Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tiger--I will wear you out!

Tiger -- I will wear you out!

Damn Tiger. Every woman, at some point, I think, wants to hear those words.

However, we never want to hear it as a mistress, do we ladies?

Or as the whore? Speaking of whores….what do you (yes you reader)  think Deters whispered in that whore’s ear when he knocked her off  had sex with her in that car in Cleveland?

Do you think Deters uttered those words? I will wear you out. Nah, doubt it. The only time Deters knows how to put it down screw a person,is  when he’s throwing young, black men in jail. Well not throwing them in jail, they make the choice, Deters performs the lynching.

Virtual protest info coming soon-- promise

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