s story with this post but if you really want to know search this blog and let the story unfold.
Back to Shahrazad Ali
Like some, I first became aware of Ali after she wrote her controversial book and appeared on several talk shows.  However, back then I wasn’t a conscious community activist.

After the death of teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012, who was shot and killed by  George Zimmerman (who recently tried to sell his gun), Ali reemerged as a guest commentator on the DrDrew show on HLN.  There she stirs the racial pot with the best of them.

One evening after Ali appeared on the DrDrew show, I wrote the below post which as you will read isn’t anything spectacular, but for whatever reason it gets a lot of hits.

***Update*** Since this post was written on 7/8/ 2014 it has received thousands upon thousands of views and lot's of comments most of which are vile!We have posted some of the racist comments so that the world can see what festers in the mind of some.


DrDREW  ON CALL pulls the plug on social commentator and author  Shahrazad Ali.  

Ms. Ali called the  Conservative Black Chick an Oreo. Perhaps, it wasn't politically correct to call her an Oreo, but clearly the "chick" has some deep issues of self-hate. 

Nevertheless, referring to someone as Oreo is taking the cat fight that Dr. Drew and his audience crave to a new low.  

Before the Zimmerman trial did anyone watch Dr. Drew on HLN?  

(Side note: Look what Zimmerman's attorney Mark O'Mara is up to now)

Probably you watched if you're into "Maury" type drama.

That show and some others like it,  make a living off people fighting, not debating.   

Final point,  Frank Taaffe is the reason - we at this blog - don’t watch much TV.  

His insensitivity is enough to make you vomit. I wonder does he embarrass white people.
Do you watch HLN or Dr. Drew?  Do you think the network's coverage of the Zimmerman trial has been harmful to black people?
Do you know a black sell out like the Black Conservative Chick and should she read this?

FBK is an unapologetic eBook writer.  Her 19-year-old beloved son is serving a 20-year sentence for a bank robbery that he committed to pay for college tuition, and it’s real fked up.






please excuse racist comments from blog readers - in comment section - after this post. we posted SOME of the comments we received to make the readers aware that Racism lives.  It festers in the heart of people like Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe "I love Hookers" Deters.
Thanks Kimball P. and Alex T.  Love your comments.

see related blog post here.