Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kudos to Councilmember Coles

Often times, CAJD included, we are quick to jump on an elected official for what they do wrong, while never acknowledging what they do right. CAJD believes Councilmember Cole has done something right in taking a stand on the position that the City should consider hiring ex-offenders once they have paid their debt to society. Obviously Ms. Cole isn’t saying hire any Tom, Dick, or Harry. However, she seems to recognize that ex-offenders that have paid their debt to society should be able to obtain gainful employment so that they are less likely to re-offend and end up back in prison. Ms. Cole’s statement.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Before I forget--Leonard Pitts, Jr.

Pulitzer Prize winning -syndicated- columnist Leonard Pitts, Jr. is coming to Cincinnati. Leonard Pitts will speak to a group of high school students in Sharonville, Ohio. Mr. Pitts has a new book out called Before I forget --The new novel is about three generations of black men trying to discover their places in each other’s lives. It’s the story of Mo Johnson; once upon a time, he was one of the most popular R&B stars of the 1970s. Now, he’s just someone who used to be. Mo has a hated father he hasn’t spoken to for 30 years who has terminal cancer, he has a son to whom he gave everything but attention, who has just been arrested for armed robbery and murder. Worse, he has early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Just 49 years old, and he’s just learned that he’s dying of a disease that will erase his memory, his very identity, that will take his life before it kills him. Before I Forget is about a man racing the clock, desperate to make peace with the ghosts of past and present, to make peace with his father and reconcile with his son before it’s too late. I can’t wait to meet Mr. Pitts and discuss column writing, and my upcoming book. My book will be released in July 09 and includes a chapter about Joe Deters.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Joe Deters Does not like Mexicans!

Who does Joe Deters think he’s kidding? CAJD believes that the only thing Deters hates more than Black people, is Hispanic people. Nor does it appear that Deters likes poor white people. In the article below Deters is doing more political posturing. Deters cares nothing about those who aren't white, wealthy, and well-connected-- or rich and elected (or in his case un-elected)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We will Remember in November! (Cincinnati Council)

They’re not listening. Today I was at City Hall. My spiel went something like this: Greetings I’m here on behalf of Kevin Gandy. Kevin couldn’t be here today, because he’s DEAD. He was murdered on April 11, 2009. As a citizen (not speaking on behalf of anyone) of Cincinnati, I’m tired of the crime that goes on in Cincinnati. Who cares? What is City Council doing to help our communities citizens stop the murders? Stop the crime? Yep, we know it takes a village and we all must do our part to help eliminate crime in our communities.
It’s frustrating. It didn’t appear ALL of the Council members were listening. Oh well...We Will Remember in November.
Briefly, I spoke to Council member Thomas. I didn't agree with his response (totally), but I give him credit for at least engaging in dialogue with me.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Columbine and Grime’s Bar. In today’s paper of record there is a story about the Columbine shooting that took place nearly 10 years ago. CAJD was ready to jump all over that story if it was one of those sappy pieces that appeared to make white life more important than black life. Some reading this may not get that, but all people of color that read the Enquirer get my comments. The Enquirer usually flames the fire of hate by making all black people into “boogie men.” That’s why CAJD enjoys reading alternative news sources like the City Beat and Cincinnati Beacon. Those two news outlets write about “boogie men” in politics and elsewhere. They don’t care if the boogie man is black, white, brown, or yellow. They will expose you. Back to the story--what I came away with after reading the article which I had to skim due to time constraints. Is that after the Columbine tragedy occurred, things were put in place to ensure that bullying in schools stops. Glad to hear that. Now I thought about that story in relation to the recent news story in which 9 people were shot at a Grimes’s bar in Millvale (2 shot dead). I want to know what system will be put in place from our elected officials to see what we can do to stop the violence. It’s going to take a big group of people working on all fronts. The community must get involved. Elected officials, media outlets, etc. At the end of the day we all want the same thing, right? We want crime to stop. Recently a man gave me a slogan as it pertains to the upcoming November election in Cincinnati. The slogan, “We will Remember in November.” CAJD and other groups that I work with will remember the politicians that don’t seem to care about our black communities. We will also continue to work to take measures to get rid of the Part-time Prosecutor who Persecutes people over stolen pizza. Rushing through this post, off. Have a great day!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pizza or Penis?

