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President Obama request your help & Death Penalty Deters

President Obama has dropped his $5 donation request to $3

Death penalty Deters and his GANG that includes Democrat chair Tim Burke and that nasty blogger HCRP chair Alex Triatianfilou are up to their old tricks with the status quo rag paper.   We MUST fight this injustice that they are trying to hand down.  Please check this blog tomorrow for an article and for contact numbers for phone activist to contact governor and secretary of state.
 Check this blog for tomm for an article on this subject.  WE WON'T SLEEP UNTIL THAT CORRUPT PROSECUTOR AND THE OTHER GANG MEMBERS ARE REMOVED FROM OFFICE.   No just-us, no peace.

PROSECUTOR & POWER (Deters must Go!)
Dear Great Bloggers --

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has been indicted that prosecutors have enormous power. Yesterday, the New York Times ran an excellent article that highlighted this unintended consequence of mandatory minimums.

The article notes that one result of the increase in prosecutorial power is the so-called “trial penalty.” Defendants are offered relatively shorter sentences in exchange for a guilty plea, or they face significantly longer penalties if they maintain their innocence and exercise their constitutionally-protected right to a trial by jury. Unfortunately, this “choice” is one far too many FAMM members are familiar with.

Among them is FAMM member Lee Wollard, whose case we gave to the New York Times reporter. Wollard’s decision to take his case to trial resulted in a 20-year mandatory minimum prison sentence under Florida’s “10-20-Life” law, even though prosecutors originally offered him five years probation if he would plead guilty. You can read about Wollard’s case here and read an op-ed I wrote about it last summer for the Washington Times here.

Circulate this New York Times article widely - everyone in the country should read it!
My best,


Julie Stewart


Contact FAMM:

Phone: (202) 822-6700


Mail: 1612 K St., N.W., Suite 700, Washington, D.C. 20006


SentenceSpeak blog

Sunday, September 25, 2011

And Justice For All....HUH!

It’s a lovely Sunday in Cincinnati. It really is. And through our bedroom window, we can hear the birds chirping. If we didn’t know any better, but we most certainly do, that despite the view from our window of the big tree with the leaves that are turning, and the sweet melody of the birds chirping– we would think Cincinnati was absolutely perfect.

It’s not the Reverend Doc Foster refers to Cincinnati as,  the Northern capital of the racist south.” And I really hope that we bloggers havent   screwed up the good Reverend’s quote.

And I know some of you really decent Black &White  men, have wrote to this blog and asked that we use better language, stop the cursing, yeah well we’re kinda working on it. We replaced the word "fucked" with "screwed."

But Cincinnati is really racist. How racist is it? Cincinnati is so racist that there has to be a fucking summit on racism to tell us that Cincinnati is racist.

Quite sure the organizers wouldn’t appreciate this blog defining its event, they might call it something else Something else, like well – Justice for All.

But this blog we will call a duck a duck.

The organizers (diverse group of clergy), of this event were interviewed on the Bishop Bobby Hilton radio show which airs on WDBZ the Buzz. Us Bloggers, we are familiar with many of them,  and they are good men.

When one of the clergy was asked why have this summit, why got involved? He responded with a quote from Amos 5:24 But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!

Uh, yeah, this is Cincinnati. The Northern capital of Joe Deters. Check the flyer; it’s going to be a great event. Don’t let this blog post upset you. Feeling a little blue.

And Justice for All……

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Foutain Square vigil to stop Troy Davis execution THANK YOU UPDATE

Jesus we will trust you.  We are trying to understand Why? You answered, and said no.

Concerned Citizens for Justice and Life Trip a non-profit youth organization, along with members of the clergy and community activist will host a candlelight vigil on Fountain Square for Troy Davis. The vigil will take place from WEDNESDAY Sept 21, from 5-8pm.
It has been confirmed that the State of Georgia has set an execution date for Troy Davis.

“The Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles may have given the green light for his execution, but Jesus can give the red light and stop it,” said Whilomeiner V. a bond hill resident and activist.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Council candidate Jason Riveiro likes black people.

Hey - Looky here at this article on Cincinnati Council hopeful Jason Riveiro.

We will post articles on all 23 Council Incumbents/hopefuls.

Next article Council hopeful Jacqueline Allen and Mike Allen - "The freaks come out at night." Actually Allen is  liked at this blog.  We won't write a disrecptful piece about him.

Qualls - Your booty ain't big enough to land you back on Council.
Lippert - that's what Smitherman is for.
Young - Least popular black man - yes he can.
PG - that's what Bortz is for

We have a lot of fun on this blog, and we're serious too. But we will strive to write objective post on each candidate. So don't worry candidates. Most of you are safe.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Four black men candidates running for Cincinnati City Council - who you gonna vote for?

