Monday, June 29, 2009

Madoff Madness

NEW YORK (June 29) - Convicted Wall Street swindler Bernard Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison Monday for a fraud so extensive that the judge said he needed to send a message to potential imitators and to victims who demanded harsh punishment.
Madoff hurt a lot of people. He stole their life savings and reportedly some of his victims committed suicide. He didn't take a gun and put it to somone's head. However, he's just as guilty because he caused their death. Generally it's very easy for me to point a finger at white men in fancy suits, that are undercover criminals (Joe Deters--allegedly). I criticize young men of color that commit crimes but I don't point my finger at them because enough people do that already.
Now comes the case of Madoff. How will he survive in jail? How do you go from the penthouse to the big house? By stealing folks money--yeah....terrible thing he did.
Still he's got that I'm such a "pathetic person look" that kinda makes me feel sorry for him. But I don't feel more sorry for him than I feel for his victims. I'd be angry if someone stole one of my paychecks, let alone my life savings.
Did anybody see that clip on the news--the one in which the photographer pushes Madoff in order to take his picture? How dare he do that? Sure Madoff was wrong. But my grandmother used to say that two wrongs don't make a right. And that photographer was wrong. The guy that threw the shoes at George Bush was wrong. Justified, of course. But they were wrong.
Once again another rambling and unedited post by yours truly.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael - Farrah-- Life is not promised

Who could of told these two people that they would die on the same day. Life is so full of ironies. Often we spend so much time focusing on things or people that don't mean bleep. For sure this is a reminder to me to live each day of my life purposefully. Most of the time, I believe that I do. Still, I will step it up. (no editing, tired.....and very tired) RIP Michael and Farrah

Deters NO better than Mr. Argentina

One allegedly pays for sex. One goes across the world to get it. SEE PRESS CONFERENCE BELOW (It's all over the place). RIP victims of Kirkland.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Whistleblower brags about being BFF with Deters

Joe's gotta Go!
Below is what Joe's boy Jim wrote on his online rag site. "And at Cincinnati Ragazine, is Liberal Whacko Reporter Julie Zimmerman really writing another hit piece on Hamilton County Prosecutor “JayWalking Joe” Deters? What could she possibly be writing that hasn’t been in The Blower for the past 18 years? "

Mr. Argentina “I will Tender My Resignation.”

What’s new? Another politician puts everything on the line for, as my ex-husband, would say, “a piece of ass.” I’ve said this many times about Joe Deters and other public servants--We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of Obama. Yep, some of you have even paid for sex. But we aren’t all public servants. There is a difference. It’s amazing that some politicians from both parties, walk around and proclaim to be holier than thou and to have more Christians values than everyone else--only to get busted humping a hooker in Cleveland. Or some other whorish act. It's a darn shame!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Excerpt from book (Read up Deters) (DRAFT )

Chapter 8 Tale of Two Andrews (The Story Begins)