pizza or penis
When Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe "jokin"Deters put his penis inside that hooker, who was there to prosecute him? The cops in Cleveland busted him. But Joe wiggled his way out of it. Now Joe wants to go on TV and show that nasty refrigerator and fake outrage. Then he rolls out his HDIC, Mac Brown, to explain how his 1 dollar pizza and a 25 cent soda was stolen. We ALL know what that was about. Deters was aware that his insanity and racist tendencies would be called into question as it pertained to his status as the part-time Prosecutor, and full-time Persecutor--against people who aren't white, wealthy, and well-connected. People want to know why the chief legal representative of Hamilton County is wasting tax-payer dollars by holding ridiculous press conferences about people who steal 5 dollars worth of food. So he rolled out Mac Brown, the black fall guy, to take some heat off of himself.
I don't know about you'll but stealing a $1.00 pizza and a 25 cent soda is a lot less despicable than humping a hooker that you don't know. So what if you've humped her before. You don't know her. I can understanding having sex with your M-I-L, because you owe her. After all she hooked you up with your wife. But what does Joe owe the hooker? What do you owe the hooker Joe?
I realize that this post is a bit harsh. Reality is harsh. It's harsh that the chief legal representative from Hamilton County is a crook. Dirty Deters dishes it out and he should be able to take it. He uses some media outlets like Fox 19 (Regina Russo always gives Joe a hug when she sees him) and the Enqui-liar (reporter Sharon Coolidge) to publicly lynch black folks.
Deters my pastor always says be sure your sins will find you out. Be sure your sins will find you out.
Speaking truth to Power.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Stolen Pizza a Waste of Tax-payers dollars, racist Joe

I'm gon get you black people
What’s the part-time Prosecutor and full-time Persecutor up to now? He’s prosecuting low-wage earning employees for stealing lunch food out of the break room at the Prosecutor’s office (see story below from lying newsreporter) Now anybody that has ever had their lunch stolen or eaten, I have, understands why somebody would be angry with people who steal their food. Especially when you are hungry. In this case the victim HDIC - Head Detective In Charge- Detective Mac Brown loves his food. He really loves Popeye’s chicken. I know that Mac loves his chicken. He also loves to call heartbroken mothers up on the phone and do Joe’s dirty work. I guess that’s his job though. I go way back with Mac. Back in the day Mac was a good guy. The prosecution of the food thieves is going overboard. Why waste tax-payers dollars and prosecute these nincompoops? Just fire them and make them pay for the food. But then, perhaps, that would be too much like right. And besides Joe-the- Persecutor likes to make an example out of black people. He likes the spotlight. Just not on him. Not on his Dirty Deeds. Like humping. Hooker humpin’ Also, Sharon-the-mother Coolidge who reported this story is a damn liar. She wrote a story about my son and she misquoted me. At first she was a reporter who mistakenly misquoted me, but when she denied it to her boss Tom Calinan, and when Calinan screamed at me (Ma’am your son robbed a bank) she became a damn liar.
Sharon-the-mother Coolidge is a damn liar. Mac Brown loves some Popeye’s chicken (and I guess pizza too), and Joe-the-Persecutor humps hookers.

BTW I screamed back at Tom Calinan--WTF does that have do with the amount of Tea baggers in Cincinnati? WTF does a reporter lying on me have to do with my son robbing a bank? Here’s the thing, what Calinan was really saying was, you’re the mother of a black bank robber, I don’t care about you being misquoted. That’s what that fuck he was saying.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Partiers and malcontent Peter Bronson gone wild!

