Monday, July 27, 2009


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As I was strolling by Deters’ office today , with my large posters (no not protesting) Deters HDIC charge approached me. Well actually he approached another CAJD member. When he realized she was not me, he sought me out. I was standing a few feet away. He asked me a bunch of questions about what I did or didn’t say on my blog--this blog. I never answered any of his questions. I let him ramble and rage on. Rage on my brother! Finally when I felt courageous enough to respond to him I stated that I felt nervous about his last phone call to me, and that I felt nervous about the conversation that he was having with me today. He’s a tall guy and he was like bending down in my face to talk to me. Maybe he still sees me as that bad ass teen that he use to discipline in high school.
For the record I never said anything bad about that man (see above link). Believe it or not, strange as it may sound, I still care about that man. I just think it’s pretty fucked up that he’s rolling with Dirty Deters these days.
____________________________________________________________________ Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote about him in my book “…Deters threatened to sue me because I’ve exercised my rights as a citizen to criticize a public servant. Deters had his HDIC (Head Detective in Charge), who I’ve known since I was in high school when he was the resource officer, call to threaten me. Back then I thought the HDIC in charge was a great guy. Like many of the girls at the school, I had a big crush on him. Back then the HDIC was the kind of cop that would give a kid a break. He didn’t take any bull crap, instead he used the “it takes a village” approach to discipline students.”
___________________________________________________________________ Anyway, there are so many things I wish hadn’t happened. But they did. And there’s nothing I can do. I hate that the nicest cop to ever work in Cincinnati is now the HDIC for that fuck. I hate that my son robbed that bank. I hate that two years later I’m still no more healed, well maybe more healed, but not completely healed over this mess. I’m thankful that writing helps me channel my emotions appropriately.
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On another note, I'm about sick of Alex Triantifilou and his HCRP blog. As soon as I have the time,  I'm going to lauch a blog missle up his behind.
And another note. We met some pretty cool people in downtown Cincinnati today. There was a cool Sheriff that told us we weren't bothering anybody and gave us some rules, etc. There was another Sheriff that the somebody (probably Joe) sicked on us. He just quietly watched us. It was weird. Whatever. We ain't afraid of you Joe. Well, not that much anyway.