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Deters, Winkler, Alex M. Triantafilou - BIRDS OF A FEATHER

Greetings Blog Readers:

It's been a tough last few weeks so this blog has been neglected.

CAJD encourages everyone to write letters and make phone calls to the Hamilton County Prosecutor's office. And to Judge Winkler's courtroom. Express your outrage at what happened to Christopher Bryant. Please see story below. The story will make you sick Each and everyday young men of color go to court, to jail, to prison, and the morgue. They are held accountable for their actions, and they should be held accountable. But there must be one set of rules for everybody. It's clear in Hamilton County and across this country there are two sets of rules. 

Prosecutor's office       Phone:          (513) 946-3000

Judge Winkler             Phone          (513)  946-3441


Why is Triatafilou mentioned in the subject box-- because he is trying to fool ya.!  Alex Trying-to-fool ya.  post soon. (or search this blog for previous post on the man that appears to hate our president). It's fine to disagree, but not OK to spread hate or participate in a politicial silly season.