A Few got the memo. Some brainwashed malcontents didnt. Wow CAJD troops attended the tea party. First, for some who may read this blog and don’t know who we are. Most of the “who we are” information is posted on the about me section of this blog. A quick answer to that question (FBK) formed CAJD, with the help of my cousin TNT. There is no membership. Most of the “official” members are family members and friends (most of whom we’ve met in the struggle) Our group is informal, really grass roots (funny how now everyone wants to be grass roots). Some people email us with information and that’s how they contribute to the group. We don’t ask people to sign CAJD membership cards. We don’t ask informants to protest. Some people wish to remain anonymous. That’s fine. Some CAJD troops don’t care if people know who they are. However, their work is behind the scenes. Some don’t protest because of work or school schedules. Some don’t publicly protest because they don’t want their actions to have a conflict of interest with their job. Personally for me FBK, protesting and blogging is a stress reliever. It’s an appropriate way to channel my frustration the Hamilton County Prosecutor and others.
When we got there, 5 of us, the tea party was already in full swing. Fountain square was packed. We made our way through the crowd with our signs and eventually linked up with the woman, Sis. June, from the last protest, and some others. We stood in our own little section off from the crowd and shouted Obama, Obama, Obama. Then the crowd shouted USA, USA, USA-- We joined them. After all we’re all Americans. As we chanted the media rushed upon us. This is what local columnist and bootleg blogger Peter Bronson refers to as stealing the Protestor’s “thunder”, or their time in the spotlight. The media asked our names and asked us why we were there. Around that same time I was engaged in a dialogue with a “cool” guy. He told me why he was there. I told him why I was there. We told the media that we weren’t beefing. As I was speaking with the “cool” guy and to the media, our little group and some tea protestors became engaged in some heated discussions. OK they were shouting at each other. I stopped talking to the media and got involved with one conversation between a tea protestor (who’d brought his daughter who appeared to be about 3 years old) and a guy I’d just met who offered to carry one of our signs. The guy. I’ll call him our guy, looked scruffy but he spoke kindly and seemed to be supportive of our purpose. The other guy (the one with his daughter). I’ll call him their guy, asked our guy why he was there. It was clear that he’d judged from the guy’s scruffy appearance that he thought the guy was clueless. I interfered to help the scruffy guy answer the question. I asked their guy why he was there and did his daughter know why she was there? The scruffy guy stopped me and assured me that he could speak for himself. He did so very well. In between that heated conversation, we had small little confrontations here and there, with people who yelled inappropriate remarks at us. Some in our party yelled back at the people who called us names like ACORN, etc. The tea partiers started marching to City Hall. I told our small group that we would start off with them, then do a u-turn to our cars. It didn’t work that way because one of CAJD troops loaned her phone to Sis. June so that she could call the Lincoln Ware 1230 am radio show. We ended up having to march to City Hall. That’s when all hell broke loose. Somehow I became separated from our group. A woman came up to me and waved her small flag in my face. The flag actually touched my face and a piece of the cloth entered my nose. I was angry that her flag went up mine so to speak, so I put my sign very close to her face. That's when some agitators started screaming that I hit the woman with my sign. They actually started chanting that I hit the woman with my sign. “She hit the woman, Acorn hit the woman.” I could not believe it. It appeared they were trying to set me up. Next thing I know two cops (Officer Lamb ps234 and Officer Bender p12.) are tapping me on the shoulder. They briefly detained and questioned me. They stated that they received several reports that I hit a lady with a sign. I was angry that I’d been set up. Oh, well I decided to pick my battles. After investigating the liar's claims the officers rightfully determined that a crime had not been committed. I was free to return to the protest. I took a pass and headed for my car. I knew better than to let that group cause me to catch a case in Joe Deters’ neck of the woods. Hell to the nah. I went home.
Martin Luther King and others who fought for OUR rights, I have a new appreciation for your struggles. Sure they didn't spray me with a hose, turn the dogs on me, or throw my black behind in Joe Deters' court than off to Si Leis' jail. Still SOME were nasty and racist and silly and mean and they were wearing red, white and blue. Shame on the nasty protestors. Kudos to the ones who protested peacefully.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shitty and Unedited Tea Party Post

It started out really good. There were about 5 of us. But we paired with some other protestors that were protesting the protest.. But then somehow I ended up walking with the tea party group to crowd to City Hall. Most people left me along. It seems that at every protest I get seperated from the rest of the group. But then this woman came up to me and waved her small flag in my face. The flag actually touched my face. So I put my sign directly in her face and told her that her flag touched my face. That's when some agitators started screaming that I'd hit the woman with my sign. They were actually chanting that I hit the woman with my sign. Next thing you know a cop is tapping me on the shoulder. Actually two cops. Officer Lamb ps234 and Officer Bender p12. They questioned me and did not take my report of my complaint because I told them I don't think the woman intended to hit me, but she hit me. Anyway, I let it go. However, after arriving home I called Dist 1 and spoke with Officer Martin who told me I could fax a letter of concern to, To Whom it may concern at 513. 352.1430. He said their were many supervisors at Dist 1 and that it would be best to address fax To Whom it may concern. Are you kidding me? Anyway, pick my battles applies here. I'm tired. Really tired. CAJD has video that has to be edited and we are sending some footage and a little report to Huffington post. Did I mention that I'm tired? Forgive this shitty post. Sometimes post are going to be shitty and unedited.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Two for Tea Party (and pictures)

