Monday, May 20, 2013

Unprofessional Reporter Kimball Perry attends Dierres Lee Hearing

Citizens Against Joe Deters bloggers partner  with the Cincinnati Black Blog and will report from the courthouse  for CBC blog regarding the  Dierres Lee, La Salle shooting case. You'll recall the case in which Justin Brown and three adult men:  Anthony Wuestefeld, Derek McKinley, and David Corso went to purchase illegal drugs, using counterfeit U.S. currency, resulting in Brown being shot and killed.

The purpose of CBC and  CAJD bloggers attending the hearings is to bring  fair and balanced news coverage on this story to the community. We will provide a point of view  that you won’t get from the unprofessional reporter Kimball Perry,  who works for the Cincinnati Enquirer, a newspaper that many African Americans no longer purchase and will only read online with a free subscription. 

Our bloggers were dismayed regarding the unprofessional conduct of the racist Kimball Perry. In front of visitors,  the racist and unprofessional reporter Kimball Perry attacked one of our bloggers.

When you are in a courtroom accused of a crime, not yet convicted in a court of law, your future is uncertain.  If convicted you risk losing so many things. You deserve to be in a courtroom that is free from a loud, foul mouthed reporter.  If you are there to support your loved one, as was the case with Lee’s family, you should not have to witness a unprofessional  reporter put on a dog and pony show.  After all it is your loved one, and not you that has been accused and not yet convicted of a crime.

Lee’s next court day is June 7 at 9am.  We will report back to the community after the hearing.  We are asking the public to attend this hearing.

This blog continues to keep Justin Brown’s and Dierres Lee’s family in our prayers.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cincinnati Black Blog body slams the Enquirar re: Judge Hunter

Nate Livingston is the truth. 

While a lot of you are spending your Sunday watching TV, eating dinner and chilling - Nate is standing up against  injustice. 

Hamilton County will remember how Nate stood against racism.   What some may not understand is that  when you write blogs, you put everything on the line including your safety. 

That takes real courage.  Citizens journalism requires a lot of time and it's activism at its finest.

This blog has engaged in name calling and we aren't always proud of that, thus I have to make a disclaimer about CBB calling some of the names in his hard hitting piece,

Other than that Cincinnati Black Blog latest blog post on Judge Hunter is a must read.

Yours in peace,