It's not personal. It's business.  It's therapy. It's our  contribution to the black community.  We write our post to keep you informed about Perscutor  Joe Deters and to inform you of how you can make a difference in our communities.

Hope you find the chocolate "foehead" Cincinnati Council article helpful.

Next article  on Jason Riveiro - "If you Brown, stick around--will Riveiro become the first Hispanic on Council?" 
Roxanne Qualls, "The booty call is played out--when are you coming back to the black community?"
Wendall Young, "Will the least popular black man get the seat, yes he can!?"

We don't plan to interview any of the candidates. Instead we will observe them, talk to people in their close circles,  Research them via their websites and news reports.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Openly Gay Council hopeful irks blacks (article)...and so does Deters

This blog is a business and don't you forget it. Haters.  Check the article, and do your research before you vote.  This blog will post articles on each candidate. We ask that you give each candidate and incumbent a  fair shake. Don't vote for them because they are Democrat, don't not vote for them because they are Republican, or because of their sexual orientatation. Each candidate deserves our full consideration. 
Good luck Chris.  It ain't personal, it's business.
Next post: Do Councilmen Winburn and Thomas need to put on some boxing gloves?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Community Forum tonight at Avondale Pride center - Cincinnati City Council

Lincoln Ware of 1230 am WDBZ "the Buzz" will moderate the forum of Cincinnati City Council members  and hopefuls. Forum will take place at 6 pm in Avondale, at Avondale Pride center.

We will report on the event on this blog tomm.  Who stood out, who sucked.  Looking forward to seeing former prosecutor  Mike Allen.

In case you haven't heard, our Washington DC trip is back on.

We have a few seats on the bus, join us.

******see below Cincincinnati City Council unofficial list stroll  down*******
Jacqueline Allen 1335 Main Street #1-104 252-9988 45202

Mike Allen 224 E. 8th Street 321-5297 45202

Kathy Atkinson 2526 May Street 221-2638 45206

Chris Bortz 921 Riverview Place 345-6947 45202

Kevin Flynn 2176 Raeburn Drive 300-3907 45223

Leslie Ghiz 4136 Rose Hill Avenue 421-4449 45229

Nicholas Hollan 2918 Fischer Place 631-2224 45211

Wayne Lippert 8 Far Hills Drive 476-0890 45208

Pat McCollum 1048 Springbrook Drive 477-6041 45224

Catherine Smith Mills 3136 Willis Avenue 278-7810 45208

Amy Murray 3116 Victoria Avenue 400-4249 45208

Sandra Queen Noble 3550 Montgomery Road #2A 614-9974 45207

Roxanne Qualls 100 E. Central Pkwy. #410 241-0303 45202

Laure Quinlivan 3624 Kroger Avenue 646-1960 45226

Jason Riveiro 2915 Woodburn Avenue Unit M 482-1814 45206

Chris Seelbach 1431 Main Street Unit D 348-4329 45202

Yvette Simpson 1007 John Street 518-3683 45203

P.G. Sittenfeld 1303 Paxton Avenue 365-2404 45208

Christopher Smitherman 1000 Lenox Place 659-0487 45229

Cecil Thomas 515 Clinton Springs Avenue 604-6265 45217

Charlie Winburn 5766 Willow Cove Drive 884-7832 45239

Wendell Young 735 Clinton Springs Avenue 393-9350 45229

Orlando Welborn - WRITE IN 430 Chestnut Street #5 45203

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Hunter vs. Board of Elections article

As we've stated before, this blog does not solely exist to bring highlights of the corruption of the cheif legal representative in Hamilton County. We use this blog for many reasons including to highlight injustice.  We think it's shameful that tax-payer dollars are funding this court case.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thank you Gov. Kasich for granting clemency (Kelli Williams - Bolar)

Governor Kasich graciously grants clemency to Kelli Williams-Bolar.  Her felony charges have been reduced to misdemeanors.  CALL AND THANK Governor Kasiich

old post from yesterday

CAJD's does not agree with some of Kasich's policies (no to selling prisons). Still, after watching him in the debates last year - it's clear he supports criminal justice reform. He understands that one must be smart on crime.  Please take time to contact Governor John Kasich and humbly request that he pardon Kelli Williams - Bolar.  After all isn't America the land of second chances?  We believe that if Kelli Williams - Bolar  is given a second chance she will continue her education and live a productive life. That's a win-win situation for all.  

Governor John Kasich

Riffe Center, 30th Floor

77 South High Street

Columbus, Oh 43215-6117

Phone: (614) 466-3555

We called and spoke with Ann

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