Andrew B. Andrew Carrington. What's in a name? What's in a last name? They say Black slaves took on the last name of their slave masters. That seems plausible considering African-American Andrew's last name is Butler. Hey, the effects of slavery live on. On the other hand I wonder how Caucasian Andrew Carrington obtained his last name. The name Carrington sounds like old money. Probably I watched too much 80s TV a la voila Dynasty. Here’s a brief background on both Andrews. From here on, the Andrews will be referred to as Black or White: the Black Andrew or the White Andrew. The Black Andrew was 19 years old preparing to start his third year of college when he was dubbed "College Tuition Bank Robber" by the media and public because he robbed a bank for college tuition. Andrew was born with everything. Good heart. Good looks. Spirit of charity. Two caring, supportive, parents. Loving family and friends. The white Andrew was 16 years old when he was dubbed "Hyde Park Teen Brother Killer" by the media and the public because he beat his brother to death with a baseball bat. It appears the white Andrew was born wealthy judging from the house he was living in at the time he murdered his brother. He was a nice looking kid, with two seemingly loving parents. Friends say he had a good heart and fun-loving spirit. When mother of the Black Andrew learned he had been accused of robbing a bank for college tuition, she had a panic attack and was taken to Bethesda North hospital where she had to be sedated and consoled. Her ex-husband picked her up from the hospital. When mother of the White Andrew learned her son Andrew beat his older brother to death with a baseball bat, she was shown on the news having what appeared to be a break down or panic attack. She looked sedated as she was being consoled by her ex-husband and police officers. Her ex-husband was seen escorting her away from the crime. The Black Andrew's Dad and Mom hired "Criminal" Criminal attorney Thomas Heekin, Jr. The white Andrew's mom hired fellow attorney, and family friend, Thomas Heekin Jr. Same Attorney. Different Toms The Black Andrew's family was contacted by nearly every credible and not so credible news outlet in America (and Germany and Tokoyo too!). When the Black Andrew's family referred the media outlets to "Criminal" Criminal attorney Thomas Heekin Jr., he told the family he "didn't do press." In fact, he never stood next to the Black Andrew in any court proceedings covered by the news. Secretly, Andrew’s "criminal" criminal attorney told the Black Andrew’s mom this about her son, “It was the strangest thing, the Reading police said your son was the nicest bank robber ever! Still “Criminal” Criminal attorney Thomas Heekin Jr. did not visit the Black Andrew when he was hospitalized in the Justice Center Psychiatric ward on a three-day suicide hold. Nor did he attempt to obtain a mental evaluation from the court despite the Black Andrew being held for 20 days in the jail’s mental hospital. Same Attorney. Different Toms. Highly esteemed and respected Attorney Thomas Heekin Jr. “does” press on Andrew Warrington’s behalf. Here’s what he told news reporter John London at WLWT-TV (Channel 5) when he asked Heekin if the psychotic break came before or after the murder, "I'm not going to comment on that at this point. I think that's for doctors to decide. They're the ones who will have to articulate that. Well, let them decide that at future hearings." "There have been no problems with Andrew at `20 20’ whatsoever. He's been nothing but a well-behaved young man up there and the drawing was a drawing. So, I can't comment any further than that.” (Note, he's referring to the White Andrew's self portrait of himself holding a BIG gun while he was in the youth detention center.) Heekin was able to get the White Andrew transferred from 20 20 detention center to Children's Hospital psychiatric ward. Highly esteemed and respected attorney Heekin was photographed by a Cincinnati Enquirer photo reporter walking alongside the mother of white Andrew holding an umbrella to protect her from what appeared to be rain. Prosecutor Joe Deters tried the Black Andrew in the media. Here’s what Deters told the media, “I don’t care if they can split the atom. I don’t care if they are Harvard graduates. I don’t care.” When Deters learned Andrew’s parents were invited on the Good Morning America show to discuss Andrew’s break-down and depression over college financial woes, Deters flat out lynched the Black Andrew. He convicted him in the public eyes before he ever went to court. The Honorable Prosecutor Joe Deters issued this brief statement re: the white Andrew, "This case is a tragedy on many levels. It will be handled as we handle similar cases." Prosecutors want Andrew tried as an adult. That matter will be dealt with in juvenile court June 2, 2005. Notice the next quote states (plural) Prosecutors want the white Andrew prosecuted as an adult. It does not state that Prosecutor (singular Joe Deters) wants Andrew tried as an adult. Same Prosecutor. Different Joes When the magistrate asked the white Andrew if he had any questions about the court proceedings, he answered, "No, sir." When the judge asked the Black Andrew if there was anything he wanted to say before his sentence he replied: "It was a lapse of judgment. It was completely out of character." Different Andrews. Different “no need to run for re-election” Republican judges.

Liar, liar pen on fire reporter Sharon Coolidge of the Cincinnati Enquirer story appeared in this headline about the Black Andrew: “Bank Robber had Options: Mother said He Threw It All Away.” Mother never said that! Coolidge asked the Black Andrew’s mother to wear a scarf on hair (think head rags worn by slaves during slavery) for the picture of mother that would appear in newspapers. Extremely honest and gifted reporter Sharon Coolidge’s headline about White Andrew read : “Brother’s Killer Insane, Not Guilty.”

Same reporter. Different Sharons These are the truths in Black or white. America unscrambled. I am race.
much of this draft didn't make it in book--book is juicy

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dear President Obama...