CAJD TROOPS READY! Citizens Against Joe Deters will attend the tea party. And since it appears that some who will be in attendence didn't get the memo-- Hello, this is a rally against the previous adminstration's taxes. The purpose of the rally is NOT to hate on President Obama or other protestors that may show up with their own agenda. CAJD will come in peace and with a video camera. See you at the party!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Always Trying to Keep a Felon Down (Casino Petitions)

The casino petition signature people are back. They are looking for petition circulators. They are paying about 1-2 bucks a signature for circulators to collect signatures. But there’s a catch--felons can’t collect signatures. It seems ridiculous that felons can vote in Ohio, but they can’t collect signatures for the proposed casino that might come to downtown Cincinnati. Exactly who are the casino petition people? CAJD does not know. We spoke to a guy from JSM, Inc. His phone # is 714.448.7000 or 714.448.7001. Hey, he told us to give his phone # out to all of our friends (blog readers that are not CAJD friends, please do not call the #). The guy was nice and professional and stated that he had nothing to do with felons not being allowed to collect the casino signatures. He sounded like he was telling the truth. CAJD thinks it’s ridiculous that felons get a life sentence. Yes! Not being able to get a job after you have paid your debt to society is a life sentence. Some Felons who can’t get jobs, more often than not return to crime, and end up with life sentences in prison. CAJD would like to make our position clear-- being anti-Prosecutor (or in Joe Deters’ case anti -Persecutor) does not make one pro-crime or pro-felon. Our group is smart enough to realize that felons aren’t going away. Keeping that in mind, once a felon, or any convicted person, has paid their debt to society, they must be allowed to move on with their life if they are capable of moving on (provided they don’t suffer from a mental illness or they are not struggling with a drug addiction). Move on with their life meaning get hired. Yes, the main purpose of this blog is to critically challenge the Hamilton County Persecutor to whom CAJD believes is unethical and corrupt. Still, when needed, this blog will address other issues/topics. CAJD believes felons should be allowed to circulate petitions and earn a wage. Albeit, small wage. If a casino is built in downtown Cincinnati, ex-offenders should be given construction jobs on the project. Ex- offenders should be given jobs inside the casino.
If you agree: Contact The Ohio Jobs and Growth Committee, led by former Cincinnati Mayor Charlie Luken. Contact Council member Jeff Berding. Contact Governor Ted Strickland.
Contact them and others. Tell them that felons and ex-offenders need jobs and that they should be allowed to circulate petitions.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Former Prosecutor Mike Allen looking good

I saw former Prosecutor Mike Allen today. I saw him at the United Dairy Farmers in Batavia. April 9, 9 am (ish). I shouted Mike Allen. He smiled warmly and said hello. He looked good. Nice suit. Hair trimmed and combed neatly. Dapper. CAJD likes Mike Allen. At least we like him way more than Joe Deeters. Allen made a mistake when he was the Prosecutor. But at least he confessed to his hump. Cincinnatian’s forgave him for his hump. Allen made a few reckless comments in his hey day or hump days. But he learned from his mistakes. He’s apologized to some and he moved on. He’s an attorney in that building. In the, building with the attorney’s-- some of whom dislike Doe Deters. The attorneys in that building know Deters dirty secrets. They know who Deeters’ humps. They know that Deeters is a bully and that he reads that book--The Art of War.
Deeters they know what you did last night.
Detters be sure your sins will find you out.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Open Letter to Joe Deters (sort of)