Earlier this year of 2009, I read that the President signed an Executive Order creating the White House Council on Women and Girls. According to the White House website, the mission of the Council will be to provide a coordinated federal response to the challenges confronted by women and girls and to ensure that all Cabinet and Cabinet-level agencies consider how their policies and programs impact women and families. When I read about the newly formed Council I couldn’t help but hope that someday such a Council would be formed specifically to address challenges that young men of color confront. We urgently need such a Council

. Prior to my learning about that Council, I started writing letters to President Obama. My goal is to write one letter to the President per month for four years, asking him to address specific issues. Below is the first letter I wrote and sent to President Obama. January 30, 2009

 The Honorable Barack Obama President of the United States 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama: You have America’s future in your hands. When you succeed, we all succeed. My sleeves have been rolled up for some time working to make the country and my community (our communities) a better place. Like many, my family and friends are caught in the tidal wave of problems facing this country. I write to share my son (name removed)  story. See enclosed or visit: . A Dream Deferred. On July 17, 2007, my son went from being a 19-year old, third year college student, to being a bank robber. Like so many young men of color who should have the audacity of hope, he languished in hopelessness. (name removed) committed a horrible  crime for which he is rightfully being punished. Still President Obama, I ask you to consider that longer prison sentences and harsher penalties come at the expense of taxpayer dollars, inmates and their families. There is something fundamentally wrong when one considers that America has more people in prison than any country in the world. There is something wrong in the way America treats first-time offenders. There is something wrong with a prison system that offers little, if any rehabilitation opportunities. There is something fundamentally wrong when one considers the fact that young men of color are sentenced more harshly and for longer periods of times than other young man. President Obama, will you pledge to make sentence disparity a top priority? Will you pledge to reform America’s prison system, so that when inmates are released from prison, having paid their debt to society, they have the opportunity to become productive members of society? President Obama, I thank you in advance for your pledge to eliminate sentence disparity. I humbly wait for a response to the question of whether you’ll pledge to make sentence disparity a top priority. Sincerely,  (none of your buisness)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Choo Choo

I've run out of steam. So it's 4:57 am. I'm up. I can't sleep. I want to post. I really do. But, I've run out of steam. I'm tired. The book drained me. Over the weekend I'll begin posting excerpts from the book--more specfically the Deters chapter. In a week or two I'll post the book cover. On another note--- I nominated David Singleton from the OJ&PC for the Civil Rights Pioneer award. David is a fine American. Better post later.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Congrats to the St. X Graduate (And a prayer for Deters)

On June 3, 2009 my cousin graduated from St. Xavier High School. He has been accepted into the engineering program at the University of Cincinnati. He will attend UC in the fall. Joe Deters is a graduate of St. X high school. When I attended the graduation ceremony, I learned this prayer that I want to share with Joe Deters in case he’s forgotten-- PRAYER FOR GENOROSITY Dear Lord, Teach me to be generous; Teach me to serve you as you deserve; To Give and not to count the cost; To Fight and not to heed the wounds; To Toil and not to seek for rest; To Labor and not ask for any reward, Save that of knowing I AM DOING YOUR WILL - Ignatius Loyola Is Deters really doing God’s will???

Monday, June 1, 2009

Wenstrup Won't Win

Wenstrup Won’t Win
Say this fast-- Wenstrup Won’t Win Wenstrup Won’t Win Wenstrup Won’t Win
A few days ago I heard Wenstrup speak. Wenstrup didn’t have the “wow” factor. His stump speech was just so-so. His reponses to questions from the audience seemed to come out of a playbook. Not a Republican, Democrat or other playbook. Instead it appeared to come from a tired politician’s playbook. The primary reason that Wenstrup won’t win is because he admits to being friends with Prosecutor Deters. Before some of you scoff at that statement, please consider that it was the Black vote that gave Mayor Mallory the slight edge over David Pepper? Prosecutor Deters has a bad relationship with many in the Black community. Wenstrup has just a few months, if that, to convince the black community to vote for him. I doubt that he’ll be able to do it. It appears he represents business as usual. Although he did mention in that he would like to help bring about prison reform. He stated that jails and prison should be more than warehouses. I believe that’s where he breaks from Joe Deters. I asked Wenstrup specifically that if it became necessary from him to denoucne Alex Triantafilou or Joe Deters, would he do it? His response was that he spoke for no one but himself. Not only did he not give me an answer to that question, he appeared to be annoyed that I asked that question. When I went up to him after the meeting, he appeared less snappy. I could see dragging my tired old feed to the good doctor and he would take good care of them. I just don’t see him being ready for prime time. (no editing on this blog)