Study the protest picture closely Joe. Pay close attention to the sign that reads--Joe is a trick (sign at the bottom). That sign reveals some clues.
Dear Joe Smoe--
Is that sign the reason you threatened to sue CAJD. A lot of people in this town dislike you Joe. Attorney's-Reporters-Bloggers-Black people. But you've never threatened to sue any of them, have you?
You're angry at CAJD because we know. YOU KNOW THAT WE KNOW YOUR SECRETS. We think that you are a disgusting public servant. CAJD will not rest until you resign from the Prosecutor's office as Persecutor.
It's not personal Joe. Yes, you publicy lynched CAJD's beloved son. But there were many people involved in the case that we believed failed us, including the paid attorney. Still the more we researched you, the more we realized that you are not better than those you Persecute.
CAJD's son takes full responsibility for his actions. He's apologized and he will pay his debt to society, as he should. We've publicy stated that before and we will continue to state it as long as you make it the reason that CAJD's wants you out of office. That's not the main reason we want you out of office. We're sick of you making reckless comments, paling around with your BOY Jim, and publicly lynching people that aren't white, wealthy, and well-connected.
Stop calling black people animals, Joe. Stop stating that you wish you could put them in a cage and let them shoot themselves.
CAJD will never quit until you QUIT-RESIGN.
It's getting warm Joe Smoe. Are you in the mood for another protest?
When are you going back to Cleveland?
Humped any good hookers lately?

Opening Day Bad Weather Punishment for Tea Party Goers Gone Wild

It seems a lot of Cincinnati Tea Party attendees are Cincinnati Reds baseball fans according to WLW (also known as Bill Cunningham’s hate radio) and some local blogs. SOME of the Tea Party attendees appeared to be Tea Partiers Gone Wild (watch the video on the Cincinnati Beacon and read City Beat‘s first hand report). Because some of the Tea Partiers behaved badly CAJD believes that their actions angered the Messiah (also known as President Obama) and he issued a bad weather command for all Cincinnati Red’s opening days from here on out. Now because of the actions of SOME all CR Baseball fans must be forever punished. It will be rainy and freezing on every opening day in Cincinnati forever. The good news--President Obama ordained Dusty Baker to lead the team to the world series. (disclaimer CAJD likes to have fun sometimes. Screw you haters if you don’t like they way we joke. Here’s the kicker though--we ain’t jokin’ about Deeters humping the hooker in the car in Cleveland. This info was provided by a reliable source. Sure we can’t for 100% certain that Joe Smoe humped the hooker, but that’s what the attorney told us. CAJD book is coming 09 July.)

Friday, April 3, 2009

CAJD would like to check under Prosecutor Hutzel's dress

There aren’t many women that wear dresses that CAJD wants to check under. Hutzel wears a dress but she’s got a pair. CAJD often notices when people have a pair or lack a pair of cajones (courage).
Hutzel’s got a pair baby! She’s top HPIC (Head Prosecutor In Charge).
Recent cases that fell under her watch, prove that she is a tough, yet fair prosecutor. Quite the opposite of Joe the Prosecutor. Hutzel will prosecute and give a white suburban kid a felony in a New York minute. But she’ll also give a white suburban kid or black kid (young adult) a break if she feels it’s warranted. At the end of the day that’s all any person wants--is to be treated fairly. Yep, all who break the law should be brought to justice, but no one to deserves to be the victim of injustice. After all, how can Joe Deters be a fair prosecutor when he pals around with his boy Jim (from the racist online rag sheet the Whistleblower)? How many black young men have been over prosecuted, sentenced because Joe Deters appears to not like black people? Joe Deters does not like black people? CAJD will go on record and state that the record number of young, black men committing wild-wild west type crimes (including CAJD’s beloved son) is shameful. It’s painful that so many of our brethren have lost the audacity to hope. Still CAJD is not going to sit back and let a bigot and a crook hold the key to the gate of our court system, and over prosecute and over sentence our young men of color. Hutzel gets her man. She nailed Ryan Widmer’s behind. Widmer’s defense did such a good job, that it even raised doubts in the minds of CAJD members. However, obviously the job wasn’t good enough because Widmer is going to jail for at least 15 years. Which begs the question. How in the hell can a man convicted of murder, get less time than a bank robber? Different counties? Different Prosecutors? Still……..

Kudos to Hutzel--she got her man and she’s got a pair.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Deters to Resign

April fool. Sorry guys. Actually, there are rumors about this in the rumor mill. Let's hope Deters (racist, p-t Prosecutor, f-t Persecutor, Jim's boy, criminal...excuse me civil attorney, reckless commenter, unprofessional press conference holder--let's hope the rumors are true and that he resigns.) Happy Wednesday.